What Words Are Overused By Each Zodiac Sign?

I notice Virgo characterize things as “perfect” all the time.

Gemini uses the work “interesting”, many times a day.

Sagittarius say “perspective’ a lot and they start sentences with the words, “I believe…”

Can you add to this list?



What Words Are Overused By Each Zodiac Sign? — 82 Comments

  1. Cap with Gemini rising here, and I find myself using “interesting” all the time, but I also seem to use “useful” a lot or talk about a thing/situation/person’s role “having a purpose.”

    Oh, and my Taurus moon wants everything to be “comfortable.” πŸ˜€

  2. I say “interesting” a lot too, probably my Gemini Venus. I tend to overuse “I feel”, Cancer rising talking? As a Leo I can be very very enthusiastic and say “awesome” and “coolness” very emphatically. (And might even catch myself jumping up and down, too).

  3. Aquarius Moon. I say “strange” and “weird” and “interesting” a lot.

    I was thinking just last night about words and phrases that have the most effect on certain signs. It seems to me that if you want to negotiate with another sign, or capture their interest, you’ve got to use the right words. Aquarians don’t tend to respond very favorably to words like “responsibility” and “hard work” and “respect,” but Capricorns do. It seems like the right words to use are the ones they themselves use all the time.

    • Capricorn w/ Scorpio rising and Cancer moon here: “That’s done” and the sentence that comes out of my mouth every day: “Once I get out of bed I’ll get a lot done.”

  4. this aquarius over-uses both “brilliant” and “bizare,” with “i wonder…” ranking pretty highly as well.

    my sadge roomate talks alot about “the flip side” of an issue, which i think is getting back to “perspective.” oh! and “I’m a man on a mission” when he’s got places to go and things to do (which is nearly always).

    my Scorp roomate has a tshirt that says “I do all my own stunts.”

    my Cap mom talks alot about whether something is “practical”. my Cap best friend talks alot about boundaries and respect and responsibilities. so does my Taurus pal – she also seems to talk alot about people living up to their responsibilities.

  5. I say OMIGOD a LOT. and COOL. I annoy myself. one of my favorite taurus people used to say “and what-not” a whole lot. it made me smile.

  6. my libra friend frequently says, “on the other hand,” right before acknowledging that we’re WAY past two hands…

  7. So true! I’m a sagde with virgo and those are my most two highly over-used phrases.

    Also, the only person I know who uses “and what-not” a lot, is Taurus.

    For more corroboration, the person I know who uses “brilliant” and “bizarre” in neraly every sentence, is a packed 11-th house person.

  8. Oh, guilty as charged. taurus in me says “that works” and the gemini says “interesting” of course the inflection of “in ter est ing” changes depending upon the mood, situation, etc. etc. to be communicated. LOL what a great question. We should be designing a full research study. (which might be my virgo speaking about some sort of organized method of data collection) egads..

  9. I think it’s “interesting” that you typoed “word”, there, elsa. I also think that I overuse the word “why” and its relative “what the hell”. Sometimes, though, I think that “I know” and “I don’t know” far outweigh that one. but then I think there’s got to be another alternative, maybe “I wonder”, maybe “I thought”, maybe “I decided”. Actually, I probably use the word “I” far more than the average individual. but, that’s beside the point.

    Wait a second. Nevermind all that. It’s the F word.

    gemini, libra ascendant, mars conjunct ascendant. πŸ˜€

    It’s funny because “I” have actually “thought” about all of this before.

  10. Pisces Sun – I rarely say “I think”, it’s always “I believe”.

    “Fascinating” is a word I use frequently – no clue what that ties to.

    “Oh what the f now!” is one I use frequently too – Moon, Mars, Uranus, Pluto conjunction? It’s usually followed by a foot stomp or a palm to my forehead.

  11. I have lots of libra, so I tend to pick up other ppls sayings (even their accents and intonation sometimes, which can be awkward.) But I also have scorpio, so I like to make up new words for genitals or bodily functions and use them so much my friends start using them. Mwahahaa! I’m changing the vernacular of filth single-handedly!

  12. I say “I feel” a lot, to preface telling people how I feel. I talk about my feelings a lot. My Sagittarian friends seem like they are using the same word, but they are more like phrases about their philosophy. “flow.” They use that a lot. And talk about imparting their vision and philosophy on other people. I also have two similar Sagittarian friends who so significantly go with the flow it’s like they belong to nobody. They are very popular and seem to float from scene to scene and place to place by luck. They also think they understand and like to explain to me their big plans and ideas about life. One of them created a kind of philosophy of living in the flow. My Libra friends like to get into political or philosophical arguments, but I’m not sure of a phrase that goes with that.

  13. I say “what?” all the time, even if I heard what was said. Had a friend accuse me of being an evil Scorpio who just wants to control people by making them say everything twice. I think it’s my Libra mercury trying to make sure I heard correctly before having an opinion about it. Maybe it’s both.

