Top 10 Taboo Topics In Astrology

People say I’m provocative but it is almost never my motive. There are topics I feel are taboo in astrology. These are subjects that really PISS PEOPLE OFF.

I have Mars conjunct Mercury which likes a mental challenge. I wonder if people can help me put a list together.

My vote for the #1 thing that you can’t bring up in astrology circles would be the shadow side of Aquarians.  The other signs are fair game but if you get to talking about the gross and disgusting side of Aquarius, you’re going to have a hideous fight on your hands.

Your turn!

What makes your list of the top 10 taboo topics in astrology?



Top 10 Taboo Topics In Astrology — 197 Comments

  1. Really? No wonder I’ve never had any Aqua friends, LOL! Seriously though, mine would be – and this is based on my reality, not speculation – the notion that ALL Scorpios have magnetic sex appeal and tremendous ability in the intimacy dept. I have proof this ain’t always so, LOL!

  2. HAHAHA, I know right! Aquas have the highest Assholio factor which never gets talked about. (I may be biased, you’ve seen my dad, right?)

    I think its taboo to talk about anything that could be a hindrance. Everyone wants to say “well in olden times these planets were considered maleifics, buts thats a nasty word, so we like to think of them as special helpers who push you to achieve!”

    Lets just cater to the most fearful and talk about how blessed we are… Vomit.

  3. ..that Jupiter isn’t ALL good. seriously–tell the people that Jupiter won’t bring endless bounty for the rest of their days and they’ll freak the fuck OUT.

    • I *seriously* agree. Jupiter simply makes whatever is happening huge. If that’s bad stuff, then it is bad stuff on a huge scale. (On the day of my 4th Jupiter return, I cried the whole day over a romance break-up. I was massively miserable!) People totally freak out when told this.

      A close corollary is the trine. Everyone expects fairy dust and flowers to fall on them during trines. What they don’t know is that the trine, being a soft aspect, tends to inactivity. And sometimes that inactivity means a situation will not change, because the person will not take action to change it!

  4. I just realized I’ve got my Venus in Aquarias (sp?) in the 11th! I’m a total douche when not getting my way!

    Wait, what? Are you saying Jupiter is dying? lol

  5. I think it’s taboo to tell someone their chart is just plain-ass boring . . . it happens. So you have to start digging for stuff, or telling them how “well-balanced” they are.

  6. You can’t say that Mercury retrograde is just NOT that big a deal. It’s just Mercury people…it’s not like a Pluto transit to your moon.

    • Expect if you’re a Gemini sun and mercury- I like the slow down periods very much. I’m like an all star in retrogrades when everyone around me is throwing fists.

  7. Oh gosh, I would love to see this list!

    I think it’s taboo to tell someone they’re never going to get it– I’m reminded of when you posted about somebody whose chart was so “inflated” you realized they were not going to listen or process any of your advice.

    • I know, right! One astrologer told me I have an ‘easy’ chart, and the other that I have one of the ‘most successful’ charts she’s ever seen. But all life hands me is hardship.

  8. This sounds fun.

    How about the MILD side of Scorpios? I say this on behalf of one I know who said she doesn’t relate to anything in her astrology because she’s not a sexy vamp, revenge-minded mean person. And to be honest, almost all female Scorps I know do not fit “the profile.”

    I think the most taboo thing is well, telling someone there isn’t hope for them on a particular subject. Also, health astrology/predicting death.

  9. That just because you’ve got favorable aspects between the all the asteroids and Venuses conjunct, your suns, moons, and ascendants not connecting in synastry means you’re prolly not getting anywhere. Ever.

    Actually, anything bad in synastry, unless the person is looking for a reason to make the other person into an asshole. Then you can’t point out anything good. *lol*

  10. How about the very misunderstood side of Capricorns that make us appear to be all those nasty thing people are prone to saying about us? There’s dark shit there, I’m not saying they’re not.

  11. Funny you guys talk about Aquarius and their not-so-great qualities. I generally like Aquarians but I can never get into relationships with them (ex is one) because of their ability to detach. It hits the Cancer Moon hard 😛

    Taboo topics… Hmm… None that I can think of… I think you can talk about anything and everything, no? At least the sky’s the limit to me.

    • Yes aquas do detach but if they love you they always come back (fixed). I’ve got moon in Cancer and have had loads of loving, committed aquarians (male). I dumped them all mostly because they got too possessive (except for my aqua husband who’s not possessive). I hate to be bossed so aquas suit me (Sag sun, mercury and Venus)!

  12. Lunalie: The detachment/asshole complex. It’s so true. And I should know: I’ve got Aquarius Moon! And Cancer rising. So I like them a lot, too, and then they just leave you gasping for air when you get brave enough to show your emotions. Poor crabs! 🙂
    I think that Water Bearer scoops up a bunch of crabs in that jar and then just dumps them on the sand. A fatal combination!

    • Reading this post 11 years after, ie 2121.
      Agree that we Aquarians can be major assholes. I have sun, moon, Venus in Aquarius and according to the books should love them to death! I rarely even like them, just so stubborn minded. The men, even with Aqa moon so arrogant.
      Remember reading in an astrological magazine years ago, that people were complaining about Jupiter, and how was So overrated. Have found this also- it does have it’s moments, but the blessings seem to be ephemeral.
      I wrote this to tell you crabs that I think you are the best! I love Cancerians!

  13. I don’t have a specific suggestions but I would love to see these topics explored, because no doubt whatever it is, I/we have come across someone who is like that.

    Like being with a Leo, you might meet their needs but you might have to go without getting some of yours met. (I love Leos, btw- just sayin’!)

  14. I think taboo would be how astrology isn’t the be-all and end-all. In my perception, it seems like people think astrology explains everything, or nothing at all. No middle ground.

    I do believe astrology explains a lot. A lot more than can what be boiled down to pure chance and guessing. But it can’t explain *everything*. Sometimes a situation is created in life that can’t be reasoned out with natal placements, transits, progressions, etc. Sure, astrology can help you figure out how to get through it, but not necessarily why it’s there in the first place.

    But maybe I just want life to maintain a little mystery. 😉

  15. “Darkside Zodiac” By Stella Hyde.

    She wrote “tons” about the negative side of each Sign. Especially going into the Rising , Sun , Moon , Venus & Mars , opposite sign….. to each of theses.

    I looooove this book!! It’s kept next to my go-to books on astrology.

  16. Your’re so right about Aquarians Elsa!
    Although I think my Scorpio Sun knows how to discipline my Aqua Ascendant 😉

    Also agree about the Mild Scorpio, I am one too!

    @SaDiablo, you mean that good aspects leads nowhere or bad aspects?, I didn’t get it (my English isn’t that good).

  17. I was looking for the Shadow Side of Aquarians. I’ve met several Aquarians who are into the whole “Lie For No Reason, Smile in Your Face While Planning Your Demise Frenemy” trip, and warning you away from others at the same time. And not only to me. They do this wo anyone they think is in their way! Is that the shadow side of Aquarians?

