Top 10 Taboo Topics In Astrology

People say I’m provocative but it is almost never my motive. There are topics I feel are taboo in astrology. These are subjects that really PISS PEOPLE OFF.

I have Mars conjunct Mercury which likes a mental challenge. I wonder if people can help me put a list together.

My vote for the #1 thing that you can’t bring up in astrology circles would be the shadow side of Aquarians.  The other signs are fair game but if you get to talking about the gross and disgusting side of Aquarius, you’re going to have a hideous fight on your hands.

Your turn!

What makes your list of the top 10 taboo topics in astrology?


Top 10 Taboo Topics In Astrology — 197 Comments

  1. How about how each sign sabotages themselves and other? What types of revenge would they be likely to take. This is shadow work too.

  2. My biggest issue is with Libra and how they are always painted as being delicate, charming, and the wining/dining types. Everyone that I have ever been in contact with is the exact opposite of all of these things. I really wish someone would publish an article on the worst Libran traits.

  3. I see so many articles saying that Librans want peace at any price. Not the ones that I know. They positively LOVE fighting and arguing. They like to needle others just to get a reaction from them. The more I read about Librans the more I suspect they are an offshoot of Scorpio.

    Being a Virgo, I am thinking that Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio are a lot alike.

    • Reading this Sunday morning, sorry about all the posts, don’t think anyone will read anyway.
      Have to comment on Libra. Libra mother, her sister ( my blood Aunty),Aunty in law
      adult son, many friends come and gone. And do they love to fight!!! They seem to like to suddenly turn on you, and shred you to pieces! No apologies, just act like it didn’t happen.
      Yes, they do rule war and are expert strategists. Cardinal signs love drama, and will stir up trouble for the sake of it.
      Don’t mistake me, their love is real enough. Enjoy them, but guard your heart.

  4. Is it taboo to suggest that many Aries are big babies? Scaredy-cats masquerading as brave adventurers? It’s my experience that a lot of their bravado is just barely hiding a whimpering blob of fear and nerves. Mars is always on the move because he doesn’t want you to see him cry. Aggression outside to cover terror inside. Self-righteous covering self-doubt. Much experience with this one!

    • You’re right, Aries puts out this big badass front to make others back off from them. But I have seen Aries beat the living shit out of others for pissing them off. So they throw out that bravado and if necessary can and will back it up.

  5. Taboo subjects I have noticed in my practice:

    Mars in Virgo – ‘magic wand’ penis that vibrates and gives orgasm even without moving. Virgos who get turned only when they feel the other needs sex to heal. Doesn’t matter if ugly or beautiful. Though want to be seen with beautiful person in public. Narcissism.

    Pisces – Out to help the underdog but also on the looking for a rich sugar momma/daddy.

    Libra – Doesn’t break up completely with someone and just slowly pulls out of a relationship until they are have built the foundation with someone or something else. The mistake is that many say Libra is co-dependent and has a need for relationship, truth is they are very independent and sometimes just use people for their needs of the day.

    Leo – lack of an distinct ego. Childish selfishness and childish tears. They have never left the world of an abandoned child, never find love of their parent.

    Aries – Are conscious of the fact they cut things short and use their charm purposefully and not because they are wired with short attention spans or it is something automatic in their makeup they can’t control. They are well aware it “works for them” and makes their lives go the way they want. considering they have just “left” Pisces as a sign and know God’s will. There is an innate “preciousness” and ‘chosen one’ attitude.

    Taurus – Simply low IQ’s. Duh.

    Cancer – Energy suckers not in the beginning of a conversation, but towards the end before they are about to leave and you are caught off guard.

    Scorpio – How they want to see people writhe in pain to test if their magnetic web is strong enough to “hold” their victim.

    Sagittarius – Cheapskate behavior. Buying present for others they want to use for themselves. Bored when the conversation veers away from what they want to discuss and where they want to go and what they want to do.

    Gemini – Dependency on fuel. If they haven’t eaten at a proper time becoming progressively angry. You can see their blood sugar effecting their vibe.

