Scorpio: The Least Appreciated Sign In Relationship By Far

brown scorpianI figured the title would get your attention. Scorpio always gets attention but I really think most miss Scorpio like missing the side of a barn. 8th house types too and I will explain.

Scorpio has and ungodly amount of power. This is why people are attracted (and repelled). They are disturbed.

Scorpio gets you by the balls basically and some people don’t like to admit they have balls so you see the problem.

But even people who like Scorpio or love Scorpio seem profoundly confused and unaware of what they getting from the the bug because the energy is just so hidden. They don’t realize they’re thriving because of the Scorpio in their life. They don’t realize they are being fed at the root and they are thriving because of it.

So scared of the power, they don’t realize it is the Scorpio providing their vital nutrients and consequently there’s no appreciation. Scorpio is the bastard you have to defend against – he or she is going to come in and rape you I guess. Scorpio is the shadow, the thing you want to cut off from and defend against. I see this every day.

I am forever having to tell people what they are getting from the Plutonian in their life – high quality energy. Want a tiger in your tank? Scorpio provides this and hardly anyone recognizes it, so concerned they are that the Scorpio is going to do something nasty.

Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved.

I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???

Tell us about your experiences with Scorpio…



Scorpio: The Least Appreciated Sign In Relationship By Far — 211 Comments

  1. First man I ever loved had a Scorpio stellium, including the Sun, and he made me feel that way (energized, etc.).

    However, since some might see that as a biased example, I can add my best friend. She’s actually only a few days older than the first example, so also has that stellium, plus Scorpio rising. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions in any situation we’re in. She, most importantly, *has my back.* She isn’t afraid of the parts of life most others don’t care to see, works in a hospital for the mentally insane and does a fantastic job.

    I could go on and on about her. She’s the friend I can take anywhere and show off, a friend I know will always be there. We met very randomly – one of those situations where a series of events led us to each other – and I can’t imagine not having her in my life! (Not to say she doesn’t drive me crazy sometimes 😉 )

    I know a lot of Scorpios – sister has a Scorpio moon, and she wears it well. Another Scorpio Sun friend of mine is the most loyal person on this earth…

  2. Scorpio exudes energy at all times. They literally provide life support and most are absolutely oblivious.

    As a result Scorpio twists.

    • This actually helps may be !
      Hi I am a Pisces. I had a relationship with a scorpio.
      I am an Indian where cast, religions, traditions,customs are followed till the core. Unfortunately I was told that he couldn’t marry me at first (due to difference in cast),as we really felt in love,later I was told to be practical all the way !!. And obviously its hard for me…we were there was 2 years together.
      in the middle had a gap for 8 months because I tried to run from him due to d fact he was too possessive. I could not run much far..I came back !
      And now I can’t get over him, the sad part is he’s getting married as I was told.
      Scorpions have really get the energy !…I really love him. It’s hard to be practical as a pisces. Scorpions really gets over exes but my love will be burried in his heart. But it will be just burried !!
      he ill move on..make a transformation and change thats what a scorpio does !
      His energy in me makes me feel like. I m in love and want to keep forever in my heart till my last breadth. But feels murdered by him when I feel he will may not be there.

    • As they should. What about when someone shows too much appreciation? Have you seen this? When someone is so obsessed, so consumed, they actually worship. I’ve seen it and I have to say it’s not attractive.

  3. I’ll say on the behalf of Scorpios everywhere, thank you for understanding and writing this! LOL! Very timely.

  4. My good friend is a scorpio. During the obsessive relationship with my ex she was there to tell me i was talking too much about him. It was like a cut to hear it from her. After ranting about it for a bit I realized she was right and called her the next day to meet for brunch. It was after that that I really started to pull my energy out of the relationship – first by simply talking about other things. Other people tried in other ways to get me to pull out but only a scorpio can do it with a quick observation/line.

  5. Ive got a scorpio stellium and Ive always associated with Scorpios. They are the ones who can say something that if anyone else said I would be totally offended, but coming from them it is so stripped of bullshit pretense and steeped in an awareness of what really is for my own good, whatever bomb theyre gonna drop recieves immediate acceptance in the depths of my psyche as the raw naked truth.

  6. I have Venus and Pluto in 8th house! I gueess I have this power and energy …that i dont know about;

    It doesnt make sense… but i dont feel confortable with other Scorpios! I have difficulty to totally trust them! I also feel vulnerable around them! As if they can read me and understand me ..more than anybody else!

    p.s I stilll have many Scorpio friends that i love:)

  7. yes.
    and then they get sick of people coming in like a horde of bloodsuckers for that energy…

    and, yeah, twist. or retreat (if they have 12th house…)

    • This has been very true in my case. Energy suckers can last many years around me, until one day I’ve had enough and my loyalty goes south. I don’t abide narcissists and flakes endlessly either.

  8. i don’t see it with my eighth house, but i might be blind to it. i have neptune aspecting some of that stuff, after all…

  9. Every Scorpio I’ve ever known has been fucked in the head. Emotionally disturbed.

    It’s probably unfair of me to pre-judge the entire sign, but man…I’m cautious around them.

    • Phew… Me too!!!
      What do you do when they decide to go narcasistic & target you?
      When they are control freaks invading your space unwelcome?

      Have a nasty stinger chasing me just because I want her to stop snooping on my life & stop stalking the complex she has one unit in.

      Everyone is scared of her & she runs the complex as if its her god given right.

      The strata management just do whatever she tells them to.
      A troublemaker that doesn’t even live here, she rents here out & causes unrest for all the homeowners & her tenants

      What do I do as I k ow once a Scorpio target need self defends otherwise may as well say good by to any happy life

    • I think they are fake, liars when confronted with wrong they’ve done, flaky, envious, stuck up and disgustingly full of shit. They talk shit about all of their friends and think that the meaning of friendship is having someone around to make fun of. They are truly soul-less, dull, boring evil money obsessed people.

      • Gee, so so sorry you have encountered such horrible persons! These types abound and could be born under any and all astrological signs. I have Sun, first house (Ascendant) plus five planets in Scorpio and possess NONE (repeat NONE) of these qualities.

        • Hi I’m ALICE AND I’m a true true Scorpio born October 29 1973 It’s true I’m married 20 years to a Sagittarius I don’t love I’m sorry I never married a cancer but this cancer male who I should have been with married the wrong Scorpio she is nothing like me she’s born November 10 and 4 years later their divorced and I’m still married to Sagittarius today we win

    • We are mostly disturbed because people have taken advantage of my kindness and passion after so much abuse of course working like crazy this is coming from a Scorpio who has almost lost it

  10. Scorps–They’re sexy, they’re hilariously funny AND witty, did I mention that they’re sexy? Oh, yeah I guess I did…The reason “everyone” has a sad Scorp story is that the big talkers are always the airs and the fires!! Ask an earth or a water, who are sitting there in the corner minding their own business, about Scorps, and the conversation will change. Ok, so Scorps are a little sneaky and hidden agenda-ish but as a Capricorn, I can deal with that. It’s the schizo mind-changing now you see ’em now ya don’t signs (and you know who you are) that I could talk some serious dirt about. Thank you for your Dating a Gemini post btw…

  11. hmm I’ve never felt like I have to defend against scorpio. friends have had scorp moon mostly & I married a scorpio.

    maybe my scorpio neptune makes me oblivious, like the fool going to step off the cliff haha.

    scorpio folks have taught me when/how to point my stinger but mostly about regeneration (the phoenix bird thing) it seems like they’ve gone through some shit & deal with it 100% no exception.

  12. The one person in my inner circle who is a Scorpio is able to see through my bullshit very clearly, but never uses it against me. We occasionally have our (serious) issues, but the friendship has staying power because of this amazing and generous energy.

    And while I’m at it: My 8th house sun shines brightest in sitations that cry out for a shedding of secrets. I do not abandon people who are suffering, though sometimes they leave me, and when that happens, I always know–it’s the 8th. It’s a hard sun, but it’s mine.

  13. Great topic! I’ve been thinking about this exact same question lately.

    I’ve allways shied away from Scorpio’s. Too bloody demanding. Which is something that still bugs me about them, driving my Aquarius Sun MAD. And yes, some of them can sting pretty mean…

    But the longer i live, the more i tend to gravitate toward Scorpio types, slowly learning to understand them, and learning FROM them (i’ve also got an 8th house Sun, with Uranus and my NN in Scorpio, so i guess i need the example).

    They’re he best hosts in the Zodiac, for one thing. They go at grest length, unobtrusively, to feed you a great meal and make everybody comfortable. This seems to be something that comes naturaly.
    Every single Scorpio Sun i know (family and friends) possesses this quality in one way or another.

    There’s also something sweet about them, as if they’re feeling helpless being as intense as they are.
    I know now that their demanding ways – annoying as they may be – are a result of their own deeply rooted loyalty.

    One of my Scorpio Sun friends radiates a warmth, heat almost, that’s so soothing and nurturing that nothing else is needed. I don’t know if she’s aware of this, i suspect she isn’t, but i love her for that.

  14. luci…
    apologies if this is blunt, but…
    everyone is fucked in the head, one way or another. scorpios tend to have more incentive to do something about it than others. and they learn from that… which tends to make them dangerous to people who don’t.

    OK. well. this is my fragment of the big stained glass window of reality

    • Thank you. This is so true. I am pretty much forced to do something about as a Scorpio Rising, but no one else seems to care to do anything on their end and I often get to hold the baggage of that for others. Done with that! I want to find people who can understand my intensity and who deal with their own shadow shit and not make me responsible for it. I feel like I am natural karmic lesson teacher at times and it sucks.

