The Aftermath Of A Pluto Transit

Pluto old cardThis has come up a couple of times over the last week. One person feels the collective missed the point with Pluto in Capricorn so there will be consequences. Another feels that Pluto in Aquarius will fix everything. I don’t think this is how it works…

Back in 2011, Jilly wrote:

“I was hoping Pluto through Sadge would have helped with the conglomeration but nothing happened really :/ & it seems worse. Though I know a lot more people, who realize they are being played so to speak, & have lost faith in journalism.”

I responded:

This is not specific to Pluto in Sagittarius. But the idea Pluto resolves something or that you will see healing during a Pluto cycle is a misnomer.

Pluto will expose issues but you are not going to wind up healed and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix at the end of a transit. If you want a real example, take incest.

With Pluto in Scorpio, incest came out of the closet.  It was on the front page of every paper and every magazine but was it solved?  Absolutely not.

If you want a more personal example, my home and family were devastated when Pluto transited my Moon.  Do you think this is resolved? Absolutely not.

This may worry people but right now, Pluto is in Capricorn and you see the cracks in the foundation, the shadow side of the government, etc.  Pluto will leave Capricorn in a dozen years or so and do you think this will be healed? It won’t. We will be dealing with the aftermath.

This is public service announcement.


The Aftermath Of A Pluto Transit — 23 Comments

  1. That’s right. The problem is exposed. This you can bank on but beyond that, forests that burn to the ground do not come back right away. As far as sex with children goes, things are much worse now than they were then when things were supposedly so horrible so how’s that for your “healing”?

    It’s a lot more complicated than a 2 hour made-for-tv movie where everything is resolved in the end.

  2. Thanks for that Elsa. I’m another survivor of serious Pluto transits to my natal sun about 5 years ago. Pluto laid waste to me and exposed alot for me to work on. I’ve made alot of changes but you’re right, it has been post-Pluto that some healing has occurred, where shifts have happened and where I see where things may never be able to be changed. Perhaps after Pluto comes acceptance, not a cure, but acceptance.

  3. Kinda liked AIDS/HIV during Pluto in Scorpio. Sure, we have a way of slowing down the illness/disease, but we haven’t found the cure (at least not yet)even after Pluto left Scorpio huh?

  4. I’m not sure I agree with you. I think the healing comes about in the way that something infected or inflamed will burst from the pressure, and this brings a healing crisis.

    The incest issue did not *go away* — but it was exposed and put into a context so that people could make their own choices about the issue, be aware, protect the innocent, and speak.

    I don’t believe that before Pluto in Scorpio, there was no incest. But our society had succeeded in making it so taboo that victims could not form words or defenses, people were not made aware. We made our decision about this issue as a society:It was *not* the fault of the victim and it was *not* okay. It has not gone away but now if you take it to the right person or institution you have a good chance of getting protection and healing.

    With Pluto in Sadge, we fought a religious war. We started to analyze the place of religion in our society — also the idea of “freedom of speech” and ” freedom of religion” and ” the exchange of ideas” in the interenet age. It used to be that all of those concepts were instantaneously rewarded as good, but not anymore. Should we really protect the right of others to publish information regarding the destruction of enemy governments?

    I think there’s tremendous healing in all of it.

    And with Pluto in Capricorn, my prediction is that by the time it’s over, the masses will be educated regarding ” the economy.” And the masses means everyone, not just college graduates and hedge fund managers. I think what we’ll discover is that the “economy” was a sharecropping device that allowed the rich to profit on the needs of the poor, and that we are nothing close to politically equal to the robber barons of this world. We’re going to learn it. It will become clear enough that the masses will be able to finally begin to make some very sophisticated choices on a level playing field.

  5. Well I have Pluto transiting my second house which houses my Venus. I have been watching my money really carefully but have been ripped off three times, and I am talking a few thousand, and I am feeling the pinch. I dread to think where I will be at the end of this transit.

  6. I’m a Pluto in Scorpio natally, and I’ve had to deal with incest issues in my own life. Still working out exactly what happened, as the transit’s not over, but in the past eight years I had Pluto conjunct by transit my Jupiter (in Sag), then my Neptune, now my Sun, and each one has been a healing experience for me after extraordinarily scary and painful purges and changes. But I wonder if this is because I have a lot of Scorpio placements natally and I am used to working with the energy (or progressed Mars in Scorpio). Anyway, each time, a new layer of familial issues has been uncovered, and joy of joys, I still have Saturn in Scorpio return to go and Pluto conjunct Mercury soon also.

    After Satori’s article about Lilith, I’m thinking my Pisces in the 7th house works hand in hand with this for me in order to survive and process it all.

  7. Eva– definitely agree with you about the results of Pluto in Cap broadly. Pluto in Aquarius is going to be a pretty telling time, in my opinion.