  18. Every subject in astrology seems game to me, except politics. Meaning, I just can not stand many astrologers’ points of view because they are ungrounded in reality. But how do you say that without being confrontational? Like, hey, your opinion seems both biased and factless with no historical basis??? Sniff.

  19. Definitely taboo: Disassociating modern rulerships from Aquarius, Scorpio and Pisces. It completely f*cks with so many woo-woo, biased interpretations. People shut down if you ask them to try doing with the outer planets as simply that, standalone planets not linked to any specific signs.

  20. I’m sitting here laughing… I would love to hear about how horrible I am as an Aquarian! Haha.
    I actually don’t consider myself an asshole at all. I’m really nice! I promise! I really have to think, and maybe start admitting, times when I’ve been an asshole… so ya, let ‘er roll!

  21. Hmmm the shadow side of Aquarius- I have never read anything about it but now I’m super curious. Just from what’s been said in the comments I’m guessing that most of my negative qualities are darkside Aqua and not so much a huge pluto influence. Must go read.

    I don’t think anything is taboo- I at least want to know about it all. I’m not familiar enough with astrology to be able to pick out things I know shouldn’t be talked about.

  22. Funny about the dark-side of Aquarius – just last night I was dissecting the Aquarian darkside with a friend of mine. I don’t think they’re as space-cadety as they come off – they shadow themselves in faux ignorance and implant ‘minor’ lies to remain detached. Not to mention they make you feel dramatic when you’re making legitimate points. The kings of reverse psychology. I would know, it’s my moon. =\

    And how about the dark side of Scorpio? I feel like those who know little of astrology think only of a Scorpio’s dark side. But those who know more obsess about the good qualities of Scorpio, almost like they want to be astrologically avant-garde, forgetting that Scorpios indeed have a dark, manipulative, power hungry side that CAN’T be excused like it often is.

  23. Thank goodness — someone finally talks about the shadow side of Aquarians. I’m tired of hearing about the humanitarian side of Aquas, and let’s get down to the dirt.

    Aquas are emotionally detached, but some of them certainly expect to be loved, nurtured and catered to. The Aquas that have passed through my life are weird/bizarre in some freakish sort of way, experimenting from one “shock and awe” drama to another.

    My mother is Aquarius, so was her father, and two brothers, and she was one of the most evil females I’d ever met, and although she is older, and has tossed the darker cloak of religion over her past BS, she remains clueless as to the ramifications of her past behavior, and the imprint that it left on others.

    I think that Aquas know exactly what they’re doing, and use the emotional detachment as an excuse to remain non-committed. So I don’t get how this URANUS energy could possibly be considered the humanitarians of the zodiac.

    I assumed that the dark side of Pluto ruled Scorpios were the worst! But at least Scorpio is comfortable with the dark side. They don’t pretend to be anything other than what they are — PLUTO! Take it or leave it!

    • This Aquarian gets really annoyed at all this humanitarian stuff. Makes me wonder if my mother got my birthdate wrong. I have met people of all types whose gentle care and concern for others is totally inspiring;- they know how to use their hearts.
      I know we are all here for a reason, and have our value, but we must be ‘human’ to be humanitarians.

  24. LOL!!! So it’s not only the Aquarians I know who hate that kind of talk *ROFLOL*

    I know one topic that never seems to be off limits: bagging Virgos *grins*

    It’s nice to see someone else take the heat 🙂

  25. LOL!!! So it’s not only the Aquarians I know who hate that kind of talk *ROFLOL*

    I know one topic that never seems to be off limits: bagging Virgos *grins*

    It’s nice to see someone else take the heat 🙂

  26. I think that the fixed signs all seem to have quirky unexpected ‘dark sides’. Aquarius, Taurus especially.. I’ve had ‘best friends’ who were Scorpio and they were all decidedly two-faced as if they really couldn’t help it. Leo as well. And Most of my love interests so far have been Taurus. Yeesh.

    I can’t say the same for any other signs really. At all. I have a lot of friends with Mutable or Cardinal sun signs. Lots of Cancers and Geminis. I find that they all seem predictable and balanced (comforting). I am a Virgo with A Cancer rising and a Cancer moon.

  27. Wait? Is this a “taboo topics” thread or a “trash a sign” thread? 🙂

    (For the record – Thomas Edison was a VERY MEAN Aquarian. We’re talking VERY mean. Though we’d likely all be sitting in the dark sans internet right now without him – he was still VERY mean. Yet hardly, I daresay, representative of all of “us.”)

  28. Agreed about Aquarians. Sometimes “humanitarian” really ends up meaning cliquishness and cult-ishness. And I say this with an Aquarius ascendant myself. 🙂

  29. Death; the ancient essential dignity system; anything beyond newage interpretations of asteroids and centaurs (ie, not doing the research, the research was done for the outer planets, why expect asteroids to mean what they were named after by non-astrologers?); health; prediction (it’s a divination system for crying out loud).

  30. Aquarius moon here – learning lots about my dark side from this thread! Love it! I never knew….maybe these taboos should not be taboos (or be a new Colosseum series).

  31. I’m also an Aquarius moon, but I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t think it makes me better or worse than anyone else though. Personally, I think the Moon in Aquarius and Pisces can be more beneficial than the Sun, but this isn’t a judgement against people with those solar placements.

    I also think people complaining about the Sun in Aquarius need to think of the chart in context, especially the placement/s of the ruling planet and midheaven, and where their mars, venus, and moon might be.

  32. Hi ATrickyBusiness: Why is a Moon in Pisces more beneficial than the Sun? I only ask because I have Moon in Pisces and am interested to learn more.

    PS: I thought the complaints about sun in Aqua were jokes – just like I hope the complaints about us Virgos are too 😉

  33. However though, that being said, the Sun in Aquarius is in its detriment, so like any planet in its detriment there will be problems. My Sagittarius ascendent’s ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Gemini, and that isn’t easy.

  34. My current hypothesis is that since the Sun is about the ego, and that Aquarius and Pisces have little to do with it (albeit in different ways), it can be problematic. But the Moon doesn’t seem to have too much trouble with it, because it’s more about emotional life than ego. I’ve also noticed that the scattered energy of mutable signs doesn’t seem to be the greatest for the Sun (note I’m speaking as a Sun in Gemini here).

  35. However, problems aside, it should be remembered that Pisces loves Venus. So despite the fact that Mercury is in its detriment there, and the Sun may have problems there, its still a good placement for the artistically inclined. Johnny Cash is a good example of this, IMHO.

  36. Elsa, you are such a tease! Please do tell us what you know about the shadow of Aquarians. It might help us to see it and bring it into the light.

    I (Aqua sun) have been dealing intimately with a Scorpio (with Aqua moon) and have been cavorting around in the underworld for five years and having to face all the “gross and disgusting” parts of myself (Scorps seem to take ya there), so as long as I am down here, let’s have a look. Per favore. Details?