  15. My mother (a scorpio) made me aware of this energy and am quite uncomfortable with it some of the times. i have venus, mercury and pluto in scorpio, in the 12th house. I’m not really sure how that energy manifest in me. But i do feel like sometimes that energy is too overwhelming on others (and myself) if it does come out so i try to repress it. But that’s not even possible right? Can you ever repress an energy? It’ll just come out in other ways i guess…

    • As a scorp, (that has mived pairings from libra to cancer to pisces) i’ve learned that repressing energy can cause illness from within.
      The best possible solution is to harness your energy for good and let it shine as bright as possible.
      Just becareful of those that get addicted and those that deny it all.

  16. Elsa,

    Excellent topic. You quite right in your assessment. One of my best friends (Scorpio sun) would not only give you her last dollar, but borrow a dollar and give it to you as well with no regard for the consequence to herself.

    My humble observation… (trying not to be too esoteric)

    I distinguish between low-level, unevolved Scorpios and those with a spiritual purpose
    whether they’re aware of it or not. The Sarah McLachlan song ‘Building a Mystery’ perfectly describes the former and her song ‘Fumbling towards Ectasy’ and ‘Possession’ reasonably describes the relentless, fearless quest of the latter.

    A Scorpio’s deep urge is to find the Infinite. Touching infinity involves dying to the known and rebirth to something unknown. Figuratively speaking they’re always looking for a good day to die. The Native American Sun Dance is an excellent example of this Scorpion quest. To a degree, Scorpio’s energy is a result of their spiritual quest.

    Invariably I sense a Scorpio upon first encounter and immediately apply this filter…
    are they staring into the Universal abyss, toes to the precipice? If so you can trust them with your life, because they’d unflinchingly give you theirs. If not, turn away for they’re destructive.

    If you’re facing an Alamo, there’s no one better to press your back against.

  17. Huh. This is interesting. I have only two very close scorpio sun friends – in general scorpio suns seem to be difficult for me but the moons and rising are abundant in my life.

    The scorpio examination (lol) gets interesting when I look at my family. I have a scorpio uncle who threatens to kill people and has serious drug/alcohol issues. I have a scorpio aunt who is very spiritual and who walked away from some very bad religious history to great benefit for her family and she is ALWAYS pleasure to be around (one of my favorite aunts) and then there is the other scorpio aunt who is commonly referred to in the family as an emotional vampire. She doesn’t just shred secrets she uses peoples secrets to shred people and families and relationships (her son will not have contact with her anymore – grown and married as he is).

    So from one family (with a strong water/earth signature) I can see different paths a scorpio sun can take towards expression and life.

    And then there is my mom – scorpio moon. She feels everything and is constantly the “support” within the family. It drains her physically and emotionally. It is hard to watch but she loves her sisters and brothers no matter how poor their choices are and continues to listen to very painful things even though it becomes a physical illness in her body in response because of the stress.

  18. I am very drawn to Scorpio types. I have a 7th house Pluto in Libra. Scorpio is in my 8th house, with Uranus aspecting my venus, moon and mars.

    I’m wondering if what draws me to Scorpios is because I’m a very deep, intense person myself. I have a 12th house Aries sun and I could not help but be drawn to the deep and unknown. I scare most people, but for some reason scorpios and pisces have never once shied away from this intensity.

    My SO is Scorpio and it’s been a year since we startyed dating. I’ve never been so happy 🙂

  19. I don’t know about this. The Scorpio I dated for about 5 months didn’t tell me he was married (separated) with 3 kids until about a month in, all he did was talk about how he hated his, not wife (a Pisces) but ex-girlfriend (who is also a Scorpio, btw), cried A LOT (always about himself and his situations), frequently “borrowed” money from me, and ended up cheating on me (good thing I am a good spy and caught him) which I caught and which is why I ended it for good!

    This guy has Mars conjunct Neptune and Pluto conjunct Venus – make of that what you will. I could not get rid of this guy – I had to change my e-mail address and get a new phone number. But, it takes two to tango and I thought I “understood” him (Aquarius rising, Moon in Libra, Pluto in the 8th) and would go back out with him after talking to him and thinking “I am overreacting, nobody’s perfect”. The problem was – the guy was super smart and intellectual and that is THE most important thing to me (Mercury in the 7th, Gemini 5th House). It wasn’t even the sex that was keeping me, it actually wasn’t that good at all. I wasn’t into pain, but I’m sure his Scorpio ex was! We were mismatched in that area and I told him several times, I am more sensual (Sun in Leo) and he is more sexual (Sun in Scorpio). He was wayyyy too sensitive and could not take a joke, I had to walk on eggshells all of the time – hard thing for a Leo with an Aquarius rising to do! It was like I was the man in the relationship – always making the decisions, always paying (says over clenched teeth), always the one consoling and reassuring. It was crazy!

    Needless to say, this experience has really soured me on Scorps.

  20. I found this article to be profound beyond belief. I only have one planet in the 8th house & that’s my Pisces Moon. Up until now, I could never understand why my “emotional displays” were so upsetting to everyone, including myself. Truthfully, I thought any expression of emotions made me “weak.” And I’m a female, where traditionally we’re “allowed” to be the “weepy-ones.” Well, not where I came from. I’ve also got a Scorpio Saturn in the IC, which hasn’t been a lot of fun figuring out & living with, either. It’s true, I don’t care for anyone to fall apart at the seams during times of crises, but to deny or be unable to express oneself ever? I’ve been trying to explain this to others my entire life. My emotions are my emotions & I should be allowed to express them any time I like. I just couldn’t figure out why (until now) when I became angry or cried or was anything other than “reasonable” (my sun,merc,venus are all gemini/11th house)my family, friends & co-workers get rattled beyond belief. I know I don’t get angry that often, so when I do blow, it’s like the preverbial volcano. I do know this placement puts me in the position of armchair psychologist. Others do come to me to talk about their emotional problems; must be that 8th house “sharing”.
    My late husband & our twenty-something son both have Scorpio rising & my son has his Scorpio Saturn conjunct it! (Not to mention his Mars & Pluto in Scorpio) He & I have “power plays” all of the time, but he doesn’t like emotional upsets period, but that may be due to his Aqua Sun Virgo moon as much as anything else. (Too messy & impractical, until he falls in love.)
    I had started dating two years after my husband passed way, but it dissolved due to too much arguing; too much Taurus in bad placements in his chart. Now I’m with a man I met during this same period with a Leo sun Scorpio moon & we are just so much more emotionally stable together. Oddly enough, he was in a relationship with a Leo Sun Aries Moon woman at our 1st meeting. I think Scorpio/8th house/Pluto placements are really misunderstood. It was almost as if we became obsessive-possessive about our relationship (we’re both media specialists who worked on a PR project together)but very loyal to our S.O’s, so no “crossing the border” so to speak. We’d email, talk on the phone, even “gift” one another & keep in touch. We were the 1st to come to one another’s defense if any criticisms were made, in either the professional or social sector. 1st his relationship fell apart & then mine, but it took months afterward for us to do anything about it. We took the time out to reflect on what had gone wrong in those relationships. Anyway, we had another chance to work together & he moved in with me right afterward, with two teenage daughters & two dogs! And no, I’m not a gullible sucker with my Pisces heart & I believe it’s due to the 8th house placement. He’s got his own house nearby which he didn’t feel emotionally comfortable in after the break-up with his ex, so we use it as offices, guest rooms & storage, which is oh-so the “urge to merge”. So I’m not really sure which energy’s at work here, but the more time we spend together, the more “lock a rock” I feel emotionally.
    I really think people need to quit blanket-statementing every sign or placement as one thing or another until they look fully at the natal charts of the people involved. (I think that sounds very Scorpianic) My Pisces moon emotionally enlightens me, while my 8th house placement gives me the power to transform myself & others. Not a bad placement at all.

  21. well holy crap. one thing i love is what he
    (scorpio) has done for me. in all relationships, there are negs and pos. he was more pos, than he will ever know. the amount of healing he has let me feel and do…ah, something almost transcendent. soul to soul. also provided me with more life work. you have to let this one go, if there is love. he has a mind of his own and he needs to expereince this on his own. me la cavo! grazie mille chad

  22. I am a scorpio sun with a leo moon. How can someone be so emotionally aware and secretive yet so flashy. I am the nerd wearing a rainbow stripped suit and pink hair. I am the most feminine macho man ever. people dont know wether to kiss me or kill me. There is enormous, enormous, enormous power being a scorpio that people could never even fathom. altho i would say it sucks

  23. I’m a Scorpio Sun and I’ve always been told that I have an aura about me. I’ve read that Scorpios have 3 totems, the scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. When I look back I can see when I was just a scorpion, dangerous and seductive. After a while I developed an extremely keen perception but I remained heartless in some peoples eyes. It was my first love, a Capricorn who helped me rise up to be a phoenix. After a relationship that was and still is rocky I was able to die enough inside and I rose again with an ability to empathize with other people and endure almost anything. Now I’m not so much secretive as illusive like one would expect a mythical bird of fire to be. So I just want to point out that even Scorpios who have an aura of fear and awe, are the only signs to have 3 faces and If you stay with us long enough, we transcend into something amazing.

  24. I relate to Jinn (sorry I’m late to this conversation). I have Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, and ummm. . something else I can’t recall. Here’s what it feels like: imagine stuffing the biggest bonfire you’ve ever seen – the kind you can see from miles away – into a postage-sized lot. I’d be interested in knowing if other Scorpios sense that one of their life’s lessons is how to harness this energy, be aware of it, and use it for good rather than evil (I’ve always worn a white hat). I don’t like to tire people out, which is another thing that can happen. I would prefer to have others happy at the added energy, not dread it. Anyone agree?

  25. Thank you for this very insightful article Elsa!I have Scorpio Sun & Mercury. I would like to think my friends can count on me but that is something i cannot assume. I can though give my observations on other scorpios in my life. My first love was a scorpio and somehow we still keep in touch (its been 10 years)- my mother-in-law’s scorpio ex-lover is still in her life and basically “protects” her in her times of need. My mother has a scorpio sun and is definitely the rock in the family. Even though we butted heads when i was younger, she is the parent that stood up for me and there are secrets that passes her observations. I am married to a pisces and we are expecting our first son who is expected in Nov…another scorpio.

