What Makes A Person Boring?

aquarius water bearer painting“What is the deal with them?” I asked my friend, Ben. He’s a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising.

“The deal with them?” he asked. “There is no deal with them, they’re boring.”

“What do you mean, boring?”

“What do you mean, what do I mean? They’re boring. You know what boring is, Elsa. And these people are boring. They are nothing but boring.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said.

“No, I’m not kidding you. Have you never met someone who was boring before? He asked.

“No…no, I don’t think I have.”

“Well I have!  In fact, most people are boring. I can’t believe you don’t know this. You’re waiting for boring people to do something interesting and they never will.”

“Never?” I was incredulous.

“Never. Boring people don’t do interesting things so if you’re waiting for that to happen, you’re going to be disappointed…”

What makes a person boring?


What Makes A Person Boring? — 78 Comments

    • Interesting watergal…. I’m a Cancer and I’m anything but boring (Gemini rising with Uranus conjunct by 20 min. in the 12th) – But I’m a 15* Cancer so that puts me in the 2nd decan (Scorpio-ish)! Now my husband, also a Cancer, is boring and his Sun is at 27* (Piscean decan). He can eat the SAME thing every morning, lunch… he gets a little exciting in the evenings but he too is scared to death to get out of his rut. He hold me down which can be a good thing and I drag him along which can be a good thing. I’m curious about your Cancer man… what degree is his Sun?

      • I meant no disrespect TZ…his sun is 4 degree and his mars at 8 and Uranus at 17-all in cancer. he has his mercury at 0 degrees..straddling cancer/leo. all that cancer in the 12th house with his 1st house leo. I am a pisces sun,moon and merc with Uranus in 1st house yet a cancer asc…I feel the push and pull of independence alllll the time.I just wish he would suggest something different some day..a ride in the desert-anything other than dinner at home EVERY NIGHT!!

  1. I know someone who has been having the same cereal for breakfast for 20 years. That’s boring to me but I like variety. I can’t even have the same thing 2 days in a row. lol

  2. Planets in earth? Planets in Cancer?
    My husband broke up with me in high school because I bored him….and he’s a TAURUS! The most boring sign on earth! 🙂

    Now he doesn’t see as boring at all, but some of my planets progressed to Le and Scorpio so, you know, there’s that….

    Speaking of boring, he is a total creature of habit when it comes to eating. He has his restaurants and knows what he likes from each one….predictable as the tides! So sometimes I’m the one to shake it up so I’M not bored, LOL.

  3. I agree with what everyone has said. Everyone is boring in some ways, but some people are boring in practically every way! When everything in their life is same old-same old all the time and forever. It’s boring. Also when they’re not passionate. Mundane things can be made interesting if you being enough fire to them.

  4. People who are only going through the motions? The people I think are boring are the ones who seem to be trying the hardest to be… something? Not to become something, just to live the life they see in the commercials. I assume because they find it a better choice than being whatever it is they came from. Maybe works for them but I do not care a tiny bit about the details of that lifestyle and that is all some people ever seem to want to talk about. That and irrelevant gossip.

  5. Gosh, I don’t know if this is really an astrological thing as some people are suggesting. Because I think it’s very subjective…people find different things interesting. For instance, I would be incredibly bored by someone who went on and on about football teams, players, scores, etc., it’s just not a subject that interests me. But many people feel differently. And such a person may have a lot of fire and air, hence the sports and the talking about them.

  6. I would like to defend boring! Or rather, just let me say I get so tired of the competition to be interesting; the compulsion to be fascinating, sparkly and entertaining. Isn’t there something to be said for enjoying quiet moments together?

    It sounds so arrogant, critical and superior to call someone boring – like you can’t be bothered to get to know them or to interest yourself in another person.

    Could be bored people are just too lazy to make the effort to get interested.

    • I totally agree with you. They are doing what they want to. And probably very happy with it. Maybe it can be called contentment instead. Just because someone else is different doesn’t make it wrong.