  37. Leela, thanks for noticing I left that out. 🙂 I have thoughts about this independent of what others have stated. My mother is a double Aquarius and my father is also Aquarius, part of a large stellium. I grew up in their shadow and surprised a friend, 25 years ago with my thoughts on Aquarius. She was in the NCGR (I was from the desert) and went to the next meeting planning to bring up my thoughts on the subject but what happened is she chickened out.

    ha ha ha ha.

    She explained at that time, exactly that, “I chickened out.” Leo with an Aquarius Moon, herself. She was going to steal the show see but then er.. never mind.

    I don’t present this stuff myself, then or now because I don’t like to fight with Aquarians. It’s just not satisfying in the least where as getting along with them is so…

    I will give you this much: I told her the KKK was a social group, yes? The KKK thinks they are “humanitarians” so obviously there is such a thing as shadow Aquarius.

  38. “People also never really talk about the fact that Scorpio rules poop as well as sex and death.”
    Ha ha ha. Good call, Librat.

    I have aqua rising, and I find aqua traits in others quite repulsive. I get along with them as long as I keep them at a distance. Never before has my vulnerability been used as a weapon against me like it has by aquarians.

    The scorpios I know I can cut some slack cuz they seem to make no bones about having a dark side (aka less delusional). They don’t put on a show, like most aquarians seem to. They keep it real. You know what to expect. Hell, they are even self-aware enough to understand what their nature is and to do something about it.

  39. Oh I so agree about fighting with Aquarians. I have totally adored two people with Aqua sun (both with strong Cap as well) and both are divine people. Until you disagree or have a fight. Then, both have this amazing ability to say ‘I don’t care about you anyway’ and sound like they mean it.

    And my little Virgoan / Piscean heart breaks every time. Largely because I can’t do ‘I don’t care about you’.

  40. Other taboo topics:
    Perhaps astrology and religion, as in people who know astrology versus people who believe strongly in a religion and believe that astrology is a bunch of bull. In every day life, I feel as if astrology is the taboo subject, and I hardly ever discuss it.

    Another topic would be maybe religious fanatics. What in a chart indicates the possibility of a religious fanatic?

    And then politics. For example, we could take Obama’s chart, and just dissect it. I’m sure that’ll bring up a lot of heat.

    That reminds me of once when Elsa mentioned Paris Hilton, and things got hot on here. “I like her” vs. “I hate her”. Would that be riling things up or is it actually taboo? Hmm.. maybe I’m confusing the word “taboo” now.. I dunno, just throwing out ideas.

    I just picked religion and politics originally because those are the two things people say are taboo when you’re on a first date, so I figure it might work here.

  41. One of the main problems with too much of modern astrology is that the view of placements of planets in their detriment or falls is looked as a personal judgment against people, thus Aquarius is now looked as superior to all other signs. At least, that’s my current hypothesis.

  42. How about fire sign women being compelled to steal your mens?

    (I am not being entirely serious BUT the only two women I have known personally who did this very deliberately, not to me but to other women, were both double-fire, Sag Sun/Leo Moon – my mother and a friend from a writing class. Beyond that, I’ve only heard tell!)

  43. Thanks, Elsa. (KKK seeing themselves as humanitarian.) Ronald Reagan was an Aquarian, too, so I think I get the idea. It does creep me out though, to think that I probably have all sorts of shadow stuff about which I am completely unconscious!

    Personally, I kinda like taboo topics. Even though they can be challenging, I feel impelled to face them. But… potential break-ups and health problems are the topics I really don’t want to hear about in an astrological reading, unless they are delivered in some neutral way or with a silver lining!

  44. Amanda, I’m inclined to think this is coincidental, but the only two women who have successfully “stolen my man” were sag! And another one tried to! Very interesting. I always assumed that they just had something I didn’t.

  45. Kate-o – whoa! I think it’s a competitive thing; I think fire sign women in general are very competitive (most often in a good way, no question) and Sag women in particular are competitive and have that free spirit thing goin’ on, which some men do like. (My mother nabbed someone else’s Aries man – oh jeez, my poor Pisces dad!) I’ve seen them work it, esp. my writing class friend, and they definitely play hardball!

  46. Those sag women don’t work in the shadows… They have been pretty casual about it. I always interpreted that free-spiritedness as chronic instability. And you know what. I can recall another sag who stole my man (who wasn’t mine YET, but I’d been working on it for years). I’ve got the Aries moon. I certainly think about stealing people’s mans. But that Libra sun has instilled some sort of debilitating politeness in me. Too bad about all that!

  47. Thanks for bringing up a great topic, Elsa. Aquarians have given me major fits over the years. I NEVER saw them as humanitarians, for that reason. They are detached for sure, and co-dependence would be totally impossible for them. My ex is a Sag with Mars in Aqua and he could stiff arm you emotionally and physically like nobody’s business. Whew… this has been a revelation to me. Thanks for the heads up on that book you mentioned, Glenn… I must have it!

    • @ Norah, Mars Aquarius “stiff arm you emotionally and physically like no one’s business”
      I’m also a Mars Aquarius, I can relate!

  48. Shadow side of Aquarius? Noo..Don’t expose us! Seriously, I have the Leo Rising to balance it out, yes? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  49. I’d lurve to have the full gen on Aquarius: almost every man I’ve had a serious relationship with has either been Aquarius Sun (twice inc husband) or has had Aqua Asc or Moon (three of them, and those all Leo Suns).

    “… Never before has my vulnerability been used as a weapon against me like it has by aquarians”

    Yup they sure are good at that… And the only two I’ve known well to have that ‘universal love / community’ thing, have been pretty tough nuts personally – the others didn’t have it at all; maybe their Leo was just too strong!

  50. what i understand of it is…
    aquarius like to be special and different and unique… and cliquish and better than other people.
    sometimes they can take that “better than” idea real far…

    scorpios can be the most devoted people on the planet.

    wouldn’t mind hearing more about the good side of aries… mostly it seems way easier to see the bad than whatever good comes out of it… seeing as how well developed aries is at seeing their effects on others (/sarcasm)

  51. Aquarians may be a$$holes on the dark side but they’ve (we’ve) been getting railed on all day and there’s yet to be a nasty word in return. C’mon, that has to count for something, LOL! Oh, I’d love to go to town on personal experience with a few signs myself – but I’ve tried to honor the spirit of the original post by sticking to just “astro taboos.” If that’s considered being too high-minded by some, please accept my apologies 😉 I’ll try to go on living wit’ mah bad ol’ self!

  52. Aquarians may be a$$holes on the dark side but they’ve (we’ve) been getting railed on all day and there’s yet to be a nasty word in return. C’mon, that has to count for something,

    Personally I suspect a lot of confirmation biases from these rants, it’s not like it’s possible to have the luxury to see the chart of everyone they have a conflict with throughout their lifetime, and some people have a habit of often becoming friends or lovers to those that are contrarians and/or all too conflict friendly-like myself, for one (some types of people out there just love the crazy). I’m less worried if someone has a planet there, though if a lot of their planets are in fixed signs, stubbornness is usually inevitable. I’d also look at their lunar, mars, and mercury placements and aspects.

