Stellium In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn – “Gravel in your guts, and spit in your eye…”

Pluto will square off with a stellium in Aries over the next few weeks. The keyword for the clash between Mars (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn) is “cruelty”. It’s a word with extreme negative connotation, but it’s just energy which means it’s neutral until it’s directed.

Mars Saturn does denote torture, but there are many ways this can manifest.

For example, have you ever known someone who suffered some terrible accident, illness or medical problem that forced them to have to fight their way back? Is that not torture?

The flip side of Mars Saturn is it gives endurance. It describes a soldier who continues to fight in spite of impediment.

Roy Benavidez comes to mind. He saved the lives of eight men, in spite of being devastatingly injured himself.

This combination gives you “gravel in your guts, and spit in your eye”. These are not bad things so have, on the chance they be needed! “Cruelty” is not a simple concept. This energy exists in life!

Johnny Cash’s, “Boy Named Sue” is a Mars (fight) Saturn (father) story.

Do you have gravel in your guts, and spit in your eye?

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Stellium In Aries Square Pluto In Capricorn – “Gravel in your guts, and spit in your eye…” — 28 Comments

  1. The sheer number of military personnel I know with Mars/Saturn in their chart has really redefined that aspect to me, and I’ve learned I like Mars/Saturn energy! I find it very capable, practical stuff. 🙂

  2. I have Saturn in Leo (4th) with Mars conjunct on one side and Pluto conjunct on the other. I can blow up with the best of them, but it takes a lot to push me to that point – then I get over it quickly. Maybe the sextile from Neptune dissolves it.

  3. SaDiablo,
    I agree. I think it is a military configuration – controlled and directed mars. (I grew up on AirBases all over this USA surrounded by pilots).

  4. I have Saturn conj. moon in 1st house square Sun conj. Mars in 4th house…and at 21 years old due to a virouses i got an illness called miastenia gravis which afects ur muscles and diminiss ur muscular strength so every thing i do became a huge efort…like something bloking me all time…u can call it torture…but despite it i have the strength to endure it and fight till the end no matter what.

  5. Reminds me of the article in the local paper today. It’s grisly, but I found it inspiring. An elderly Jehovah’s Witness woman was attacked by a pitbull that burst through its owner’s screen door. Her fellow door-knocker ran over, grabbed a bat from the owner, and fended the dog off, but it eventually brutally attacked her as well. A man heard the commotion from 2 blocks away, ran to his truck, drove over, and shot the dog with a pistol he kept in the truck.

    Both women survived, but one suffered severe head trauma, broke both hands, and lost an ear, the other almost lost her leg. The first woman wants to get back out working in the field as soon as possible. Their strong faith throughout the ordeal is truly inspiring.

  6. Johnny had a lifetime to live his naming, and as I read this Elsa, I have another story to name my life. A natal Saturn in stellium with Mars and Pluto in the 7&8th Houses I’m always fighting. The demons are internal more than external so the ‘gravel and spit’ need a vent to blow the steam.

    The illness I live with conditions me to make peace with the life and the dying that takes place time and again. Someone said, “Illness is a condition, not an act.” It often feels like torture. Heredity and predisposition conditions … the story and the characters in life make the living something memorable. So, I write the stories.

  7. My solar return is on March 28th. I feel the energy dial has been turned up to high with a stellium in aries in my natal chart! Don’t know if I want to cry, scream or jump up and down with enthusiasm. I feel like a crazy person. 😉 Can you say energy overload? Geesh..

  8. mars quincunx saturn. reminds me of the quote “if you’re going through hell, keep going.” (Winston Churchill) some people hit hell, give up and stay there. I keep going. stick with me.

  9. I have Mars square Saturn and Sun Square Pluto. Sometimes I feel like a boxer who goes down for the count, but while I’m lying there with a mouthful of blood, I gather my strength to pull myself up.

    @Satori, “if you’re going through hell, keep going.” So true. Even when I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I knew it was there.

    Maybe why Spiderman is my favorite Superhero. He takes some serious beatings but the kid never gives up!

  10. I have Mars conj Uranus in Scorpio sextile Saturn and Jupiter. A coworker was telling me the other day “you’re so sweet, but I wouldn’t want to piss you off”. Yes, stay on my good side and I will apply that endurance and fortitude inot helping you improve your life. I will be strong for you. On the other hand I know deep down that I am capable of anything if someone I love is hurt.

  11. I can keep trying and trying to overcome something, almost in a stupid manner. Dust myself off, maybe re-strategize, and try again.

    Saturn in the 1st aspect Mars in the 8th

    My mother has Mars in Capricorn and her prowess with it is definitely shown in her job.

  12. HA! my whole life. conjunct, in the 2nd, in cancer no less. squared the rest of my chart. But this is not news…

  13. @Kristal – I just had my SR yesterday and can totally relate to the energetic overload. I’m starting Yoga this week and hoping that will help.

  14. “He was believed dead after finally being evacuated and was being zipped up in a body bag when he mustered the last of his strength and spit in the face of a medic, thereby alerting nearby medical personnel that he was still alive”

    holey moley

  15. Yeah, Jilly. This is one of those situations where the guy’s entire life might have been for this one day…all those men would have died for sure, had it not been for him and he did it while he was half-dead himself!

  16. I’ve got scorpio rising with a saturn venus scorpio conjunction that saturn retrograde is squatting on. Every I’m going to be alone and I’m a piece of crap dreams and emotions have been exploding out of me until I feel like ok bring it on.
    Is this courage?

  17. Some days I feel buried under the mounting heap of excrement, but most days I feel like the shovel digging out into the sunshine. Mars square Saturn here. This likely has something to do with my Virgo sun/Scorp moon also.

  18. I am another Saturn/Pluto Square Mars Capricorn. I’ve taken up a daily regimen of yoga that has saved my life from melancholy and nihilism(((((The disciplinary aspect))))) so I can be in good humor and spontaneous affection in daily life
    My girlfriend and I of 5 years are seperating, at my bidding: My enthusiasm turns to frustration when she seems unmoved. Its tolerance I am striving to develop, because we share core values. I have my sat/mars/pluto work cut out for me!

  19. A perfect description. I’ve come across the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the chart of someone who has fought obstacles all of his life – things that would force others to give in, he tackles and overcomes. He inspires me beyond anyone else. He is also often on the receiving end of verbal cruelty from others. He remains resilient, regardless. I think of Mars/Saturn also as a “sword in the stone” aspect – only those who will use the sword for good, who will fight valiantly for right – are able to remove it.

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