The Astrology of Taste: Venus at the Movies

Venus beauty“Fascinating.”
– Spock Star Trek

A Leo with Gemini Moon Rising once tricked me into watching a chick flick. I suspect he had more interest in putting one over on me than in watching The Notebook. Needless to say that involvement didn’t last long. Oh, I was moved; I cried. And boy, was I pissed about it. The fact that I appreciated it is not the point.

I like action, war films, films that make you think, and the mother of all films I love: sci-fi. I just finished re-watching the new Star Trek and took great pleasure in welling up with tears when the star ship Enterprise burst into space at the perfect time to save the day. If you love your Love Story, GREAT, but for me I’ll take space.

I have Aquarius on the descendant, Neptune flavored Mercury in the seventh (for a general love of movies) and Venus in Aries. Space, war, manliness, these are things I like. Try to sneak The Notebook in on me and my Scorpio Mars WILL END YOU.

Of course, your mileage may vary; that is the beauty of astrology. We are all beautiful snowflakes, um, er, I mean space junk. Snowflakes are girly.


What gives you joy? What kind of movies do you like, and can you see it in the astrology?



The Astrology of Taste: Venus at the Movies — 55 Comments

  1. I like substance, psych and war with the occasional Little Miss Sunshine thrown in.

    I also like sports movies. I like to see heart on screen and competition.

  2. OH MY GOD!

    I now know why I am so obssessed with horror movies. It’s because I have Venus in Scorpio! Plus it’s conjunct Pluto. Why didn’t I figure this out long ago??

    I also LOVE action movies. Mars in Aries (1st house).

    AND I love adventure movies (Sun in Sag).

  3. I’m a huge sci-fi fanatic too. I got suckered into watching the notebook on the last leg of a 30 hour flight. I was heaving up and down, trying to be silent with tears running all over my face. Damn that notebook! It was sooooo written by a man and I felt duped by it. Especially the part where the girl is going “I’m just a stupid woman, a stupid stupid woman.” Vomit. But still I cried.

  4. Orlando- it’s Pisces, loosely trining Neptune and a twelfth house Jupiter.

    notatirem- yes, I felt duped! I feel like we should bump helmets now or something…

  5. I love SciFi too. Firefly, the latest Star Trek, all the Star Wars, etc. Also like a good fantasy like The Lord of the Rings (well, mostly I think Viggo Mortensen was hot in that one).

    It’s my husband who likes mushy movies and musicals but he has Venus in Pisces in the 12th. My Venus is in adventurous Sagittarius. Therefore I happily watched “Hidalgo” with Viggo! 😀

  6. I don’t know exactly what I like (Neptune- 12th saturn 5th trine? ) Then i used to say the DVD’s boy: “make me happy, suggest me”. That day MY DVD’s boy was busy, then he said to another boy: – Look for something with many scenarios, good photography, good clothing, and with that something that upset you, That thing that you don’t understand and you dislike (called an argument)

  7. I hated the Notebook (but loved The Bridges of Madison County) and avoid romantic comedy or sappy love stories. I hate, hate any movie featuring animals or family comedy. Titanic did not move me although I was very creeped out by the drowning/panicky people scenes and had to leave the theatre. My moon and venus are in Gemini squared by Mars and Pluto, both in the 12th house. I adore Clint Eastwood films, manly movies, ethnic movies (moon/venus in 9th house), movies with a religious/moral theme and Ivory and Merchant films (the witty dialogue enthralls me!). As you can see, I have very definite likes and dislikes. Saw three movies last month: Avatar (gorgeous film but sucky dialogue and cliche-ridden plot); Cairo Time (enjoyed this one despite leaden performance by lead actress); and Elegy(loved, loved this movie and will probably see it again). Going out to watch Up In the Air tonight with my husband.


  8. I am looking at my chart and cannot tie Venus to my taste in Movies. Usually I get passing grades in this stuff. My Venus is in Libra 7th house, Square Saturn and Moon.

    I like a lot of different types of movies. The unusual, eclectic and existential. I tend to prefer foreign films with beautiful scenery, interesting characters leading unusual lives. I do not mind nudity but it is not essential. Generally, I do not like violence, a little if it fit’s the plot sure, but definitely not as a theme.