  26. My paternal grandmother was a Scorpio (Nov. 17), and she was EXTREMELY private, affectionate and had a wisdom that was ahead of her time. When she gave me hugs, kisses and I-Love-Yous, I felt like I was was being protected as well as loved!

  27. I’ve been “burned” by some Scorpios in my time. But when I look back, I always feel that the situation, however painful, helped me move into a higher and better place. So in the long run, I can’t say that I regret having dealt with these Scorps who caused me trouble. Really, they got me to face myself.

    I’ve also had some Scorpio friends and acquaintances who have really blown me away with the quality of their friendship, their loyalty, their insight, their good energy as Elsa describes it. One of my old Scorp friends from high school recently had a child, also a Scorpio. I’m so proud to see her in her mothering role and just blown away by the way she loves her little daughter.

    Another one of my Scorpio friends who I greatly admire went through some rough times. I dropped everything to be with her in her time of need… there was just no way I was going to let my girl suffer alone and misunderstood.

    Overall, I am pretty infatuated with the sign of Scorpio and dearly love my Scorpio friends.

    When I was a little kid, we had to do some type of creative report for a class, and we had to draw straws for a mythical animal to write about. My animal turned out to be the phoenix. And guess what? My moon is in Scorpio so there you go.

    I don’t have nearly the same appreciation for my Libra or Virgo aspects as I do this special moon. I feel everything extremely deeply and in fact I wish I could control my own emotions better, or should I say rise above them. But alas, that’s a life lesson yet to be learned.

    The poster above me wrote a very sweet tribute to her Scorpio grandma and I can really relate to this feeling of fiercely protective love.

    I do not have a family of my own, but if I did I know I would lay down my life for them, and in fact my Scorp moon feels kind of unfufilled for not having a family.

    I need a place to direct this energy that makes my hair stand on end for any given reason.

    Anyway, viva la Scorpio! My fave sign.

  28. Recently burned by a mega-scorpio – amputated out of the blue -has me feeling sour but I don’t blame scorpio in general. I was swept away by him. He was the most perceptive person I’d ever spoken too probably. I felt he changed my life briefly and I was fed briefly. He showed me what is possible and what I want, briefly. Maybe that was his purpose. To come and show me something — and then disappear.

  29. What a whopping good day for a blog with Elsa. Getting in on the tail of this spin, this Scorpio has loved reading all big arm-filling commentary here. I especially love what Jinn had to say:

    “Now I’m not so much secretive as illusive like one would expect a mythical bird of fire to be. So I just want to point out that even Scorpios who have an aura of fear and awe, are the only signs to have 3 faces and If you stay with us long enough, we transcend into something amazing.”

    It’s what I’m looking at when I do get a look into a mirror. The three faces of Scorpio has meant … if I manage to survive one more death and rebirth, I move through and up the totem of the triple faces. The stinger remember often curls in and it’s the sting of my own making that has been most debilitating. There is incredible power to the sign birthed for a purpose the journey is the unfolding. The soaring chapter is funny. Ever seen what happens to eagles when they fly? Those damned light birds just bug the sh– out of ’em. The mythical bird life: Jinn said it so nicely. Thanks Jinn, Thank you EP.

  30. I’m late to the party, but since when does that stop me?


    My sister is a double scorp with a stellium in it in her 11H. What does she do for me? She supports me, unequivocally. I can tell her things that most people would blanch at and it’s nothing. She calls once in a while to check on me, and I do the same for her. When she puts out subtle signals that she needs something (but never wants to ask) I call and offer it.

    I love her <3

  31. That was lovely Shannon.

    And I think you pointed out a thing about us Scorps – it’s my opinion that we are very leary of asking anyone for help – ever. It’s the ‘never let them see you sweat’ & stiff upper lip and all that thing.

    So, all of you who love a Scorpio? Look to see what they need assistance with, because it’s fairly unlikely that they’ll out and out ask for it. If they do? Perhaps they’re about to go down for the last count.

    I think they will be ever so grateful for the offer (you are going to offer first, aren’t you? Because the stink bomb you set off by just jumping into their stuff? Would set Dumb n’ Dumber off the stinky scale!)

    …and you know what? …some times the offer would be all it would take to set them/things aright again. To know that we aren’t really alone after all might put all kinds of wind in our sails.

    …and some times you might actually have to offer more than once (we are rather prideful after all), before we’d actually accept.

    I know, I know – but we are worth it man!!

  32. Never met a Scorpio I wasn’t in absolute awe of. I am the ultimate Plutonic person and I know very well what I have done for my people. It is such a pleasure to use power graciously and in service to the highe power.

  33. I find I am quite proud to be a Scorpio. Being as young as I am, I have been able to transform and gain the ability of near ulitmate perception. I can tap into my power and use it to my advantage; which is rarely for an evil purpose. I try hard to help and understand the human mind, which also doubles as a burden when I realize how much greater I’m tuned to it. I have discovered and profiled more than the normal person. I can feel myself rooting into people’s souls and watch distantly as they squirm under my gaze. I can be imperious. I can be jealous. I can be the best person you have ever met or an enemy that makes you want to die. I am strong and I will not ignore it, but with my strong will also comes the responcibility to choose to use my immense powers to help others and give them change as I have. I learn from my mistakes and more from the mistakes of others. For this reason, I can vouch that I find myself very intollerant of others who are close-minded or refuse to change. It, at times, serves as a burden; but in the end, I know that I have the strength to rise above it all. My only hope is that I can bring my weaker family members and friends with me. I have been given a gift by being a Scorpio of the Zodiac and I WILL survive this life with eagle’s wings, although many others have not.

  34. What a lovely post! *sniff* I have lots of Libra but I also have a share of scorpio, too.
    People have strong reactions to me- sometimes good, sometimes bad. Girls can hate me for no reason, ppl have wanted to punch me without even knowing me. Men never ever approach me when I am out. I have been told I just have a ‘bitchface’. All of this hurts my feelings! Just because scorpios look and seem tough, it doesn’t mean we are not balls of gooey emotion underneath it all! Like flight of the conchords say on ‘tears of a rapper’: We’re Vincible! Thanks Elsa!

  35. My father is a Scorpio and when asked what it was like to be raised by him I always say he was hell on wheels! He is impervious to compliments and criticism. He is very strong, decent and generous and I appreciate him alot more now. Especially since:

    I’m moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio and I feel it’s the dominating aspect of my chart. I feel everything. I go to hell and back on a daily basis. I feel incredible joys and incredible sorrows. I am too private and secretive but you can tell me anything and I will never break a confidence.

    One of my daughters is Scorpio but she’s only seven and the other is also moon In Scorpio. The years to come should be interesting.

    • My Dad was a Scorpio/Sagittarius very supportive Father but had bouts of depression, connected with childhood events. he always thought i was going to grow up to be like his Dad (a bit of a dodgy geezer/wide-boy), so i was condemned from an early age by him always making remarks about how he thought i was going to grow up, i almost felt my self giving into his will. although i never did bring shame on to the household i always felt guilty for just being alive. that’s because the Scorpio 6th sense is used to pidgin hole you into what fits their profile for you, and they don’t get to know you. i’m not saying all Scorps are like that but i have encountered a few in my life, male and female i am 59yrs old and i actually like the people of the sign. but the power of the Scorp is still a strong influence on me, they must all be connected some how and i still feel as though they are judging me. Rip Dad miss you love you.

  36. “The double scorpio who surfaced…

    I write

    Nice to talk to the sane, it’s like there are about 11 of us left.

    he responds:

    That seems a bit high…”

    HAHAHAHAHA. Priceless. 🙂

  37. I love me I wouldn’t want to be any other sign in the world. Yes it is true women do give nasty looks as if u have done something wrong I had to learn that it wasn’t me that was the problem it was them and when they looked at me in what ever way that was they saw themselves or what they wanted to be and they couldn’t come to grips with it. I deal with it with my younger sisters All the time I would say to myself what is wrong with me that they treat me so bad but then I had to stop and think they r not secure with themselves and I am and that was and still is the problem and will continue to be this way until they change:-) I just needed to get that out

  38. I am a Scorpio, born on the 20th of November, and although I have (in the past decade) transformed myself into the best person I’ve ever been in my life–thinking and feeling positive for the first time in 40 years–I can’t shake the feeling that I DRIVE people away. I mean, sure, most of my communications are via e-mail, but I am not demanding of them, I am not intrusive to their lifestyles, I am as friendly and sociable as my nature allows me to be…but I get the strongest impression that I just basically repulse them in some way. I don’t care to probe them, as it is probably just my questioning nature that is causing me to feel this way, but I can’t help feeling what I feel. Yes, I obviously STILL have issues…

  39. It’s possible that as a Scorpio you give off an intensity vibe and I find that most people don’t do well with the intensity vibe unless they are that way themselves. You probably have a built-in bullshit detector and people won’t be easy with that either. Because as a Scorpio it’s possible that you would go to the ends of the earth for people you care about, you expect the same. That kind of reciprocity doesn’t happen often.

    I’d say lower your expectations but always be yourself. You’ll know who the right people are and who are worth your wonderful energy.

    This is something I’ve had to deal with my entire life as a Scorpio moon.

  40. Thanks, Katherine.

    I believe I DO expect too much from others. I’ve been considering that quietly since I submitted that previous confession (for a Scorpio, it’s a confession!). I try to be patient and carefree, but sometimes you wonder when it’s the people that are your better friends. Thanks again.

