Are Composite Charts More Important Then Synastry?

planets“In your style, do you feel composite charts are more, less or just as significant as synastry? I know that every astrologer has a different style & preference. Just wondering what your take on it is. Are they both different but hold just the same weight of importance?”

They are both significant but for different things. Synastry shows how two people interact. She feels thwarted by him. He feels supported by her. They butt heads all the time or whatever.

A composite chart shows how the relationship functions. It’s a hypothetical! You can put charts of any two people together but if there is no real life relationship, it’s meaningless.

That said, I love composite charts. Provided a relationship forms, they give a strong indication of how two people are going to fare.

I see couples where the synastry is so-so but the relationship is great. If I check the composite, it’s blatantly obvious why.

The chart is a map of a person’s energy. Taking two charts and comparing them is like taking two people and comparing them. It’s supposedly precise and analytical which is  ludicrous!

“Okay. Her Saturn is on his Sun, so she’s going to oppress him!” the (beginner) astrologer announces.

How do we know that?
How do we know how this person uses their Saturn?
How is Saturn aspected in the chart?
Is it well aspected or involved in a train wreck with Venus, Mars and Pluto?

Don’t you think this is going to impact what that gal does with her Saturn? I do. It gets complicated!

This is one of reasons why synastry by the book, to the letter does not always compute.   “It says here, he is supposed to love me…”

Synastry is not that simple.  A composite chart is much easier to read.

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Are Composite Charts More Important Then Synastry? — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks elsa, this is wonderful. I am new to your website and I LOVE it when you write about stuff like this. Becuase its like your passing on your teachings to us. Youre world-class. I love it. You say whats not in the books!

  2. I use both methods together. If I get results, I don’t really care how I get them, as long as they’re relevant. Synastry will quickly tell you the obvious obstacles, while the composite tells you what’s not so obvious. Both charts should function together at least so-so. If you have a Saturn on Lilith on Algol square to the partner’s Leo AC, Sun and Moon, I think there may be some friction. If both are mature enough and love is there, even this can be overcome, but it will take some hard work and serious compromises. If the same Saturn/Lilith/Algol sits on the composite Pluto/Lilith, you’re playing with fire. Add a Mars sq Mars without easy aspects, one Mars opposing the above Stellium on Algol, you have a really loud couple with no chance in Hell. If this is the case, any questions will probably reflect the situation. “Why is she nagging all the time?” “He only cares about himself and never listens!” “She’s like a black cloud over my head!” “Can you imagine he farted in front of my mother and never apologized?”

    You can create your own scenarios, if you like, but real couples make much better material. If you’re divorced, you have excellent material and first hand experience to decipher it with. Divorces and breakups among friends and family are good for study too. Something went wrong and all you have to do is find it.

  3. I start with the synastry… and if the thing is real, i check the composite.

    ~aways learning~

    Recently i got intrigued with a woman’s lilith tightly conjunct my Sun… our 1st contact was through the network, i wonder if ill met her, i mean, if i choose to, cause she is willing… it will probably to feel that energy. Its a 4th house Lilith in Cancer in my 11th house Cancer Sun.

  4. An obvious Lilithian encounter like the one you described, Paulo, will probably lead to intense sex, pregnancy, a shotgun wedding, lots of family strife, obsessive behavior, unhappiness, mental issues, self esteem issues, drinking, divorce and loss of perfectly good money. She can still be a perfectly good girl, but if she chooses you to warm up her Lilith with your Sun, you’re together for the wrong reasons. For casual sex, this would be a perfect choice, however. Certainly intense enough, even without love. Don’t mistake intensity for love. If she turns out to be bi, don’t be surprised. If she’s otherwise kinky, don’t be surprised. If she’s apparently normal, then changes completely and blames you for it, don’t be surprised.

    If, however, she’s an advanced soul who can deal with her own issues and doesn’t allow them to fester, there may be little for Lilith to work on. That still doesn’t mean you’re immune to Lilith yourself. If you have any issues you’d rather not deal with or have not identified as issues, you’re toast. Look for friendly aspects between your Liliths to see if they’re working together against you. Two Liliths in the same sign are also bad. Lilith with Pluto, bad. If you’re Buddha, none of these apply and you should be safe. That still doesn’t mean Lilith couldn’t drive HER crazy.

  5. How do you deal with a heavy Saturn focused composite when the synastry is based on a lots fun loving aspects and strong fifth house overlays. It seems to be a pattern for me to deal with wildly divergent energies between synastry charts and the composite. I guess another factor are what kinds of things are people attracted to and also what kinds of relationships they are interested in…

  6. I love composite charts!

    The last one I purchased from you was of me and a key person in my current life. It was bang on! We function exactly as described.

  7. Natal to Composite synastry is fascinating.

    Things get really interesting when you look at…

    (1) The Composite house that the natal chart ruling planet resides; and

    (2) The Natal house that the Composite Sun and Moon reside.

  8. What type of composite is the best – midpoint or Davidson? There is also something called the multi composite. Do you relocate? Do you read all the planets in the composite or just the personal ones? Do you pay attention to angles (if time is off for one chart that could vary)? Because there are different types of composites I tend to dismiss them.

  9. Yes, I agree things such as this have many moving parts. It’s like trying to tune into/ perceive a river than having had simple instructions dictated.

    I thought this was both sweet and humorous:

    This is one of reasons why synastry by the book, to the letter does not always compute. “It says here, he is supposed to love me…”

    Synastry is not that simple.

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