    A little drama or comedy or a storyline that ties in history. I like some chick flics, but not the teary kind where someone is dying of cancer. A lot of these try very hard but miss the mark. I would rather the movie succeed with out actually trying to, otherwise it seems vaccuos.

    This sounds a lot like my ninth house Jupiter in Sag.

  9. I like anything and everything in a movie. Except horror and zombie movies; The Ring terrified the crap out of me. Action and exploding movies tend to bore me but they’re fun sometimes.

    Mostly though, I end up watching a lot of foreign movies, independents, sleepers, psychological drama, things bordering on hardcore porn, trippy movies, experimental, and old movies. Old movies are the best.

    I’m in love with the movies and think Netflix is the best thing ever invented. I have Mercury in Pisces in the 7th conjunct Venus and the Sun in the 6th.

  10. And I thought you were a sweet little Pisces!!!

    Yep, I LOVE sci-fi movies too – Merc in Aquarius 5th. But I have Venus in Sag in aspect to Jupiter so I just love good stories. I always say I hate action movies and war movies, but actually, if they are well written and directed, I’ll watch ’em. Love good romantic comedies too. Interesting that, must be the Capricorn – ‘will only watch class’, ROFL!!

  11. Never liked sci-fi…

    I get interested in certain directors — seeing movies as product of someone with a vision (auteur theory i guess) — i’m a fan of john cassavetes, peter greenaway, john sayles, henry jaglom, bergman, sydney pollack… movies from the 1970’s have a look that i love…. I like slow, long movies–

    I tend to like it intense and philosophical, very talky, or very silent– or there are certain actors that i love… like i’ll see jessica lange in anything and i think i’m still in love with her from seeing Tootsie, years ago–

    i love documentaries too. i love movies that give me a peek into other cultures, foreign stuff– i love documentaries about punk rock bands that i loved when i was in high school….

    Anything actiony gives me a headache….

    My tastes are probably partly due to the moon-pluto conjunction: emotional intensity. I was obsessed with In the Realm of the Senses when I was younger, obsessed with The Night Porter, obsessed with Paris, Texas, and so on… I don’t get obsessed anymore though, about movies….

    I’m trying to think of the last mainstream movie that i saw… Hmm. I really like ensemble casts too but you know what I hate about movies today? Those quick cuts — like everything is a video — and handheld camera. Hate that. Give me long, slow, and steady —

  12. I will watch any movie, as long as the acting isn’t awful. My Venus in Pisces can get into anything, drama, romance, action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, you name it and I’ll watch it and enjoy it. I must be easily pleased with that placement as well.

  13. Interesting about sports movies – i also like, but depends: i like boxing movies. Baseball movies sometimes (romantic)… The Wrestler was mostly moving but damn I thought the script was WEAK. Yeah that was probably the most recent mainstream movie i’ve seen. Movies about runners, people who are competing with themselves…

  14. I like movies that are visually beautiful, and brainy, but I like action too, anything that will surprise me. If I can guess the plot and dialog that is a serious bummer. Key players are gemimi venus, mars/merc leo, and lots of uranus and neptune. I hate movies that are emotionaly manipulative and I won’t watch spielburg at all.

  15. I like anything that doesn’t bore me. *lol*
    A lot of older movies (pre-70’s) have a tendency to move much too slowly and I’ve already figured out the plot, the motivation, the good guys and bad guys in the first twenty minutes. So unless the dialogue is stunning, I’m off to the next!
    I do have a preference for odd or pretty and if it’s both, I will definitely be in love for an hour and a half. My favorite movies have unclear endings, twists, or are otherwise intellectually provoking. Sometimes, though, you need to sit down for two-ish hours of pure mind-rot and escape.

    Neptune trine sun-Merc-Saturn and sextile Mars-Venus-Pluto. Yup, I enjoy almost everything cinematic.