  53. Crazy Virgo and ATrickyBusiness – now we’re talkin’! Thanks for the refreshing laughter and perspective; man, I’ve spent most of the day feeling like, “Dang, I really must be a sh*tty person!” Now I can go to sleep feeling like I’m not all THAT bad overall. 🙂

  54. Hi! long time lurker but the comment on talking about the shadow side of Aquas really intrigues me. I’m an Aqua sun but my Scorpio moon would be very interested in the nitty gritty of the shadow side of what fuels me. I feel like no one want to be told about the terrible things that could be beneath their surface even if awareness benefits them.
    Elsa I hope you keep doing these Colosseums when I’m not a university student with no job and can afford joining in on one. I wouldn’t think of hesitating.

  55. ok another thought about Aquarius, my father in the calender is born only 5 days apart from me but looking at his chart he has a very strong Aqqua stellium while I have one in Capricorn while I thought I fairly in touch with my Aqua sun I never can understand my Dad and we’ve had some clashes in the past. Long story shortened when discussing the dark side of Aquarius I think of my Dad and our relationship.

  56. @Elsa, I totally agree! It is next to impossible to feel comfortable discussing the negative side of this humanitarian, sociable, erratic sign! And that’s not right!

    Other taboo topics
    gold-digging (the tendency to)
    petty or selfish behavior – like SMALL minded behavior
    popularity and unpopularity


  57. LisLioness i blame my aquarius, primarily, for my explosive temper. i’ve learned, mostly, to keep it in check, but often that requires breaking off social contact entirely and finding a quiet room to breathe in for a little while. before i open my mouth. because. wow.

  58. astrology also isn’t too fond of exploring the shadow of pisces, either. though i don’t have that problem, here, so much 🙂

    and the earth signs tends to be perpetually underrated. i think astrologers think they’re boring. or have problems with thinking there’s anything special about physical reality. kind of like how many religions desacralize the physical. it becomes dangerous and “evil.” or, to many people, “mundane.”

    and i just don’t hear much about cancer. considering how many people i know have it strongly placed and how little i hear about it i find that odd. i think maybe it gets underrated, too. “moody” and “nurturing” when there’s a lot more depth and complex dynamics to it.

  59. Eris: I agree with you that Cancer and the earth signs get steam-rollered a lot. We’re in such a “yang” society; it can be hard to play up the powerful nature of the “yin” in a chart (except Scorp.). I think people really want to be assured that they have some personal power, and that is so closely associated with the pro-active fire powerhouses that go out there and get it. Tell people that Cancer is a cardinal sign, and it’s not much of a consolation.

  60. Yeah.. Shadow Aquarius…

    My Ex (Who still lives with me, because he’s not in love with me, I deserve better/blahblah, but wont let me go because I’m one of his favorite people in the world, considers me family because I practically gave him more than his mom could (No affence to her cancers, they just had a rough life, and a bad relationship)

    Has a stellium in Aquarius… Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter…. ::cough:: which is sextiling his planets in Sagg(Mars/Saturn/Uranus) And all squaring Pluto in scorpio.

    Anywho, sometimes he’ll act like I’m his dear sister, sometimes he’ll act like we’re lovers (Which is cute, cause eventually he gets disappointed, This Scorpio Cut you off, forever. LOL!) Sometimes he’ll act like we’re best friends, and then he’ll act like I’m just his roommate who lives theres. Its’ so weird.

    I hear you guys about the Moon, Yeah, only he’s allowed to be upset… that only works for so long, I’ve figure out ways around that, but the thing This scorpio learned is the more I’ve got him figure out (Since he doesn’t wanna stop playing games.) He’ll evolve, and then I’ve got to get 2 steps ahead of him again, since thats the only way I can’t make sure I’m allowed to be myself it to be smarter than him. It’s sooooo retarded, these games. But I’ve tried to stop playing games only to have him try to take total control over me, and I’ve tried to amputate him 3 times, and well, I keep him as a friend because that shocks the hell out of him and he jumps through hoops and beggs to be at least friends.

    Whenever he gets out of my house he’ll be a good friend, it’s living with Aquarians Day to day and dealing with their games thats annoying. I like stabilty and clearly defind boundaries, you don’t get that with Aquas cause they try to get their needs met all the while lying about it to themselves. So weird.

  61. Weird. I can’t relate to what most of you are saying about your experiences with Aquarius people. I like Aquarius women and Aqua men have tended to support/adore/strenghten me. My father was a late Aqua, an old boyfriend was Aqua with moon in Libra as was a favourite former colleague and my husband is an Aqua with moon in Sage and mars in Cancer (he is the very opposite of detached!). He’s wonderful (I know I’m biased) but my only complaint about Aqua men is that they have a tendency to over-protect me–in work and in personal life. They can also be a bit weak when it comes to negotiating boundaries. One minute they’re talking about cutting a toxic person out of their lives, the next minute they’re having a kind conversation with this same idiot. I chalk this up to kindness but I suppose it could be considered a charactger weakness. I’m not a Scorpio but my personal planets all square Pluto so I tend to amputate. No kindess in this Gemini. LOL.

  62. Yeah… the needs while wanting to not need anybody sucks for us Aquas. We are required to be somewhat independent, not co-, and it is hard for us, too. We were probably all very needy and co-dependent in our last lives and now are supposed to be learning how to take better care of ourselves and the universal family, in Aqua school this time. I think most of us are just trying to learn this stuff because really we are not very good at it yet and need to “get it,” just like Scorps are trying to learn about how to use power appropriately, and so on.

    We also gotta learn about “detachment” which believe me does not come easily for a fixed sign person who can get stubbornly attached (in spite of Uranus sudden change stuff — yes we even contradict ourselves!), but seems to be one of the skills necessary to learn. If we don’t learn detachment, we will have one of those Aqua rebellious rages because we have gotten too attached to our expectations or desires. Aquas try to keep cool, but it can get real hot under there.

  63. Great topic, Elsa!! Love all the observations. I find that spiritually minded astrologers pressure us all to talk about money as it relates to the 2nd house. It’s more politically correct to only refer to it as “values.”

    That’s such a disservice to our clients, especially in the middle of one of the biggest financial crises in 80 years or so. If we can’t look at money, that’s our problem, but if we’re being PAID to throw light on people’s money worries, it’s a rip off to only warble about values. Donna Cunningham

  64. I was just thinking about sexy Scorp too and agree that isn’t always so, though they want you to believe it. They are much more into money and power of all kinds, so if you find those two things sexy then maybe they are. I’m a previously maligned Aquarius, so what do I know. I have been an astrologist for 40 years but can always learn something new.

  65. Aquarius Sun; Aries Moon; Scorpio Rising? I would love to hear about my shadow side. I’m a real newbie. The shadow side might explain alot.

