Deluxe Asteroid Report


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Are you interested in learning what the asteroids in your chart mean? This comprehensive report has it all, tailored to your natal chart!

The Deluxe Asteroid Report includes interpretation of the twelve major asteroids in the chart, along Hekate, Flora and Chiron. It describes the meaning of each body in its sign and in it’s house.

The report also treats both major and minor aspects to your natal planets as well as aspects, asteroid to asteroid, and aspects to the lunar nodes, Black Moon Lilith, the ascendant and the midheaven!

Here are the specific chapters that will be included in your report:

*** Chapter 1 ***
Ceres, lady of loving-kindness
*** Chapter 2 ***
Pallas, lady of consciousness-raising
*** Chapter 3 ***
Juno, lady of personal power
*** Chapter 4 ***
Vesta, lady of focused service
*** Chapter 5 ***
Astraea, lady of right judgment and integration
*** Chapter 6 ***
Iris, lady of the intuitive mind and illumination
*** Chapter 7 ***
Hygiea, lady of purification and healing
*** Chapter 8 ***
Proserpina, lady of transitions, other-worldly realms, and sacrifice
*** Chapter 9 ***
Diana, lady of emotional maturity
*** Chapter 10 ***
Apollo, lord of creative maturity
*** Chapter 11 ***
Bacchus, lord of altered states and divine inspiration
*** Chapter 12 ***
Hephaistos, lord of inner fire, talent, craft and work
*** Chapter 13 ***
Flora, lady of all things that flower and flourish
*** Chapter 14 ***
Hekate, lady of magical power and the gifts of wise experience
*** Chapter 15 ***
Chiron, lord of healing-transformation and catalyst for evolution

All together, this report is about thirty pages long. People love it!

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Once payment is completed, you will receive your Deluxe Asteroid Report via email, usually within an hour (unless I’m asleep)!

Thank you!