    NUTSY 🙂

  41. Okay, since my last posting I’ve been reading more on this site (and on other sites) and I’ve got to say I’m blown away by the depth of the signs.
    Yes, as naive as it sounds, I really didn’t look into what I was (outside of my typical astrological sign) until several days ago. I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands AT work, so I’ve been kind of doing on-the-side research. Up until now (and I JUST turned 40 November 20th) I was only familiar with being a Scorpio–forget about the Moon, Mercury, etc., etc., I never knew anything about that stuff. I’m an Aries Moon, by the way, Mars-Aquarius, Ascendent Leo, and the list goes on.
    Now that I see there’s so much to it, and pretty damn accurate at that, I’m becoming a little obsessed. But the dialogue of some of you just blows me away. HOW do you find out so much about all the aspects?
    Plus, the whole intensity thing. I never FELT I was intense, although I’m like a miniature (5’7 130 lbs–soaking wet!) devil when I get pissed, but now I’m stepping outside of myself and deciding I MUST be pretty intense, because I FEEL a LOT–ALL THE TIME! And I’ve taken notice of how people react when I pass them or enter a room–it’s kind of electric. I always thought I FELT too much, hated having emotions that made me feel weak when I shouldn’t have been, but now I can see that this is how I am. Amazing stuff…

  42. This is the first time I have obtained so much validation regarding the scorpio energy! It is also interesting and wonderful to have the scorpio sexual energy clarified. In my case I have experienced periods of having amazing sexual experiences, and can also tolerate periods of celibacy without going nuts. I am not sex crazed, yet when I have the right connection, my sexual experiences are truly wonderful.

    It truly is not easy to be a Scorpio. I feel that the energy strength and depth can be very nourishing, but most people cannot deal with it, and I have consequently been pushed away. This is hard especially when one of my biggest motivations is to help and nurture people, especially since I am in the health care field. It is hard to have good intentions and have others step all over that.

    I have experienced a lot of hurts and losses, and find it amazing when time after time, I feel my phoenix rising, and my transformative energies turn inwards to heal “even” me.

    I continue to bounce back and hope to continue to do so, as I adore my children, and really want to be there for them as they grow and develop, but it is so hard to be so misunderstood and rejected.

    We are strong, and kinda “magical” but we also get hurt, and need love. Maybe I need to search out other people who have Scorpio energies. My strongest connections right now are Taurus, Libra and Virgo. I feel that my Virgo friend understands me the best. She is in a relationship with a Scorpio man.

    Thanks Elsa for your kind and illuminating work.

  43. i am a scorpio myself and am constantly feeling that people are forever trying to break through the barriers of my soul lol.. pity the fool!! some people just dont understand how we work.. how complex our minds are.. we are indeed very misunderstood and mysterious creatures. i dont even understand how i work myself at times lol.. i just know deep down inside the warrior thrives in me, and when against all odds we will prevail:) nice site elsa!

  44. Hmmm . . . all very nice about the bright side of Scorpio, and much appreciated! Intense, energizing, emotional powerhouses, yes, which is why we find them so hypnotically sexy even if they don’t look so good 😀

    However, lest we forget that the 8th house also represents other people’s money: pay close attention to the Venus placement in your favorite Scorpio’s chart. A healthy prominent well-aspected Venus promises a gracious good-looking keeper. Especially if their Venus nicely jives with your own personal planets.

    But if perchance you’ve crossed paths with a Scorpion who sports a sick Venus, best distance yourself. Hide your assets. Hide your heart. And brace yourself for one hell of a bumpy ride, especially if Uranus is acting up.

    And we haven’t mentioned Mars, co-ruler of Scorpio. I know a Scorpion with progressed Mars conjunct Uranus/Pluto near the ascendant. OMG.

  45. Elsa, thanks so much for this entry. (The timing of my finding it is uncanny.) Very nice to come across such an eloquent expression of appreciation for the “invisible” stuff.

  46. More surgeons are born under the sign of Scorpio, they can and do save lives. Scorpio energy is intense because it is self-centered, Aries on the 6th. If that energy can be turned away from the self and towards others with positive intentions, then Scorpio can be a source of very humane giving and love.

    Evolved Scorpions elevate mankind, Aquarius with Scorpio on the MC. Unevolved Scorpions drain and degenerate humanity. Many atrocities have been committed by this type of Scorpionic energy, it’s why they get such a bad rap, even though in many cases it is deserved.

    The true Scorpion redeems itself by service to humanity through right relations as shown by Libra on the 12th.

  47. You’re welcome Natalie, happy to be of assistance 🙂

    With your Mars in Virgo, you have a natural feel for what is right, I’d say go with your gut instincts and research some astrologers. Some of the best ones are expensive, and worth every penny. I personally would like a consult with Isabel Hickey, lol, unfortunately, that’s not possible.

    Anyway, Michael Lutin seems pretty good too, you can find his website on Google. It all depends on what you really are looking for, there are many Astrologers on the web, like Elsa; some specialize in relationships because they have a feel for them. I’ve spoken to some psychics who were right on, they just started telling me my past and my relationship without any information from me, so go with your instincts when choosing.

    Good luck, I’m sure you will find the information you seek.

  48. I have my Sun and Venus in the 8th house and Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio… I don’t know if I have this energy but then my Neptune I think squares my 8th house planets..

    But It would be cool to have some of that energy…

    I have to say though I am extremely uncomfortable with Scorpios … I feel very mistrustful of them even though I’ve never met a scorpio I couldn’t technically trust.. I just feel like they want too much from me and I’ll fall short

    I think my father’s moon is in Scorpio, he’s very complex and women both drawn to him and repelled at the same time.. But boy is he the best!! Unfortunately for me that sets the bar very very high for a long term partner

  49. I must disagree with this post. Not sure why, but almost every Scorpio male I’ve ever come into contact with has tried to either manipulate me into sleeping with them, tried to convince me I’m in love with them (when I’m not) or has tried to make me feel inferior to them. I’ve always been extremely loved and respected by Scorpio women, but the men almost make a sport out of trying to head-trip me. It’s bizarre. I always feel completely drained when I’m around them. Could it be my chart?


    Sun, Merc-12th house
    Moon, Mars, Jupiter, True Node-1st
    Venus, Uranus, Neptune-10th

  50. My Scorpio Venus/Mercury/Uranus definitely gets a Scorpio. I actually have worked, and continue to work, very, very well with Scorpios and Scorpio moons. 🙂

    The majority of them are great. Rarely do I deal with a dipsh*t, and when I do, I know how to handle him/her.

  51. I was totally channeling this piece when I wrote that thread about bragging. *lol* Oh, the things I forget I’ve read… Sorry, E-P. 😉

  52. Hello, I just started dating a Gemini, who has so far been very charming & sexy (I am thinking it’s all too good to be true.) His b-day is june 18, 1970, I am Scorpio 11-21-1964. I know that Geminis represent duality, & am concerned about this supposed other side (?). Any insights about what to watch out for? I detest people lying to me &/or manipulating, don’t want to invest much energy if he will be a jerk! Am I being too suspicious, am I right to be suspicious? Am I being too much like a Libra :-)?

    Again, advice, insights, warnings ?!

  53. I have a Scorpio Moon and a Leo sun and although this puts the two signs square with each other, it gave me the chance to balance and mesh two opposing energies within myself (masculine & Feminine). I feel like the Scorpio moon really contributes to my ability to assess situations for what they really are and helps rid me of some arrogant Leo pretenses I occasionally develop. All in all, I truly feel I am able to strengthen myself by channeling my Scorpio.

  54. Thank you Elsa P for this thread as I have enjoyed reading these comments greatly. I am a Scorpio my Mate/Husband is an Aries with a Leo rising his sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 8th house and Pluto on his Assendent so he really understands me extremely well and I personally find that to be a blessing not only that he accepts me as I am. A difficult thing for a Scorpio person to find is someone who accepts them as they are faults and all.

    I have the hardest time asking anyone even my wonderful husband for help because I look around and see that everyone is just as busy as me so rather than say hey could you help me I just keep on keeping on. Why ask if no body can help it just makes them feel bad.

    I am the current Matriarch of the family my mother passed away St Patrick’s Day 2009. My father is still living and I am not only his Guardian but his P.O.A. His lung cancer his out of remission and he is in radiation treatment right not every day I pick him up at the skilled nursing care facility he is at and take him to his treatments which will be finished the 28th of October. I also am assisting my daughter get her life squared away by taking her to work nearly every night of the week. She is helping my sister who has been a single parent now for almost a Year thank the heavens so they can’t help with daddy and the economy is not being kind at all but the girls are making it. My younger brother is also a single parent he does daddy’s laundry which is a great help to me every one of my siblings and kids have said I don’t know how many times they don’t know how my husband and I do what we do. We have a blended family between my husband and I we have 6 grown children most have children of their own, so I have lots to keep me very busy.

  55. Wow… When you said “energized and blooming” that related to me a lot. I’ve been progressively feeling this way since my partner and I started dating 2.5 years ago. I went from pretty much “hopeless” and without self esteem to someone who is growing to love herself. It’s as if a part of me in the past has died.

    My Scorpio partner has given nothing but love to me. He’s absolutely wonderful and I could not ask for a better partner. I’m really surprised to hear about negative experiences with Scorpios because I had nothing but positive to say about them – at least when it comes to male Scorpios. My stepdad and my youngest brother are like best friends to me. My first boyfriend is a Scorpio and we are still in touch and never had a messy breakup. Some male friends who are Scorpios are very honest, straightforward and absolutely faithful to their girlfriends as well.

    I wish I could say the same about females, but there are a few that I can definitely connect strongly with.

    Overall, I have nothing against Scorpios. If we’re talking about bad reputations in romance in my life? Let’s talk about Pisces 😛

  56. Nota: I just noticed you wrote this:
    “They are the ones who can say something that if anyone else said I would be totally offended, but coming from them it is so stripped of bullshit pretense and steeped in an awareness of what really is for my own good, whatever bomb theyre gonna drop recieves immediate acceptance in the depths of my psyche as the raw naked truth.”