  66. I think, Leslie, that we Aquarius people tend to care much more about what others think of us than
    we ever let on; so we are often left lonely. I think Aqua has a terrible rap for being unfeeling; not true. NOT TRUE. Maybe fearful of caring too much????

  67. I feel that Pisces always gets called out for being
    addictive personalities; in my experiences I would
    mostly agree with this and it saddens me terribly; such amazing spirits who get caught in material webs.

  68. “Yeah… the needs while wanting to not need anybody sucks for us Aquas”

    It sucks for those of us unfortunate enough to fall for you, too! hahaha

    BelovedMoon, after 45 years of intimate relationships with men who have Aquarius, whether Sun Moon or Asc, imo if you are waiting for yours to evolve, you have have a long wait coming!

    For me the big taboo, on this site at least, is saying that Scorpios are no more intense, sexy and special than any other sign! I’ve known a lot, and I just don’t see it. A few are – but then so are a few Tauruses, Capricorns etc etc, It;s the totality of the chart which makes for a special person imo

    I guess the big taboo for an astrologer is clearly seeing something quite negative in a chart, eg the holder being seriously manipulative and selfish. How much to say?

  69. Connie, yes I care very much what people think of me. I’ve done alot of things just because I thought someone would like me better. Thanks for responding.

  70. Let’s talk about the real meaning of the houses-

    6th house-it’s not about work and health, but servitude and illness.

    8th house-it’s not about sex, it’s about death and other people’s money.

    12th house-it’s self undoing, and other problems. Having planets in there will not make you psychic.

  71. Having 4 planets (including sun) & asc in 12th house I’d rather not think of it as the house of undoing 🙂 🙂 That sounds too scary for me

  72. @josefina
    Bad aspects or good, it doesn’t matter. 🙂 Some people like more struggle in their relationshops (hard aspects), some like more flow (easy aspects). But if none of “the big three” — sun, moon, asc — are aspecting each other somehow, then it’s highly unlikely that anything’s going to get off the ground relationship-wise.

    Yeah, if his/her Venus is on your sun, you might get smitten (or vice-versa). Mars to a personal planet might make you hot under the collar, and so on through the planets. But if the foundation’s not there … ? *plane falling hand motion* Not good odds, my friend.

    Ya feelin’ me? *grins*

  73. ..this perhaps isn’t so much a taboo topic, but i think it’s definitely a taboo (and impossible) statement.

    NEVER, NEVER, EVER.. tell a scorpio “I’VE GOT YOU FIGURED OUT..” i swear you’ll get bitch slapped so hard you won’t even know what sign you are anymore.

    first off.. no one can ever truly “figure out” a scorpio, including said scorpio.. second, we like it that way.. we want it that way, and having some snooty sadge come and tell me i’m an open book is a sure FIRE was to make this WATER boil.

  74. How about the dark side of Pisces?

    There are a lot of good Pisces, but I’ve known some pretty deceptive ones!

  75. As a newbie young astrology student all I can say is this, I think the dark side of it all should be discussed and easily available. And the only reason I say this is because when people are first drawn to astro it is because something is not working and they are seeking answers and when people are in trouble or need help they don’t to hear how good everything is. I mean what good does it do for oh yeah everything is going to be fine when you are dealing with the negative/dark side of an energy. I just think people can better deal and cope when they know what they are up against, you don’t have to like, but at least you know what you are dealing with. From my friends who are not deep into astro they usually respond with, “Yeah my horoscope said this, this, and this, and I don’t believe it. The total opposite just happened.” well yeah the total opposite just happened cause that is the dark side of the same energy, but none the less they stop believing and chalk up astro to just a bunch of hub bub.

  76. Debbie Kempton Smith put it best in her book – Aquarians don’t have blood running through their veins..its IBM copy fluid! Lol. Priceless.
    I should know – my two best friends growing up were born in the ‘great aquarius conjunction’ in Feb of 1962. They each have 6 planets in Aquarius!!! I tend to see it in Geminis just as much.

    Taboo- let’s see
    Scorpio vindictiveness
    Shadow side of Saturn in Scorpio – twisted!

  77. OMG! The aquarians. What about venus in aquarius?
    They just don’t give a crap pretty much. And I attract them becuase I am not normal, very quirky, but they are like poison to me. Bad Juju.

  78. feel they are the truly detached and unfeeling ones, but they are definitely deceptive in so many ways, I think they fool themselves most of all. Tricky.

  79. Met her years ago when her book came out. Loved her and her lecture, so funny and true. The book is one of my faves.

  80. @Glenn I looked up darkside astrology and found this:
    When Scorpios shed their Ms. Manners persona out pops a sex-mad control freak.

    Capricorns are really bean-counting misanthropes.

    Aries are head banging psychos.

    Now I am Capricorn and when not at work I am awful with money. But yep I have truly misanthropic moments. Having an aries father and a scorp hubby-yep to the other two.

    I would love to see what Libras dark side is. 20 bucks says its mine.(ha)

  81. I need to say LEO lots of leo and their love to be the centre of the world , its annoying their attempts for compliments sorry but at time pathetic kinda give me a break and get over yourself or is it my virgo talking !!

  82. @ Daisy + comment #107

    you are dead on the money!!!

    so, cruel to try to force a smile onto someone’s attempt to understand and thus overcome their pain

  83. Holy CRAP Elsa! Over 100 comments on this blog. You’ve opened the proverbial can of worms haven’t you? 😉

    I have to say that all of the Aquarians I’ve come into contact with so far (one being an older sibling) definitely reinforces the dark side of their personality. The lying thing, man o man its bad! And yes this would definitely be a taboo topic I think. But then none of us like to hear about our dark side, do we?

    Any conversation about one sign or another’s dark side or negative traits seems taboo. We all have them but no one seems to want to talk about it.

    I think others have touched on this one, but the Virgo kinky sex thing is also a ‘no-no’. Virgo is the sign of the virgin, right? So how could that manifest as kink? Indeed….. 🙂

  84. Aquarians have so many annoying aspects! LOL! One thing I’ve noticed is they LOVE you and then HATE you. And it’s on a dime. And they do that with other things aside from people, too. A food item? LOVE IT. Two bites later? UGH HATE IT. Fickle, fickle. A song? OMG THIS SONG ROCKS! Another play of the chorus comes on, “Turn it off? I’m tired of it.”

  85. It’s so reassuring to be reading all the negative characteristics of my sun sign, and my Mercury, i.e., AQUARIUS. I just thought I was totally bonkers. I must say I have a Sun that aspects not one other planet; does that make it all worse for me??

  86. My only Aquarius is the ascendant in 5deg21. Wide square with Pluto 3deg54 and even wider trine Uranus 5deg. I don’t think I am TOO horrible. I don’t try to hide the weirdness and am not defensive about it and people seem to embrace or respect that mostly. I attract a lot of freaks and random people like to unload their probs on me for some reason, but who knows if that has to do with aqua.