  8. Interesting, P, cuz we read so often that after Pluto the new day dawns, but Proserpina/Persephone still had to do her hard time six months of every year after her ‘release’. Looks like one of those glass half full/half empty thangs. From where I sit, the gal’s lookin’ real swell this time round; she’s been down so long, everything’s looking up and mighty fine. Once that light shines down that shithole, ain’t no more perfume gonna mask the smell.

  9. When Pluto transited my moon in Scorpio, issues about incest were revealed in my family. Now here we are with Pluto right on top of my Ascendant and it is churning up the aftermath of that Pluto in Scorpio conj. moon transit — I am finally, finally seeing the cracks in my own foundation regarding self-esteem when it comes to relationships (thanks Saturn in Libra)and I can see how it traces back to the other issues in my life. Awareness and making the connection is the first step of healing, I think. It’s got to be revealed to be healed (although that healing may, in fact, take a while).

  10. Eva, I am more inclined to agree with you. I think that when something like incest is brought up to the forefront, the taboo aspect is taken away. It allowed for less stigma for those who had been abused, more protection through teaching kids to speak out and a collective consciousness as a society about the issue. While it might not heal one’s own incest to know that there are others like you can be its own form of healing.

    Speaking personally and not societally, Pluto transits have almost had a make or break aspect. I was forced to look in the mirror and deal or resolve.

    Of course, not everything can be healed or resolved but the amount of healing and resolution achieved for me (Pluto hit my Sun in Scorpio and then my Moon, Neptune and Mercury in Sagittarius and now my Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn) have been huge.

  11. Pluto transited my 10th house from late 1992 to late 2002, and it was quite the ride: Got promoted, relocated across country, lived in two beautiful west coast cities, got married & divorced and lost my first career that I loved by time it started transiting my 11th house.
    Believe it or not, Pluto transiting my 12th has been harder. That’s wrapping up 2021-2022. I have no clue what life will be like as it transits my 1st house. What I do know is my soul signed up for this experience, I don’t want to repeat it, so I guess I’ll find out.
    2020, the COVID pandemic, the death of our democracy, it’s all made me glad I’m in the fourth quarter of life.
    You called it, Elsa; our business and government structures surely are *not* healed. It makes me very glad I’m not 34 anymore (my fav year). Although many of the late 20 somethings I know seem oblivious to the state of our world.
    I’m definitely ‘world weary’ but am trying to figure out what the next twenty will look like. Seems that no matter what house Pluto in Cap is transiting for one personally, Americans have been feeling the effects of America’s Pluto return, exact a year from now. It’s hard to know which way to turn. ??‍♀️

  12. Pluto square moon => began the crumbling of my relationship with my mom in 2014-2016

    Then, my progressed moon squared my Pluto/Saturn conjunction in the beginning of 2019.

    My relationship with my mom was game over.
    My home environment was in upheaval too. Uranus transit opposite these two big guns as well around that time.

    It led me down on a path with revealing my pathology and healing.

    I am a 7 X Scorpio (by planets/house) so I am almost used to death by now. Death of family, death of relationships,death of everything.

    Pluto is transitting my 12th house.

  13. thanks for this!

    pluto conjunct my sun is about over (it’s finally moving away and won’t return in my lifetime not even via retrograde, but i do still carry the aspect in my solar return for this year), and what it caused was the end of a family relationship that will never be repaired.

    at this point in time i can say it was necessary, but you absolutely nailed it that pluto breaks things and i am currently coping with the aftermath

  14. Pluto is now conjunct my descendant; apparently I can expect that my relationships, and particularly? my way of relating is going to transform. Although the metamorphosis has been ugly for almost a year, long-range I am in tune with the tumult… I have been waiting, waiting for the world to change.

  15. Pluto opposite sun/moon/Venus/Mercury mid80s thru ’90s. A lot of physical death and rude-awakenings in relationships. Raised to be an “open book” toward people it was difficult learning how to deal w/the situations. The opposition isn’t over, the inconjunct is just as difficult. Once Pluto/Scorpio transits/traits get their pincers into you, it doesn’t leave.

  16. FWIW, I’m in the crowd that truly hopes Pluto in Aquarius will fix it by emphasizing collective needs, climate change (not running away to space), and reverse all of the goodies going to the 1% vs. the 99%.

    But do you think your Pluto transit to 12th / crossing ASC has brought you any healing? Or just raised everything that requires healing?

    All I know is once Pluto is in Aquarius, it will trine my sun, which gives me hope that whatever the aftermath of it thru 12th & over ASC is, that I’ll deal with it better than I am right now. Change and grow from it. Let’s hope so anyway or WTH is that 🤬🤬🤬 transit for / worth?

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