What To Expect From Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022

pisces plateJupiter will ingress into Pisces in the early evening on May 13, 2021.  Jupiter is at home in Pisces. Pisces is ethereal. Jupiter brings a benefit and offers protection. Jupiter in Pisces is a quintessential “angel on your shoulder”.  You can expect this is to be a positive transit overall.

Jupiter spends about a year in a sign. In this case, the time will be broken due to periods when they planet retrogrades.  This should be interesting to watch.  Here are your dates and degrees:

May 13, 2021 – Jupiter enters Pisces
June 21, 2021 – Jupiter turns retrograde at 2 degrees Pisces
July 29, 2021 – Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius
December 30, 2021 – Jupiter enters Pisces
May 11, 2022 – Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries
July 29, 2022 – Jupiter turns retrograde at 8 degrees Aries
October 28, 2022 – Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces.
November 24, 2022 – Jupiter turns direct at 28 degrees Pisces
December 21, 2022 – Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries.

That’s it. Jupiter will ingress back into Pisces in March of 2033.

Jupiter energy is large and generous and over the top. Pisces is not bound by the limits of the physical world.  This is a miraculous combination.  Take issue with that if you like. I know that miracles are not only real, they take place every day, all around the world.

This combination is inclusive. No one is shut out.  Everyone can forgive and be forgiven. To fare well, drop any petty behaviors and adopt an optimistic view of the future.

If you think this is impossible, ask the door to be opened so you can see that grace is available to everyone and everyone includes you.

What house will Jupiter in Pisces transit in your chart?  Can you see the possibilities and potential in that area of life?



What To Expect From Jupiter in Pisces 2021-2022 — 26 Comments

  1. Jupiter in Pisces will be transiting my 5th H, but I can’t think of what that could affect.
    I’m currently bogged down by heavy 4th H matters – perhaps Jupiter will bring inspiration if some of the 4th H problems are resolved.
    I hope so!

  2. Yes, I can see possible benefits. I see the possibility to experience something miraculous at the root (fourth house) that brings opportunity (sextile) to sense of self (Sun), drive (Mars), and love life (Venus) so Yay!!!! 🙂 Jupiter is also my chart ruler double YAY YAY!

    • Me too! Well, 28.53 Pisces. Please post how it goes for you. I will too. Big data gathering opportunity. I am already noticing changes in my neighborhood. Wonder if this will increase?

      • Jupiter 4* from my MC at 26 Aquarius. Gemini stellium.. sun at 14*, Mars at 5*, Asc at 22* and a Mercury at 25* all Gemini. Uranus /Pluto conjunction at 15* Virgo. Moon at 9* sag or cap depending on which house place I use.
        🤯 I met my husband end of 2001, engaged 4 months later in 2002, he passed away in November 2020 😭 19years from the last eclipse cycle we will have again a May 26th. I need a miracle STAT ! 🙏

        • Somewhere there’s a guide to the 18-19 year Saros Eclipse Cycles, perhaps by Bernadette Brady? I can’t find it, but if anyone has it they could she’d light on the qualities of this cycle. Good luck!

  3. Will enter my 5th house in the late winter or early spring of 2022. I am hoping that transit brings about motherhood for me (pregnancy), Fingers crossed. And the expansion and unfolding of a creative project I’ve been mapping out for a while. I’ve no romantic relationship to speak of right now, but apparently one should remain optimistic (My very exact Saturn sq Moon has trouble with that one…)

  4. It’ll be in my 5th house. I have no current plans to get pregnant or have kids and nor do I want to. I also don’t know if I’ll be getting into a new hobby or spiritual study either.

    I wonder if I’ll enter a new relationship because Uranus is currently in my 7th house. I hope not.

  5. Natal jupiter at 00 pisces and sun at 02 pisces in 10th.
    Trying to keep expectations low but indeed I have hopes and will try to manifest abundance this period. Of course I have my final MFA degree art show in this period…

  6. 6th house and descendant with my Moon Jupiter conjunction there, although not a Jupiter return until 2022. I’m hopeful for this transit because I am a Jupiter inspired person and I enjoy the transits through home signs. Jupiter in Sag was very hectic and demanding but enjoyable and positive.

  7. This will be a good opportunity to test out house systems. With Whole Sign and Equal houses, Jupiter is in my 3rd house. With most other house systems it is in my second. Excited to see how this goes.

    • Aspire,
      Interesting thought because it’s the same situation for me. Whole sign, fifth house. Equal sign, fourth house. Placidus,(which I looked at for so long it stuck in my head), third house. I will watch this too. I can kinda see all three. I’m about to move to the big house in the middle of our little town. I’m 7 weeks pregnant and find out Monday if it’s twins. No fertility meds but progressed moon was conjunct my natal mercury with Jupiter transiting it at time of conception and a bunch of other Astro signatures and other signs. So new neighbors, new house, new baby(ies)…and third house, the gemini house🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. This is good news! Jupiter will move into my 2nd House Pisces, what do I value and how am I of value to those I relate to? Yes, the potentialities (all so much Jupiter!) for forgiving and being forgiven as I age and find a home to settle into — foibiles and faults as well as joyful abundance. To be a neighbor, and be with good and helpful neighbors. WOW. Valuable assets, for growing community not commodity. I’m hopeful, humbled at how long this sort of lesson takes to blossom. Hopeful and grateful nonetheless.
    Pete and I have just moved “home”, Elsa.)

  9. Oh to forgive and be forgiven
    The door open but in case it has been blown askew , I am listening
    For the knock , oh Jupiter, let the Grace begin, thank you Elsa , your view thoughts and interpretation
    Better a cup of coffee and a string
    Of Hail Marys

  10. Just short of my Asc at 2’35” Pisces before the retrograde. It will trine my 4th house Sun and 8th house Neptune. Looking for a miracle! Haha.

  11. Perhaps something extremely optimistic after all the heaviness of Capricorn Pluto and Saturn conjunct my moon for so long….
    My Venus and Mercury are in Pisces (3rd), and I’m an early Aries in the 4th.
    I’m truly going to be praying to Jupiter to bring me the relationship and the new home I’ve needed for so long.

  12. I’m a pisces 9th house and then later in 2022 my Mid Heaven (12° pisces) will be affected. Don’t know what to expect. Maybe I’ll get into University. Or start to produce my own spiritual documentaries.

  13. Jupiter will turn direct in Aries 8 degrees right opposite my jupiter/saturn conjunction in Libra – this is the great conjunction of the early 80s which I find extremely interesting, giving that we recently had this great conjunction in Aquarius and the beginning of the air cycle. I’ve found that issues of social justice have really come to the fore and this opposition will continue to reinforce this theme. I’m really looking forward to understanding more the role we all play in this brand new air cycle with next year’s jupiter opposition to the libra great conjunction.

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