    Also, it is my opinion that the shadow sides of each of the signs are all potentially terrifying. If I had to choose, I’d say the water signs are the most capable of putting the fear of god in a wo/man. An aquarian might mess with someone’s mind or give the cold shoulder, but cancer might well stab you.
    No offense meant. Love crabs to death!

    • Don’t know why Marc Edmund Jones is not still widely referred to. His book-Astrology, How and why it works- mostly incomprehensible to the average intellect, has the most realistic description of the signs, no sugar coating. He explains the signs, also the nature of fire, water etc and does describe water signs as being the best “terrorists”. Have found his observations so accurate.

  87. Yea my avatar is Aquarius. It’s WAY cooler to be Aquarius in astrology than to be Taurus…. Aqua is (supposedly) more evolved than earthy and juvenile Taurus! haha

    I think one aspect of Aqua I don’t see mentioned much is their stubborness.

    • Taurus rule the world. They have the highest positions everywhere. Always get the job, keep the job forever, steamroll anyone who they even sniff may be threat to them. Money, money, money.

  88. Daisy-
    Have observed a lot of Virgo men over the years with very strange sexual peccadilloes, not limited to s&m stuff, pedophilia. Enough to make me wary.
    Again, people like to unload their problems on me… May be too good of a listener.

  89. My step father is aquarius and he seem to like to contradict himself a lot. One day, we can be talking about any subject, potilics, religion, sex, whatever, and he epresses his opinion on that. He can be really convincing so I come to agree with him. Three weeks later, the same subject surfaces on a conversation, maybe with other people, I express my opinion, which is the same he said thrre weeks ago, and now he takes the oppsite side, and not only that but he treats me like if I’m stupid or naive or just very wrong for saying something like that. And I’m like: ”don’t you remember you said the same thing I’m saying now just three weeks ago, and it was actually you who convinced because you presented a really strong case”

  90. I’m an Aquarius and you bet I know I have a dark side. The only thing is that it ususlly doesn’t show up unless I’ved helped someone and they really didn’t need it. Then I can go from Humanitarium to your worst nitemare, but then again we only see ourselves as we see something in someone else that we may not like. I for one would love to know an Aquarius’ darkside so I can watch myself and fix it before I hurt someone or myself from lack of information!

  91. My personal opinion, folks would be better served to stop being afraid of the dark, turn the friggin light on, see whats been hiding in there and sort it or turf it out 🙂 nothin to be afraid of, its only you or at least your own negative potential, note the word potential there.

    See theres me, I like to believe I am a nuturing emotional person (cancer sun), who tries to be fair to everyone so everyone wins (libra asc/moon), the fact is alot of people find me a wishywashy pain in the ass (excuse the crab pun lol)that usually brings out my scopio ist house and my 12th house moon and hey ho this is me cursing you from my hiding place hehehehehehe(meant to sound like a stereotypical witches cackle)then once ive calmed down I come back and talk to you like any self righteous bitch who has saturn in late capricorn. Yep thats my dark side, I know its there and well, i think i have just about turned it into the “everyone hates Lily comedy show” and THAT is how i love to work with it. Turn it into the overdramatic melodrama that my stellium in leo loves and have a realllllllly good laugh at myself before as a last resort my pluto in virgo tries to fire the hell fire and brimstone from my 11th house.

    See there, now is that the bluelily you thought you knew? well she’s my evil twin and once i knew she was there, I knew exactly what to do with her.

    Love this topic Elsa!!! absolutely!

  92. I have a question about the dark side of Aquarius. My friend’s toddler, who is a Scorp Sun/Aquarius Moon, is a self-centered, willful, sensitive, intense child. His daycare providers think he is exhibiting early signs of autism, I thought it was just his detached Aquarius moon. Is there an astrology to autism or maybe an Aquarius placement can be socially and emotionally crippling? I’m still on the fence about what the ladies at daycare say, just curious.

  93. @bluelily… aren’t you being a bit tough on yourself? You’ve made comments that have made me smile all day! True!
    You have your dark side well under control 😉

  94. @hardcorewatersign… I know a Scorp Sun with an Aqua Moon who thaught he was some kind of psycho because he was SO detached & felt BAD about his lack of empathy.
    Day Care Ladies may speculate… are they Astrology savvy? Hmmm

  95. I was engaged to an Aqua Sun, Scorp Rising, Cap Moon and for the all the great qualities he has…the dark stuff was scary. I watched him throw people under the bus on a daily basis. He would find someone to “help” and then once they got on their feet..he would find ways to sabotage them. But, it was never obvious to them what he was he doing. This did not set well with me, but my Venus in Pisces assumed that he was doing unconsciously. I casually mentioned his pattern to him and he smiled and kissed me on the cheek and said something like. ” See, you get me. That’s why I am with you.” I met him in 1994, but we did not start dating until 2009. I saw the way he worked over his Aquarius ex wife. And it made me nervous for my emotional safety. Especially, since I was onto to his game and the motivations behind it. Even though we are no longer together..I still look over my shoulder.

  96. My Sun is in Scorpio in the 9th my rising is Aqua and my moon is in Taurus in the 3rd. I personally believe that all the signs have both a positive and a negative aspect. Some signs are kind of like the little girl with the curl when they are good they are very very good but when they are bad they are fucking horrid. Some folks only exhibit the negative aspects and that very well may be because of their planet placements but what gets me is they don’t even try all that hard to adopt some of the more positive aspects.

  97. If using astrology to predict a person’s death isn’t taboo it sure ought to be! I’ll never forget an initial consult with an astrologer who immediately started out with telling me that she saw me dying from a long, drawn-out illness rather than something quick like a car accident! Not sure I heard the rest of session – couldn’t process much right after that one.

  98. I agree with Alessandra Derniat, JoFrance and Elsa that predicting death has got to be the most Taboo and it does cause grievous harm. I believe you can tell someone that they need to be aware that heath issues could come with the next transit or there is an aspect that could bring on serious health issues but to tell someone they are going to die is unethical. I read cards and if I don’t know the person I’m reading I always tell then please don’t ask the cards when you are going to die it for one gives a bizarre fucked off reading that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. My sister reads cards and palms she is very accurate especially with the palm but she will tell you to be aware that there may be some very serious health issues in X number of months or years or at around a certain age but she will not tell you if she see death as it is unethical.

  99. All right being provocative us putting the cart before the horse. Bringing up the taboo does provoke. So it’s a semantic issue…:)
    Didn’t Aquarius have something to do with eatting his children? And didn’t Saturn cast rate him in mythology? All air signs have a caustic side. I’ve heard some astrologers say the most tyrannical sign is not Scorpio but Gemini. Libra demands harmony…she was a goddess of war.

  100. Why is it considered taboo to bring up the shadow side of Aquarius? I have an Aquarius ascendant and have no problem acknowledging my many airy flaws. Stubborn, pathologically commitmentphobic, at times cold as ice. Those are just a few.

  101. Great thread. My dad has 5 planets and his NN in Aquarius in the 1st house — he aggressively detaches. It’s super sad to watch, he’s a textbook narcissist, that generation of white men who are really not in touch with their feelings.

