Using Astrology To Identify A Person’s Psychological Blind Spots

A person will tend to ignore, project or simply be oblivious of certain parts of their personality.

Planets in the twelfth house give reliable information in regards to this as do planets in the seventh.

Planets touched by Neptune or placed in Libra also give clues.

If your chart is super focused and you’ve got some planetary signature that doesn’t jive with the gang, the oddball energy will probably be projected or somehow set aside.

Anyone else got ideas about this?

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Using Astrology To Identify A Person’s Psychological Blind Spots — 65 Comments

  1. I’m not disagreeing – I just haven’t really thought much about blind spot issues & astrology.

    I think humans have an infinite capacity for both projection/self-awareness so the 12th house makes sense haha.

  2. I am confused by your comment, InteriorCastle but think exactly what I wrote – the 12th and 7th are very reliable as far as showing what is obscured from the person (12th) and projected (7th).

  3. Hi Elsa, so glad you broached this topic.

    Saturn is transitting my 12th house Libra, and the only planet in that house is yep, you guessed it, Neptune!

    I just checked and Neptune squares five natal planets (including Chiron), conjuncts my Scorp Asc., and Trines Pluto and my NN.

    Should I be looking for blind spots or projection issues in each of these areas? I was looking online for info about the Saturn/Libra transit just this morning, found a few things but nothing that hit the nail on the head like your post!

  4. Well, I have a 12th house moon, Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Libra, and Neptune aspecting everything. This ought to make me one massive blind spot and projector, but I don’t know, I think it makes me work very hard at and on seeing myself. Astrology is some of the way I work on that. Maybe Mercury-Pluto helps. I know I must project, but honestly, I work ferociously on this. I know people who seem more in denial than I am. Maybe I’m in denial about my denial. 😉

  5. This ought to make me one massive blind spot and projector, but I don’t know, I think it makes me work very hard at and on seeing myself. Astrology is some of the way I work on that.

    Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury in the 12th. Uranus in the 7th but very close to cusp of 8th.

    I have had the same experience. Pluto transit over all those planets was pretty brutal about shoving my blind spots in my face. Probably still have some but am much more sensitive than I was before Pluto.

  6. The trouble with a Neptune contact, I’ve found is that as soon as I get disillusioned, I get re-illusioned again. I can never tell when I’m doing it either.

    With lots of planets in the 12th, the process of seeing yourself must be a lot like looking at a Gorgon- you have to use a mirror and squint a little.

  7. i have a big pileup in my seventh house – sun, mercury, venus, jupiter, NN…but i don’t really understand what it would mean to project those. how can i project my sun onto others? jupiter? i’m confused about projection in general maybe…

  8. “I know I must project, but honestly, I work ferociously on this. I know people who seem more in denial than I am. Maybe I’m in denial about my denial.”

    I’m with Jessica!

  9. People who work ferociously progress however the phenomenon can not be done away with. It’s sort of like having curly hair. You can straighten it but as soon as you take your effort and attention off it – BANG. Curly again.

    I have planets in both houses if this helps people feel differently. It’s this simple: Anyone dealing with Neptune is not going to be able to send the tide out (and keep it there). That you can send it out at all IS an accomplishment but I am sorry it’s very temporary.

    Same thing with the 7th and these are not flaws you know. They are QUALITIES without judgment.

  10. “The trouble with a Neptune contact, I’ve found is that as soon as I get disillusioned, I get re-illusioned again.”

    Absolutely. Neptune conj moon – It’s SO hard to keep from getting “illusioned” again! Wish there was a solid way to keep head above water.

  11. My rising is in Libra but sometimes I think I am a bit too preoccupied by how I look to others. That may also be because I am young… Gah.

    Neptune on my IC square my sun, jupiter, rising. I can see this, vaguely. I’m not good enough with astrology yet. That could also be Neptune working! Ah, Neptune, I don’t know!

    Neptune is opposite my MC and I feel that I am very confused about my MC and what it means in my life. I’m looking to continue pursuing my career as a poet? Now, I guess that makes a bit of sense. My MC is in Cancer, though. I’m not sure how that applies. My career move happened as the universe told me which direction to flow. Sounds like Neptune.

  12. Hmmm, I am having huge issues with my relationships today and I’ve been thinking about projection so it’s funny that this comes up.

    My rising is in Libra and I have been fighting with my ex today because I think he’s very indirect and it drives me insane. Is it possible that it’s me that is indirect? I also have Venus in Aries in the 7th, so I don’t know what to make of anything. Is that why his indirectness makes me angry?

