What Planetary Energy Do You Strongly Represent?

Pluto old cardMaureen asks on Rotten Things Happen:

“Elsa, would you say you are a Plutonian character?”

maureen, yes. I have a packed 8th house, but I am also very Saturnian, very Mercurial and have a pretty strong Jupiter streak as well.

Er.. my Mars is notorious and I even manage to be pretty strongly Neptunian.

If there is something I am light on, I’d say it’s Uranus but even that is questionable because I shock people on a daily basis.

I may also be a bit light on Venus, however I have Libra and planets in the 7th so that would a be a lie.


::wanders off confused::

What planetary energy do you represent most prominently?

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What Planetary Energy Do You Strongly Represent? — 61 Comments

  1. It is quite a confusing question. There isn’t a clear energy in my chart neither. Well, theoretically it would Mars because I have a lot of Aries and Scorpio, but I also have Jupiter. And both Moon and Mercury are in the angles so they are very important.
    Damn, I feel you Elsa…

  2. I have been reading up on Pluto, but I guess I don’t understand how you tell if you are a Plutonian type, or any other…

  3. My rising sign is Leo, with Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury straddling the IC. My Moon is conjunct Pluto in the 2nd and by Age Point (Huber method), Pluto was the first planet I came conjunct at about age 8. Right now transiting Pluto is square my Moon.

    So, yeah, I have some Pluto issues. And I like ’em!

  4. gemini – duality.

    One could argue I have way more venus going on, but, even then, most of my libra/taurus isn’t straightward, and it’s mixed with my scorpio and mars and pluto… so, yeah, duality.

  5. Snap, I have no fuckin’ idea what I am. I have Saturn Neptune! I have Venus Neptune. I don’t even know if I am fat or skinny – I can’t fuckin’ DECIDE!

    All I know is if you call me Libra I get hotted up!

  6. Well it’s easy Elsa – you are you. Plain and simple. Well not really. The sum of your parts, but so much more.

    A really fun person, for starters!

  7. Snap – I am religious as well, and no problems with astrology, either.

    To answer Elsa’s original question, I don’t know if I’m Plutonian, but I did get voted “most likely to start a cult” in college.

    Best wishes,

  8. Ah, Snap, good question. Here’s the answer.

    I am not remotely religious and I am pretty much opposed to everything that traditional religion stands for, such as preacher types who make it their personal business to convert others to their own belief systems, and seek to condemn others who do not share their belief system, and then aim to get a bunch of money out of those they have converted. Etc.

    I am spiritual, not religious. Heres a little saying I have heard and I like, “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there.”

    As far as ‘not a christian’ well, the fact is, I am actually not a ‘Christian’ even though I was raised and confirmed in the Episcopal church, we didn’t even use the word christian in the Episcopal church although that is the basis.

    In my early teens I realized that I was a Zen Buddhist, but then after having many spiritual dreams and visions and experiences in the year 2000 and beyond, I am converted to Hindu.

    Be that as it may for me and Christianity (I am not, although I do believe that Christ did exist as one among many spiritual persons), Linda Johnson, a Vedic astrologer, has written several great articles about astrology in the Christian bible. and it is in there. One of them was in Mountain Astrologer, maybe more than one, and other authors have written on this topic as well.

  9. We are all both the sum of our parts & the parts themselves 😉

    If I had to narrow it down, I’d say my planets involved in conjunctions have the strongest energy – Moon/Pluto; Mars/Venus; Mars/Saturn (in that order) 🙂

  10. I’ve got Pluto in an exact square to my sun/mercury. And Uranus trine sun/mercury. Meanwhile, there’s Neptune opposite Venus. Neptune was a big thing until recently, when I started using Uranus constantly. And Pluto seems to be a subtle underlying, slow burning presence that never goes away!

