What Energy Does Elsa Represent?

I got into an interesting dialogue with a newcomer, Mary on Undermining, Nasty Neptune post. She said she has been reading awhile and has seen me as Saturnian, and not at all Plutonian, which was curious.

I told her I felt I could represent all the planets in a way that is pronounced.

“…Yes, I have Capricorn, I also have a packed 8th house (Pluto).
I have significant Jupiter (broadcast worldwide) and Uranus (astrology) energy.
I have a lot of Libra/7th house (Venus) energy and my Mars (anger) and my Mercury (mouth) are legendary.”

Edit to add – this post is almost ten years old. I wonder if anything has changed so…

What is real here, from your perspective? Were you unable to choose?



What Energy Does Elsa Represent? — 108 Comments

  1. I voted “Pluto” because when I have readings with you, you do tend to blow my mind…in a helpful way – don’t pull any punches to the reality of the situation. Which blows up my Neptune Rose Colored Glasses…but puts me back on the right path and gets me off the Yellow Brick Road : )

  2. voted mercury! yes, you talk about the taboo, but…at the end of the day your stories are the vehicle for the taboo so in this case, mercury trumps pluto!

  3. I am relieved people did not choose, Mars, or Uranus and not surprised, they did not choose Venus! But wow, what an experiment!!

    I expect it says as much about the person voting. Like, hrae’s thought process is interesting.

  4. You have most of the planets, not ALL. (no option for the sun or the moon.)

    It’s a big fat tie between Plutonian and Neptunian, because you have an unspecified number of planets in the 8th house, your house boundaries are fuzzy (what house is Uranus in? Does that Jupiter-Saturn conjunction straddle your ascendant, total mystery forever oh well) and you have Neptune in Scorpio (Neptune/Pluto) conjunct the midheaven (9th equal/10th placidus) — which you’ve talked about far more than Mars-Mercury. :p

  5. I tried to add the Sun and Moon (afterthought) but it messed up the poll. I figure I have an ego, but am probably not seen as emotional, but who knows.

    If you click and see what, “Mary” thinks, it’s shocking.

    It also might make a difference how long you’ve been around. In the middle of my pluto transit(s), this blog has been very dark. Other times it’s more chipper or social.

    Fact is, times change. I change and then you factor in the thousands of eyes on me, who the hell knows what they see. Saint or sinner and then those things flip, so more confusion.

  6. Was between venus and merc first for me, but then I read Jupiter and though. Offcourse!!!Sooo Jupiter in my eyes, but I can see the neptune too… reminds me sometimes of the That’s all folks ,and a smile with dimples…and one is are left intrigued allways.( not to compare you to a cartoon) But it’s that peek.

  7. For me ? It was Saturn. No question.

    I understand where you would get pluto or neptune..but from my perspective..definitely Saturn.

  8. I voted Saturn. Because you’re older than me, I’m 25, and so you’re like a ‘mother’ figure to me. In fact I feel you’re maybe a ‘mother’ figure to a lot of people.

  9. I voted Saturn,it’s Saturn loud and clear to me !
    I can see the Plutonian edge for sure though.Mars/mercury fits in there too.Passionate and fearless authority.This is only my view from this virtual window though,I know it is far from complete.

  10. Elsa, I chose Mars .. but not because of anger. I do believe that you have a lot of Saturnine qualities (wisdom, persistence, etc.) as well as the other things you mention in your intro. But when I think of Mars, I think of the energy as the spark that gets things done, the planet of action, the “can do” planet. Yeah, I’m not discounting that most people’s first association with Mars has to do with warrior energy and anger, but like you’ve often said, energy can be expressed in several ways. So I think you take the powerful Mars energy and use it to accomplish those sensible goals set by your Saturn side.

    Just my impression, though! Really Elsa, you rock!

  11. I cant vote! Not because it wont let me but because I can’t decide. I’ve said before you hit saturn for me! But You also dig at my scorpio and dig deeply and I think only pluto could do that for me! but then I have Saturn opposite my scorp moon and I have a cap/saturn ruled 8th house!