    Venus in Libra: a balanced mix, just as long as the story’s good and it’s pretty. (It’s my Venus placement, too, so I’m only slightly poking fun. I promise! 🙂 )

  16. I love just about all genres (and have seen well over 2,000 movies at this point…yes, I know how much time I’ve wasted…I should’ve been a movie critic) …so, it’s easier to tell you what I don’t like – not big on horror or anything “ugly” (i.e., Friday the 13th/Halloween, Saw, etc.) [my Venus in Taurus does not like this ugliness]; movies that make me tense up or feel uncomfortable – this usually involves everything going awry, a person’s every step leading to misfortune, until in the end, when everything is hunky-dory again…usually done in comedic format…why people laugh at things going wrong, I will never understand [I’ll put the blame for this one on my Libra Moon]; finally, I hate movies that make me weep…not just cry…WEEP!!! (i.e., Simon Birch, The Notebook *ahem*, et al.)…ok, I don’t really hate the movie, I just hate that they make me cry like a little girl w/a skinned knee [probably something to do w/my Mars, not sure what though]…

    I am a sucker for a good action flick [Aries Sun], sports movie [Mars conj Saturn? could be], foreign flick [poss. Jupiter related (11th) or it’s my Sag midheaven] and romantic comedies [Venus in Taurus again]…the sweet kind, though…like, Hugh Grant movies…heh

  17. uff…the notebook….so boring:/…I don’t really like chick flicks they are usually so filled with cliches and weak girls it’s too unlikely. I have venus and merc in Aries, uranus in the 7th, jupiter in the 9th….I like foren films, italian ,spanish ,french…my favorites are those most controvertial, unhappy love stories.American films I prefer the old ones pre 1960…or the phycological action ones..the jason bourne movies ,the ocean nr movies ect. and I love disney and pixlar…Rattattuie(?) Hallo brilliant.,Wall-E is my moms favorite movie ,that and the deer hunter!(haha scorpio moon)

  18. I like anything with men fighting in it. Dirt and dominance are my favorites. I’m not unhappy as a woman in this life, but I’m pretty sure I would have been equally satisfied as a man. 😉

  19. Sci-fi is good. Star Trek is good. I liked that movie as a movie. I didn’t like as pre Star Trek original series because I felt the alternate universe explanation was a let down.

    I liked the Notebook too. That’s how I want to go with my husband right beside me. Alzheimer’s is cruel.

    In general I love movies. I just don’t like cheap horror films, blood and guts and nothing else. I also feel ripped off when a movie just ends, without a proper conclusion. I went out last night to see Dear John with a bunch of girl friends. It just ended, none of us liked the ending.

    BTW the only movie that’s ever made me cry was Project X. When the chimp saves everyone and Matthew Brodrick’s character can’t give him the cigarette and you know he’s going to die. Every time.

  20. I love romance movies -mars and jup in pisces, venus oppose neptune

    I love action movies, as long as there is some sort of CIA or spy thing involved, like Behind Enemy Lines, or Spygame, or Sneakers. Aries Sun, trine Uranus rising. no strong Scorp though. Venus trine Pluto maybe.

  21. I also have Venus in Aries- with Mars square Pluto, Mars trine Uranus, and 3 planets in Aries in the 8th house. My Sun trines Neptune which is conjunct my IC. I like movies with aggression, violence (sometimes overt), with a deep message, and mystical undertones. Needless to say (like so many people) I love LOST. Chick flicks are not my thing.

    I went to see Sin City with 3 friends: male Taurus, female Cancer, and female Capricorn- I absolutely loved it and they absolutely hated it.

  22. I totally forgot! I absolutely LOVE movies with revenge/vengeance as the main theme…they are ALWAYS my favourites [Moon conj Pluto maybe? who knows…]

  23. Mercury Pisces Conj Jupiter – I love movies that make me laugh (I prefer dry wit to slapstick – Pisces deeper-meaning stuff). Movies about the afterlife like “Defending Your Life.”

    Venus Aquarius exactly on ASC in 12th – I love my Star Wars and Star Trek.

    I am still PO’d at my ex-mother-in-law for making me watch “Steel Magnolias” while I was pregnant. Blecch! I hate when movies make me cry on purpose. I don’t like to be manipulated like that.

    Romantic comedy/dramas with a happy ending – Christmas movies like Hallmark’s “A Season for Miracles.” Love it.

    I love sweet or funny movies with Angels in them – the above “Miracles” and “Michael.”

