What Chart Markers Indicate Age Difference In Relationships?

venus and mars Lorenzo LippiHi, Elsa.

What are the markers of attraction to older men in a chart of a woman? It’s a general question, so I’m not including any birth data.


Hi, Studying.

There are people who fare well by partnering outside their age range. There are clear markers of such a tendency, shown in chart. It’s a Venus Saturn signature which can show itself in a number of ways.

These are the strongest markers…

  • Cancer or Capricorn (Sun, Moon or rising)
  • Saturn in the 7th house or Libra
  • Venus conjunct, square or opposite Saturn
  • Venus in Capricorn or the 10th house
  • Stellium in Capricorn
  • Saturn in the 1st house
  • Major emphasis on 4th/10th axis

Certainly not every Cancer or Capricorn is going to find themselves in May/December love relationships. However, virtually all people in these types of relationships have one (or more) of these signatures.

It’s interesting to note that both parties, male or female, older or younger, will have these same signatures. I know many happy couples with a wide age gap. I covered this extensively in my workshop – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate. There is nothing like it anywhere. It’s highly recommended for anyone dealing with Venus Saturn issues.

Do you have experience with an age gap in a love relationship? Tell us!



What Chart Markers Indicate Age Difference In Relationships? — 113 Comments

  1. Yes, I have merc and sun in capricorn, venus in tenth sextile a saturn moon vesta conjunction in twelfth. I get on very well with older men, it’s a natural flow, blossoming and productive in a warm, relaxing way, in all kinds of relationships, social, business / career as well as community minded projects, including a good relationship with clergy and church prientated projects.

  2. Question: do both partners have to have this signiture?
    a man marriying a women 10 years older then him- do they both always have this in natal chart? or could it be nataly one sided?

      • so if there is a long marrige – it will be evident in both natal charts.
        thank you for this elsa!!

        • Astrology is sometimes so literal, that it makes me snort with suppressed laughter. 😀
          I have 4 of the markers Elsa suggested, and I do always get along much, much better with people a decade or even more older than me, since childhood.

          I ended up marrying a young-at-heart Aries only two years older, though. So, thanks for the clarification that both partners need to have it in their chart for it to manifest in a relationship.

  3. I have Saturn in the 1st. The men I typically dated were anywhere from five to 10 years older. The oldest fellow was 14 years older!

    Funny how things turned out. I married a guy close to my age. He’s a CAPRICORN. My only son and oldest kid is also a Capricorn!

  4. Hello. I have venus square saturn. Cap rising and moon. My venus is also in cap. Moon square saturn too. And idk if this matters but my 12th house is ruled by saturn with the moon and venus cozy as they can be in the 12th. My man is 17 yrs older than me ( he has a cap moon) and his house placements I’m not sure about bc I don’t know if he was born at 5:14 in the morning or 5:14 in the evening. Arg. But anywho it has taken this older, wiser, responsible man to tame me and HELP me see areas in my life that need improvement. And his stability really helps me. I always want to run when things get serious and REAL. His refusal to dump our relationship over trivial matters has opened this cold cappy’s eyes to lots of things I did not see or know how to feel before.
    Ash 🙂

  5. Hmm, I’m Libra and I have Cancer rising,my first husband was 6 years older, and now that I’m in my 60’s I find that the 51-60 age have a keen interest in me, I can usually guess a potential suitor’s age, and the age group is usually as mentioned. I try to stay away from the 50 year olds’, but heck, I’ll give them all a twirl if need be! LOL!

      • I have a capricorn ruled 5th house.I also have my sun and Mercury in Capricorn. Before my Saturn return, I was drawn to older women. When I was 22, I dated a 40 year old who’s oldest daughter was 2 months older than me. Although, that was the biggest age gap, most were anywhere from a few months older to about late 20s. As I passed my Saturn return, I now find myself drawn to younger women about late teens to early 20s.