    I totally relate to this. I like the “bullshit-free” environment Scorpios provide. It’s enough to keep this feisty double Aries happy 🙂

  57. What he did FOR me? Well he threw me into a year depression, for starters, however I came out of it with a heightened sense of myself and the world around me and I’m a better person for it. He hurt me, he used me, he diminished me, but all the negative was only temporary. In the end he helped me see things I never knew existed, he took my defensive blinders off.

  58. Still with the Scorpio Man.

    Both of us keep our individual controlling & jealousy tendancies in check: We both know how challanging that is and we respect each other more for the effort.

    I love that we both are very honest.

    He clued in that we’re both scorpios on his birthday Nov. 8th: “Huh! Huh?! Hmmm…. we’re both scorpios. Imagine that we’re doing ok!”

    I guess it takes awhile for negative sterotypes to put to rest.

    Well. I’m hoping that what we have going on will continue for a long time.

    Thank you so much for your time and these conversations.

  59. I’m a Double Skorpion with Neptune, Venus and Mercury clustered around my 12 deg ASC. Currently carrying on a difficult long-distance affair with a fellow Skorpion/AQU rising. Her Moon is 16 deg’s SCO placing my ASC at the midpoint of her Sun conj. Mercury. Finally her Neptune conj’s my Sun, and my Sun conj’s her Sagg Midheaven (my Sagg Mars is just inside her Xth).

  60. You can keep your Scorpios!!! And they do do nasty things!!! My father is a Scorpio and I told him once that he is a manipulator and a shiester!!! He then showed me the door!!! It took me almost 35 years to understand just how “power hungry” he and other Scorpios are. I am a Leo and I should have been his “bragging right” with all my college degrees and such, but I didn’t turn out to be what he wanted and now he is hell bent on punishing me for the rest of his life. He almost comes undone when we withhold information from him. He’s opened my tax-statements. I have thought about going to the Feds on him for this but being a Leo we hold out until sheer force is necessary–unlike Scorpios who hold on to slights and who plot and plan revenge against you for the rest of their lives. Gotta wonder why so many Scorpio relatives of mine suffer from auto-immune diseases and diseases of the immune system? It comes from holding on to anger and resentment!!! Scorpios never fail to promote their hidden agendas.
    Scorpios never do anything ALONE!!! Just like if you find a scorpion in your house you had better look for the other because they always travel in pairs. Scorpios have this incredible nack for getting into other people’s heads and getting them involved in their little schemes. Sometimes I think it is because those folks are terified of these Scorpios and would rather not be the “target” on the receiving end of their “stinger”. Scorpios constantly play mind games with you until you become completely exhausted from them and their schemes and require years of psychological counseling just to reclaim yourself. My own father has told me that he admires certain qualities about me (yes, can you believe that I actually got a few compliments from him) and that if he could bottle these traits up he would. HE WOULD BOTTLE THEM UP AND SELL THEM OR MANIPULATE THEM TO HIS OWN ADVANTAGE!!! He has been unable to tame his “idealistic” Leo daughter and trust me, he is bound and determined to get back at me until the day he is gone from the face of planet earth. I do not want this man in “control” of my life. EVERYTHING YOU READ ABOUT SCORPIO COMPATIABILITY COMES MOSTLY FROM THE STAND-POINT OF HAVING SCORPIOS AS MATES. But how are you to handle Scorpios when they are your father, brother or cousins? And please don’t mention all the “mind blowing sex” that you can have with a Scorpio because I don’t want to have “mind blowing” sex with any of my relatives!!!!!! I want them to keep their distance and know their boundaries when it comes to my relationships with them!!!! Scorpios almost make you feel like killing them and people need to quit giving them so much power!!! How they are able to get into the heads of other people to MANIPULATE them is beyond my comprehension!!!! I don’t know about most of you but dealing with a Scorpio leaves you feeling repulsed and mentally and emotionally drained!!! It is almost though everyone in this world has given Scorpios “carte blanche” to do things that are counter to “biblical” scripture and “time tested” truths!!! Vengence is against biblical truths and is frowned upon in almost every society. But yet, Scorpios get a “pass”!!! Controlling and trying to possess others is against biblical scriptures and is frowned upon in almost every society, but yet, Scorpios get a “pass”!!! The Bible says don’t let the sun go down on your wrath–meaning use that anger to bring about positive change and results, but yet, Scorpios get a “pass” to be as resentful,mean-spirited, caustic, angry, vengeful and vindictative as they want to be. Somebody needs to re-write the book of astrology when it comes to these “shape-shifting” (transforming??) vile creatures or better yet, Scorpios need to start adhering to sound principles, sound doctorine and the TRUTH!!!!

  61. To Sharon:

    It takes guts to be so honest & it is too bad you had such negative experiences with family members.

    Scorpios do have some defining traits and I agree, that letting go of hurts can be difficult. In my case, I do not like that I have a hard time forgiving the slights & abuses of others, I sure wish that it were easier. Then agsin, I have suffered some really painful injustices.

    I am a late Scorpio & have Libra and Saggitarius traits. I suppose one of the ways this plays out in my life, is that when I have a hard time forgiving, I pray to God to either forgive that person or situation for me, or for insights & enhanced ability to forgive. I find that when I nurture myself & take perspective forgivintg & letting go, and letting God becomes easier. Physically letting god of physical things that I do not need on a regular basis, also reminds me of the importance of letting go even if forgiveness is difficult. I wish it were simple, but neither can be forced, & Sharon, you need the time & space you need to forgive those who have hurt, slighted, and manipulated you.

    Sensitivities, sadness and anger toward family tend to come up more during the holiday season. I think this is true for most of us. I struggle with thinking about my Taurus mother, the ways she hurt me when I was a child and adolescent, but I try to recall the good things that she did when I need to spend time with her, like Thanksgiving dinner :-). Being stuck in anger & sadness is not good for my spirit, my body and my mind.

    Good luck Sharon & Godspeed…

  62. Raised in a psychic modality, I definitely feel that Scorpio energy! They do not let go, either… I tend to drift away from people I know are leaving or who are moving on, but Scorpios tend to keep their friends as long as they want them no matter where you happen to be on the planet. Meaning, it’s not up to you to let go. (This particular friend of mine has his Saturn in Aquarius, which might contribute to it.)

    Very manipulative, though.. I feel like my correspondence with my Scorpio friend is like a fencing match. On guard, parry, riposte. I’m always dodging manipulative traps. They wear you down even if the energy feels great, but you’ll have to adapt and–hopefully!–be stronger for the experience.

    You definitely don’t tell them what to do–you ask nicely, and still aren’t guaranteed what you want (kind of like praying to the almighty, haha.)

  63. this may be a bit late, but great topic. i have sun and mercury in the 1st in scorpio and sun contraparalell pluto so am very aware of this energy. yes pluto types can be very intense and controlling, when not aspiring to great things. i will say that i like scorpios, they are just not phoney like everone else. they will tell you if they like or hate you , so you know where it stands. that fighting and mean stuff is just to stir it up and see what really lies beneath the surface. it’s just testing. there is an unspoken understanding with scorpios, if you don’t start trouble there won’t be any. however if you do, they can be vicious. fair enough. the bad reputation, i think comes from bullies who don’t expect someone to fight back. i think no one will be as reliable and loyal. you have to really do something pretty bad for them to give up on you. the ones i’ve known are just cool! they are interested in things, and are very resourceful people with creative ideas and solutions (and DEEP). you can tell them anything, and they actually know how to keep secrets. if you ever have a real life and death problem they won’t fall apart and abandon you. i think all the little annoying stuff is a small sacrifice for the loyalty and devotion they have to give. my sister has a scorpio stellium w/ sun, and has come to be my best friend now that we are grown. there is also this quality of things always evolving and developing, which encourages growth. very positive in my mind. sometimes people have to go through bad spells and experience hardships as part of their growth process. i have observed that scorpios have this potential to evolve far beyond other people, and to keep evolving. so you can’t label them bad. maybe at some point they are terrible, then go on to do some truly wonderful and amazing stuff, you just never know.

  64. I’m a double Skorpion (Venus in SCO), and I get this response from the women (cis-women AND transgendered M2F) that I approach. Basically they can’t stand the heat like you say. My current flame is a SCO/AQU Rising 3000 miles away in Canada (I’m presently in Atlanta), and she’s giving me the scared-bunny-facing-a-boa act right now. She doesn’t have an excuse, being a fellow Skorpion!

    I’m an Orchestra Director/Musician with Pluto, Uranus, and my North Node in my Leo/Virgo Xth house. I think I scare off a lot of investor angels.

  65. This post originated some time ago, but I found it while searching this site for reasons why Scorpios cut people off (“WHY DO SCORPIOS LEAVE?” or “WHAT CAUSES SCORPIOS TO LEAVE?” “FROM FRIEND TO NONEXISTENT WITH SCORPIOS”)

    The post was such a positive reflection, I decided to pose my question here. I have 3-5 examples of Scorpios (mostly Sun, one Moon) who BREAK CONTACT WITHOUT WARNING.

    – my logic says “they are self protecting” (during their own personal crisis)

    – the rest of me says “did I do/say something? take too much”?

    They seem QUITE available and engaged when they’re IN with you (in tune to relationship vibes, events, etc) – quite connected.

    Then, no contact: no returned calls/txts… missed holidays, events, etc. One Scorpio re-appeared (smiling brightly) and explained that the absence as “me time”; it happened 2 years later, I remembered, accepted, and wished my dear Scorpio friend well.

    Any experiences with this? Anybody find it abrupt? or acceptably self preserving?

    • Speaking for myself, I am Scorpio and am definitely a giver. I really have no other choice for if I am not giving, people basically do not interact with me much. That is, there is no real interest in my “interior” meaning my inner world. I understand this, as my interior is challenging even for me to live in, sort of speak. The truth is that most people are not going to want to or be able to be curious about the world of the Scorpio person, and frankly speaking from personal experience, one does get tired of giving, and giving and giving, in order to have some type of connection. Reciprocity is so rare it is practically non-existent.

