Teaching What I’ve Learned From 25 Years Of Astrological Consulting

Lady Moon egglestonI’m at a point in my career where I’ve consulted with thousands of people. I love this job.

I also like to challenge myself. The Venus Saturn workshop that Satori and I worked on is a good example of this.

People with Venus in Capricorn or Saturn in the 7th house, Venus aspecting Saturn, Cancer rising, etc. tend to have a difficult time in relationships.

Astrologers don’t want to take this on. I suspect it’s because they don’t have ideas or happy answers.
I have enough life experience. I know how to work with these aspects. I wanted to make this information available and we got it done.

If you’re dealing with these issues, you can’t find better material from anyone, anywhere. Check it out:

moon Edward EgglestonWe seem to have lost our problem-solving skills to a large degree. People have wounds that have been left weeping for years and years if not decades.

Why not resolve these things?
Why not liberate yourself and move on?
I wanted to demonstrate how astrology can be used to solve problems – ANY PROBLEM.

My previous workshops featured five or six charts. I decided to use twenty-five charts in this workshop, because in this situation, twenty-five examples would serve better than five.

If you want to progress in your life, this workshop will help you to it. Check it out:

I want to limit the length of this post, but you can browse other focused workshops here.

The workshop transcripts are delivered, instantly. They’re all well worth the investment!


Teaching What I’ve Learned From 25 Years Of Astrological Consulting — 4 Comments

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    Should feel like i’m Holding a straight
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