  24. Most of the movies I go to see are comedies and I love chick flicks. If not comedies, then something quirky with subtitles or an autobiography. Having said that, my current favourite is Eat Pray Love. I let my friends talk me into watching Whale Rider and I cried the whole way through it. Great movie but, in a way, I wish I’d never seen it… too emotionally draining for my liking. When I come out of the cinema, I like to feel better than or equal to how I felt when I went in.
    I haven’t seen any of the big block busters… Titanic, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter etc. I will watch action movies and I have enjoyed most of the ones I’ve seen but I won’t even attempt sci-fi or horror.
    11th house Pisces Sun, Aquarius Mercury and Venus. 9th house Moon. Scorpio Neptune on the Descendant.

  25. I didn’t really ever get the Notebook, personally.

    I like anything that makes me cry or moves me or makes me feel deeply. All kinds of genres, I just ask for good performances and subtlety.
    Scorpio DESC.

  26. Ok, I’ll cop to liking the Notebook. But, I also read the book prior to seeing the movie and cried all the way freaking through it. It was also a “family chosen” book as in me, my mother, my aunt and two cousins all read it at the same time and my grandmother had just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s..soo..yeah, we are a little into the self torture.

    But, I do have venus in the 7th (virgo). So, I’ll see a good love story now and again Especially if I’m in the mood for a cry. My favorite are psych thrillers. Like..REAL scary movies. Not, the Freddy Kruger’s or the Jason Vorhees but the totally “oh shit, that could really happen in real life sorts of things” I attribute this to my 8th house stellim in Libra.

    I also enjoy fantasy and sci-fi. The fantasy gets my Pisces moon and sci fi comes with the Aqua asc and sun conj uranus.

    And, of course there are the historic and period movies with the beautiful photography that get me..Braveheart, Legends of the Fall, Dances with Wolves kinda thing.

    Who am I kidding. I’m a Pisces Moon (which Neptune squares at the MC)..I just love a good escape.

  27. Venus in Sag in 8th. I thought the Notebook was too much saccharin and not enough sugar. Don’t mind sweet, but it must be real, I guess. I like any genre, but the movies I like best will transport me into the film (mars/Neptune conj?) and leave me wondering where I am when it’s over.

  28. This is SO interesting to me. I have Venus in Virgo and whenever I find myself recommending a movie or television show to someone, and I describe the thing about it that makes it so special, it is ALWAYS a small, barely noticeable detail that exists throughout the film.

    I watch everything. But some movies have a special…quirk that makes them stand out; a unique detail that others don’t notice until I point it out to them. For example, I recently recommended the show Wilfred to someone. I said that what makes it SO good, is the nuanced performance of the actor playing Wilfred. He ever-so-slight looks…his pauses, etc.

    I guess if I had to choose a genre, I’d go with Comedy. Strong writing is so crucial to my feelings about a film or television show. And strong comedic writing is about as difficult as it gets.

    Other films I think are exceptional are Jaws (because of the “Scar Stories” scene in the boat. I think the segue from the men hysterically laughing and telling their stories to the Sea Captain telling the story of his experience when the Indianapolis sank is amazing. It gives me chills whenever I watch it. Also, Mel Gibson’s dialogue in “Signs” about deciding whether you are a person of faith or not is wonderful. That movie is fantastic.

    I love the detailed writing and complicated story line of “In Bruges”. And my favorite TV show, hands down, is LOST. Not so much for the actual storyline, though the episode called “The Constant” is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen, but because of the emotion that each episode is able to evoke from it’s audience. I think specifically, that the subtly of the music is 99% of what made that show so wonderful. Michael Giacchino is one of the greatest composers today.

    Movies and Television shows that resonate with me in this way I directly attribute to my Venus in Virgo square Neptune in Sagittarius. Neptune rules my 3rd, Venus rules my 5th, and is in my 8th.

  29. As for other people I know and how their Venus plays out in terms of the movies and tv shows they like:

    My Mom has Venus in Libra, in the 12th house. She is absolutely obsessed with Sci-Fi and the Sci-Fi channel. If I never see an episode of Quantum Leap again, it will be too soon. Her Venus is conjunct Saturn in the 12th, and growing up she ALWAYS made me watch old black and white movies, but they were movies like, “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” and “The Uninvited.”

    My Best Friend has Venus in Gemini. She HAS to sleep with the TV on…and loud. And she LOVES cartoons. Funny cartoons on Adult Swim and Cartoon Network. She gets furious when she’s made to watch serious movies or sad movies. She actually called me yesterday to complain that her boyfriend made her watch “Apocalypto” the night before, and laughed her ass off when she suggested “Quills”.