  6. I’m sure I didn’t phrase that quite right! Besides the obvious!!….But in general men or women who are attractive to and attracted by younger partners. Would Mercury be the signature?

      • Sorry I posted before I saw your response!
        Ah so Saturn is the signifier both sides of the age gap relationship- that’s really interesting actually – I know someone with this Saturn and assumed they would be more interested in older partners. Thanks☺

  7. I have lots of these (cap rising, venusconjunct saturn in the 8th). My husband is the same age as me but I am definitely not attracted to young young guys. Just blech! I do not want to educate anyone

  8. Also the Moon in Cancer or in Capricorn and in the 10th house.

    I’ve always been attracted by older guys: Venus in Cap conjunct Sat in Capricorn, stellium in Capricorn (Venus-Uranus-Neptune-Saturne), Moon in Cancer in the 10th 🙂

  9. great article! I saw a lot of axis cap/cancer and 1st house 7th house Saturn axis.

    maybe for example, George Clooney’s wife, who has Aqua sun/venus with her cancer mars, indicate wanting an older, mature man. also, for cancer sun, Jerry Hall is with a much older, richer man, Rupert Murdoch, 85 years old. so the cancer/cap axis is strong.

  10. This topic’s really interesting to me.
    I have Aquarius Venus (ruler of 7th) opposite Saturn and I’m attracted mostly to younger guys. One I really like has stellium in Capricorn , but it’s a generation thing (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)… It’s all conjunct in his 5th house, Uranus being ruler of 7th. I’m trying to figure out is there an older woman in his chart.:)

  11. I’m late to the game, but yes, Capricorn Venus in any of its manifestations (Saturn 7th, Venus Capricorn, Venus in aspect to Saturn etc.). I have not once truly loved anyone who isn’t significantly older or younger than me. My best friends also, not just my boyfriends (men).

    It’s also funny how this is looked down upon, as if you’re only in it for the money if there’s an age gap. Well yes, I won’t say it isn’t a factor, but mostly it’s just about relating. I don’t relate to people my own age. I prefer the company of people I can respect (older), or people I can teach (younger). People who can tame me (older), or people I can tame and help (younger). That’s how my friendships and intimate relationships have always been.

    Capricorn Venus in 4th sextile Saturn. My SO has Cappy Venus opposite Saturn. We relate.

  12. My partner is 12 years older than me, and many of my friends are older as well. I have Sun square Saturn, Moon trine Saturn, Saturn in the 5th, Aquarius 7th cusp.

  13. I have Cancer sun, Venus square Saturn, Saturn in the 1st and Venus in the 10th. I’ve never been attracted to older men per se (too much baggage) but I DO require “old souls” who exude maturity, ambition, and responsibility. This is probably why I skipped dating in my school years. ??

  14. I’m older than my husband. He has a Cap moon. I don’t think he could be in a relationship with a younger woman for any length of time. I knew him before I was in a relationship as a friend and both of the women where older. Not by a huge amount of years….but they were older. As am I. His being younger doesn’t bother me because he is definitely older in every way except his birth date.

  15. I was married for 16 years to a man 17 years my senior. Once he said, “When I got you I thought you could be trained. I see now that I was wrong”.


  16. I left out part of his comment. Here is what he said, “When I got you I thought you were young enough that you could be trained. I see now that I was wrong.”

  17. I know a man who is attracted to older women: Cancer Moon, Venus tightly conjunct and applying to Saturn at the MC in Aries.

  18. does moon in the 4th house mean a man is attracted to much older women?
    curious…see this alot and wonder if it’s the moon thing

  19. thanks elsa 🙂 I would love to read your thoughts about men with a 4th house moon. I attract alot to me- and don’t understand why?
    why me? what do they want????