      • The people in question actually were boring. I was there. 🙂

        But I’d not noticed. And I did not take Ben’s word for this…I hung around a few more months.

    • i am pretty boring too! so i defend boring as well. 😀
      meaning i am a homebody. i like having some routine too. i like predictability as well.

  7. This was actually part of a (true) story I wrote years ago…about these people…

    “It was hard to say what her agenda was. To impress him? To intimidate me? To highlight her superiority to me? All of those, or something else? I really don’t know. I didn’t know, because I didn’t care. The thing about Cruella was she was profoundly boring. It was all I could do to stay awake in her presence, never mind think about her after hours. Not a chance.

    We’d run up to her place and it was three hours of listening to where she’d been, and where she would go next. It came out like this:

    “I’m considering taking a prime and lovely and exclusive trip down a road paved with gold, diamonds and rubies that will land me in Greece for six months. Haven’t you always wanted to go to Greece, Lover Boy? Yes? I thought so. By the way. The wine you two are drinking? It came from somewhere you can’t afford to go, and it cost something you can’t afford to pay. Tra la la!”

    Oh brother, get me out of here. My life is short. How am I supposed to sit through this with a straight face? Someone get my agent on the phone…”

  8. lol@cruella story 😀
    i’d probably say right back, “why thank you, madam, these insolent fools, they don’t know what they’re missing.” (it would be hard with a straight face!)

  9. I’m probably boring haha, but that could be my self-deprecating Capricorn talking :P. I usually hide anything interesting about myself anyway, since I’ve got Scorpio.

    Boring people are easily bored by everything except themselves. But I think boring people are interesting when I ask them the right questions to get them out of their heads. Chronic depression can also make someone “boring” externally. They lose interest…. And might appear less interesting, when they actually are recoiling into a deep dark experience within…. Also…. Being boring is the best defense against some psychopaths/sociopaths. I forget which. Not bad to be boring!

    • I agree. Boring, to some, is everything that is not about them!
      And these people are themselves boring!!!!
      As for routine, I’m not sure that is a 100% marker for a boring person.
      What might be boring is seeing/being with someone every day, day in day out, for years. But even that is not certain.
      Being boring as self-defense – not a bad idea!!!
      Interesting subject, since it seems to be subjective.

  10. After a full-on turbulent, dramatic, “exciting”, interesting, heartbreaking life experience during my first quarter-century, I have to say that I reeeeeeeeeallly appreciate the boring. I like people who are calm but with rich and positive perspective on life. Who can find something interesting in mundane topics. (Venus in Gemini, Mars in Taurus) I can’t do the crazy, sparkly, fake pizzazzy types anymore–they exhaust me! ?

  11. Boring is lack of depth. Lack of passion and energy. Interest in only the surface things in life. Lack of ideas. Astrologically, Taurus would be the most boring sign, but we all know we aren’t just made of one sign, so…

    • Why Taurus and Cancer getting a bad rap. Just because you eat the same thing everyday doesn’t make a person boring. I have meant some fire sign people that only talk about themselves…and that is boring! I know some Cancers that are really interested in others. They are very popular.

  12. I have some family members,neices and nephews, that have grown up with so much wealth,and protection from everything in the world,that they are boring. What they talk about does not interest most by any means. as for as asking about anyone else’s interests,ect..they would not even have the empathy to ask or even care.I say congratulations on your ribbons for sitting pretty on your horse..but really,I don’t really need to hear for the nxt hour what you wore, how you wore your hair and when the nxt competition is for sitting on your horse looking pretty while you pay someon else to train your horse.(that is the interesting part-you don’t even do).

  13. snort..snort..cruella de ville..I always refer to the Disney movie to my kids..we talk about people being cruel and also the little pup (chubby guy)who said “mom.I’m hungry,I really am”.. my kids say that to me when they want me to play diner mom.I yell “This Isnt a diner,we already had dinner” but they want something more.lol

  14. I would say a very low level of self-awareness. But even those people can be interesting sometimes, in a nature-doc, people-watching type of way–not so much in conversation.