    My ex had Venus in Libra, exactly conjunct Mercury in Libra, exactly conjunct his MC. He loved movies with Kevin Costner. He loves the movie “Field of Dreams”, and anything that shows someone with a dream. He’s a Virgo Sun (29th degree), too. He also loves Jack Russell terriers and the movie My Dog Skip, during which he weeps while watching it, every time.

  30. One last example of how my Venus in Virgo affects my taste in film…

    One of the best scenes I have ever seen (no one ever gets this) is in the movie Jaws…again. One of the very first scenes of the film, before the titles come up, is a scene with two teenagers who’ve been drinking and decide to go swimming at dawn. The girl ends up alone in the water. When she’s attacked by the shark, she starts screaming as he’s biting her. At one point, she screams, “It hurts”, and at another point she screams, “Mommy”. You can barely make out that she’s saying anything at all, but I noticed it right away and it has always sent shivers up my spine. Those are the things people really DO scream in a panicked/terrified moment like that. I jut love how well done that scene is because of it. (Venus in Virgo….in the 8th).

    I have similar feelings about the scene at the end of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original), where the girl looks around at the family feasting on her friends at the dinner table, after everything she’s seen and gone through, she just starts screaming, stands up, runs full speed at a plate glass window two floors up, annihilates her leg in the fall, but just gets up anyway and runs…and her screaming is terrifying. This is what someone would *really do. Great acting.

  31. I love films where the main character is on the brink of being destroyed (physiologically/physically/emotionally) but then via hard work, determination, will power or the willingness to see another perspective , good wins out. I also enjoy the karma is handed to you type of film. Heavy heavy drama sadness and pain = Let’s watch! I also generally like the bad guy ESP if he/she has been treated unfairly back in the day. Love this post btw. (Venus in Scorpio/Scoripio Asc/ Capricorn Sun/Libra Moon)

  32. The first word that occured to me is “drama.” Venus in Leo, of course.

    I don’t like trite, “feel good” movies or chick flicks with predictable endings. Real drama with realistic enedings (meaning not always happy, like real life). Venus square Neptune in Scorpio.

    @moonpluto – I also only like boxing movies in the sports genre, for the reason Elsa gave: “I like to see heart on screen.” “Heart” is also Leo.

  33. My Aries Venus gets angry at chick flix too!
    It’s conjunct Saturn in the 5th, so I like difficult stuff. Arthouse, indie, characters with emotional complexity. Nothing better than a well acted film about some fucked up relationship,
    Conversely, I’m also a big fan of really dumb vulgar comedies, too. The crasser, the better!

  34. Oh man, I have Venus in Virgo and I don’t like movies at all unless I can actually learn something from them on the cultural/historical front (and this is why I prefer documentaries).

  35. Venus in taurus 4th. I like emotional things, realistic and cinematic, deep characters that are well made, not pretentious. Usually detective bent but can watch other types too. But sometimes finding gems in unexpected places is an experience. For example I am not into Spider Man movies at all but if there’s nothing to do and it’s on, I’ll watch a bit. The amazing spider man 2 had the most beautiful death scene I’ve seen in a while. Emma Stone- she has something in leo in her chart, right? The movie is put in bad movies category and I can see it with all the cliches and dryness for its genre. But that scene.. it stuck with me and I felt it to the core. It’s something worth seeing. So things like that, that personally touch me.

    • Forgot to write some proper examples, Bicycle Thieves, Time Crimes, A man called Ove, Before Sunrise, Signal (tv series). I am also a merrily watcher of Father Ted and Black Books series.

  36. For some reason I could watch “Chocolat” or “The Holiday” over and over again. Both have Venusian and Mercurial themes. I have a Mercury-flavored Venus.
    Same goes for “Something the Lord Made” (not a religious movie–Dr. Blalock and his assistant Vivian created a bypass for the heart and that’s what he said it looked like). Again, the Mercury Venus theme. I enjoy watching these two form a connection through their work, solving a heart defect in babies that no one had ever been able to fix before.

    Venus in Virgo, 9th house. Gemini descendant, Mercury in Virgo (9th house). Frat boy movies are not for me! LOL Give me movies, occasionally set in a foreign land or two, with smart people.

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