Uranus Transit Through the 12th House

Uranus transit 12thI was digging around the internet the other day looking for information about Uranus transiting the 12th house, and I realized there is very little out there. And what there is seems to all say the same thing, just worded slightly differently. Talking about a “subconscious need for freedom” is great and all, but what does that mean in everyday life? Well, now that Uranus has turned direct, he is about to cross my Ascendant and leave my 12th house for the last time, so I thought I would give a more concrete idea of what the transit can entail.

  • Stagnation – Uranus is the great liberator, the celestial changemaker. And the 12th house signifies energies that are hidden from us or that we have trouble accessing. During the 7 years that Uranus was in my 12th house, I felt like nothing happened. At all. That’s not to say my life didn’t change, because of course that is all life ever does. But every change that occurred felt like it happened around or through me, but not because of me. For instance, I was caught in a wave of mass-layoffs. That certainly affected me and my life, but it wasn’t actually about me, and I didn’t have the power to direct it. Even starting to write here, which was a truly wonderful thing, felt like it happened through me, like I was a conduit or vessel for something greater. Somehow it never felt like I really did anything.
  • Sleep? Never heard of it – The 12th house is associated with dreams and sleep, and Uranus with enlivening energy. Ever try to sleep on an electric fence? Because with Uranus in the 12th, that’s basically what you’re doing. It’s like your brain becomes one of those hyper-sensitive plasma lamps. You’re buzzing with energy and might as well be hearing radio stations in your teeth. Not exactly the ingredients restful sleep is made of.  This is doubly true if you have any old wounds hiding in your subconscious. Which brings me to the next point:
  • Clearing out the gunk – One thing that people will often say is that this is a great transit for therapy, and on that count I have to agree. The 12th house rules the subconscious and the ways we hold ourselves back, and when Uranus enters the fray, things don’t stay buried for long. When Uranus first entered my 12th house, I started to have intrusive thoughts about all my worst fears coming true. No matter what I did, my mind was filled with images of losing the ones I loved, of loneliness, loss of control, etc. I eventually realized that those fears had been subtly running my life for years. Uranus bringing them to the surface meant that I had the opportunity to address them head-on. It wasn’t a pleasant process, but rooting out those fears was one of the most liberating things I’ve done in my entire life.
  • Unique spirituality – It was during this period that I began to cobble together a real, coherent sense of spirituality. But with Uranus being involved, what I came up with was totally unique! It was around this time that I encountered the philosophy that paradise involves 7 billion different religions for 7 different billion people. Each of us has our own path to walk, and celebrating those diverging paths is what Uranus is all about.

Uranus takes 7 years to transit a house, so this is obviously just a quick highlight reel. Uranus is also inherently unpredictable, so everyone’s experience will be different. But if you’ve got this transit coming up, at least you’ve got a place to start. Get ready, because Uranus is always quite a ride!

Have you had Uranus transit your 12th house? What was it like?


Uranus Transit Through the 12th House — 36 Comments

  1. Hah! I best love these questions that ask us to look at the ephemeris tables, to see, exactly, when Transits happened! I like this as much as I loved candy, as a child, exactly as much so.

    So, Uranus ingressed into my 12th house in my childhood. I had recently started school (grade 1 – the kindergarten wasn’t built yet). School, welcome new adventure, was still an exhausting experience. Around the time Uranus crossed into my 12th house, I came home from school to find my mother sitting, resting in our living room. Not a surprise; my second brother, a year old, was colicky, also easily upset. So, I climbed onto her lap. I was tired, too. Snuggling back against her, blocked by an unexpected belly, I turned around and said, “_Don’t_ tell me you’re expecting _another_baby_!” She laughed and laughed. I disapproved: she was tired all the time, since a year and a half (understandably so: 5 pregnancies in 6 years – 4 babies surviving… plus having moved to our current house in 8th month of pregnancy with a very large baby). She was laughing, because, she thought so too (she told me so, many years later).