    But in the end after you teach me(saturn) after excavating deeply (pluto) you help me to Neptune (Disapear) It all. Wash away the fear and the ugly, nastys that would keep me mared.

    See so I can’t vote.. and yeah my pluto in libra opposes my Merc..

    Anyway Elsa you and this place help so much! Thank you!!!!!

  12. My first reaction was to say Saturn too…and its interesting because I’ve been around a couple of years. A while back, I think I’d have said Pluto but Elsa, you seem less Plutonian lately.

    I can also see Mercury plus the energetic Mars (not the angry one).

  13. I asked my husband what he thought, with these definitions:

    Mercurial – communicative
    Jupiter – teacher, broadminded, generous
    Saturn – authority figure
    Pluto – depth, like therapy

    “Jeez,” he said, looking completely baffled. “You’re just, P to me. I hope you won’t be cryin’ over this poll…” 🙂

  14. I voted saturn, because it comes across that way when you write!

    But obviously you represent other energies as well, such as that of Jupiter and Pluto.


  15. I voted Mercury on first instinct because on this blog you are a communicator.

    But after reading the replies, I’m leaning toward Saturn (authority figure). And nightowl is right, there *are* a lot of photos of goats on this site!

  16. I didn’t vote because I see Jupiter and Pluto a lot. I guess maybe a bit more Jupiter…yes Jupiter. I feel like there are lessons and entertainment in all you writing (and often it goes deep…Pluto!)

  17. I chose Saturn because your wisdom comes from paying attention to and learning from your own mistakes and those of others. Not everyone does this, you know.

  18. Saturn! What you’ve provided here has made me more responsible for myself, my life, my emotions, others’ reaction to me, etc…etc…

    Saturn figure for sure. For me, anyways.

  19. I didn’t vote yet and guess I’d have to go with Mercury because of the blog; but there is sooo-o much Neptune happening too and the Mars courage of bringing people face to face with Saturn realities. Hmm-m I’m off to see the results now…

  20. Saturn – for me from 2 years following which includes one recent email reading.

    Other planets show like colours, but Saturn is the feeling of rules; responsibility; commitment, perserverance, task master.

  21. Communicator is the medium – the mode of the blog – can’t blog without communicating – though that isn’t the vibe.

    The vibe is a strength of authority on the subject which you perservere in (pure Saturn).

  22. Pluto because you take me out at the knees all the time and it’s usually just what I need (therapy)! Plus you hit the eighth house hard… whatever planet it is, thank you for the constant insight and timely ass-kickings 🙂

  23. I couldnt choose just one so I didnt vote …I have Libraaaa……bcuz u appear saturian(hard working)Mercurian (intelligent and great with words) and Plutonian ( not afraid of the dark or intensity ..so 2 speak )etc …all hell I guess u can represent all the planets lmao !!

  24. Pluto. I have never read anything with the depth and power even close to your insighfulness. I could easily find other Jupiter and Saturn figures aplenty, but another Plutonian willing to share on your scale? You communicate from the depths, completely without me being aware! THAT is Pluto to me. And you’ve help me learn to use my own, and regenerate through a hard time too! A deep, deep thank you from my Pluto to yours! 😀

  25. Came looking for you because I missed your stories (Merc)
    Trusted your analysis and guidance with my deep fears, power struggles and devastating crisises (Pluto)
    Came to respect your authority as I experienced (directly and indirectly) the results of your work. (Saturn)

  26. I can’t vote, man… I know I’m in the Hall of Mirrors! 🙂

    On the blog and board I can see Pluto, for sure. Always. Saturn is a given, because you’re a role model to me in many ways. I think Venus is something that probably comes across more in person, because the voice on this blog is very Mars-y (natch) and smackdab in-your-face yet you’ve stated that you’re very yin in daily life. I know the Jupiter is there, but unless I’m watching a vid or reading about buoyancy it doesn’t rise to the surface for me; ditto Uranus and Neptune.