  66. re energy for life: it is simple. you did something, either hurtful, something to make them angry, or have shown yourself to be disloyal and unreliable. crisis is ongoing, that would never be enough to cause them to withdraw. superficiality is also a big deal, if you fail to open up and be honest and real, after a certain point you will be written off.

  67. I love the power and the energy of being a Scorpio and i have many scorpio friends. We just “get” each other and my experience i never crossed the line or border w/another scorp as far as i know. People love to tell me their secrets or bounce stuff off me and sometimes they dont like when i tell them blunt truth but they do learn to just deal with it and they respect me for it later. They cant stay mad at me for long. They always see how i survive anything that comes at me and want to know how i do it. I just have to i tell them i take care of me and mine. Simple. Those that know me well know that im quiet but resourceful, loyal, honest, humorous, and sexy. Men come around me even when i am in my plain state (no make up,not dressed up)and if there is an attraction i can usually get a date or a kiss. The kiss will let me know if its going any further. If the kiss wasnt good, we are not gonna be dating. If it is, ooohweeee. I get along with male friends better than females who are very catty. I dont like bullshit and i am hardheaded and stubborn about what i like and dont like. It drives my kids (taurus and sagitarious)crazy but they love me and depend on me even tho we all try to get our own way. Not a dull moment, we either having heated conversations,or laughing hysterically, or taking a time out from each other. Lots of spice here!! I love all the comments about the scorpio experiences. Just gotta live fully out no matter what you are…only i chance in this life to make your life matter.

  68. It is amazing that this post has been generating comments for over 2 years now. I am a Scorpio and I agree we can frustrate anyone who takes an interest to us or cares for us. Trying to understand someone who is focused on the pain of the world is an impossible mission. You peer into my head to try and comprehend what my thoughts are and you may be transported to the other side of the world or maybe 20 years in the future. To be an evolved Scorpio is to have an almost omniprescent sense of what’s going on everywhere and still noice the small details like an Eagle. Yet the fact that we don’t focus on the “small things” because we are looking beyond them mystifies and frustrates some. This energy and insight is our responsibility and I have been fine tuning my “Eagle’s Eye View” as soar above common consciousness. Scorpios that I know and myself included don’t plot revenge. However we do agree that bad karma from crossing or betraying seems to come fast and furious to those who tread on us.

  69. My father was a Scorpio. It was easy to read his energy, if he was lying, hiding something, etc bc he is ScorpioI suppose. To this day, I find it very easy to know what a Scorpio male is thinking or feeling without him saying anything. For this reason, they are often very, VERY attracted to me. Even if I leave them. BUT, I always see the Scorpio stinger come out and I hate it!
    My father was evil, violent and exerted power only over who he perceived as weak. They few times I was hoping he would step up and exert some real power over some real situations to help me out, he simply folded or ran from the challenge.
    It’s hard for me to go past this view of Scorpio as the tormentor/tormented. I can’t see them as powerful bc I saw my father was sniveling. Sorry.
    My father was never on my team and was very good at betraying that bond and never followed thru on promises. I actually really do hope Karma comes through. Hahaha! I’m just kidding….I let go of that desire but I’m still wary of Scorps. Females, I like though. My aunt was a Scorpio female and was very kind to me. I heard negative things as I grew older but I only care about how she treated me. And she treated me very well. I think both were cheaters, though. Funny enough.

  70. Oh how being a Scorps is of so much beauty but yet of burden all at the same time. Sun, Merc, Venus, Pluto all in Scorps and that 8th house energy is so amazing to have but a burden to the people who don’t appreciate the loving nutrients. It reminds of your other blog entry about Scorps amputation and in some way that links for me. When people don’t appreciate, I amputate. When people are sucking me dry, I amputate. When people moan about what I’ve done TO them instead of FOR, I amputate. Sad but very true.

    It is very true when you say that people should stop moaning about we have done to YOU have you looked at what we’ve done FOR you?! They haven’t because they’re too busy moaning about being stung due to their own stupidity and instead of taking responsibility blame us for it. *sigh*

    My mother is also a Scorps as is my Aunt and a few cousins. My mother and I sting each other quite often and to be honest the truth hurts but in some weird way it’s brought us closer. I use to be one of those who would moan about what she’s done TO me instead of what she’s done FOR me. I’ve realised that she’s done a lot, more than most in fact and has taught me the number 1 Scorps weapon of having patience to find the truth. We’ll give enough rope to watch someone hang themselves and then amputate for the deciet and lack of appreciation.

    But I do like this entry though, we don’t look for the thanks or the appreciations but just saying it out of courtesy wouldn’t go amiss. What ever did happen to manners and courtesy?!

  71. check this out!

    female MOMMY scorpions carry their babies on their back until they are strong enough to live on their own! YES ON THEIR BACKS!!

    find this so interesting, this speaks to the “burdensome” experiences of scorpios. the mythical phoenix is also said to have a capacity to carry HUGE burdens.


    as i get older, i get tired of all these burdens, i want to simplify my life, want to lighten up and enjoy more, yet find myself still carrying burdens, and oftentimes willingly. however, this has taken its toll on my health and i feel has also cheated me of having more joy in my life. i feel much older than my actual age, yet have the experience of people perceiving me as younger than i actually am. what a strange paradox!

    sometimes i wonder if i take on the burdens of helping others because of that attract-repel dynamic that plays out with scorpios, and how difficult it is for others to get close to us and stay around.

    it is as if my options for human contact are very often based on providing help and attention to others, because they do not easily come to me. is it because of that “appearance” of strength? that hard shell, “ectoderm” of the scorpio that belies the softness and depth inside? this apparent toughness that repels? yet, when I let down my guard, it seems that many people are also repelled by that. it is as if because I appear to be strong, i have no right to complain or be vulnerable. i have carried many babies in the form of helping many, many people. however, who carries me?

    GEEZ, I also want and need to be taken care of!!!

    Tired of the burdens…

    Need love, appreciation, help, TENDERNESS….

    I ask this of this universe, GOD, help and some TLC for this exhausted Scorpio, autoinmune burdened, single mom!!

  72. Sun Scorpio 4°33’43 in house 12
    Ascendant Scorpio 9°53’36
    Mercury Scorpio 18°51’55 in house 1
    Venus Scorpio 1°01’19 in house 12
    Jupiter Scorpio 10°27’36 in house 1
    Neptune Scorpio 4°31’06 in house 12
    Moon Taurus 13°43’36 in house 7

    House position (Placidus)
    8th House Gemini 9°05’33

    Those are the important planets in my chart, and I am quite proud of them!!

  73. OH, & our of curiosity, what is Placidus?

    Is it the “placid” aspect of your astrological profile?

    the balancing element perhaps?

    or…. I projecting, I have Saggitarius, Virgo & Libra influences.

    playful, LOYAL, & tend to strive for BalancE.

    Anywho & silly-willy joKe aside. I am in fact interested in what Placidus means. 😉

  74. Elsa,

    Do you have a twitter account. I would love to speak with you about this. This is so interesting and btw, LOVE your blog.

  75. When I was young thought I was born in a different family I thought that there’s some thing wrong with my family . I was always hard headed and I liked things my way I was sweat and bitter because but deep down I always believed. In my self I knew I was special . I had my opinion snd that was it I joined the navy at 18 boy I’m glad I did it was against my families wishes and tradition and culture that the girls join the navy . And I met my first love and he saw I was confused he’s a Scorpio . He gave me a book about astrology And was I Sooooooo happy to read about all the true traits about us and I’m so happy to be a scorpio . If I wasn’t I would be Sooooo jelouse !!!!! All that intensity ! Pasion ! Energy ! Love it !!! And btw we got married and have 5 children together would not want to be married to some one else !! Love my scorp snd love being one. Because Scorpios do make the world beautiful !!!!!

  76. I just want to add my 2 cents here. I have mentioned in a recent post elsewhere that I love Scorpios. Reason being I have both a brother and a sister who are Scorpios. Know why I love them? They always tell you the truth. They are brutally honest when you need them to be. And if they aren’t, it means they don’t give a damn about you. They are brutally honest about your good points too. Want an upper? Ask them what they see as your good points. And if they care…they are the best at showing you they care.

    • Here is the caveat of Scorpio truth telling.

      In this day and age, life is not about truth any more. It’s about Image, and how you make yourself appear. I mean via social media, and any other way you’d present yourself. Most people have some sort of hidden wound, inner pain, or trauma they are trying to ignore. I believe this is what makes social interactions so difficult for me, because I am often “tied up” internally with my own issues. Running into someone with similar wounds will trigger my own wounds, and then I can hardly keep up with the conversation because I am being slapped (energetically) in the face with the realization of someone else’s issues that they themselves are either blind to, or they are trying to hide. I end up making people angry when I try to relieve the pressure by speaking on it, and more oft than not, it drives people away.

      I’ve just started considering that maybe people just don’t care about the truth anymore, and being who I am is not something people care for.

  77. Hello again! I just wanted to let you know that this site is truly excellent – really amazing how insightful it is.

    My Scorpio is the one I’ve loved who cut me out a few months ago. I’m a Sagittarius I (November 26).

    There was just something about him…I met him at a party in December of ’08, and it was this sort of – instant connection. He was (still is) tall, handsome, funny, and ever-watching. We seemed to hit it off quite well, I think, but I didn’t get his number and didn’t expect to see him again.

    A few months later, we did run into each other. I remember seeing this hot, tall, gangly guy sitting on a bench, and I asked my friend who he was. Turns out that it was him (I’ll call him Liam). One thing I was drawn to about him was his gaze. He always seemed to be where I was, always watching.