    Amazingly, his P is in the 7th, and he’s on his third wife. They’re actually pretty happy (she even has P in the 1st, which he caters to). But God forbid anyone else should come into the mix or demand his attention — He can only handle having one main person in his life, he gets his needs met this way, everyone else be damned.

  102. Most of my boyfriends throughout my life, and now my husband are aquarians. I am sun sag cancer moon libra rising and Pluto and Uranus in 11th house, which might be relevant. I love aquarian males big time. The passion I feel from them is almost palpable! It might be a coincidence but my aquarian partners have all been passionate and possessive with me. Yes they can be detached, arrogant and manipulative but I worked out through bloody mindedness the only way to deal with Aquarius is to out-aquarian them! They love it. When they get weird I disappear and follow new hobbies, check out old friends and generally make myself unavailable- drives ’em WILD. They are very very sexy, too! In fact I have always felt an almost metaphysical affinity with them – is that weird?

  103. We two people want to hear they belong together and really they are a tough fit. Otherwise why would they be asking in the first place?

  104. ha! I love this. I’m an Aquarian in a relationship with an Aquarian (maybe? I don’t know anymore, I’d like it to end but he seems to be ignoring that fact). Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’d like to know more about it because hopefully I’m not displaying it and secondly, I think my boyfriend is. There is always a reason why he is right even though he knows it’s morally wrong. But it’s hard to find fault with his arguments at the time.

  105. Aquarius are arrogants, snob and proud. They are too mental, its missing the heart thing. My mom is aquarius moon in aries. Super cold..

  106. you don’t get it. “humanitarian” doesn’t mean to feed you your little soup with your favorite spoon and kiss you good night. it means to cut your little soup half and give the hungry one your other half, which will, of course, make your watery little ass cry.
    Yeah we are assholes, but it takes an asshole to be a humanitarian.

  107. and another thing… we don’t “run away from our feelings cause we are scared, hurt, shy..” or whatever the pathetic reason you like to tell youself in order to comfort yourself that you understood us (you never will). cause we operate on a positivity-level. we’re about improvement. imagine a water bearer giving the water to the thirsty. while you sit there and begin your little attachment, there are other thirsty people that are not given water cause of you. that’s why we actually don’t have a shadow. you get what you get. we are here, and then we are gone. there is no reason. we just felt like it. deal with it.

  108. (what i wrote here are all ideas; this is the presentation of the function of Uranus, of course. i hope you understand the metaphors. all people are different and have different emotional responses. i actually can’t stand detached aqua moons. but i let them be. i just can’t stand misinterpretations and “aquarius should be more attached…” bullshit. we shouldn’t, that’s why we are aquas. go find yourself a cancer.)

  109. I am grateful to have an Aquarius ascendant because my ability to detach helped me survive more “sensitive, nurturing” attached types whose only true attachment was their need to control other people so they could feel better about themselves.

  110. Mars in Aqua sexuality can be off-putting to some. We’re not too into intimacy and lovey-dovey sex (see also Hugh Hefner). I prefer online and phone sex over being close to someone. I also have Sun conjunct Uranus.

    My ex had his Mars (conjunct Mercury) in Aquarius (Sun too) and he would dig up the most disgusting porn and we would laugh at it. When he posted his findings on this online chat group (where we met of course) most people really did NOT laugh at it. They thought we were well disgusting and deserving of each other. Which we were! We also shared similar views and would passionately hate people who we thought were oppressive towards already unfortunate groups of people. We hated people who looked down on the homeless, poor, ill, people who had an unfortunate upbringing and therefore couldn’t succeed in life as well as some. We would wish for these dicks to have terrible hardships in their lives so they’d understand. So in a sense we were humanitarian as in we rooted for the underdog but at the same time hoped for bad things to happen to the privileged. We liked humanity as a concept but didn’t like most people.

    • There’s also a tendency to feel intellectually superior and to disregard overly sensitive and emotional people. Also being a humanitarian, to me, doesn’t mean nurturing people. It needs to be rational rather than emotional.

      • I can’t get my shit together to write a one coherent post can I…

        Anyway I don’t understand why this is a taboo subject. At least me and my ex were well aware of our “shadow side” as it were, and we were in fact proud of it.

  111. I’m an Aquarius Sun (mars and mercury all conjunct)and I can totally see the shadow side Aquarius would show. This is going to sound biased not, but I’ve mostly seen it in Aqua man – they are always right and will go to extremes to make sure you understand they are right. They will also tend to explain it all rationally both for themselves (internally) and externally to you. Also, they will not hear anything you say that doesn’t fit with their world view – it’s like they can’t fathom something different so it’s simply rejected and never enters their mind.
    That said, I probably do the same things but am not aware of it. 🙂 One thing I do know, I like to play the devil’s advocate and people don’t appreciate that much.

    • Ha ha this is my lovely acqua husband! He tries to do this and I laugh at him and ridicule him and parody him and remind him what he said 5 years ago that contradicts what he’s saying. In fact, I ‘out logic’ him every time – it’s hilarious. (I’ve got sag sun in third house). He gets confused and mixed up and then shuts up. Poor guy. I guess I’ll be replaced by a sympathetic 18 year old at some point…

  112. Wow. Most of my in-laws are Aquarians and these comments hit the nail on the head, especially lately, now that the micro-thin veneer has fallen off their lives. In hindsight I can see it but at the time I just didn’t consider any shadow side to that sign. Would you think it’s taboo or just a feature that gets missed? I would agree that death predictions are the ultimate taboo yet I can’t help wondering what placements might point that way. I’ve always felt like I would die in an accident, altercation or event. Maybe that’s just Mars/Leo seeking drama.

  113. I don’t have a single Aquarian friend, that I know of…..I have many Virgo friends and relatives, whom I generally respect and love. However, I have noticed something about Virgos that astrologers don’t talk about, which is that Virgos are quite secretive and paranoid about their privacy. One of our Virgo sons is very outgoing in general, but he tightly controls what he lets us know about his activities, and has done so since he was a tot…

  114. In reference to Aquarius: Okay, at the risk of being run out of town on a rail, according to Astrotheme, as I think they use Jeane Dixon as a reference, isn’t the Anti Christ a triple Aquarius? It would make sense, complete detachment.

    And according to Astrotheme, they list Jesus’ birthday with Pisces Moon and Aquarius Moon. I always found this intriguing. It seems that when one is entrusted with great responsibilities, a certain amount of detachment may be required but COMPLETE detachment is scary. Does anyone else understand what I am trying to convey?

  115. How about how each sign sabotages themselves and other? What types of revenge would they be likely to take. This is shadow work too.

  116. My biggest issue is with Libra and how they are always painted as being delicate, charming, and the wining/dining types. Everyone that I have ever been in contact with is the exact opposite of all of these things. I really wish someone would publish an article on the worst Libran traits.