    Elsa, can you elaborate on how Neptune and Libra give clues? Re: Libra, do you mean this is one area of the chart where we may tend to project? In terms of Neptune, do you mean that whatever is is obscured in our consciousness has the potential and great possibility to be projected?

  13. venusflytrap I’ve recently come from a long term relationship (akin to marriage) with someone with Sun/Saturn in the 7th House. I observed that frequently my partner (the 7th House Sun person) was afraid (Saturn) to assert his take on things–and I’m the kind of person who thinks ideas are an extension of the ego (so that was what I projected…)

    Ie. I’d asked him how he felt about X, but he was uncomfortable identifying his idea without hearing mine first. We used to argue about it because I felt he was “piggy-backing,” and I wanted him to just say what he thought first.

    Now that I have some distance and objectivity, I feel his just a particular way of relating I was unsympathetic to. (His Sun/Saturn was conjunct my Moon). I think if I encountered this again I would be far more wise to it being a psychological phenomena and not be so bitchy. I think. I hope:)

  14. Shoot. I’m new here, so I hate to disagree with you right off the bat, but I do. At least in the case of my own 7th / 12th house planets. I’m painfully aware of them. But other people may feel differently depending on the signs and aspects to their planets. That could be the difference. Even though I disagree on this one thing, I’m still a big fan. You have a great gift of gab, and I’m envious of how comfortable you are on camera.

  15. not much to say on this now.. giving me a lot to think about. what about stuff in the eleventh on the twelfth cusp?

    and maybe pisces… but i don’t know… my pisces is the seventh so i could be muddling the two together…

    i also think oppositions in general can make for blind spots… depending on which side of the opposition one is facing at the time…

  16. I’ve got a 12th House Moon (Virgo) with Neptune conjunct my Libra Ascendant. I live in the clouds, even though I’m a Scorpio. I find all of the above tend to make me very dreamy, and I guess you could say, pretty unaware. I’m obsessed with singing harmony. Guess that’s one plus maybe of this combo. I don’t think my take on reality is too solid. I’m always wishing/dreaming someone would be “in love” with me. Would that be the Libra/Neptune thing in my chart….oh, plus Scorpio ( I just got it!!)?? Another part of all this is that I channel. Hmmm……some would say that isn’t reality at all. It’s been there for almost 20 yrs., appearing just after Pluto passed through Scorpio, right over my Sun (and Moon) in 1989. I sort of waltz in and out of the real world. Feel I’m fairly aware of what I’m doing, but who knows, maybe that’s just wishful ignorance.

    I have a question. Saturn will be transiting my Libra Ascendant Neptune in not too long. What can I expect?

  17. Well, it figures, I’m probably trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. 🙂 Reminds me of a comment you made on my chart, that the harder my Venus (in Virgo) tries to make lists and charts and graphs, the more Neptune swamps it. I’ve even become aware that I *want* the rose-colored glasses sometimes… when I’m seeing clearly, I start wishing the fog would come back. It’s really interesting.

    • “trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon”. I feel like that way too often. I wish I could just “let go with the flow” or be more “connected” to the universe and stuff like that… I have a lot of water signs, Moon in 12th, Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Pisces so I don’t know why I try to control every aspect of my life.

  18. Usually I follow the line of thought, but this one is murky to me. Blind-spot to my blind-spots? 🙂

    I have sun in 12th and jupiter/uranus in 7th/libra. Also have neptune/moon conj.

    It sounds like whatever projections & blind-spots that I have won’t go away. Is that the theme? How do you work with this? (I’m very curious.) I understand qualities without judgment, but if they are sabotaging my life, that’s about it? Maybe that’s why I struggle…

    Elsa, how do you work with this, then? Is there a positive?

  19. “Is there a positive?”

    Of course. Most know I think every gift is a curse (in exact proportion) and the reverse is true as well.

    As for working it, the 7th house and the 12th house are completely different scenarios and as you can see by the comments here, this is a difficult thing to discuss so I think it is better left to consultations.

    Reason being these things come up when they come up (a transit to a 12th house planet would do it for example) and this represents a good time to access this or approach it.

    See, if Saturn is transiting your 12th house planets, a person like me is going to be able to talk to you about them and reality will come home… Eureka!

  20. Other than the 12th and 7th house issues that Elsa mentions, I would think that some psychological blind spots would be indicated by certain planets being in certain signs. For example, I’ve noticed that the Aquarians in my life don’t seem to know what they feel a lot of the time, but I don’t see that in their 12th/7th houses. Or maybe it’s having a moon in a ‘non-emotional’ sign. Or having Saturn in the first house in a ‘non-compatible’ sign that makes it hard to admit who one is or how one expresses oneself, especially if it’s in hard angle to the sun. Or, I don’t know. I bet things are more detailed/complicated for the layperson to figure out the unseen/unknown areas. Chalk my speculations here up to yet another reason to consult with an astrological expert who can explain the relevant elements!

