What To Expect From Venus Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn

femme fatale paintingVenus will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, under the full moon in Leo on January 28th. This is a hard core deal.

I’ve wrote about this specific conjunction, ten years ago. These are the keywords I chose back then:

  • The casting couch.
  • Backroom deals by power brokers.
  • A gay politician with a beard (wife).
  • A kept woman.
  • A deal with the devil.
  • BDSM
  • A father raping his daughter.
  • Kiss of death.
  • Till death do us part.
  • Vendetta against a lover
  • Damaged reputation

As you can see, this is all about love and taboo, the shadow side of relationships, power struggles and such.

It’s also about dumping your lover (or being dumped). Under aspects like this, these “corpses” come back into your life. Search the site for much more on that.

With this conjunction in Capricorn, you can also consider “karma” to be featured here.  You act like a jerk to someone and it comes back around. This is very common!

With all the talk of “surprises”, common at this time with Uranus, active, this is the opposite of  that. This is “revenge served cold”. This is, “what did your expect would happen when you did x,y, or z?”

I know this is daunting! This conjunction hits my chart hard so I’m personally on bone-deep alert!

Here’s the old post. You an also click tags. There is a lot content on this site of this ilk…

Venus Conjunct Pluto – Kiss Of Death

This is my favorite tune for times like this.  I think it’s particularly apt with the full moon in (dramatic, creative) Leo coming in.

Plus, I just think it’s funny. Morbid, yes. But funny, and we need more of this!

The conjunction is coming together, now.

What’s your feeling about Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn?



What To Expect From Venus Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn — 38 Comments

  1. I had 18 months of transiting Pluto conjunct natal Venus in Scorpio (3 hits) in my early 30’s and honestly was not sure I would survive its intensity. It gave me a window into what gets called madness in people. A lot of professional and parental responsibility on my shoulders (and a natal fixed Grand Cross) kept me grounded till it passed. Whew!

  2. LOVED the Zombie Jamboree video. T Pluto just conjuncted my natal 12th house Capricorn Venus 23′ and I’m still processing. What stands out is I’ve given away or discarded nearly all of my physical possessions. Downsized; sold a house to move into a 1 bedroom condo. Kind of liberating I am feeling.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been doing estate planning lately. Sounds like a good time to plan (Capricorn) what will happen to my money (Venus) after death (Pluto). Maybe I should try to sign the papers on the full Moon. It will be in my 4th house of family.

  4. Oh please no…
    This is what that day of the Full Moon was already going to look like for me:
    Transit Full Moon EXACTLY conjunct my natal South Node in the 12th House
    (And thus the Sun conjunct my North Node exactly.)
    Meanwhile, transit Venus and transit Pluto on the same day are EXACTLY conjunct my natal SATURN.
    (And trine my natal Moon.)
    I can’t do this again. I’m all alone out here. I barely made it through last year when Pluto-Saturn conjuncted my natal Saturn. Been feeling something similar creeping in. I CAN’T DO IT… T.T

    • Outside of the nodes, I have nearly exactly the same thing happening. My natal Saturn 23 cap, trine moon in Virgo at 24.I feel awful. And very alone. I figure maybe deep transformation of dark stuff. Very uncomfortable. Got a reading from Elsa. Very helpful.

      • I’ve done Elsa’s yearly report before and found it very useful, but I’ve been jobless since 2020 and am barely surviving right now. Can barely afford a meal a day so definitely not anything but the bare essentials. Moon in Virgo here, too. <3 I really am alone. My biggest fear is that if something happens to me, no one will even know. Can’t keep going like this…

          • I’m glad to hear you’ve recovered! The pandemic has been such a scary time on top of everything else. 🙁
            I did get help with food from an NGO earlier last year when I was almost homeless because of the job situation. I hesitate to bother them again because I think they really did see it as a bother. The other thing is, I also live in a foreign country as a foreigner, so there are many things I’m neither eligible for nor understand. I don’t think I’m eligible for anything like food stamps here, unfortunately.

            • Alex, Go bother NGOs. They shouldn’t be there if they aren’t helping people. That’s Virgo Sun, Venus, Mercury here) don’t want to bother people. Sometimes that is lesson…learning to get what you need when others don’t think they should respond. At least that happened to me.

              • Agree with Leila. Ask for help at a church. Try a Catholic church. There is almost always someone there to pick up the phone.

  5. Thank goodness this has already gone over my Venus. Though feeling the ramifications still it has been a soul searching time for love and self acceptance. I also am having a Venus return soon. Venus being in Capricorn, it roses and thorns so far but hoping to bloom more roses.

  6. This is will happen in my 4th house. The only planet I have in cardinal is Jupiter in Aries 21’20”. I’m not sure if that considered close enough or not. I guess we’ll see. Since Pluto is in my natal 2nd House, whenever I see a conjunction, it’s affected my self-esteem and how I earn money. <—So it'll probably be more of that.

  7. This hits my chart hard too. Especially my 10th. There will be five planets there.

    I’m considering leaving the job I’m currently at (been here four weeks) ’cause I’m not learning shit and not doing shit. I’m supposed to be a lot further along in my training. No one seems interested in training me.

    I got a lead from a friend who worked at a large vet hospital. I’d work four 10 hour days, but she said they really invested in training her. The hospital already contacted me. So the ongoing since mid 2019 jobs saga continues…

  8. This will be tough for me too.I dont what to expect but seems like nit good at all.My Ascendant in Leo is @ 24 inconjucting the conjuction and My Natal Venus is in Libra @ 24 too Squaring the conjuction….All i can see is darkness.The full moon in Leo will semi sextile my sun and moon in virgo and trine natal Chiron in Aries.

  9. This is in my 6th house where my Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune reside. Since it’s not a relationship house, any insights on themes with the Venus-Pluto conjunction taking place here? Greatly appreciated! ?

    • It’s my 6th as well. I am assuming something to do with transforming beauty. Or transforming how you spend money in daily activities or in keeping up with your health.

    • Reminds me of a personal ad I saw once, where the person said something like “I want go to the Beach, Discover life together, Smile and Mingle” = BDSM

  10. I have natal Mars at 24 degrees Capricorn in the 2nd house, which will be conjunct this conjunction. I’m all set for something massively disruptive. Hopefully it will be a good disruption.

  11. I would love to see what happens. I have my rising sign at 20 degrees Capricorn- so this is in my first house and the Leo full moon on my 7th house.

    Is an ex coming back? Because I’m single 🙁
    (Yes, I’m a piscis).

  12. I always used to think those ex-corpses turning up sounded interesting and was a little disappointed that none of mine were sufficiently interested in returning in a zombiefied state. Then we had 2020 and Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter trined the Vertex\North node conjunction in Taurus and sextiled the Venus\Neptune\South Node\Juno conjunction in Scorpio in the composite chart of me and ex from 30 years ago. It taught me plenty but I will never wish for that again. All corpses, please now stay away

  13. I feel somewhat daunted by the prospects of this FM because it conjuncts my 8th House Uranus and squares my 11th house Scorpio Moon. The opposing Uranus (& Mars) in my 5th makes it some kind of a cross pattern. My 1st house Saturn trines the Leo FM.
    I think the worst that could happen is sudden death like being murdered.
    My Moon in Scorpio really colors my outlook!

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