What Does It Mean If All My Planets Are Bunched Together?

stellium in a chart“Is there any significance to having one side of your chart have all the activity? I was looking as my mother’s chart tonight, and all her planets are aligned on the left side of the chart, with literally nothing going on in the right.”

Yes. You should always note an emphasis of anything in a chart. When you have one that is lopsided it does give information.

Astrologers divide the chart into 4 halves. The top half (called the southern hemisphere), the bottom half (northern hemisphere), or alternately the left and the ride sides of the chart (called western and eastern hemispheres).

In short, people with emphasis on the top half of the chart are public. People with a preponderance of planets in the lower half of the chart are inevitably more private.

Emphasis on the eastern hemisphere inclines a person to be more independent and assertive then someone with emphasis on the western hemisphere who would tend to be a team player.

I have emphasis on the top half of the chart. You see my life is public. I also have emphasis on the right side of the chart and my interest in others is obvious.

Which hemisphere(s) are emphasized in your chart?

The chart pictured has an emphasis on the northern hemisphere…

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