  20. My last love was 13 years younger than me. He has sun, mars and venus in cancer square saturn in aries. Taurus rising and my scorpio sun/saturn conjunction sits in his 7th house. My 5th is aries which holds his satun and trines my moon which falls in his 8th house and wide trine to my venus. 4/10 for him is sun/uranus (or saturn). My saturn conjunct his moon. So lots of saturn there. Was determined to stay away from younger men after him and have been looking for someone older. Then today another man younger by 12 years professed his feelings for me.

  21. I’m a Virgo with Scorpio moon and ascendant. I also have Venus in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius,Saturn in the 4th house,and Venus in the 10th house conjunct the MC. I also Pluto and Saturn dominant. This sounds pretty accurate. Most of the guys I like are 5-10 years older. I somehow find them more physically attractive for some reason.

  22. 10th house stellium in capricorn sun moon merc, saturn 1st house trine to venus= two husband 10 years older than me. 1st marriage was 20 years, 2nd we dated for 8 years first then married after he retired. He says I had him at insureance. Hahaha Doesnt sound romatic but It’s perfect!

  23. I have cancer rising, saturn in 7th house capricorn, venus square saturn. When I was young, I dated older men. At some point the ages leveled, then switched to younger men. It seems that the older I get, the younger the men I attract. Although I relate well to younger men, I resist as I am very sensitive to the social stigma attached to the dynamic.

  24. •Cancer or Capricorn (Sun, Moon or rising)
    Cancer asc me – Cap moon husband

    •Major emphasis on 4th/10th axis
    Stellium in Scorpio in the 4th – Taurus moon in the 10th – me

    I am 11 years older than my husband and we have been together for a very long time.

  25. I tend to be attracted to older men and my friends are usually older too. I have Cap rising and a lot of planets in my tenth including Venus. My seventh house ruler is in my tenth too, I thought that might contribute.

  26. Elsa, you should start a dating site using astrology, maybe you could get someone to help you make an app.
    Seems like it would help potential couples get what they wanted faster.
    Just a thought

  27. Well, well…I never though that this “phenomenom” of age difference , specially when the women are older was so widespread. I know only a little bit of Astrology, and I couldn’t tell you right now where all my planets are houses are. I would have to go back to my report for that. However, at a young age, I was attracting older men. Grew up, and my first husband was two years older than me; after that it seemed like everything shifted, and with very few exceptions, most of the men I dated, or even married were several years my juniors. I felt a stigma attached to that and judgement from people. However, those relationships lasted only about from four to 7 years….after, we just drifted apart even after a very auspicious beginning. I should have stayed with my first husband, the father of my sons. By the time I realized this, it was already too late; he died unexpectedly and tragically. He WAS my true soul mate and TRUEST love. I’m a Scorpio and he was a Taurus. I’ll be turning 65 on Tuesday, and I’m through with romantic relationships. Good article. Again, I will have to look in my natal chart and see where all this was stemming from, at least on my part. Thank you.

  28. Oh1 I left something vital out of my previous comment. I never saw myself, for some reason, as being lucky in love. It has been one hell of a roller coaster.

  29. Capricorn stellium in my 5th house, Venus in Capricron conj Saturn (Capricorn as well),my 7th house cusp is in Aquarius…are these indicators strong enough?

  30. I’m attatcted to younger women! My ex girlfriend was 8 years younger. Mercury conjunct the ascendant in Libra which aspects the 7th house. I have Venus square Saturn, but Saturn is conjunct Uranus, and the square between Venus and Uranus is closer, so maybe Uranus throws the Saturn square Venus out the window in regard to liking older partners?

  31. Yes, this is strong in my life. Before moving I was with someone 11 years in difference, and have a friendship with many older women. In fact I was just talking to a co-worker, 58 years old southern man, how I’m very much attracted to older women. Plus, most of my friends are older than me by an average of 15 years.
    Methinks my Moon opposite Pluto and Mars has something to do with my competitive aura with those my age. My words cut at times, and I plays Devil’s Advocate often.

  32. I have Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn and my husband is 10 years older than me. I have always been attracted to older men.

