What Does Sun Conjunct Venus In Synastry Mean?

women adoringPurpleStarGirl asks on Discuss The Astrological Study Of Love & Relationships:

“Does Sun/Venus synastry count as powerful? And is that particular aspect seen more often in friendships or romantic relationships?”

Sun/Venus is a positive connection in any relationship. Venus favors the sun and the sun appreciates Venus’ good taste. But I’d not characterize it as “powerful”.

For example, I think Jupiter/Sun would be more “powerful”. This is because Venus/Sun is superficial. Think in terms of one person (Venus) “liking” another person’s personal pictures on Instagram (Sun). The Sun person may appreciate the favor but it doesn’t exactly make a relationship.

This synastric combination is seen in any and all interactions. Romantic, friendship, but also consider if two people interviewed for a job and it was a toss up. If one prospect had a Sun/Venus conjunction with the hiring manager, they’d likely get the job over the person lacking it.

What’s your experience with Sun conjunct Venus in synastry

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What Does Sun Conjunct Venus In Synastry Mean? — 9 Comments

  1. My boss’ Venus is quin/inconj my 11th Sun, and I am one of his favorites and could probably get away with murder.

    I wonder with parents – kids relationships, as in, does this aspect feature with your favorite child (totally taboo, but we all know this happens)?

    • To your point, Osiris Wife, my natal Gemini Mars was conjunct my mother’s natal Gemini Sun. This manifested as passive aggression. I knew enough not to bite the hand that fed me. In my adult years, we had a tepid relationship. In the end, she taught me the gift of open communication with my children.

  2. I find the jupiter/sun more powerful for personal relationship, but the job interview/getting the work favoritism is probably really more favoured for sun/venus. like you can trust that person to do the job. Loving someone doesn’t always equate to having them to do the “job” and be “perfect”.

  3. I agree that this is positive, but superficial. I had this recently with someone I was very attracted to (I was the Venus person), and we’d hung out a number of times but there just wasn’t enough “there” there.

  4. Very very long-term, warm and close friendships with venus-sun synastry situations. I’m the Venus in both situations.

    Venus-Ascendant, Venus-Jupiter and Venus-Moon are also nice to have.

  5. I had a great online friendship with a man who had his Venus in Sagittarius on my Sun. We had the greatest conversations. He traveled a lot and shared all his pictures and tales of his adventures with me. It was a great friendship, but definitely not a love interest. Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. I miss our conversations very much. He was a real joy in my life.

  6. A bit off topic but I can speak to the Jupiter sun dynasty… I have sun conjunct Venus and my husbands jupiter is conjunct my sun. He always sees the best in me.

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