    To add to all that, the vibe I get from “Elsa on the blog and boards” is different from “Elsa in an email consult” (more Jovian for sure and maybe more Neptunian — I don’t quite know where the extra-special “givingness” I feel should be ascribed since it doesn’t feel like Jupiter) and “Elsa in a video” (I see the Leo Venus pretty strongly in those). I’d lay even money that “Elsa in a phone consult” is also different, and “Elsa in person” is different still.

    So yeah. Teh Leebra. 😉

  27. I see them all at play, in some way or another, depending on the topic or dynamic on the boards. Or depending on where your mind is going or what the skies are doing…

    So can’t vote.

  28. I agree with Michele, so I didn’t vote either ;). There are have been times when I’ve seen each of the energies in different ways. Like when you use your merc, jupiter & saturn to communicate/spread information in a responsible/learning way. Or when you show your venus energy in storytelling about home/hubby. Or merc, uranus and pluto by shocking us all from the depth of communciation and information available here. I could go on, but needless to say, if I do feel repusled by something at sometime, I find it’s more my own hangup and don’t just throw the blame on you. I’ll just be greatful to you for bringing it up so I could deal with it (if I can at the time).
    Thanks for a great place to learn and grow Elsa, your efforts are definitely not wasted, even if it feels like they go unnoticed sometimes 😉

  29. I voted Jupiter. Saturn seems obvious but I think the story-teller in you trumps that. Also you ask a lot of questions to provoke open-minded thinking, expand consciousness, so this speaks volumes of Jupiter to me.

  30. I wouldn’t really say there was a consensus. I also bet if I asked the same people this question in a year, at least half would change their answer. 🙂

  31. “Fact is, times change. I change and then you factor in the thousands of eyes on me…”

    This is why I voted Saturn, time and things changing is something inherent to this blog

  32. I was expecting to say Saturn/Pluto, but went for Venus.

    It’s true, you rep all of the planets well, but the Venus energy is strongest, and the foundation, of what I get from you.

    I was a little surprised, but not. You have a lot of power, sure. Greatest being love.

    I giggled to see that you were surprised at the lack of Venus, @Elsa. Me too. That’s what happens when you lead with your mind (wanted to say mercury), not your *whistle*. 😀

  33. I voted for Jupiter and I don’t think that’s changed over the years. Irregardless of content, you’ve always had a pedagogical/advisory tone to your blog and you have always been generous in sharing your life experiences and in helping others.

    To be honest, I don’t associate you strongly with Pluto, but rather, the 8th house.

  34. I voted Saturn because honestly a lot of your responses to some posts where people seem to be despairing are kind of focusing on the negative (its gonna get worse) side of what could happen inside of being more positive. And most of what you repsond on the blog is “Welcome to the forum” Or “thanks” but rarely too much feedback on peoples posts. It is seems very businessy which to me can come of as disappointing to a new reader who might genuinely be hoping for a little for a little feedback on what they have posted. I realize you are busy but when I put my first post on this forum about year back and I asked a few questions all I got back was “Welcome Queenfluff”. I was very offputting and disappointing to me. Reminds me of Saturn/Capricorn – kind of cold (not saying YOU are cold but the response) and flat. Than again it is hard to interpret the feelings behind any response on the net.
    My post and responses are generall ignore on here so I feel this disappointment quite often.

  35. queenfluff, it is a real job I have, just trying to spot new people and welcome them. I am sorry you were disappointed and put off by something intended to be friendly.

  36. I have been reading this blog for less time than a lot of you (since 06) and commenting was less a while ago I would have said Jupiter first then Merc but not its a clear Saturn Pluto tossup!I chose Saturn bc it was my gut instinct…and it feels right for now. But it could totally be more about me than anything else. 🙂

  37. LOL Elsa on post #57. my chart ruler is Saturn and yes! crooked lipstick is indeed intolerable. I NEVER apply lipstick without a mirror.