    My parents’ marriage had already started unravelling. Uranus in 12th, my transit for me, was the dissolution of my family of origin. As you so eloquently said, Midara, Uranus cuts out what has stagnated. It frees, too. As difficult as it was for all of us, 5 kids and our mother on a budget that covered the essentials, because she was careful, we were spared my father’s self pity (and blaming his wife for it). My mother didn’t actually instigate their separation – my father got a job elsewhere, and we stayed where we were, until my mother got a better job offer, in another place. For the record, at the time, I was incensed at both my parents, at the time, for not finding a way to keep it together. To keep our family together. Now, I know – because my father lived with me for the final decade-plus of his life – he never, ever, understood how he’d torpedoed his marriage. Horrible, true.

    So, I didn’t know at the time, what freedoms I was given, during the time that Uranus transited my 12th house. Now, though, I do know. I’ve known many people whose fathers continually blamed their wives for their own unhappiness in life. Offspring who never knew the respite – poverty be damned – that I did. Of course, a Capricorn Moon mother, gradually rebuilt financial stability – aided by Saturn kinds of people.

    I’ll write more later, if pertinent. Thanks so much for the opportunity to apply astrology to what really happens, in synchronicity.

  2. Uranus transited my Capricorn/Aquarius 12H from 1991 – 1997. Those were my stay-at-home-mom years, devoted (Pisces) to giving birth and raising my children to early grade school. That time period was exhausting and totally “self” sacrificing.

  3. I’m going through this now. I’m really glad you wrote about it!

    It feels like a big cosmic cleaning and underwater dive to me- and yes, definitely a lot happening *through* me.

  4. Thanks for writing about this Midara!

    Been going through this too. Weird stuff happening, like experiencing deep & unexplainable, life-changing events from a close family member passing & a lot of synchronicity.

    Before this, I never felt like it meant anything — it was just a freaky coincidence. After it entered, car accidents happened when I was starting a program. Spiritual warnings not to wear black. My body started to break out badly inexplicably—the worst it ever was & I looked like I was burned for 2 years straight (Saturn was going through my 6th for a while too.) Experienced a systematic undercutting by teacher(s) who straight up were out to destroy me. But also—-A series of quirky nuns & spiritual guide ppl randomly showed up, just when I needed them.

  5. Right before Uranus crossed my ascendent in 1997, I finished 7 years of university and moved across the country to the west coast. Never looked back. I became a new, liberated, happier and improved version of myself.

  6. This will also happen for me in the next year or so. Can you reflect at all on the potential of Uranus crossing the Ascendant into the 1st? Is this quite a momentous thing to live through? Not everybody does. Thanks, Matt

    • I definitely will!

      This is a transit I am undergoing right now, and I wanted to wait until I had a little more data. Everyone’s experience is different, but being able to give real-life examples is something I really strive for. I should be able to have that post written in a few months. 🙂

  7. I’m curious! I see people write about their Uranus breaking through their ascendant, and taking drastic action.

    Do any of you relate to the 12th house & lack of actions too? It’s all a hazy situation of course.

    • In 2014 Uranus hit my twelfth house with Chiron transiting as well. I lost my father first. I was then caught in a flash flood, I got Lyme disease, large rashes, brain fog, nightmares, feeling I was being eaten alive, and finally a car accident that slowed me down for a long time. Uranus is just so unpredictable how it will trigger things to go off. I slept little because I couldn’t. My nerves were a live wire and I wake up screaming for a year like being swarmed by something I can’t get off me. I thought several times about just ending my life because it just wouldn’t stop and no doctor could help me. Well after seven years, a massive diet change, and several other game changers, I’m finally getting some of my cognitive abilities back but my mind is not the same as was before. I have a lot of ongoing memory issues. I’m grateful to have survived this, it was just so terrifying. Someone up there must like me. I really think this was a combination of uranian and chironic energies short circuiting and creating all sorts of cosmic sparks.