    Case in point: A few weeks later, I saw him again. We didn’t speak, but our cars were parked next to each other, and my Libra mother started talking to his younger brother. I came over and just sort of leaned against my car, only half-listening, until – voila – Liam came out of his car and stood right in front of me. Only about two feet away.

    And he stared. I was texting on my phone, pretending to ignore him, and I could very plainly feel his eyes on me. When I did look up, he quickly averted his gaze, and then resumed staring. It was so very blatant…I was really intrigued by that. Could he possibly like ME, of all people?

    We did have a lot in common, but we never saw each other much after that – just communicated over email. I found out he was dating his now ex-girlfriend three months later. It tore me up, really, though now I can’t say precisely why. I’d liked being the center of his focus over the summer, though.

    Fast-forward to December of that year. Another party. And again, we saw each other. And again, everywhere I went, he followed. He stared, I stared, and yet we didn’t speak. I didn’t even think he would have remembered me. I do recall feeling insanely jealous when two pre-teen girls started chatting with him, but he continued to look over at me, like: ‘Do you see me? Are you paying attention? Come over and talk.’ I don’t think he was very interested in those girls, but I didn’t talk to him, though I did go near him on purpose to see his reaction; he just….stared at me while I got a drink, and then returned to my seat.

    It felt good, actually, practically disobeying him. I can’t deny that 😉

    He was still dating his girlfriend, though, which sort of turned me off…

    Anyway, those are the events that led up to our friendship and how it crashed and burned.

    Do you think he was interested?

  78. sure, in you and every other sexually desirable woman he sees. unless you actually had a relationship it means nothing. it’s just attraction. not always, but most people with prominent scorpio are extremely observant, and your game playing is easily recognizable. this puts you in the category of people not to take seriously. sounds like he likes to flirt too. that’s all!

  79. My Scorpio male friend of 18 years, “helped” me to see that I would be happier and healthier if I lost some weight. I have sprained my ankles several times, so having extra weight on me, hurts my ankles. I have lost some weight now, and my ankles feel much better. I really did not like him telling me that though. 🙂

  80. The thing about Scorpios is that if they turn thier energies inward they show the worst. If they focus them outwards as into a pretection they shine.

  81. Thank you so much Elsa for this informative article on the power of Scorpio..and I also appreciate the many insightful comments and stories of other fellow readers speaking of their unique scorpionic journeys and influences throughout their lives..let us all delve a little deeper and soar ever so higher, shall we?

  82. Taurus here:

    I have dated exactly one (1) Scorpio woman and so help me God, I’ll never do it again. You can keep your ego, your drama and your nasty vindictive side to yourself. Wallow in it for all I care.

    As for the men? Known two so far and both of them turned out to be douchebags. One in particular screwed over a best friend of mine to the tune of $20,000.00. Yeah… Scorpios…pfft. You can have ’em.

  83. Thank you so much elsa.

    I think this is the main reason why we amputate. Giving energy kills us and we need to be reborn. If the energy taker isn’t giving anything back then why stick around?

    • Typical cold scorpio outlook. Nice!

      Perhaps the ‘energy taker’ you describe is in fact NOT taking but is being overpowered by your so called energy giving, probably didn’t even ask for your energy in the first place but you pour it out over the “chosen” from your own free will, yet unlike most other signs, you don’t do it altruistically, there are catches, motives and tests that go with it.

      It’s totally sick and vindictive to target a person who is ‘normal’, that is thinks with a mix of head/heart, in such a black/white manner then amputate them or constantly complain about how they have let you down when they don’t live up to your unrealistic expectations!

      I have found the two scorpio females I’ve known to be the same, they appear to be very giving and generous, and are, but it’s not truly giving because there is so much expected in return! It’s more like an energy loan and they want INTEREST on the repayment, and if you can’t simply because you are your own unique person, man will they make you pay. Via cruel, vindictive emotional torture and obstinate, almost childish twisting of situations to suit a deeply hurtful ‘sting’ outcome for them.

      A scorpio (female) is only capable of being nice while they think something is in it for themselves, be it the chance to mould you into their ideal man (an awful idea that should have died out years ago), using you for your status/power, or simply to leech every bit of emotional intensity out of you until you are bled dry, used up and discarded cos you can’t give any more.

      Scorpio are truly the most unforgiving creatures I’ve ever met and have no idea what ‘have a heart’ means. Most people who get angry and disagree will attempt to make things right before sunset, afterall life is too short, but scorpio? no way, they thrive on suffering, firstly their own imagined suffering over the smallest, least harm meant, slights which they amplify into massive problems/drama, then in time, the suffering of the ‘offender’. No matter how much the offender shows regret, sorrow, and apologises, the scorpio never lets it go. They constantly attack even in calm waters just when you assume peace is restored. They also seem to think only their hurt counts for anything, and that your hurt is something to be smiled at and discounted as irrelevant!

      The more you bleed for a scorpio the more they take advantage, it’s such a horrible and sad situation and surely they are the ones who, for all their bluster and so called ‘strength’, end up hurt most, through their own awful cold actions and lack of forgiveness. If you treat scorpio cold to ‘please’ them, they will show interest, but it’s not love, it’s not warmth, it’s all just another ego game and you will never win. YOu can’t win against someone who changes the rules every time you try to make peace. They are NEVER happy and blame everyone else for never being happy.

      Also they are very judgemental, they talk viciously about others to you, and no doubt about you to others yet act like angels to your face.

      I loved a scorpio woman for years, unconditionally, even through her faults and my own heartaches based on her actions and lack of fairness, and in the end I amounted to nothing more than a list of my flaws and a man emptied of all I had good in me (in her eyes) before she sucked me dry with her impossible to please personality.

      In summation Scorpio females are vindictive, possessive, jealous, paranoid, unforgiving, spiteful, cruel, stubborn and worst of all, absolute hypocrites. They can hurt you daily and it’s all part of ‘living’ yet you can accidentally upset them and apologise fast but be stung/reminded of your mistake every day for the rest of your life (if you allow it).

      You have to be a weak willed mo-fo to put up with the constant drama, nagging and domination of the scorpio female. If you have strong will of you own, forget it, because while most of us with strong will still know about a little thing called ‘compromise’ and posses altruism and compassion, the scorpio female doesn’t! Every good turn from them is a test to be repaid or noted as a ‘fail’ for use against you in the future, every attempt to appeal to their kind nature (which they occasionally show if they stand to gain from it) falls on deaf ears, and your own real pain is simply dismissed as histrionics, laughed at and ignored while their ‘pain’ over the most stupid or long forgotten (by most) reasons is what comes to define you in their eyes.

      Simply put, scorpio females are wonderful while they are getting something from you, but if you start to take control of yourself, back from them, they will simply discard you, make you feel worthless, and when you adapt and move on they will attempt to follow you, play to your heart , then hurt you over and over again without remorse or real sadness in their own actions.

      In essence, I will never trust a scorpio again as long as I live. I put all I had into the one I loved while also maintaining my own sense of self, I’m not a doormat, and eventually when they deemed it was time, they just cut you off then play hot/cold mindgames for nothing more than entertainment. They seem to not care one bit that others have hearts that can be hurt too, so long as they feel in control and the one causing the heartache they appear to be fine. They get off on being heart breakers while most of us normal people ‘get off’ on finding peaceful loving compromise and fun.

      Pisces man here telling it how it is, the most altruistic and compassionate/forgiving of all signs treated like absolute **** by a scorpio woman once she’d had all the goodness from me and saw my bad sides rear up through frustration and manipulation (tests) on her part.

      My warning is – do not trust a scorpio woman. She may not be intending to hurt you, but eventually she will and knowingly, and not care one bit that she does.

  84. Hi Elsa,,
    I am a virgo male and I love a scorpio girl..
    She liked me so much but now started to say I am just a friend only..
    Recently she got successful in career and is surrounding her with lot of successful people and many boys among them too..
    she is freezing me out.. I didn’t even figured out whats going on yet..
    she used to say that “no one ever in her life loved her so much as I DO”..
    she was possessive of me,, like she didn’t wanted me having good time with other girls or taking any of them in my bike..
    she was so excited to see me every time before,, and was connected so much emotionally..
    I used to support her in every means possible to me..She says I was just an episode of her life and it is almost ended..
    At a point of time she said that in next birth we shall be together..
    Many times I sensed she giving me chances and giving notions..
    No talks from a couple of months.. It hurts deeply.. 🙁 me too keeping silent since a hard talk she made.. told me she “JUST LIKE ME BUT DONT LOVE ME”..
    and added even if she has a little feeling for me,, it will be gone by a two or three years of time.. Like showing so much of maturity and knowledge..
    I just love her so much.. is there any way if she will come back.. What do I do…. 🙁

  85. HI, this is a very old post so I’m not sure I’ll get a response. I’m a virgo girl who met and fell in love with a scorpio man then he cheated and I decided to take him back and give it another go but I just couldn’t trust him and he said that he only wanted a casual relationship as it wasn’t working. Stupidly I went along with this as I was too scared to lose him. This went on for a while until I couldn’t take it anymore as he was looking for another girlfriend. Also around this time he had been writing mean things about me on twitter so I confronted him about this and asked him to stop. He replied to me on twitter saying he didn’t want to be with me and didn’t want to be friends. It really hurt and that was last communication I’ve had since then (nearly 3 months ago).

    I can’t get over him and have been checking what he’s writing on twitter and he’s spent the last few months pointed out all of the things he doesn’t like about me and at times saying things like you’re my one true love but I know I can’t change etc. However, I know that he’s in another relationship so why is he playing these mind games. Is it just that he hates me and is getting some sadistic pleasure from the thought that i will hurt me if I read it. Because he’s made the comments in a subtle way if I confronted him he would deny it and say I’m paranoid.

    I’m so hurt and want to confront him. Also despite all of this I still have very strong feelings for him. I think I made the mistake of letting him know I had such strong feelings.

    If anyone has any advice that would be great. I realise that I don’t have to read what he writes and have stopped.

