What Does It Mean If All My Planets Are Bunched Together?

stellium in a chart“Is there any significance to having one side of your chart have all the activity? I was looking as my mother’s chart tonight, and all her planets are aligned on the left side of the chart, with literally nothing going on in the right.”

Yes. You should always note an emphasis of anything in a chart. When you have one that is lopsided it does give information.

Astrologers divide the chart into 4 halves. The top half (called the southern hemisphere), the bottom half (northern hemisphere), or alternately the left and the ride sides of the chart (called western and eastern hemispheres).

In short, people with emphasis on the top half of the chart are public. People with a preponderance of planets in the lower half of the chart are inevitably more private.

Emphasis on the eastern hemisphere inclines a person to be more independent and assertive then someone with emphasis on the western hemisphere who would tend to be a team player.

I have emphasis on the top half of the chart. You see my life is public. I also have emphasis on the right side of the chart and my interest in others is obvious.

Which hemisphere(s) are emphasized in your chart?

The chart pictured has an emphasis on the northern hemisphere…

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What Does It Mean If All My Planets Are Bunched Together? — 69 Comments

  1. “or alternately the left and the ride sides of the chart (called western and eastern hemispheres)”
    Is this backwards? Literally speaking…

    My chart’s got a bit extra going on in the 1st/3rd. Private and independent, indeed. I think the configuration I have is a splay, though.

  2. North and West.

    My planets are bunched up in the 5th, 6th, and 7th houses.

    All of them except for Neptune (and Jupiter, though it’s right on the DSC) are to the north. All of them except for Saturn are to the west.

    I’ve always been private, even to the point of being reclusive. Team player? I try to cooperate (lots of Libra), but I always thought of myself as more independent…probably because I have Aries rising and a Sun/Mars conjunction.

  3. Most are in the 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th but some are in 3rd 4th and either 5th or 6th depending on house system.

    I’ve bounced between being highly visible (public childhood, minor fame as a musician) and being a private homebody (after about age 25 up until now).

    The latter feels best to me.

  4. That is so interesting. I have never read an explanation on this. Cool. I love this astrology for beginners stuff, Elsa. You are wonderful. Thank you.

  5. So acccording to this since ALL my planets are in the bottom section with exception only to Venus in the 12th (same private thing right?) and Saturn in the 10th I should never want to leave my bedroom?

  6. Elsa, to clarify this: it sounds like you are saying that the hemispheres are consistent according to the zodiac not personalized by our individual house systems, is this correct?

    I have a wedge chart in houses 3,4,5,6 of a span of 113 degrees. The signs are Scorpio through Aquarius. So my chart emphasis is north-western? (left is west?)

  7. Ok… so another question… What if you have just as many planets on the top and bottom hemispheres? are there particular houses/planets that may take priority?

    Sorry so many questions… Curiosity gets the best of me! 😛

  8. Western hemisphere here – 4th House through to 10th, so team player yes, but I also read somewhere western hemisphere also waits for others to initiate.

    Hemispheres can give a general emphaisis, ’cause I feel my Sag (8th) and mars conjunction (9th) are independent.

  9. I’ve got emphasis in the northen hemisphere, but no quadrant. It’s equally split east/west.
    The cookbook explanation at lunar living is pretty accurate for this, I think.

    • Im in the same thing, all my planets are in the 5th house, with moon in 4th, mars and north node in 6th, and saturn in 9th, i need help. What to do as a job?

  10. Equal planets in both North and South Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere-oriented.

    So I guess I’m both public and private yet a team player… I really doubt I’m a team player -_-

  11. I’ve got the moon, the sun and mars above the horizon, and all the other planets below. I’ve got jupiter, the moon and saturn on the left and all the other planets on the right. So does that mean I’m a private person who’s a team player? My mother thinks I’m a selfish recluse.

  12. South and West. That “tends to value the opinions of others to the disregard of one’s own” and “may lose connections to individuality in efforts to compromise” does sound just like me.

  13. Oh jeez.

    6 bodies in the northern hemisphere, 4 in the south.
    5 bodies in the western hemisphere, 5 in the east. (counting planets, sun, moon, pluto)

  14. I always wondered about that, because I have more planets in the north, but the heavy hitters- Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are all in the South- so wieghtwise- doesn’t it balance out?

  15. Clustered in the 1st and early 2nd, mostly. A couple in the 3rd near the IC, one in the 5th. All but one planet (Mars in 10th) below the horizon and mostly eastern. Yes, very much about me, and private! But my NN is in Libra (in 3rd), so I’m expanding and learning all about partnership. 🙂

  16. I have an emphasis on the bottom half of my chart with planets in my 2nd,3rd,4th,5th(4 planet stellium) 6th,and 7th houses. So second quadrant emphasis.

    I have one planet and chiron in my 11th house.

    I’m a very private person,but I love having very close deep relationships with people I feel I can trust.

  17. I didn’t even see the link you posted until just now.

    Northern/Western hemisphere emphasis and like I said before 2nd quadrant emphasis.

    Thank you Elsa:-)

  18. oh wow is this information helpful!

    I was feeling blocked from penetrating more astro knowledge, cause stuff was getting too complicated… but whoosh, back to basics, this simple stuff is so potent!

    Many thanks Elsa!!!