  8. I am finishing this transit in month or two. The most difficult phase of my life so far. So many problems with my psyche arosed. My old trauma which I thought was sorted out has been activated during this time. I had to and have to face it. So many seminars, workshops, healings which I have taken. I lost my sleep. I still dont know if I survive this all. Its so exhausting. Started a relationship which ended really badly. My father just had a stroke. Its neverending. Will it ever stop? In the meantime through those difficult year I started to change my religion I am not relegious but still spiritual. I am quite different consciously, had to and still have to face much unconscious stuff, so much anxiety in me arosed and yes the night I feel like someone in putting electricity in my head. This period is certainly very transformative, difficult and beautifull at once.

  9. Thanks – good info!

    Entering intense times myself. Transiting Uranus in my 12th house and 18th of june it is in opposition to my Natal Uranus. Going back and forth for the next couple of years. Also both are square to transiting Saturn.

    Reading a book called Astrology and the rising of the kundalini – very good. Focuses amongst other on the Uranus opposition.

  10. I am going through this now.. I have already read and seen the effects of Uranus transiting 12th house. I have seen my uncle losing his mother , wife during this period. He became almost lonely.. In my case people around me moved to other places or some friendships ended. In the beginning of covid time I was very much frightened . Is there any was we can make these effects lesser

    • Hello Pipi, this is coming up for me and I am trying not to be frightened. From what I know of all transits, the best way to go through them.is to go with the flow. In order to do this, you have to know what it’s about. So I would say research all you can on Uranus and the 12th House, and maybe even get proactive, initiating some of the processes yourself, like shedding a light into your subconscious via therapy.About the electrical effect onto your nervous system, inform yourself of natural ways to nurture your nervous system. Maybe look up Vagus Nerve. If interested, do please get back to me. Flower essences will also help. And: Uranus, amongst many other factors, is rhythm. And individuality. So, find your individual daily rhythm (sleeping, eating, working, playing).
      All the best, and do write again you wish!
      Love, Alix

  11. I am going through this now. I lost many friendship and it is a difficult phase. I was aware of this phase before it started . I saw my uncle lost his mother and wife. Waiting for this phase to end. Is there any remedy.

    • Hi, Pipi, ?
      I haven’t looked yet to see if you asked this question in the forum, as a topic. During this time, it helps to make your bedroom and bedtime routine as sleep-friendly as you can. Relaxation exercises when you lie down, e.g. If you read in bed to fall asleep, paper books are better than electronic reading, because the light from the screen inhibits your brain’s natural production of melatonin (which makes sleepy waves in our bodies). Or audiobooks – if others will be bothered by the noise, inexpensive earbuds, because they can get tangled in the sheet and pillow when you turn on your other side. There are many, many recordings of rain falling online: pick whichever reminds you of feeling snug and safe, in bed and cozy. ?

      As Midara said, changes happen though out our lives: be kind to yourself, and be aware that some people around you wish you peace – smile back at friendly people. These small connections ease the upset from losing friends, bit by bit. Life is changeful, and we don’t know what changes will bring us… only, there will be some happy surprises, mixed in. ?

  12. What are your thoughts on this?
    Transit Uranus, in the 12th House;
    …Sextile natal Jupiter (11th House)
    …Square natal Mars & Part of Fortune (4th House)
    …Trine natal Pluto (5th House)
    …Opposition natal Neptune (6th House)
    …Square natal Saturn during the second Saturn Return (10th House) at 58 years of age.
    All aforementioned houses are natal except for Transiting Uranus in the 12th.
    Transit Neptune, in the 11th House;
    …Sextile natal Mercury (8th House)
    …Square natal Venus (6th House)
    All aforementioned houses are natal except for Transiting Neptune in the 11th.
    Due to my birth location (Anchorage, AK), my houses are skewed. Born at 12:15pm, my 12th and 6th houses are huge and my 1st and 7th houses are small. This means that Uranus will spend 13+ years in the 12th house as apposed to the typical 7 years that most people experience.
    Uranus and Neptune are very slow movers so some of these aspects are going to last a long time. some longer than others.
    I would greatly appreciate your expertise on this matter.