  14. I analyze constantly, always trying to figure people (and myself) out and explain situations (Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, Cancer rising). I say, “I think” a lot, and “That could be because . . . ” and “I can’t believe it! He’s so wierd!” Or here’s another one, “Why did . . .” or “Why didn’t . . .” ” I NEVER say, “Help me . . .” *LOL*

  15. fascinating (oops, I guess it’s late to comment on this)…

    Oops, I said fascinating. Why is that? Err…

    I say ‘I don’t know’ a lot. Maybe it’s the mutable stuff in my chart. Pisces, etc.

    If I’m using my more intense side (Aries/Sag) I say more passionate things like ‘I hate’ or whatnot, but that is a lot less common than ‘I don’t know’ or something along those lines.

    Then again I say a lot of crap (packed 3rd house), and I can’t even tell you exactly what I say sometimes. That’s a combo of that and having that Sag rising–stuff pops out. And I like to mix it up!


  16. My Aries is always saying “plain and simple.” As a Leo, I am always using superlatives like awesome, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, wonderful, etc. And my Gemini Moon is always saying interesting, but the opposition to Uranus forced me to pronounce it differently. “Interesting” HAS to have 4 syllables for me, even though that is not at all how it is pronounced in the Midwest.

  17. A close sag friend pointed out I say “it’s not ok” alot and suggested I search myself for what triggers that in me….

    Idk maybe my 29 scorp moon opp Saturn 0 degree Gemini? And trine 1 Aries merc?

  18. caught myself say “im dying..” lately a couple of times. I also like ‘i think’ ‘i feel’ ‘wow, amazing’…………

    what does that make me? πŸ˜€

  19. Libra here with Pisces moon. I think to myself and write OMIGOD/OMG all the time too Satori, when I’m really feeling strongly about something. For some reason it shocks me everytime I do it too, but not when others do it. :-O ??

  20. I use “real” alot. As in….”keeping it real” or “being real”. I attribute this to my Caparicorn Sun and Venus in Scorpio. I’m not much on facades.

  21. I find that I use, “…to be fair…” quite often as an intro into a list of all the other myriad viewpoints or possibilities of a subject/position. <-Libra
    Additionally I notice I'm fond of "…in a perfect world…" to describe the ideal from which I believe something's fallen short. <–Virgo action.
    I use many of the Gem words already listed here, too. πŸ™‚

  22. Sun Scorpio/Gemini moon/Gemini asc
    i think i say ‘crazy’ as much as anything else. i’m also fond of ‘outrageous’ and ‘unbelievable’ i can make the most mundane experiences bizarre. πŸ˜‰

  23. I ‘feel’….. cancer, totally say it ALL the time. I annoy myself with it, but I live from all my cancer placements, so what’s a girl to do?

  24. Cap Sun/Heavy Saturn – “earn,” “I’m working on…”

    I conceptualize just about my entire life as tasks to be completed.

  25. Sun/aries – Asc/Lib Moon/Aqu

    I guess my fav saying is now What if, as in What if we torn this wall down and make it a open plan room? What if I start a new business? What if I just spend nest year travelling? Huh…

  26. As Taurus sun, i tend to say “should” a lot, especially when it relates to things i should incorporate into my life but never get around to.

  27. Haha, I can relate to that Dre – procrastinating Taurus Moon here.

    I also say ‘you know, you ought to … ‘ a lot, then wish I hadn’t; and now I have some astrology I can blame my seven planets in Cardinal πŸ˜‰
    I also use the word ‘really’ a lot – very Cap that! (Cap stellium)

  28. My Cap – esp my Cap Merc – also uses the words ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ a lot.

    My ex the Man with the Aqua Moon uses the word ‘amazing’ as a descriptive a great deal – he’s very attracted to freaky things and people, and

  29. Scorpio sun, Pisces moon, and Leo ascendant.

    I say “thats the beginning and the end of it” a lot, and relish it. πŸ˜‰ I also quite lemony smicket-“the sad truth is that the truth is sad” quite a bit.
    Awesome is my Leo word, used very frequently, usually with a flash of a smile.
    Absolutely lovely is my Pisces phrase, and I absolutely love it.
    And yes, I’ve just put this all together and analyzed it in this comment- I’ve never thought of it before. πŸ™‚ amazing threads in the answers- so true for the peeps I know! πŸ™‚

  30. Hmm I am a Virgo and I rarely say the word perfect – I think it more.

    I thought it was interesting that someone who was a Libra said they say “On the other hand” – I have Mercury in Libra and I am all about the “on the hand” or “perhaps” – all about the two sides of making decisions.

    Otherwise my main Scorpio phases lately are “Who the hell cares?”