  19. hey I was looking at my daughters and was stunned that alot of her planets are all in scorpio. I’m a Scorpio but my planets are a little bit everwhere My daughter’s really puzzles me I’ve never seen something like this…anyone know what this means?
    11/11/06 5:06am

  20. Hi, Christina!
    You’ll get more replies if you post your question on the boards (there’s a link at the top of the page under the grey ElsaElsa banner).
    HTH! 🙂

  21. My younger son has all his planets in houses 10,11,12,1,and 2. He is a very capable and well-liked individual, but I am worried that this bowl shape means he will become a politician!

  22. I have an extremely tight grouping in the South East quadrant. I’m fiercely independent and public. I LOVE astrology!

    My two sons are total opposites in every way. One has a Northern emphasis and the other a Southern.

    The cool thing I noticed after they were born was one shares my Sun sign and the other’s Sun sign is the same as my Ascendant.

    They were also born at the same time – 10:20, one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.

  23. Top and right halves are emphasized for me. It’s really weird because I just don’t see myself as being a public figure or living in public view. But, then again, I also have Neptune on the MC so what do I know?
    I do get the heavy rightsidedness of it..loud and clear.

  24. Awesome!

    This topic is one of the first I picked up on, the pattern of a chart.

    Mine is “right-handed” with my stellium in the north, moon top south. Fame is short-lived, and never of my own doing. :/

  25. Northern hemisphere, the planets are equally split on the east and west side, but both of my luminaries are on the east side and it shows.

  26. 7 Northern to 3 Southern
    7 Eastern to 3 Western

    I have a question, one of my lights/my chart ruler is conjunct jupiter and they are two of the three in the Western group. Given that strength, would my chart ruler/moon still play out as a western hemisphere? Or would it be more drown out by the other 7? Did that make sense?

  27. Definitively an Easter hemisphere emphasized chart… almost perfectly balanced between North South, if it wasnt for the fact that with the exception of my Moon, all my personal planets ate in the South hemisphere.

    If my progressed Sun wasnt hitting my 12th natal house… i would be probably more social that i have been… quite a zero social life atm, and my progressed rising is at Libra… i cant imagine how it will be once it reaches Scorpio in 2017.

  28. As a matter of fact, our house is made up of 2 SouthEast, 1 NorthWest & me the NorthEast. Really seems like we should have a SouthWest in there somewhere, just for variety, I have no idea why I think that?! 🙂

  29. That link is certainly very informative, and for me especially the second page on the quadrants. It’s damn accurate, esp for people I know who have a stellium including their Sun in one house of a quadrant

  30. so let me get this one right..planets on the right side (eastern) make one express independence more and left side the team player? seems it got flipped hear … looks like the ‘self contained’ energy is on the left side and the interactive on the left

  31. All planets on the top half except one. When I was younger, I did not understand why I could never get away with any attempts at being private and more under the radar (people got pissed off and my shyness became seen as aloofness). With astrology, it makes sense!

  32. I have seven planets in the southeastern corner and two in the southwestern corner. I was actually shocked when I first discovered this in my chart when I became interested in Astrology. I’ve always felt invisible and misunderstood. But it’s probably because I am so visible but not really accepted.

    I think part of that top heavy chart configuration can also to some kind of isolation. Like a celebrity (I’m not one but..) who’s life is made public but is incredibly lonely at the same time.

  33. Emphasis on the bottom making me a private person, no surprise because people get to know me slowly. As for the western/eastern I have almost an equal balance on both sides. Eastern 10, Western 9. Private, independent, team player. Nice information to know.

  34. Everything on the left side and with the exception of Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn all of my planets are in the south. A little confusing for a pluto dominate person who tries to keep everything hidden away..

  35. Bah. Kinda late to this party – but I am totally eastern hemisphere. How do I contact another commenter?

    I have all 10 of my planets on the left side – 7 below, 3 above. And does that mean social life is inherently difficult for me? I find I don’t really _need_ friends. I don’t really know what to say after that sentence either, lol.

    • Well, in case you’d somehow be seeing this reply, Verve77, I’m an eastern hemisphere person too (9 planets on the left), more precisely northeastern, and yes, social life is very difficult to me. I’m doing well without friends as well, but sometimes I still wish I had them lol.

      • hmm is your north node on the eastern or western half?

        At least you have 1 planet on the right – all of my stuff is on the left, though spread out all over like a bowl. only chiron is on the right.

        I don’t really have a social life outside work !

  36. I have 9 planets in the northern hemisphere, 4 in the 1H, 1 in 3H, 3 in 5H, and 1 in 6H. Only Jupiter is in the southern, 9H. I have 5 each in the eastern and 4 in western.

  37. About even between the public and private areas but all on the west side showing my fate has usually been in the hands of family, lovers, friends and business partners! Self direction/determination only came many years into this lifetime.

  38. I have planet placements in all four quadrants: 1 in 1st quad; 1 in 2nd quad; 7 in 3rd quad; and 1 in 4th quad. That noted, the 3rd quadrant of relationships has the heaviest influence in my life. My Moon, Mars, and Saturn in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th respective quadrants anchor and fuel me.

  39. All bodies and south node in the Top Half of my natal chart. Very public life. It’s my Uranus in the 6th house that sextiles Mars-Saturn conjunct that pulls me into the cave for periodic and spontaneous escapes. Good thing!

  40. Bottom but with a moon in opposition.

    Makes it hard to be private, and stay private. I want to…but I get pulled into the public at times anyway at times. But, true to my nature…I always head underground when I have had enough. I could never be/stay a public person for long. Blechhhhhhhhhh

  41. It’s not about being “public” or “private”. Rather, it’s about being extraverted or introverted. Top hemisphere = extraverted, bottom hemisphere = introverted.

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