    Thank you!

  13. It just entered my 12H. Someone mentioned sleep. Well I haven’t had any. And when I do sleep it’s nightmares. Also Paranoia. I have 12 years of this. Taurus/Gemini 12H. I will be pulling back from social media (that I’ve been very active on since Uranus entered my 11H). I’ve decided to go back to school to study Psychology.

    • I also have a big Taurus/Gemini 12th House, but not planets there because they are all stacked up across in the 6th/7th. Uranus in the 12th will last for a decade since I’m 25 degree Gemini rising and I hope it does not have much of an effect. I think it depends on which planets in the chart are strongest and on other influences happennig at the same time. I think Saturn and Mars affect me quite a bit, but Venus for example does not and I have not felt Uranus so far.

  14. Create a journal to record all your dreams. Do not shy away from them or deny them. During the dream, be mindful and present in the moment. Fully experience the dream from the perspective of a child of God, a spiritual being who cannot be harmed, injured or killed. You are an immortal.
    Once you fully experience the dreams they will change their form to reveal what your higher consciousness is trying to tell you. The revelation on the other side of these “nightmares” will change your life and your way of thinking…and believing.
    Remember, you are a spiritual being and all things work together to enhance your spiritual growth.

    One more thing…
    All dream symbology is unique to the person dreaming. Analyzes the dream by studying how the images and other sensations make you “feel” emotionally and what they make you think of. This is the vocabulary of the message. If you figure out what these things mean to you, you will discover the underlying message. As an inspiration study the stories of Joseph (Genesis) when he interpreting dreams while he was in Egypt.

    Meditate on these things.

  15. I have a big 12th house. Aries and Taurus, along with Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. Uranus entered my 12th house in 2012 and won’t be complete until 2025. I used to think I really had my shit together and could do anything. These past few years have been foggy (it is frustrating). Also, my physical body has a lot of weird electrical shocks that come and go. I have never really had any physical problems during this lifetime. LOL – I don’t have a clue what I want, where I am going or how I am going to get there. It is like a big cosmic joke.

  16. I currently have Uranus transit my 12th House, for several years now, on its way to conjunct my Venus in Taurus in the 12th House, then conjunct my Taurus Ascendant – it have been a very wonderful and strange journey. When I first checked my chart prior to Uranus entering my 12th House, I was excited-as I have natal Venus in my 12th, Pluto in the 4th and Moon in the 8th-thus, I am a natural deep diver and enjoy the waters of the hidden, the psyche — many many changes have happened in the world and in my professional life with this transit-now, I am just starting to dig the process. At first, Uranus in my 12th was a startlingly ‘new’ (of course)energy burst–I was leaving one profession and getting back to my first spiritual choice and avocation–I have always been able to retain my spiritual ‘place’ and work in the ‘material world’. It is still evolving-and I am fully engaged with the mystery of the process. I have sun mars and uranus conjunct in my natal chart, so I FEEL like I am comig ‘HOME’.

  17. Uranus in my 12th (Aries) and I started having seizures that have nearly killed me many times over. Intense spiritual/metaphysical experiences. Unexplainable bizarre illness leaving me bedridden or often in emergency room. Incredible weakness and vision problems. Real sleep is rare. Exhaustion. Every month, I keep thinking, “How can I survive for one more month, let alone for the many YEARS Uranus is in 12th?!” And my 6th house is an extremely loaded Stellium with most of my planets, so when Uranus opposes something, I am slammed. Again and again. It’s been a living nightmare I can’t escape and then when I finally do fall asleep, tormenting and vivid nightmares follow. On the other hand, deeper and closer connection to God than ever before, appreciating scripture like never before. About to move across the entire country to a place I never would have imagined going which will change every single thing about life and culture. Found in my genetic testing that I have multiple mutations that cause lack of ability to detox or break nutrients or chemicals down. So I am learning…. I hope. Feeling more isolated than any time of my entire life. And my whole life was one of isolation. (Moon/8th Saturn opposite Sun and at Ascendant) Losing so much weight, my heart is struggling. Thankful for prayer. I still believe God IS GOOD and there’s somehow ORDER behind this seeming chaos.