  33. I have Cancer Venus on the MC. Also Venus Trine Saturn. I love age gaps, either a lot older or much younger than me. I’ve dated 11 years older or younger. Lately it’s been younger guys. 🙂

  34. I have venus inconjunct saturn (slightly wide orb) and found myself dating much younger men for a few years. I was in my 30s and they were in their 20s – eight years younger was my record.

    My fiance is 8 years older. He has venus conjunct saturn and has dated women who at times were younger than him.

    It took my mother’s encouragement for me to start dating men older than me, and it was a bit of an adjustment (I have mercury angular and strong in my chart, conjunct venus, and I also have gemini planets so youthfulness is a must.) My man does it for me as he looks and is quite youthful (plus has sag rising) despite his incredible saturnian vibes (four planets in taurus ruled by the venus that is conjuncted by saturn.)

    I have also seen sun-saturn and moon-saturn aspects in natal charts also point towards individuals having some experiences dating older or younger (than themselves) people. I have sun trine saturn.

  35. Wife and I are more than 13 years apart. She has several of these aspects – Cancer Moon, Venus/Capricorn opp Saturn. Venus is in the 9th and she did marry a foreigner, so that adds up, too. On the other hand, I have none of these signatures (oops) but I’ve always gravitated to women youngerish than I am. Prolly have planets in Lobo, sign of the grey, old wolf.

  36. Is there something wrong with me that I have Venus Saturn and am utterly turned off by age differences? I really don’t want to date someone who could be my father, and those guys have been creepy and shifty as hell who’ve wanted to. I really just want someone within a year of my own age who’d be an equal.

    • I have Venus Saturn and although I don’t like much older men I like a man that knows more than me. I like a partner who’s capable and makes me feel like I am taken care off.

    • Moon in Capricorn here, and I feel the same way. During a reading, I once had an astrologer suggest men who were about 15 yrs older than me. Ummm…NO. lol

      Love is love, and while it may be possible for me to fall for someone older than me, I am not attracted to older men. In one relationship he was 6 yrs older than me – the biggest age difference was 12 yrs, but he was younger (he is a Venus in Cancer and likes older women). Around my age, or a bit younger, is what I prefer.

      I have a stellium in Leo and three 5th house planets….I certainly don’t want a daddy, I want someone to play with (in a long term, committed relationship). That Moon is in my 9th, so I really enjoy someone who is smarter than me, from a different culture or who somehow broadens my horizons.

  37. True. I’m a Cancer rising with a stellium in Capricorn my 7th house & I have a Capricorn moon plus Venus, Mercury AND asteroid of marriage Juno in my 10th house. I have mostly date Capricorn sun and/or rising men OR men who were older (not that older, usually 4-7 years). I find I don’t prefer someone 5 or more years older but rather a Capricorn around my age.

  38. In my 20s I dated a man 10 years older than me. After that I had relationships with men who were younger, some of them much younger than me. I have Saturn conjunct moon squaring Venus in Capricorn….. One was a Cancer with Venus in Cancer, the other a Capricorn with Moon in Cancer.

  39. I am a man and have similar placements so generally speaking, would it be the opposite for me? For example I have Cap sun, major emphasis on 4th/10th axis, Saturn aspecting my 7th and saturn square ascendant.

  40. I have none of these common aspects yet my spouse is almost exactly 19.5 years older than I am. Oct 3rd and April 4th. Opposites truly do attract? LOL

    Virgo/Libra rising (depends on the chart style)
    Saturn in the 4th house (Capricorn)
    Venus in 12th house and not conjunct, square or opposite Saturn
    Stellium in Libra (North Node, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Moon)
    MC on 4th/10th axis. -does this loosely fit the criteria?

    Our Saturn and Venus’ do have many synastry aspects to each other.

  41. I sometimes wonder why I’ve been seeing this man for the last 1-1/2 years who is 16 yrs older. I’m a Libra with a natal Saturn in the 1st house, Venus in the 10th, and a stellium in the 10th. He is a Sag with Cancer rising and has Capricorn in the 7th house.

