Where Does This Transit Fall in My Chart?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Transit Watch calendar here on Elsaelsa.com, you know that we like to talk about astrological events and how they affects our personal lives.

One question we get asked frequently is:  Where does this transit fall in my chart?

First you need to find out the sign and degree. You can do this by checking an ephemeris. Astro.com has a very nice ephemeris available here. You just click, find the year, then scroll down to the month and read across the day.

So for example, November 20th Mars is conjunct Mercury. I can see that this is taking place at 16 degrees Sagittarius.

Next, I look at my chart. I look around the circle to find 16 sag.  So for me since I have 28 Leo rising,  I find that 16 Sagittarius falls in my fourth house. This conjunction is really going to hit home for me.

For you it may fall in a different house. the 5th or the 6th etc. Maybe you don’t know what that means but now you have the information to talk about it in the forum. You can start a thread or jump in the existing conversation and maybe someone else will be having the same transit or have some advice for you.

Note from Elsa – here is another visual example – Beginners: How To Tell Where A Transit Falls In A Chart

You can get a personalized Transit Report here!



Where Does This Transit Fall in My Chart? — 39 Comments

  1. Hey Nota- how cool! Very impressive you did all that pointing behind your back still lookin at the camera weather girl stylie =)
    Thanks for a clear explanation!

  2. nota you have such a warm vibe. and your hair is crazy beautiful!

    btw that conjunction is going to be conjunct my natal neptune. I plan on being more misuderstoodable than usual:)

  3. Excellent video, very helpful, I really appreciate all the series of lessons you ladies are putting up. Nice to see you too.. you are so pretty and your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I am thrilled to ‘see and hear’ you Nota!! Great job and informative too! I know everyone else has already commented on your hair- but, I’m going to anyway… Awesome hair, girl! I hope you (and Dixie) continue to do these videos, they’re excellent!

  5. Thanks from me too, Nota!

    So many times when I try to understand things astrologically, my eyes kinda glaze over, and my brain freezes. Ha.
    It really kinda ticks me off, because I want to understand so badly.
    I understood this perfectly!
    Good job YOU!
    (And good to see you, too!)

  6. So great to “see” you, Nota! Very clear explanation to those who might wonder.

    And I must also say oh wow, great hair! I have no Leo in my chart, I admire and envy great hair!

  7. Nota, I am tryin to figure this out……. I looked across Nov. 20th as the example… I see 16 degrees under the mars and mercury symbol, but how do i tell the sadge part?

  8. Good question Mojo. The sign is listed at the top of the month OR when it changes to a new sign. So you read the degrees,then just scroll up. You will eventually see what sign it is in.

  9. Ok I am somewhat concerned about this saturn thing. I read recently that Saturn is hitting Scorpio in Oct.2012 and as a Scorp sun sign, I should be preparing for that now. I’m only 46 so this can’t be my second saturn return can it? Are they referring to saturn being retrograde in scorp in late 2012?

    Also, in my chart, saturn is in 9th house Aquarius at 28 degrees. What the heck is going to happen to me starting for 2 years at end of 2012? Really rather concerned. I have a serious permanent illness so just trying to figure this out for me. If anyone has insights, please advise. Thank you.

  10. Nota, helpful video,
    question: I have sun in 22 deg Virgo, so what is my first house and 2nd house?? Should I count like from 22deg Virgo to 22 deg Libra my first house and 22 deg Libra to 22 deg Scorpio is my 3rd house?? Or should I take from Virgo 1 deg to 30 deg is my first house and Libra 0 deg to 30 deg is my 2nd house? Let me know please. Thanks

  11. Hey Nota,

    I did read the ephemeris for the year 1987,apr 20th. However, I still cannot figure which house this falls for me. Can someone help??

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