    I’d love to learn more about this.

  21. Example of a blind spot right there in my own entry. I said, “With lots of planets in the 12th, the process of seeing yourself must be a lot like looking at a Gorgon- you have to use a mirror and squint a little.”

    But of course you *always* have to use a mirror to see yourself. See, right there. I was thinking of the planets in the 12th as not even a part of me.

    Elsa- the curly hair metaphor is perfect.

  22. This wouldn’t work for projections, but as far as ignoring or not being aware of the 12th house planets… I’m wondering if that leads the person to concentrate more on the planets that are not in the 12th? I’ve never thought of a blind spot in this way, but perhaps the gift of a blind spot is that you achieve hyperfocus in the other areas. Kind of like how a blind person has supersonic hearing? There are obvious drawbacks to blind spots (and transits to them can be a real bitch) as well, of course.

  23. “perhaps the gift of a blind spot is that you achieve hyperfocus in the other areas.”

    This is interesting!! With Cancerian 12th, the family I come from are all very into ‘family’ and I am not and this liberates me from the age-old dynamics, yet deep down, I am a little obsessed with all their carry-ons. Also have Venus in Pisces in the 7th – great for creativity in all its forms, but really do have big blind spots when it comes to relationships – not your most discerning individual – perhaps I can call this a blind spot.
    A confusing topic, blind spots.

  24. I hope it is projection, because if it is not, I am about to be sideswiped. Saturn/7th house, my marriage totally fell apart and took my business with it. I prayed and meditated for it to be healed. But my unanswered prayers Neptune, Chiron, Jupter in the 12th are showing the cracks in the foundation, you know the ones I didn’t see before, my blind spot? Supported by mercury, sun, venus 8th house scorpio. 10th house Pluto landed my ass back in school r/t career advancement. Haven’t figured out quite yet what mars in leo/6th house has to do with all this yet. But I am sure he will make his point know here soon now that mercury just crossed into my 9th house Sag, which happens to be my natal placement for the little bugger. As you can see I have no problem talking about it. Maybe I will just go flying down that highway on my long distance travel and get “blindsided”.

  25. ” The trouble with a Neptune contact, I’ve found is that as soon as I get disillusioned, I get re-illusioned again. “ Me too Beth. I have Mercury Neptune, plus I can get pretty spaced out in my own skies and oblivious to otherwise hard to miss stuff.

    “the gift of a blind spot is that you achieve hyperfocus in the other areas. Kind of like how a blind person has supersonic hearing?” yes another brilliant reminder of the positive! Thank you!

  26. I’m a far more aware of my 7th then my 12th. I’m almost constantly wrestling with my 7th house stuff. On the other hand, the 12th occasionally becomes visible as an outer planet travels through it, or, as Pluto transits over a personal planet (does not matter which). I have Pluto on the 12th’s cusp, Pluto does not rule it.

    I’d add unaspected singleton to the blind spot identifiers list. I am thinking of 2 people I know with Uranus totally unaspected in their 12th, but thats a bit different. Also people with many septiles are Neptunized.

  27. Short answer is yes, I agree.. think that the planets in 7th would be something we’d become stronger about owning, but 12th..hmm..even an astrologer isn’t immune to the trickeries of a loaded 12th house, which in my observational experience seems to be a tough place to have Pluto tangling with personal planets.

    Know one pretty obsessive and self unaware Pluto on Asc who has a noble,deeply caring spirit and a death defying nature!

    I have Venus in 12th in Aquarius ( oblivious to fashion!!) and Pluto on 7th cusp..and am aware of both, but Pluto’s definitely the one I feel the need to be most respectful of! That X ray quality goes outwards and inwards, but does give a sense of connecting with the heart of an issue, as well as plunging one into far deeper waters sometimes than planned, I can actually, physically FEEL Plutonic aspects right in the pit of my stomach, without checking the aspectarian.. Pluto is in charge of my ninth, so I need to keep learning.

    Thing is even if we have 20/20 vision on ourselves, we still have to climb aboard and drive the engine..hopefully with maturity, we learn to drive safely and with self respect.

  28. What an interesting question.

    Various politicians have 12th house suns – GW Bush, Tony Blair. The current British PM Gordon Brown has a very full 12th house. Can they see themselves or are they lost in the collective? Blair certainly seems to be confused about who he is.

