What Is A Composite Chart?

simon and garfunkalI wrote this  for a client:

“You have a natal chart and he has a natal chart. These charts show your characteristics as individuals.

The composite charge merges the individuals together and shows the relationship…”

To understand this think of “K” and the couple “K and P”.

“K and P” is an entity that is different from either K or P…”

It’s possible to have a composite chart that is stronger or easier or more potent and powerful then your chart as an individual.

That’s why some people function better with another then they do alone. Art Garfunkel comes to mind.

When it comes to your partner, are you better together…or apart?

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What Is A Composite Chart? — 5 Comments

  1. I function better with my partner, without question. I never thought about comparing my natal chart to our composite chart with consideration of this dynamic. Interesting! I feel like the placements in our composite are a bit more potent than in my natal. I will have to think about it more.

  2. We are better at being individuals when we are together! Each of us has had mental health challenges and has had to learn to be self-sufficient, to strengthen our individual egos. Together we have learned over time to do this by granting one another a lot of freedom and space while still maintaining a loving, strong bond. Freedom seems well represented by Uranus in our composite, which is conjunct Venus in a late degree of Libra and Mars in early Scorpio. The composite Ascendant is freedom loving Sagittarius and Saturn in late Sagittarius forms a trine with Sagittarian ruler Jupiter in early Virgo in the 9th house (to me also a freedom loving house). It’s now 12 years since we met and the progressions are just stunning examples of an astrological union that endures. Currently the progressed Ascendant is Aquarius (also free) and Uranus forms a sextile to the Sun in late Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in early Capricorn. We are now both very much stronger as individuals than when we first met AND we are now much more ready for commitment.

  3. We are a not a planet of 7.2 Billion people by accident. Its really a balance of swimming in the sea of humanity while ensuring you are strong enough emotionally spiritually and physically for those times you may need to swim alone. Too much together and too much alone time can make you vulnerable. So it is in a union as well.

  4. As a Libra North Node and Jupiter in Cancer, I can tell you that connections with others can make your life go way smoother than trying to wing it by yourself!

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