    Also, Saturn and Pluto are transiting his 7th house and Uranus is transiting his 11th. Jupiter is transiting my 1st Sag house and Uranus my 5th. Thanks, Elsa.

  42. Gosh.. I bought your report and am loving it (reading 1/3 so far). I’m a Capricorn rising male with Venus Square Saturn (in 1st) and my girl is 7 years younger, Sun Cancer and Venus square Saturn too!!

    Your indicators are spot on which is what made me purchase.
    I’m just wondering if 2 Venus square Saturns (which make Venus opposite Saturn in the composite) means that we are basically screwed? I really hope not… though I am fearful of the amount of effort it might require on both our parts..

  43. My husband is 8 years my senior and has Venus conjunct Saturn in the 4th house.

    I used to date men who were around my age, and then in my late 20s I suddenly became attracted to and interested in younger men – and dated men 5 or 8 years my junior for some time.

    I have venus inconjunct saturn, and venus/mercury are in the 4th house.

  44. I am a Libra asc, Sun, Moon, Merc in Cancer. From my Cancer sun, Capricorn 7th house, Saturn in 5th. My husband was 25 years older.

  45. I’m a Capricorn Sun with a Capricorn stellium. I also am attracted to older guys. However I think my Venus in Aquarius can contribute to that as Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. Also Venus in Aquarius does not seem to care about ages in love relationships from what I have read.

  46. I have cancer rising conjunct moon and saturn, and saturn square sun and mars conjunction, and a stellium in 4th house ( venus, pluto,sun,mars, uranus all in libra) and my 1st relation was with a guy 10 years older, many virgo guys were attracted to me and I married one….but I am attracted to younger men and I had relation with a guy 20 years younger then me with capricorn moon in 4th house.

  47. The only signature is my Aquarian Saturn is in my 5th house and squares my 2nd house Scorpio Venus.
    Fun loving(my Juno in Leo) older guy who’s emotionally and financially stable perhaps?
    I tend to attract younger sweet guys tho….which is OK
    But Personally I think the above described men in their upper 50s and 60s are HOT!! And there are alot around 😀

  48. I do have Cap Saturn in the 12th square Aries Venus in the 2nd. I’m more of an older woman/younger man kind of gal. Of course, now that I’m older, younger men tend not to be interested in me at all.

  49. I have a cap moon in 4th at 29 degrees square Venus in 12th, my moon opposing Saturn in the 10th house also. My current lover is 25yrs younger than me. Suffice to say…I look and act much younger than my age…and all of a sudden in my so-called midlife crises I’m attracting younger men. In my twenties I was with men alot older than me. I also have Venus conjunct Uranus…?

  50. I am 56, my fiancé is 24 years old. I have up to 5 of these signatures. My fiancé has 4 signatures. I am a Cancer Ascendant. Aquarius Saturn 7th, Capricorn Descendant. Saturn also conjunct Aquarius Venus in 8th, both square my Moon. Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto aspect my Midheaven. My fiancé has 5 planets in aspect to 10th axis, Sun, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. She also has Saturn, Moon conjunct in the 10th. I am a young at heart Aries who likes partners with Saturn maturity who I can be teacher for. Gemini her likes me for my youthful looks and maturity.

  51. Thanks for the forum Elsa. As for asteroids I have Hebe (attraction to youthfulness) conjunct Pluto in 2nd, opposite Eos (all things young) in 8th, trine Chione (under age Lolita) in Scorpio sextile to Pluto. All part of my Chiron apex, Neptune, Pluto base, Ascendant Kite.

    • Saturn conjunct Venus: When I was young I related more to older women I felt more at ease with them than I did my peers. I still have a natural rapport with older women, I know how to flatter them ha ha; but now I am older I am drawn to younger women to mother them instead of being mothered, I am now the nurturer teacher.