    I have a very full 7th house – including Sun Saturn – and I think partnership, in all its forms, may have been a bit of a blind spot. On the positive side, it’s through relationships that I’ve grown.


  29. 12th house Saturn here … That’s a really bad blind spot to have, because while one may be completely unaware of the causes, the consequences are far too unpleasent to ignore (I actually now consider myself lucky not having become self destructive). But really, as Elsa pointed out, Saturn transiting in the 12th house may get the message about the blind spot finally through. I think that’s why my Saturn return was very liberating time for me. There are obviously still loads of 12th house issues, but at least I’m more aware of them.

  30. Oh and Neptune – don’t you find that it’s where the blind spot goes two ways. I have it on the IC – and my family has a completely imaginary version of me that morphs and changes with the decades and over which I have no control. I wonder if I’m the same about them…

  31. This is a very interesting topic, especially for me since I’m a 12th houser who lives a little too much in my 12th house. Mars, Uranus, Pluto conjunct in 12th, and Pluto aspects my Ascendant in wide orb. I’m on the same page as Jessica. I work very hard at seeing myself. It isn’t easy and I usually loathe what I see. It’s very painful. Beth sums it perfectly: “with lots of planets in the 12th, the process of seeing yourself must be a lot like looking at a Gorgon.” Yep, it’s that ugly. All 3 of the 12th house planets trine my 8th house Sun and Venus, so lots of stuff going on between those 2 houses too.

    I have Moon-Mercury conjunct in the 7th house, in Aries – it’s a singleton conjunction in my natal chart if that means anything (just learned about singletons – Moon/Mercury is the only fire, cardinal and angular house energy). No major aspects to the 12th house but Mercury makes two minor aspects – a biquintile to 12th house Mars and those two planets are also in mutual reception (Aries Mercury, Virgo Mars) and it’s also inconjunct 12th house Pluto. I’m not sure exactly how I project things (although I’m sure I do it) but I’ve spent my entire adult life in therapy talking (which seems like a Moon-Mercury/7th house thing to me) – and dealing with 12th house issues.

  32. I was reflecting on this earlier today. I usually try to take an honest look at myself and my actions and work on stuff that I feel I need to change. I was driving home and I realized the thing I complain about in my mom are the same exact things I manifest,yikes!!! It was like a zap from the beyond *haha*.

  33. What if you dont have any planets in those two houses? No blind spots or what? Or will the sign on the cusp be telling? If so, how? Pisces 7th and Leo 12th here…

  34. My awareness process has begun (at least now I am coming aware of it) and its an intense one.

    One thought: Although transits and planets dance on our blind spots and encourage us to wake the *** up, we only heed the call when we really WANT TO. I mean, to want to improve upon or release something that is to your betterment and to that of those around you, is something that most people are trying to work towards. And quite honestly how can you avoid it? What goes around comes around right?

    But maybe somebody really wants to when they realize just how unfulfilling they have been with THEMSELVES. This is a killer. Breaking your promises to others is unaceptable just the same, but to yourself signifies something on a greater level.

    ie. PROCRASTINATION, waiting for your dreams or life to happen for you when it is only you that can manifest your path and growth (and you know this in your bones)

  35. Mmm… I still don’t understand completely the concept of blind spots or projecting.

    “Planets in the 12th house (MOON) give reliable information as do planets in the 7th (JUPITER, PLUTO, NORTH NODE).

    Planets touched by Neptune (ALL OF THE ABOVE, VENUS AND MERCURY) or placed in Libra (VENUS) give clues.”

    I guess the question for me is “where do I NOT have blind spots?” I’m I so out of touch with my own personality?

  36. Aw geez….Do I have issues then
    Virgo Sun pluto uranus in 12th.
    Lilith and mercury in libra in 1st.
    Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd
    Glug!! Im drowning in issues then.
    Thing is, they arent blind or oblivious to me. Not since jupiter transited my 12th, 1st and 2nd house and lit them up like Christmas trees.
    Regardless of the blind searing pain Ive been going through since 2015, boy what a gift.
    Cant work on what you cant see….like a closet full of junk ready to be cleaned out…

  37. Mars in the 12th, Pisces Saturn in the 7th (double whammy lol), Libra Venus, Mercury conjunct Neptune which trines that Saturn. And a Pisces moon.
    Could I be a bigger fog of delusion? Should I ever get out of bed? Lol.
    This literally leaves me a Scorp sun in the 2nd and Leo Jupiter in the 11th to count on. Which are actually kind of oblivious in their own way, because you can’t beat either of those down.
    No wonder I’m so optimistic. Haha! Also why I rarely consult mirrors, I assume I’m perfectly fine. LMAO.

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