    Capricorn – motto – Go big or go home…behind their continual dissatisfaction with everything hides this shadow. Will get ill and die just to prove life didn’t give them what they deserve.

    Aquarian – Promises and offers ultimate mental – spiritual erotic connection vibe to partner only to mentally masturbate and when they masturbate can’t even achieve orgasm unless at the time of sex the fantasy playing in their head can roll. Their hidden androgyny/asexuality. Good whores and gigilos. Never learn their lessons on Earth but pass through the Earth experience as experts in everything.

  6. pluto in aquarius will bring aaaaall the shadow quirky stuff up for examination I guess . . on a second thought, the taboo question IS a great tool to take a look at our own shadow side, individually. And on a third note, talking about the pigeonholing that often goes on in astrology is a huge taboo – and a very thin line to navigate, since, yes, there are common traits but how far can we go on down this path while still being true to the complexity of each chart?

    (also huge taboo on traditional astrologers’ circles is when someone brings even the slightest whiff of modern astrology’s notions into the mix, it can really get them going)

    • I agree with Dora here about the subject of pigeon-holding.

      It’s always in the air at astrology conferences and meetups. But that tendency is more a part of the temperament and personality of the astrologer, traditional astrology in itself attracts a particular type of person. It is a lot more pervasive on my side of the ocean in Europe than the West. I’ve noticed it more in the male astrologer than female in Europe. In the US modern astrologers are a lot more holistic and put synthesis, healing and insight ahead of prediction success.

      I think it comes from when astrology became a ‘prediction whore’ in the middle ages, in order to survive and in the ‘mass unconscious” of an astrologer is the fear their head will get chopped off if their predictions are wrong…lol (joking).

      Astrology is such a delicate art, and its influence on a person in a suggestive state can have huge repercussions in their lives.

      I personally became an astrologer over 30 years ago because of a reading from a traditional astrologer in Greece who absolutely freaked me out. I couldn’t live with the information, he sat there on his throne and when I asked if there was anything I could do to “change my fate” he said no. At that moment I decided to become an astrologer who didn’t do that.

      One of the most helpful things and where the practice took a turn for me was a book ( I can’t remember the name, which had a “scale” for emotions from lowest to highest) shame, apathy, fear etc etc….so did the same with a chart synthesis, would explain and show a client that a particular configuration had these possible effects and gave examples, going up a scale. If the same “ingredients” (aspects) were used in a different way, they would have different outcomes. Part of the art during a reading was to feel out and suggest to the particular client in the particular situation how they could go about using the forces consciously and guiding the situation equipped with knowledge.

      Finally, thanks to the internet, and so many astrologers given a platform to share information, and many thanks to Elsa for being the first astrologer and ever so brave to ever blog so extensively for so many years, the new generation of astrologers won’t have to go through what we had to 30 years ago and spend years sloughing off the constraints of archaic, fearful and fatalistic pronouncements and will have a better chance of having a divine tool to navigate this plane of existence.

      • I agree koheli Elsa is doing a wonderful job here and I keep learning and learning from her (and thanking her for it every chance I get 🙂 ). And yes, the kind of astrology each one of us feels drawn to is tightly linked to our individual temperament. I like the solid structure of traditional astrology but find it too deterministic for my standards – I think people are way too complex to fit them all in too strict categories, so I guess there has to be a balance between delineations and the chaos of reality . and the whole process can make for really interesting discussions (perhaps precisely because there are no set answers). I would really love to take a look at the book you mentioned, in case you happen to remember its name!

  7. Oh yes, I concur completely. Some of the worst a-holes I have met have been Aquarius, so I have no trouble in accepting the taboo of this subject. They were of a certain age, male, and invariably Pluto opposed their sun, which also meant the aspect was mashed up with my moon-Uranus in Leo. There was a perversity, intensity, and inventiveness about the a-hole characteristics that lay just about everything in their path to waste, and only a few people had the perceptiveness or strength to either avoid them or call them out. One tried to wreck my flying career, but it badly backfired on him.
    If you get an Aquarian with no moral compass, you have a runaway train.

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