  117. I see so many articles saying that Librans want peace at any price. Not the ones that I know. They positively LOVE fighting and arguing. They like to needle others just to get a reaction from them. The more I read about Librans the more I suspect they are an offshoot of Scorpio.

    Being a Virgo, I am thinking that Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio are a lot alike.

    • Reading this Sunday morning, sorry about all the posts, don’t think anyone will read anyway.
      Have to comment on Libra. Libra mother, her sister ( my blood Aunty),Aunty in law
      adult son, many friends come and gone. And do they love to fight!!! They seem to like to suddenly turn on you, and shred you to pieces! No apologies, just act like it didn’t happen.
      Yes, they do rule war and are expert strategists. Cardinal signs love drama, and will stir up trouble for the sake of it.
      Don’t mistake me, their love is real enough. Enjoy them, but guard your heart.

  118. Is it taboo to suggest that many Aries are big babies? Scaredy-cats masquerading as brave adventurers? It’s my experience that a lot of their bravado is just barely hiding a whimpering blob of fear and nerves. Mars is always on the move because he doesn’t want you to see him cry. Aggression outside to cover terror inside. Self-righteous covering self-doubt. Much experience with this one!

    • You’re right, Aries puts out this big badass front to make others back off from them. But I have seen Aries beat the living shit out of others for pissing them off. So they throw out that bravado and if necessary can and will back it up.

  119. Taboo subjects I have noticed in my practice:

    Mars in Virgo – ‘magic wand’ penis that vibrates and gives orgasm even without moving. Virgos who get turned only when they feel the other needs sex to heal. Doesn’t matter if ugly or beautiful. Though want to be seen with beautiful person in public. Narcissism.

    Pisces – Out to help the underdog but also on the looking for a rich sugar momma/daddy.

    Libra – Doesn’t break up completely with someone and just slowly pulls out of a relationship until they are have built the foundation with someone or something else. The mistake is that many say Libra is co-dependent and has a need for relationship, truth is they are very independent and sometimes just use people for their needs of the day.

    Leo – lack of an distinct ego. Childish selfishness and childish tears. They have never left the world of an abandoned child, never find love of their parent.

    Aries – Are conscious of the fact they cut things short and use their charm purposefully and not because they are wired with short attention spans or it is something automatic in their makeup they can’t control. They are well aware it “works for them” and makes their lives go the way they want. considering they have just “left” Pisces as a sign and know God’s will. There is an innate “preciousness” and ‘chosen one’ attitude.

    Taurus – Simply low IQ’s. Duh.

    Cancer – Energy suckers not in the beginning of a conversation, but towards the end before they are about to leave and you are caught off guard.

    Scorpio – How they want to see people writhe in pain to test if their magnetic web is strong enough to “hold” their victim.

    Sagittarius – Cheapskate behavior. Buying present for others they want to use for themselves. Bored when the conversation veers away from what they want to discuss and where they want to go and what they want to do.

    Gemini – Dependency on fuel. If they haven’t eaten at a proper time becoming progressively angry. You can see their blood sugar effecting their vibe.

    Capricorn – motto – Go big or go home…behind their continual dissatisfaction with everything hides this shadow. Will get ill and die just to prove life didn’t give them what they deserve.

    Aquarian – Promises and offers ultimate mental – spiritual erotic connection vibe to partner only to mentally masturbate and when they masturbate can’t even achieve orgasm unless at the time of sex the fantasy playing in their head can roll. Their hidden androgyny/asexuality. Good whores and gigilos. Never learn their lessons on Earth but pass through the Earth experience as experts in everything.

  120. pluto in aquarius will bring aaaaall the shadow quirky stuff up for examination I guess . . on a second thought, the taboo question IS a great tool to take a look at our own shadow side, individually. And on a third note, talking about the pigeonholing that often goes on in astrology is a huge taboo – and a very thin line to navigate, since, yes, there are common traits but how far can we go on down this path while still being true to the complexity of each chart?

    (also huge taboo on traditional astrologers’ circles is when someone brings even the slightest whiff of modern astrology’s notions into the mix, it can really get them going)

    • I agree with Dora here about the subject of pigeon-holding.

      It’s always in the air at astrology conferences and meetups. But that tendency is more a part of the temperament and personality of the astrologer, traditional astrology in itself attracts a particular type of person. It is a lot more pervasive on my side of the ocean in Europe than the West. I’ve noticed it more in the male astrologer than female in Europe. In the US modern astrologers are a lot more holistic and put synthesis, healing and insight ahead of prediction success.

      I think it comes from when astrology became a ‘prediction whore’ in the middle ages, in order to survive and in the ‘mass unconscious” of an astrologer is the fear their head will get chopped off if their predictions are wrong…lol (joking).

      Astrology is such a delicate art, and its influence on a person in a suggestive state can have huge repercussions in their lives.

      I personally became an astrologer over 30 years ago because of a reading from a traditional astrologer in Greece who absolutely freaked me out. I couldn’t live with the information, he sat there on his throne and when I asked if there was anything I could do to “change my fate” he said no. At that moment I decided to become an astrologer who didn’t do that.

      One of the most helpful things and where the practice took a turn for me was a book ( I can’t remember the name, which had a “scale” for emotions from lowest to highest) shame, apathy, fear etc etc….so did the same with a chart synthesis, would explain and show a client that a particular configuration had these possible effects and gave examples, going up a scale. If the same “ingredients” (aspects) were used in a different way, they would have different outcomes. Part of the art during a reading was to feel out and suggest to the particular client in the particular situation how they could go about using the forces consciously and guiding the situation equipped with knowledge.

      Finally, thanks to the internet, and so many astrologers given a platform to share information, and many thanks to Elsa for being the first astrologer and ever so brave to ever blog so extensively for so many years, the new generation of astrologers won’t have to go through what we had to 30 years ago and spend years sloughing off the constraints of archaic, fearful and fatalistic pronouncements and will have a better chance of having a divine tool to navigate this plane of existence.

      • I agree koheli Elsa is doing a wonderful job here and I keep learning and learning from her (and thanking her for it every chance I get 🙂 ). And yes, the kind of astrology each one of us feels drawn to is tightly linked to our individual temperament. I like the solid structure of traditional astrology but find it too deterministic for my standards – I think people are way too complex to fit them all in too strict categories, so I guess there has to be a balance between delineations and the chaos of reality . and the whole process can make for really interesting discussions (perhaps precisely because there are no set answers). I would really love to take a look at the book you mentioned, in case you happen to remember its name!

  121. Oh yes, I concur completely. Some of the worst a-holes I have met have been Aquarius, so I have no trouble in accepting the taboo of this subject. They were of a certain age, male, and invariably Pluto opposed their sun, which also meant the aspect was mashed up with my moon-Uranus in Leo. There was a perversity, intensity, and inventiveness about the a-hole characteristics that lay just about everything in their path to waste, and only a few people had the perceptiveness or strength to either avoid them or call them out. One tried to wreck my flying career, but it badly backfired on him.
    If you get an Aquarian with no moral compass, you have a runaway train.

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