  52. I have some of these signs but actually I never liked older men ?‍♀️
    I tend to attract younger men because I have this younger girlish vibe around me (maybe it’s Venus in 4th house?) but basically I feel comfortable with people of my same age..

    • Welcome, Mila. I have the signature too but I’m like you. This is not the only way for this to play, but if you check the charts of people in relationships with a large age discrepancy, it’s almost always there.

  53. I have Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in 2nd house, and I have partner, who is 36 years older than me (I’m 34). Our relationship is rather stable and serious. But I must say that the age gap is devastating sometimes and causes problems.

  54. I am a 50 year old woman dating a 20 year old man. He was an old soul from the very beginning! Sun, Moon and mercury in Capricorn. Venus in Sag, Pisces mars and ascendant.

    We’ve been together for almost a year now. It works and I’m happy. Need I say more? 😉

      • Hi Elsa, what if a chart has these markers:

        Capricorn Rising
        Leo Sun 8th house
        Cancer mercury 7th house
        Venus in Gemini
        Libra Jupiter 10th house

        Saturn trine Moon
        Moon conjunct Pluto

        Venus and mercury appears to be contradicting

  55. Oops, I have seven markers. I dated one year older and four years older. 7 years older was the most I was attracted to a guy, also 5 years younger, these used to be crushes and not dates though. I think I am fit to date a younger guy. On top of it all I also have juno in 3rd house. Also the crush 5 years younger IS into older girls and he has venus opposite saturn. So that’s cute. 🙂

    • Got outside confirmation that I don’t look my age. Someone guessed my age as 10 years younger today and was so surprise to hear my real age and then right afterwards another person asked about my age because I looked very young to them. Cap rising and 1st house saturn getting that reverse uno age card. ?

      • Still it’s more about placements. 1st person had saturn conjunct desc/opp asc and the other had a capricorn desc. And they were around my age. As long as you’re compatible, the age range might vary a bit or none at all.

  56. Can’t relate to this article at all.
    When i was younger, i used to date and find myself attracted to older people and vice-versa, but for the last four years or so i only attract younger people. And i am not talking only about romantic partners, people in general (friends, partners, etc). My current female friends are about 10 years younger than me and men that i attract are around 4 to 8 years younger than me. I don’t know why. Must be my energy, cause children were always attracted to me and i’ve always liked them.
    I have virgo asc, saturn in the 5th/capricorn, jupiter in cancer (maybe that’s why ? Jupiter rules dc) disposited by leo moon, venus in the 3rd and a stellium in libra.

    • Like my self and others and you Carla relating to kids and being young at heart is at the heart of connecting to those younger than us, or us being the younger and being that younger person to others, and not relating to our own peers.

  57. Yep this is true for me. My husband is 9 years younger than me. He has cancer sun, with Venus opposite Saturn. I have cancer rising, Venus in Capricorn trine Saturn. In the past I’ve dated men 10 years older then me. Interesting!

    • Hi Rachel, Is true of you that when you dated older partners you sought nurturing, and now with a younger partner you like to nurture? For me also partnering with more mature partners then partnering with less mature partners, I think stems from an immaturity is this also true for you? Granted though we take relationships seriously and make dutiful partners.

  58. I’m a Capricorn rising, Cancer moon, and a 1st house Saturn and I’ve been married almost 30 years to a man 13 years older than me. He has a Cancer moon as well but no Capricorn planets. And I have been the stabilizing influence on him even though I’m a lot younger. God he was a wild thing! You’ve gotta love astrology.

  59. The last guy i was dating was an older man, 18 years my senior. I’ve got 4 of the 8 indicators mentioned above. I’m very Venus-Saturn. This is not something i’m after, dating older men, usually i date people my own age, but i did like it this time, sort of. It didn’t work out, but that had nothing to do with the age gap and everything with personality!

    I’ve also attracted some guys that were much younger than i am, but i’ve never dated them….

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