Which Transits Are Harsh?

harsh paintingCurious Gemini in the United States asks, “What is an example of a “harsh transit”? “

This is a good question because I use this phrase a lot, without defining it. “Harsh transit”.

The answer might depend on who you ask. But when I think of “harsh”, I think of a hard edge.  I think of something, rough, that you bang up against.

I think of something that hurts you with little or no apparent “silver lining”.  It’s “medicine” with no “spoonful of sugar”.  It’s bad, like a broken jaw as compared to a black eye.  I think of something that does not yield.

Astrologically,  I would look at Mars and Saturn; perhaps in combination.  Saturn transiting the moon is often harsh as well. It’s often cold and so very lonely.

Can other people weigh in?

What transits would you consider to be “harsh”?

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