  38. I have voted Neptune. I can definitely feel the Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter energy but I keep coming here for the “oneness” it gives me access to. Hope it makes sense.. 🙂

  39. Elsa you are Libra to the core, you can`t even deny it, you care way too much of others internal workings, especially what they are thinking of you

    “look at me, look at my friends, this is my husband, do you like me?, do you like my posts? do you think this and that was fair?”

    that`s all Venus, relationships and personal values are the main themes of this site

    a Saturnian person is generally busy enough with life and when they do post than they don`t present their past relationships, especially when some of the characters might be controversial by societies standards 😀

    a Plutonian person is already taking over the world, so no mind ramblings on that part too, not to mention to a true plutonian, his family is off limits to anybody, even by mentioning in text

    yes there`s some Jupiter too, some of the posts are funny, but the jovial stuff comes across, more like the teacher side of Jupiter

    so why don`t you own it Elsa, being nice is your “shadow”, you are Libra that`s it, you care about us, you keep posting to warn us about the shit storms that keep passing and going

    so Venus vote from me

    I AM THE 3%

    😀 😀 😀

  40. I can see and sense the libra energy, literally- libra dimples photos and relational/ posts related to husband, friends, clients, people in here and so on. To me there’s libra and an obvious unshakeable plutonian energy, lots of dying/death posts and transformational/survival things. I don’t feel anything neptunian, nothing confusing to me.

  41. I find it funny that this is re-running at this time. That’s because I was told this week that I am supposed to do one of those 360 reviews. They got some new manager in that is running all those old new business team practices. Anyway, I flat out refused. The last time I did one of those honestly, that was the instructions ‘honest’, it was a complete disaster. I told another employee about it and she said after the first one she did there, she just leaves them blank. It was just fodder for fighting. The correct way to do it is to tell management how wonderful they are and let them shred me. Their position status is important to them, it’s what defines them, and that is good with me. Who am I to pee on their parade. Just the way it is.

      • Placidus. No reason other than it was the first thing I looked at. I am no judge of housing systems. I leave that to those who use astrology for prediction. They would know what is most accurate. Yes 8th house moon in the 2nd decan of cancer. Double whammy. All my planets disposit back to the moon. I was fascinated to find that some people’s dispositors follow a straight line with no doubling back. Only one place to go with mine, down into it. I am a lunartic. So I come to know it as an asset. The only mars transit I am interested in now is that mars is in aries. I love mars in aries. I respect that since I have natal mars rx in pisces. I like the purity of mars in aries. My experience of that energy is good. Pluto is in its opposition to natal venus. While I am aware of that, I am not sure it is having much bearing. I know I am supposed to be possessive and obsessive but age you know, it takes too much energy at this age to do that. It’s the time of life for letting go, not hanging on. And making sure I have pants on before I leave the house. 😀

        • I wonder what your moon house is in whole or equal houses. How do you deal with your mars in pisces? I have a friend who struggles mightily with it and it was in my solar return chart so I do too. I have a 12th house mars but this is even harder.

          I’m also having a Venus Pluto transit (and mars Pluto).. I’m wasting it big time but I find that it brought me intense friendships. That now with my Neptune transit seem to be floating away and I don’t want to be the kind of person that can’t maintain what I thought was so important.

        • Being very lunar is.. living life subjectively and with a lot of sensitivity and touchiness I think. But maybe it’s easier to use with time.

    • That’s a good question. I don’t think so. I don’t think I am very mother-y here.
      This separation might be because I’m writing. Mars and Mercury in the 9th house is decidedly not mother-y… though I am mother-y in real life.

    • Same but with some hashbrowns. 😀 I am slightly envious of this. I’d want to have people in my life (who know about astrology) who notice my behavior and tell me – you resemble a capricorn, you have wannabe mars energy and moderate mercury energy. Lol, wishful thinking.

        • Thank you. 🙂 It’s subjective indeed. To return the favor. I sense cancer energy because you seem very in touch with your emotions and being vulnerable as a strength. With some nice really mercury aspects (mercury uranus/neptune? even a mercury chiron aspect who gives brilliant insights but it can cause hurt/healing all the same)- I don’t see mars/pisces undertones. Maybe I am not seeing anything pisces.(pisces is intercepted in my chart)

  42. I’m going with Jupiter…. I see you as inspiring, looking ahead to the future and helping to find the meaning behind things. I’m a heavy Sagittarius/9th house person and I think that’s why I like it here so much.

