What Is A Progressed Chart?

wolverineI think of life as a story unfolding. The Progressed chart is one way to track your personal story. The idea is that a person develops over time. They “progress”.

I was born a Capricorn rising and have progressed to an Aries rising which I really like. I like it because it gives me a natural chart and there is strength inherent in that. For newbies, this because all the planets in their various signs fall into their natural houses. There is a purity about that. Leo in the 5th house, Scorpio in the 8th, etc.

Your chart progresses very slowly but when a shifts occur, they tend to be epic. If you’re satisfied with your progressed chart, you’ll be in no hurry for anything to change. If you’re in a jam, it can be excruciating.

Right now, I have fantastic progressed chart. I’m an Aries rising with ruler Mars in Scorpio in the 8th which is what I call, hard to kill. Wolverine, basically. What’s interesting to me, is that I’ve not always been this way. I have developed into this type character over the years, so there’s your story.

Looking ahead, there are many shifts coming for me personally. The progressed Moon changes signs every 2.5 years, but the other planets are much slower to shift. The Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs every 30 years and in the case of the slower moving planets, some people don’t see them change signs in their entire lifetime.

Considering that, the fact I have Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus all changing signs in the next 5 years is significant. I will still be an Aries rising with Mars in Scorpio in 5 years but Wolverine is going to morph and surprise people in this time frame.

It think it’s helpful to consider your progressed chart and also to realize the people around you are also changing. So often people want to put it back the way it was but it’s not possible.

Check out your progressed chart here.

Do you track your progressed chart? What story is unfolding in your life?

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What Is A Progressed Chart? — 35 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for explaining that Elsa. I have kind of ignored this until now. I really should take a look =)

    Can anyone explain though, how you can “match” your now & your progressed charts up? I mean, if I have transits hitting my Natal Chart, how does that fit in with my Progressed Chart?

    Is that a big question??? lol! I might post it to the boards, if it is.

  2. If/When I move to the land we bought, I will be a Taurus rising which is also cool since I have P Venus in Libra.

    yay! 🙂

  3. Elsa, what about transits? How do they fit into the picture? I have perfect progressed chart and I have horrible transits at the same time ( tPluto and Uranus t-squaring my Libra stellium)

  4. Just Libra, personally, I tend to favor transits to the natal, rather then the progressed thought I know other astrologers weigh this differently.

    In other words, I would be looking at the transits to the natal for insight into problems so don’t have much to say on this, sorry!

  5. I’m a Scorpio with a Pisces Moon and I’m not too happy about it. It’s water again.

    But I do have more fire Merc & Venus in Sag to square the Moon and AC in Virgo.

    Basically I’m progressing from appearing overly serious and from being a victim into a more vocal and outgoing personality. I feel the shift as of this year. I’m changing from highly introverted to mildly extroverted.

    Also, I have far more mutable energy. 4 mutables as oppose to one in the natal chart.

    Also, I think part of my progression is to become more spiritual, the Sag and Pisces energy in the progressed and the NN in Sag probably indicate to that. I presume they do.

  6. I do track mine. And, I purchased one of the progressed chart reports to get me started.

    I’ve progressed from Aqua rising to Taurus rising with chart ruler (venus) in Scorpio 6th house conj DSC. My sun has progressed into Sag (though still 8th house) conjuncting Mercury and Neptune.

    I feel much more reliable now that ASC has progressed from Aries to Taurus. My moon only has a few more months in Leo before it enters Virgo (mid-May). I think that will be hard in the beginning because there will be a period of time where it will square my prog. sun.

  7. My progressed chart is all about MERCURY. Gem rising, four planet Virgo stellium, two conjunctions (Mercury/Mars and Sun/Pluto). In a few years, it’ll focus on the Libra stellium and the Moon. Interesting.

  8. My progressed AC conjuncts Yed Posterior, aka The Man of Death, associated with evil influences, unseen dangers, poisoning, wastefulness etc. Have I lately had to deal with a Man of Death, evil influences or unseen dangers? Yes, absolutely. He was evil incarnate, he enjoyed doing mischief at night and he’s now very much dead. At the same time, my life is going to waste. Only the poisoning hasn’t come to pass, probably because I stopped taking the meds that were destroying my metabolism. I did take the avian flu shot, though, which apparently consisted of mostly mercury, squalene and other poisons. It completely disabled me for 2 weeks. That probably tore a gaping hole in my immune system and will eventually kill me, along with all the others who took the shot. Have you lately been suffering from a persistent flu, unlike anything you’ve had before? Had any non specific symptoms lately? No response to medication? Did you take that shot? 1+1=????

  9. Looking at my progressed chart alone, no aspects to angles happening for a lo-o-ong time – heard that was important for changes to happen. But my Ascendant will progress from Virgo to Libra soon (originally Leo), so happy about that! Also, my pSun will join up with my pJupiter very soon and for a nice long conjunction in Scorpio – can’t be bad at all!

    My pMoon changed to its natal sign of Leo recently – also very nice! It will conjoin my natal Ascendant and Moon (pLunar Return) next year. Should be interesting.