  15. I think it’s really that different people find different things to be fun. Like the football example above. If you’re a big sports fan, talking about sports with another big sports fan is a lot of fun. A non-fan probably wouldn’t find it fun at all.

    I’m a homebody. I’d rather be home than anywhere else. So people who are bored at home, who maybe consider going out clubbing to be the ultimate in fun, would consider me boring. But you couldn’t pay me to go out clubbing, so someone talking to me about their clubbing would be boring to me.

    Aside from that, a person could be boring even if you do have things in common. For example, if the sports fan has too limited a viewpoint. Maybe you like players on a lot of teams and the other person only likes players on the home team, so the conversation hits a dead end real quickly. Another example, if someone always tells the same story when a topic comes up, as if you haven’t already heard it, but you have, because whenever the topic comes up the person seems to only have that one thing to say. So even if you have things in common, there needs to be a wide range, and new things to talk about to keep it fun and interesting.

  16. If someone is turned off from the world they can petrify and seem boring to the outside but there may be really good reasons they took on that posture. They might have a lot going on internally. A family member was called “a block of wood” because he did not participate in family life but he would throw out criticism from behind his newspaper from time to time. I think now this was a form of self protection. He feared he would not be accepted so he chose to sit out and offered negative words and sour expressions. That was sure to keep him insulated and safe. It seemed an unchangeable situation. As far as astro goes Fixed Signs… Could it be the thing “Ben” can’t stand about himself he projects on to others-? ; )

  17. Some people are just look like they are alive. They are not alive, they are not actually boring. They are dead, going on bodily functions, their talks are programmed. I am not being sarcastic. If a being has lost connection with their spirit and not trying to reconnect, your own spirit will leave you. But physical body is too strong to leave you as well too soon (being physically dead). Look in those people eyes – nobody is home!
    Scares the hell out of me.

  18. When they’re stupid and provincial and afraid of deep topics so they talk about the weather all the time, like some men I’ve worked with.
    When they want to talk about nothing but business or how things work and just pontificate and don’t sense you’re bored.
    Much of the time, people who really have no interests in common

  19. I would think a person is boring when I am not interested in them. I don’t know that I would judge them boring though. I am sure they have people in their life who don’t find them boring. If I had to have boring in my vocabulary I suppose they would be the people I don’t engage with. We don’t value each other’s interests.

    • We live on earth…that’s mundane. I can’t stand hairy, fairy people that are all talk and get no results!

  20. Maybe the person that thinks others are boring is just bored themself? It seems like this kind of person has high expectations that others can’t fill for them.

  21. i bet you that boring person would suddenly become wildly and endlessly fascinating if he showed a real probing interest in you, if he wanted to understand you, wanted to know what you think, what you feel, what you have experienced, what you dream of…

  22. When you ditch a nice but boring person to pursue wilder, more exciting partners, it can come back to bite you on the ass! After being rejected or exploited numerous times, the boring person starts to become real attractive.

  23. I know I’m boring. On the outside. I love life, and live it internally so much that it’s sometimes hard to get this across in conversations. I also have a scorpio moon and sun in the 12th house, plus inconjuncts to my moon and a hard aspect between mercury and moon. I came into this world hog-tied, so to speak, but at least I’m comfortable with it. People with Gemini are especially bored with me. lol

  24. I’m rarely bored with people, too. Unless they talk without taking a breath. Being trapped is anxiety provoking and extremely boring to me.

  25. Boring people aren´t bad people but Ive found some of them to be judgmental. The key word here is some.

    One personality I can´t have in a lover is being boring, in everything.

  26. I don’t think that being stable and responsible is boring. Having a routine is not boring. Introverts are not boring – just ask what books they read or find out what special talents they may have. When you’re young, stereotypical people or people who don’t share your views may seem boring, but even they can be interesting if you think about using them as characters in a book. What is boring to me is someone who does not think for himself, or thinks only of himself.

  27. Funny that you guys thing that routine or emotionally stagnant people who are vulnerable and in a rut are boring. I think. That kinda hurts.