  11. Well, my chart is ruled by Jupiter but I have Pluto and Uranus tightly conjunct (2 mins separation) in the ninth, near MC, and they are both square my Sun in the seventh. So I am very Plutonian, but it always manifests in surprising ways at work. Like how on earth did I get into a power struggle with that guy when I’ve been going out of my way to be nice to him? Answer.. nice is threatening if you have a Pluto – Sun square.. 🙂

  12. I’m not sure but if this F*** You showed up in my 7th house, it’s time to move on.
    May soft be the grass you walk on,
    May fair be the skies above you,
    May true be the joys that surround you,
    My dear be the hearts that love you.
    ~Traditional Irish Blessing.

  13. Sun (Leo), Mercury (Virgo, and deposits 8 of 10 planets), Mars (Aries rising & conjunct Sun), Jupiter, Pluto, in that order.

  14. I thought Elsa was a great sport when I called her a Libra! It’s rare when a double Gemini with Mercury in Gemini finds someone that will play along without drawing their assholes up to their armpits.

    No one knows how much I LOVE a good Sagittarius. They not only play along, they burn me to the ground and I just keep going back for more!

  15. Aaaack, I need someone to part the curtains! Lift the veil!! Ummm, I don’t understand: What did you mean, Dolce, when you said you started using Uranus?!!

    Goddess: hahahhaha that was so funny!

    Conny – I didn’t quite get the meaning of that first line? And should the last line start with May rather than My?

  16. Snapdragon – maybe I mean I’m just more aware of it than I used to be? Or maybe I’m being Neptune again and just confusing myself and everyone. Argh.

  17. Sonia, I also have “my chart is ruled by Jupiter but I have Pluto and Uranus tightly conjunct (2 mins separation) in the ninth, near MC”.
    From there, Pluto is square Merc (black/white thinking,anybody), trine mars and venus, opposite sat/chiron, square jupiter and sextile neptune.Only the sun gets away.
    Power struggles? You bet.
    No wonder my friends say I´m BAD.(Can´t reproduce what my enemies say. Of course, there´s no in between category)
    I LOVE scorpios (because they love me, mainly)
    And yet I´m supposed to be an easygoing, happygolucky and straightforward double Saggie! 😉

  18. I don’t have any eighth house planets and only Neptune in Scorpio, but my natal Pluto aspects more planets than any other planet in my chart. My natal Pluto is in the fourth house in Virgo conjunct Uranus (not conjunct the IC) opposing Saturn and Chiron in the tenth house in Pisces, squaring Jupiter in the twelfth in Gemini and squaring the Moon in the sixth in Sagittarius. It also sextiles the Sun in the second house in Cancer and Neptune in the sixth in Scorpio and semi-sextiles (minor aspect) Mercury and Venus in Leo in the third house. Recently, I found that my natal Sun at 17 degrees 51 minutes Cancer exactly conjuncts Pluto’s discovery point, which is at 17 degrees 46 minutes Cancer. Do these aspects make me Plutonian?

  19. heh heh heh. I didn’t think of it that way. But I do consider you the international astrological expert on Pluto, no offense intended to Jeffrey Green, Alan Oken and that other guy. Or Donna cunningham and healing pluto issues. or whomever!
    Elsa Knows Pluto!

  20. It’s a relief to hear an experienced astrologer also gets confused about this!

    Sometimes I think my sun is the most muted, even least expressed part of me.

    On another note, the bouncy levity in the 08 part of this thread struck me – am I reading too much into it or does it feel different from the general energy now? Maybe pluto going from Sag to Cap?

  21. I’m definitely Venusian as hard as it is to be a Venusian male I can’t claim anything else. I’ve been a singer/musician/model since I was six lol. (libra rising with venus conjunct my midhaven)

  22. you are a plutonian if pluto aspects one of your major planets. I have pluto opposing my sun at 1 degree. not a walk in the park by any means. but a depth that others do not have.

  23. Saturn (4 personal cap planets)
    Jupiter (sag moon/asc)
    Venus (packed second house)
    Pluto (bunch of planets aspecting)
    Neptune (bunch aspecting)

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