  10. wooo hooooo!! can i just say i LOVE progessed charts.

    is it possible that my progressed chart has a stellium in EARTH! in my natal, i’m a no-earther by house or sign. earth denied.

    i think i’m kind of the opposite of you Elsa. i went from aries rising to earth (taurus) sun/mercury and rising with a moon in virgo. it is a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i can feel it, too. going from squishy fishy inside, impulsive fiery outside to some consistency and down-to-earth (pun intended) qualities.

  11. Funny Elsa, I have a Capricorn Rising in my progressed chart according to Astro.com. I do have a lot more responsibilities lately and am much more serious minded, even a bit depressed lately. My relationships seem to be depending on me more and more for nurturing and comfort too. More stuff is going on I’m sure beneath the surface, but I have ordered the report to get more insight.

  12. Well according to this chart I have Sagittarius Rising. But I don’t feel it…: ( There must be more going on that meets the eye. I will report back when I have read it all. Thank you Elsa!!

  13. OMG! This is funny because, though my natal rising is in Scorpio, I am on 5 degrees away from a Sag rising. So this seems very true of my natal chart except for placement of the planets. My natal Saturn is in the 1st but now in Capricorn in the second. And I have had a desire to do something different on the side, an itch to learn a new career or profession! I have changed my room to be more of a retreat, than just a stop and go place to dump my things and leave. So much more to read!! AMazing!

  14. My progressed chart is actually very different from my natal chart. My natal Scorpio ASC has changed to Sag ASC, my natal sun, mercury, venus of cancer has changed to leo. Sag and leo doesn’t really describe me very well. But then again I have progressed Saturn on the ASC, so maybe I won’t feel like a sag or a leo until my progressed saturn moves.

  15. My Progressed chart is very very interesting right now …. to me anyway!

    I’m natal Gemini and about 18 months ago my Sun progressed into Leo (11th) followed by Progressed Mercury at the beginning of 2011.

    In addition I had a Progressed New Moon in Leo at the end of last year, and this coming October I have a Progressed Sun/Mercury conjunction, again both in the 11th. Merc is my RP and is retrograde natally so this feels really important.

    I’m in my early 60s and after a life time of stressful jobs I am looking forward finally to getting creative (photography/writing and other stuff) and to making new friends and contacts while I do so ….. 🙂

  16. I gaze upon it now and then. A while back progressed sun, merc, venus and mars all moved into what is natally my 12th. That coincided with a lot of 8th and 12th house transit action. That was a decided shift; into limbo. Prog mars is now right on my natal ascendant, as is natal neptune, both Pisces. It shifted sign sometime around the new year. Thanks for the reminder of the shift in energy – I forgot that in the heavy sea mist!
    Prog moon is almost at natal jupiter- after your post yesterday on moon/jupiter I’m interested in how that may show.

  17. Progressed chart makes so much sense!

    Recently I experienced the progressed New Moon in Aqua, in the 7th house. During the two months to the actual New Moon, I thought Black Hole will swallow me. Miracle saved my marriage.

    Ever since my Asc progressed into Cancer I socialize less, more sensitive…a nightmare for a Sag. But I/we established a family. Can’t wait for Leo though.

  18. I do watch my progressed chart, especially my progressed moon (as I’m moon ruled). My solar return for the last 9 months and the next 3 has my sr asc in scorpio and my progressed moon is moving into my 12th house. To say the least, it feels like I might be about to fall off the face of the earth. It’s not something that I fear or am scared of, just time I need to take. I’m ok with it, maybe b/c I have neptune & pluto both strongly in my natat chart(?).

  19. I ordered my progressed report from Elsa today and it helped enormously. What an eye opener! For others like me who don’t know how to read charts themselves, this report is worth it and then some.

    It tells you what has progressed and what it means, how long the progression lasts and when upcoming progressions will change/arrive within the next 6 months or so.

    I haven’t felt like myself and this report explained why. If you’re having a tough time or confused or trying to sort out something, this report is a huge help. And $10 is more than affordable.

    Thanks Elsa.

  20. my rising sign is progressing into libra in about 2 years and my sun sign has already progressed into leo last month and my moon sign is in aquarius but its progressing into pisces in 5 months..

  21. My progressed chart is really heavy in fire. Aries sun, Gemini rising,Leo moon (I feel at peace and at odds because its in my natal moon), Aries mercury, Aries venus, Taurus mars.

    I am so new to this i have no idea what all this means however i do feel different yet the same.

    Would anyone be able to enlighten me?

  22. I’ve noticed it recently I thought that I would always be gemini /cancer cusp, i was born on june 20th, but then I seen that before I was one, my sun was already at 0° cancer, then I seen my rising sign, 24° libra had changed to 0° scorpio when I was 7, now i see at 32, my sun as at 29° cancer, and goes into 0° leo in Oct, then I looked up virgo and it’s not until I’m 64, i looked up sagittarius rising and it’s not until 2029, then the retrograde planets stay the same, so ill always have Pluto and saturn in libra, jupiter in scorpio, and uranus and neptune in sagittarius,

  23. Started out as Aries rising; but ruler Mars is in Taurus so I am not a firestarter. When p. Asc went into Gemini I started having *real* fun; but 2 years ago it went into Cancer and can I just say YUUUUUUCK!!!! Kill me now.

  24. I’m a natal gemini also and my sun went into leo last month my mercury should go into leo in a couple of years and my midheaven recently shifted to virgo…

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