  31. Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon and Neptune, Saggi Rising and Jupiter, Pisces Mercury, Cappy Venus conjunct Mars and Saturn, Midheaven Libra, Uranus in Leo…I think I say ‘I don’t know’ a lot!! when I sort of do, but it’s too complicated to explain in detail. Then I resort to the wonderful all-encompassing term of ‘Fudging Nora’ on many an occasion – apparently hailing from the Midlands c/o my chap….answers on a postcard cheerfully accepted.

  32. libra sun stellium – i say “balance” or “balance out” all the time!!!! and leo rising part of me says “sunshine”, “sparking”, “amazing!” too

  33. I think it would be ‘I’ — ‘I think’ ‘I would say’, I did, I feel, If you ask me, IMHO,

    I do use other words a lot as well ‘awesome’ ‘neat’ ‘very nice’ ‘beautiful’ ‘interesting’ ‘dude/man’ ‘hmmm’ ‘really?’

    I think I rarely use ‘what do you think’

  34. My Leo rising says, “wow” or whenever people tell me stories.
    My libra sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto says, “I totally understand.”
    My stellium in sadge says, “interesting” or “exciting”.

  35. I have a mixed bag astrologically so my words seem to be ‘weird’ too. (Heavily aspects Aq moon) But one word I don’t like, that my mother used CONSTANTLY, was “fine”. “That’s fine. That would be fine. Isn’t that fine?” And believe me it could be said 100 ways. To me I have no meaning/feeling for that word except you are frustrating me. What sign would that be? (Her Sun was cusp of Scorpio/Sag.)

  36. Pisces Sun, Sag. moon and Scorpio Rising. I use great, amazing and wonderful a lot in my written messages. Speaking I use How about…

  37. Capricorn here with Gemini rising, common words – What’s your aim?, focus, purpose, ‘what’s the point in doing that?’ ‘why?’

  38. Heh. I’m a Sun Gem with Virgo Ascendant. “Interesting” is right up there but “perfect” is definitely the gold medallist. (As in: “In a perfect world this sort of thing wouldn’t happen!” or similar.

  39. Frequent phrases? Never noticed it before, but–

    “Practically speaking….” (i’ve got Cap Sun conjunct Cap Mercury)

    Also, “Basically”….Cap Stellium!

  40. I have alot of saturn- I say “immature” or “childish” or “mature” alot. I’m obsessed with respect. Or “I’m working on….”

    “that makes sense” or “that doesn’t make sense” I’m mercury ruled with both virgo and gemini. It might be the virgo, because I scrunch my face up when something doesn’t make sense to me.

    “I understand”, “don’t understand” “you don’t understand” is my Sag. “Exciting” might be another overused Sag phrase for me. Or “that would be fun!”

    I find myself saying “I figured it out” often or “I’m trying to figure out…” Is that my scorpio?

    In my true Sag form…this was fun!

  41. ‘Just’
    Just thought, just now, just happened, just that? I just said. Was it just?
    Libra rise, Aqua merc, Aries Mars Venus.

  42. I use “really though” or “seriously though” and “point of view” a lot. Sagittarius Sun, a stellium in Capricorn (including Mercury).

  43. Umm, I don’t say it out loud, but I have a strong line between “mine” (aka hands off) and what’s mine, that I want to share to someone who might enjoy whatever-it-is. Taurus Sun.

  44. Both my Scorpio friends usually start their sentences with “I feel”. That’s what one would expect from Cancerians, but the Cancerians I know don’t use that at all.

    My Libra friend very often uses the expression “I see…” (as in, I see what you mean).

    • I use ‘I see’ or ‘I hear you’ or ‘I understand what you are saying’. Or ‘I’m not sure about that’ (a polite way of saying I think you are full of shit). I am trying to adopt some of my father’s replies ‘let it be’ and when someone is all knowing ‘we’ll see’.

  45. I spent my entire youth saying “I know” with every inflection known to man. At a certain point I realized I used it for EVERYTHING. Moon mars merc next stellium in Scorpio in 3rd? Virgo rising with pluto venus?

    • I am really liking that I’m hungry for Taurus in general. It’s the desire Venus that I’ve been missing in the talk about love Venus and all that. I ocassionally run my understanding of the energies through another chart system. Always got confused and went back to same old. Did it recently and the only place I got stuck was Taurus. I just don’t get the energy. The Taurus suns and I respect each other but we never really gel. I have, actually had, a Taurus block. ‘Hungry’ how cool. I get that. Now I don’t have to mistake other’s hunger as an insult. And bestest of all, I can own my own hunger. So glad you commented. The missing piece snapped into place. It’s a game changer.

  46. I don’t know about this native Virgo saying ‘perfect’. Life is messy. Of course, that Jupiter conjunction probably messes perfect up. ‘I think’ is probably mine. It’s just a thought and leaves the door open (Jupiter) for response.

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