Can Relationship Patterns Be Changed Or Is Synastry Hard-Wired?

ALLEGORY OF MARS, VENUS & CUPIDHere’s a bold claim: if you pay attention the first time two people meet, the whole relationship can be told. I think this is the case. The energy between the two people mixes, that fast!

To be clear, I’m talking about the mechanics of the interaction being apparent on a first date. Or in the time it takes to interview for a job.

I told you this was bold. But I’ve watched this for thirty years and observed it to be true. And just think about it…

You know how you can meet a person and feel wary of them? That feeling never goes away, completely.
And what if you’re the one who someone doesn’t trust?  If you stick with that person and invest in them, guess what? They’ll never fully trust you!

As another example, you may meet someone and feel generous and forgiving towards them. Jupiter.  Why would you be really kind to this one person and less forgiving to another person? It’s because of the interaction or the chemistry between you and other.

If you want to investigate this, pay attention the next time you meet someone. Who takes the lead? Who is pursuing who?  Who is open? Who is coy?  Who is honest? Who is lying? Who is helping or resisting?

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Can Relationship Patterns Be Changed Or Is Synastry Hard-Wired? — 19 Comments

  1. I agree 10000 % as I feel energy and chemistry very strongly. However, what baffles me is if you feel completely at ease with someone (man and woman), and the energy is fantastic coming and going both ways, they acknowledge the connection and then…the other person decides to walk away without much of an explanation. Very confusing to me…any insight on this?

  2. I don’t agree with this. Relationships and people are much more complicated. Astrology is also more complex then how you explain it above…

    • Absolutely people are very complicated as are relationships of all kinds whether they are lovers, friends or family. As is astrology. But, aside from that reality, I still agree with Elsa…..I know very quickly if I vibe with someone or not….if you are attuned you will feel the resonance or the repellent.

      • I agree with you Elsa, so not sure how much more fleshing out I can do….unless you mean the person that disagreed.

      • I did not say you said “people are simple”.
        It seems like you are talking about how we like someones energy or not, how we can sense someones energy right away and be pulled in, comfy or be repulsed be it. If thats what you ment then yes that has always been my experience. I just need a few secs or so oftentimes, to seize a person up, or feel the room etc. I will know very fast if our energies will clash, or if we will complete each other, or if someone is fake or cold or selfish etc.

        That does not mean there will be a succesful relationsip though since “potential” and also vibing well with someones energy does not mean it will end good.

        But I dunno, maybe you mean in your post, that one will also deep inside know the “outcome” of a relationship within the first 5 min of interactions? If you ment that…. I think I have been knowing this but I have always pushed that sense and feeling away now to think of it… If I had listened to that feeling and followed it, I would not have made the bad mistakes I have made so far with some of my friends…

    • Telling you and tell your girl friends – long ago girls were told not to have sex with men, until he has a good job to pay bills, he gives you an ring, an apartment fully finished.
      A man must want you and only you because you are an honest lady with self respect.
      Free sex with no strings has ruined children’s lives.

  3. When I first read this, I thought no way! Then I thought about it some more and actually I 100% agree that “…if you pay attention the first time two people meet, the whole relationship can be told”.

    You see the eyes are the windows to the Soul, and when two Souls meet, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be known is known in an instant without a shadow of doubt.

    I think the failings to this come as a result of ego, or consciousness or the mind that is confined to existence in a reality created by social norms yet we live in a multi dimensional Universe. Perhaps the fact that we use a mere ~10% of our brain’s capacity restricts us to visibility of a tiny fraction of the infinite possibilities.

  4. Can a report like this be generated when the time of birth is unknown? I know all but the exact time of my husbands birth. His mother once said she figured it must have been in the morning. Birth certificate did not include it.

  5. I have one more thing to say on this…..when I look back at previous relationships I can always pinpoint something that came up, was said or shared in the FIRST meeting, and that one thing is (in most cases) the issue that breaks the relationship apart. Listen carefully to what people say….there are always clues!

  6. I really agree on this.
    I can mostly relate in regards to dating, but overall most of my relationship dynamics would probably have been a given throughout my life.

    From what I have observed, my moon is very receptive of energy (8H moon). It correlates to my 6th house, where cancer resides.
    This means, that chaotic, negative and positive experiences and chemistry between the people I am around, tends to be expressed in my health and general energy.

    So, to sum it up:
    I suck up people’s energy. And if it’s negative, my health is affected in a negative way.
    If it’s great, then I feel invigorated and stimulated and GOOD.

    I am really becoming energy conscious these days, because negative energy is a really, really bad thing for my health, which is doubly affected these days with the Capricorn/Cancer eclipses – AND my progressed Saturn + Pluto conjunction has moved into the 6th house. This really affects me on the job of course, where I seem to find bosses with bad energy…

  7. If I go back in my mind to the beginning of last loooong relationship
    Day one rather night one I would cry
    It was right there,mr. narcissistic
    Admitting this and reading this right
    Now is a warning!! got to keep my filter on my inside, edit strong
    No no time to play repeat, the way
    I overlooked all the off things and signs
    Fully agree, It is right there
    When in the first meeting 🙁
    Ok shoe doesn’t fit , don’t just
    Toss it or look for another
    No , time to jump !and run barefoot
    When I hunger for another ;
    There is a vampire who could
    Suck the life out of me just waiting in the wings
    Best to use the ole ;eat before you food shop so you don’t get junk
    Trick,right thanx again perfect timing

  8. To be real with you, when I sense in the beginning that someone doesn’t like or isn’t attracted to me, my spines are up immediately.. the thing is my sensation can be wrong.. but at the very least I often end up correct.. sometimes my relationships deepen.. also we don’t always have the chart up which can help our biased analyses that also can be peppered with projection..

    I’m listening to Nick Loewe who you talked about years before I got into him.. I didn’t like “Jesus of Cool” immediately and found it kind of annoying.. but “Crying Inside” is a great song.. but I think I was compelled by him a bit immediately.. music is one thing that doesn’t always hit me immediately..

    What’s weird is for me the relationship with PLACES and the energy of places perpetuates and continues.. others think it’s not true or doubt me on this but here it is..

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