    I’ve found people boring who don’t know how to converse on interesting topics or are wrapped up in social niceties and small talk.

    Transit wise, I found the stellium in Taurus boring but stabilizing so I’d have to say maybe some taureans are boring. Then again father john misty has a metric Taurus stellium and I think he’s a genius. People can find Virgos specialized knowledge boring but I find it fascinating.

  28. I think there’s truth in every one of the comments.
    I can put up with boring people (most of the time I think the problem is with me and not being patient enough to listen properly).
    It’s usually about limited interests and self-centeredness, but it’s not the worst thing in life.

  29. I’m an easily bored person, Scorpio moon with Aquarius rising, and I’ve been told I’m boring. But not by someone whose opinion I cared about. I think I associate boredom with death and I handle that fear by distancing myself from what’s boring to go chase something new.

  30. I’m a Cancer with Taurus rising and I am far from boring. I think it depends on your culture. In some cultures women are meant to stay in the background. Some men I know can’t stand an educated woman. They have low self esteem. They are boring because they are not interested in others opinions.

    I don’t base boring on one sign. I know plenty of fire and air signs that are boring. Geminis are scattered and Aries only thinks of themselves. You can’t depend on them. That’s get boring after a while.

  31. My husband is a Scorpio, Aquarius Moon, Aries rising, Cancer Mars. I’m a Cancer, Virgo Moon, Taurus rising, Gemini Venus. The irony when fixed signs see routines or preferences as an indicator of boring. Extroversion and introversion factor in. Taurus with the Scorpio polarity can be much deeper than the association with material matters. I get fixed and bored when nothing thoughtful is below the surface behind the talk or action. Where is the purpose?

  32. Here before taurus something something being mentioned, oh wait, too late. 😄 If you look closely there’s always something interesting happening, people be peopleing. Only met one person that I really felt and saw as boring and kept my mouth shut about it yet others mentioned it instead. She has a good heart so whatever and if not mistaken I think even she mentioned it?? On the other hand there are some people out there that go’ oh, I am so bored, I want to be entertained’ and I have to restrain myself from opening my mouth because, boy.

    • Entertaining one’s self is an art in a world that provides an array of peopling opportunities for the remainder of the time that peopling is largely economically prescribed.

  33. Earth energy can be “boring” but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. People with strong Earth energy tend to love routines and stability, they are homebodies. Many people would find that “boring”. Sun in Taurus and Mars in Taurus especially.

    • To elaborate on this, I love when there’s a topic within a topic within a topic, provided the person can organize their thoughts somewhat well enough. But those people who just go “meh” all the time when someone makes a comment about something… what’s the deal with THEM? They could have at least one interesting thing to say! Oh man then there’s those people who just say “It is what it is” on repeat… ugh

    • @Cali Right on! Boring is in the mind of the beholder. In other words, if you are bored, it’s on you. Not me.

      A sparking mind makes sparks and finds sparks; a bored person is the most boring of all.

      I’m not spending my life trying to get bored people interested in me. If they don’t find me interesting, I’m moving on. No harm, no foul, no interest.

  34. Boring is blending in. Meaning people are afraid to not be accepted, so they look alike, think alike, live alike. All so they don’t have to be alone and “miss out”.

  35. I honestly don’t know a boring person. If I get a so called boring person drunk I can coax shit out of them that they didn’t even know existed. I’m good at one-on-one in depth conversation. I wouldn’t attribute boringness to any particular sign. Everyone’s got depth and secrets.

  36. Most people are boring for me because they experience life less intensely (Or, maybe I experience life more intensely).

    They are not curious and they remain exactly where they are in the overall scheme of life. They follow routines almost like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. Their lives reeks of stagnation and complaints. Oftentimes, there’s a helplessness in their mannerisms.

    There is no exploration. There’s no hunger for the bigger questions like what gives ‘their’ life meaning. It’s almost like floating through life instead of giving your own life direction.

    While I sometimes envy the boring for their less exciting lives, I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

    I am an Aquarius rising with a Scorpio Moon and Sagittarius Sun.

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