  43. Still Plutonic Elsa! Takes one to know one. I remember you said your favourite film is ‘Apocalypse Now’. Some time ago, when you asked people to describe your energy I posted a vid of ‘Terror’ performed by My Ruin – which you quite agreed with! All the other energies come out to play here as well – but, from the conversations I’ve read and taken part in over the years, Pluto is still King of the Hill. It’s powerful, it’s real. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Yes, I love that movie… which I saw with my husband on opening day as a teenager! I did not understand it but he did. And he wound up becoming a green beret.

  44. Jupiter energy mostly, followed by Mercury and Venus, and Uranus. When I see a picture of you or an astrology video, your energy is so buoyant regardless of the topic. Not so Saturnian to me at least.

  45. I find your energy smart, supportive and helpful and given your long service I’m going to say Capricorn (Saturn) and Virgo (mercury).

  46. My very first answer was Jupiter! Because you are enthusiastic and encouraging.
    For Uranus I agree because I think you like to provoke.
    And strong Mercury because it’s done with great intelligence.
    I know you are Plutonian because this is mentionned often, with 8th H placements, but I guess I’m not sensitive/receptive to that, having nothing in 8th or Pluto stuff.
    What seems apparent is that you are able indeed to “represent all the planets in a way that is pronounced”.
    Your Sun must be laughing about all this!

  47. Elsa you are very mecurical. I say that because of your amazing writing ability and the writing ability of your staff. And I get the hint that you have a bit of the trickster in you. Not the criminal kind. The sparkly kind. So I vote Mercury.

  48. I think this has more to do with how your chart interacts with others, as well as what they are willing to ‘see’/work with. My reasoning is that we all have all the planets in our chart, some more strongly aspected than others but they are still there. How your chart interacts with my planets in my chart will influence how I see you.
    For example, if I remember, your late Cappy Asc is opposite my late Cancer Asc so I do see you as a Saturn figure. Your Libra Mercury/Mars squares (if not by degree, by house) my Cancer Mercury/Mars and it’s definitely a challenge for me to learn from you, but that’s perfect for me. It works in a deeper way, so in this instance, the challenge of the square aspect is of benefit to me. With your sharp mind and aggressive disposition, it can be a challenge, but with your Venus in my 1st house, you look beautiful doing so :).

  49. You seem very Plutonian, Elsa, in the way you regenerate like a phoenix after all your surgeries and physical illness (lupus, etc.) You’re like a cat with nine lives. Power and rebirth.

  50. Saturnian: you do it your way and almost makes the reader feel this is the only way. Work work work even when you are in pain. All very Saturn. But you Also have an all or nothing air over you. You are dark and huge. You stand for what you write. And after your surgery you were reborn in a way. Which is all more Plutonian than one could ever be.

    • How interesting. I feel dark and huge with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct my ascendant. It’s not usual and I’ll be glad when things lighten and loosen up. Crap. I used to be called the Italian Joan Rivers.
      Ha ha ha

      • This is so on! I’m gonna say at this time you’re very Saturn with all the big and serious lessons coming straight. But the humor and the stories are showing up, more, with all that. So Jupiter is brightening that Italian Joan Rivers persona.

  51. I see a lot of Jupiter. You always seem to bounce back like a float toy held underwater comes right back up.

    You see possibilities for good even in the worst situations and seem to bring out the best in people.

  52. Saturn, for sure.

    You have a very realistic and adult way of looking at situations, and you also push yourself relentlessly through adversity and hardship.

    Pluto and Jupiter are close behind, but I’d say you come across as Saturn first.

  53. I’ve often seen you as Mercury – you can cut right through to the heart of things and communicate it so concisely. Saturn feels very controlling to me, and you don’t seem to try to control anyone. I can also see the other planets, just to a lesser degree. It could be I’m biased. I enjoy Mercury types and maybe I’m seeing what I want to see. 🙂

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