    • Hello Miriam, I can relate to what you’re writing here. There is actually a homeopathic preparation of “electro”, that might be helpful. And taking conscious care of your nervous system generally, and of your heart (rest, rhythm, voluntary time out, flower essences, herbal preparations, perhaps vitamin B …) Acupuncture has also been an invaluable help to me. And contact your Soul, It has healing and company for you. State with intention: “I am the Soul.”

  18. And what a God-sent this blog is! Evrn though, rationally, I knew that THIS was not only going to happen to me, it is so reassuring to learn you all’s experiences! … And thus, we are developing and advancing. I must confess that I felt a shock when reading up on Uranus transit 12th House in Robert Hand’s book! Let us try, together, to tease out constructive parts that we can apply to navigate a little more smoothly. As energy follows thought, a courageous, constructive approach is vital, a willingness to go with this. Let us cultivate a truly spiritual view, and remember that our Soul is the best guide we can find, and it’s always with us :)))

  19. Laughed at “Sleep? Never heard of it!” Uranus just started going through my 12th house and over my 12th house Aries Venus, opposite an exalted retrograde Libra Saturn. I feel like my fingers are stuck in an electrical socket. ZZZZZ Try to sleep with being electrocuted! I don’t know what good this is doing me. My 40 years of meditation used to be universal nourishing energy. Now they are an electric driving me crazy buzz. Thinking of giving up meditation and just being in the outdoors. P.S. Temporary cure for me – A 2 week California Redwood vacation took away the buzz completely, temporarily. I thought I was cured and slept so deeply! and wonder if its because the buzz is cased by dryness (Saturn in the 6th for me) and the ocean humidifies. Or! maybe a change in location changes a chart! Gods grace to you.

  20. I also have a big Taurus/Gemini 12th House, but not planets there because they are all stacked up across in the 6th/7th. Uranus in the 12th will last for a decade since I’m 25 degree Gemini rising and I hope it does not have much of an effect. I think it depends on which planets in the chart are strongest and on other influences happennig at the same time. I think Saturn and Mars affect me quite a bit, but Venus for example does not and I have not felt Uranus so far.

  21. I’m current experiencing Uranus in the 12th beginning at 2 degrees of Taurus and ending 17 degrees of Gemini, so I have a bit longer of a twelfth house, which is evident to me, as I love my alone time. When Uranus entered Taurus back in 2018 a few months later I, within an instant decided to leave my highly prestigious position and basically all I wanted to do was move to a extremely remote North Shore on an Hawaiian island. This place, which I had visited many times before was a Mecca for my spirit, and I was willing. Yet it wasn’t meant to be, I was met with heavy opposition from a few locals, who through physical means and threatening of a dire future, had me turning around and looking elsewhere for another remote location. It would take three years until I’d arrive where I currently am. Same island but a place I now call home. During those three years I must have moved just short of a dozen times. All the while Uranus approaching my moon at 12 degrees. I try to make sense of this transit by reminding myself of what comes after Uranus conjuncts my ascendant. The next few years to come are in preparation of this, and by keeping this in mind I can continue to cooperate with the gods to further my souls self realization. Obviously the 12th house is very mystical but so are we.

  22. I have a grand cross in fixed signs with Gemini rising. My sun in Taurus is opposite Neptune in Scorpio. I have Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius. I had a couple of heart attacks within this time. I got involved in this mess with my Mother’s stolen trust fund papers. The lawyer who was concealing them seemed to have been forced into retirement. I got tired of the whole thing I wish I could drop dead. But I guess I am in a time where I come to peace with the whole thing.

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