  86. Umm freaky or what? Old post from 2009, two posts above from last 30 days …. one is a scorp male in love with a virgo girl, the next one is a virgo female in love with a scorp male.

  87. I have Scorpio Sun and Mercury and I’ll say that never ending energy is the basis for my life. Although my Moon in Capricorn keeps me in check sometimes I “let loose” and it’s just an other worldly experience for other people, but I’m just having fun. Like an actor who has to be the Villain of an intense crime scene or the Hero who jumps from building tops…I’ll stay contained for now (Moon) but when the time is needed or to help the power of Scorpio Sun will shine through and rescue the world from the tragedy that lays bestowed upon her. ♥

  88. My father is a Scorpio and he is the biggest asshole I have ever met. Judgmental, selfish, manipulative, secretive, controlling, two-faced. He is nearly incapable of empathy which is odd because he is intuitive. People who don’t know him well say he is happy and enjoyable to be around because he keeps his horribly dark interior hidden from most. I am an aquarius.

    • Yep! sounds exactly like the scorps I’ve known (female).

      They are borderline criminals with what they do to people’s hearts without mercy. And we stupidly give them that power in the first place.

      Scorpio are nothing without other people to use. Remember that and avoid.

  89. I’m bookmarking this to visit it and reread when necessary. I think I’ve had more friends/lovers who are Scorpios. I’m drawn to them without knowing it. I find them to be very unique, they often make their own rules, and are very compassionate. Quirky, yes. I’m an Aqua, with Pluto in 1H 10° to my AC and hits alot of my planets. Anyway I don’t know if thats it or not but i appreciate tham and this is a great article for me to keep in mind.

  90. Hey Elsa and All,

    I guess I’ve been lucky in Pluto’s realm, with an 8th House retrograde Pluto in Virgo (discerning, analytical self-analysis, deep insights into others, which includes recognising shadow energies), Scorpio MC and 10th House, together with an 11th House Scorpio.

    I totally get where you’re coming from. The assumption that Scorpio = bad news is both correct and incorrect; it depends on your personal views/perspective/model of the world. Self-transformation isn’t a Disney affair, from personal experience, but neither is it all doom, gloom, jealousy, hatred, etc.

    Pluto/Hades is domination power, covert control and compulsion. It’s consuming passion, vitality, intensity…blah, blah, blah 😉

    Plutonic power just ‘is’. The distinction for me is what we do with that power.

  91. Oh boy.

    I’ve read through this whole thread
    and have felt a lot of positive and negative
    vibes for and against Scorpios. Okay, I am one
    and I’ve always polarized people. Thankfully, I try to
    be as positive with people as I can and give
    happiness without expecting anything in return.

    I can be arrogant, annoying, intolerable, and
    downright adamant too. However, I’ve learned to
    get these out of myself as much as I can. I hope,
    above all, I turn out to be a good human being.

    Cheers to life! 🙂

  92. Was super happy to come across this article, as Scorpio/8th house/Pluto influence (especially in the heavier doses,) does tend to get a lot of flack.

    I’m not gonna be biased and act like only those with these influences are the most and only loyal, but in my dealings with it in others and having it in myself (Ascendant, Pluto, and Moon all conjunct in Scorpio,) it does give me a good feel into it. However, I’ve come to find that these are people who will stick with those they have entrusted like no other. What gets them the flack is that once they’ve been brutally burned, they’re stinger will ignite and things can get pretty nasty and volatile. It comes across as they’re betraying and just being hurtful to those who they got a long with before because we were so giving before, but once hurt we can hurt back; people who use us again and again have a way of not liking that.

    The biggest thing with this energy is that there’s such a potent presence to the aura around someone who carries these trademarks astrologically. It has a way of getting extremely strong reactions out of people. Speaking from experience, it leaves me on the other end often times feeling extremely powerful, but also very insecure. We are people with emotions and feelings just like any other, and that seems to be disguarded with others a lot with us.

    • ” it leaves me on the other end often times feeling extremely powerful”

      Well, that statement really sums up ‘scorpio’ doesn’t it? How anyone can feel power from another’s pain is beyond me. If I hurt someone, I hurt too. I don’t get off on someone chasing me or showing that they are genuinely upset by my coldness, or absence. Instead I feel their pain and consider it in with my own. If (my) one time scorpio girl had been in pain I’d never have felt power and I’d never turn my back on her even if in truth I didn’t want to be with her, or she annoyed me to the point It wouldn’t work out (unsuitable/badly matched). Yes I’m probably too soft at times like that but if someone is at least acting like they are genuinely upset by me then I feel nothing but remorse, no power.

      I’ve seen (scorpio women) smiling at this power they feel, without realising it’s not some power they have, they steal it in some respects – given freely on the same terms we assumed they were on, mutual love and concern. The only shock in this is how a person (scorpio) can be so emotional, almost needy at times and down right difficult with the most intense mood swings until you are convinced they REALLY DO mean it when they talk of undying love only to find you were just another chapter in their book of life, a book they seem all to happy to believe is only about themselves and to hell with whoever else’s heart they destroy and abandon along the way. It’s not that they are not allowed to move on, anyone is, but that they play you like a fool until they get your undying commitment and once they have you there they have STOLEN your power and you are no longer a challenge. Then if some shit hits the fan, you will more than easily be thrown away and treated as if you never existed.

      Honestly it’s the most wicked and cruel thing in the world to do that to a human, for human errors and faults. Everything can be talked through, every one deserves the right to not be treated so cruely when the ‘problem’ that causes the rift is exactly two way and both parties to blame (and actually mostly trivial stuff).

      I won’t ever trust a word from a scorpio woman’s mouth until the day I die. I’ll stick with a fellow pisces who know about true compassion and are the least cruel people on the earth.

      • Loved reading your insight and opinions, but I think you may have taken what I said out of context. I didn’t mean the Scorpio energy was directly and purposefully taking others power, rather the own embodied power that they bestow from their strong sense of self.

        It sounds like you’ve been burned before from a Scorpio, and understandably have the right to be upset, but that’s not EVERY Scorpio influenced person. That’s someone, who yes, is taking the qualities of the archetype and operating out of it’s lower expression.

        Every sign and aspect of astrology, Pisces included by the way, have their higher octave and lower octave of operating. I’ve found it’s about integrating each side of both and finding middle ground and balance between the polarities.

        Another tidbit to throw in, I wouldn’t say a Scorpio typically feels power from someone else’s pain (unless the individual is just kinda f****d,) but that they have an icy exterior when someone else has hurt them and then they have to pull the chord and leave that person behind. To the person who has been left behind, yeah, it could very well be painful, but they may have had it coming. Of course this is just one instance and example, though.

        • Thank you for this. I am a Leo with Scorpio Ascendant and Pices moon and a whole bunch of Cancer in other places with a couple of Earth signs and no air signs in there at all.

          I am incredibly sensitive and astute for subtle changes in my environment – especially when it comes to reading other people. I recently got somewhat involved with a Gemini who acted very two-faced and cold to me. What did I do?

          I posted an obtuse but obvious poem on Facebook to a limited audience for just an hour. I do not know if he saw it or not, but I am having to pull the plug and disengage. I am all heart and passion and sensitivity. I don’t do well with head games and head types who function lower on the feeling levels.

          I am not very good at keeping up facades of decorum so when I see him again, my style will be to avoid him unless I have to talk to him and feel incredibly intense about the whole thing for probably another year.

          I normally worry about everyone else getting hurt – everyone but me – and then I end up getting hurt because I thought should be nice when I should have walked away and not been as polite. But I don’t suffer fools for very long anymore.

          They tend to know it when I’m finally gone and come sniffing around again at some point. Half the time I don’t know what they want, but feel my energy is being drained. So I look for people now who are a bit more conscious and more deeply connected to something bigger than themselves, their games, and their needs.

  93. yeah may have had it coming, but perhaps the scorpio had it coming too but pisces found it easier to forgive relatively trivial things in preference for protecting the other person’s feelings. 🙂

    In other words, had [ insert anonymous piscean man with violins playing 😉 ] done the ‘moving on’ when hurt, the scorpio wouldn’t ever have given them a day’s peace. The tears would be ten fold, the anger too, the knives would come out (from the scorpio), but you know, with pisces at least the worst kind of hurt for us is thinking we walked away from someone we did still care about and who may care about us, and leaving them in some kind of pain – so we don’t. Sure we can be cold and switch off (and do eventually) especially if pushed beyond even our legendary limits, but in that moment when ‘love’ is spoken of as being eternal, pisces doesn’t doubt it and doesn’t revoke it based on the material every day world – in fact nothing shy of total betrayal (adultery/affairs) would cause us to turn out back coldly on someone we genuinely care about, even if just ‘as a friend’. Yes scorpio was hurt, yes possibly even more than I was but it was over understandable stresses not evil motives or even actions of will – emotional instability both sides brought on by passion, insecurity and mild paranoia and some other mitigating factors I won’t bore everyone about haha…

    Anyway, I know a few scorpio females now and I like them as friends, I think they can be very straight talking and when they are warm they are beautiful, but when they are cold? ugh.. also they definitely live on ego more than pisces and that’s why we clash. especially when they apply their thinking to our actions, as if we do X,Y,Z based on why they would do it (ego, power, flirtation, attention). Not to say scorpio is the worst for that – no, leo, gemini, many others are worse but it’s the one bad side of scorpio that clashes with a true, spiritual altruistic piscean in an otherwise beautiful combination. That and not taking pisces feelings seriously when ‘accidentally’ surrounding themselves with members of the opposite sex (but watch out if YOU/PISCES does that – drama from nowhere, scathing, hurtful words over totally innocent actions… you know the score).

    And no pisces isn’t perfect either, we are confused and confusing but we have a massive heart that is UNCONDTIONAL. Scorpio has too many damn rules for my liking and I don’t play power or mind games with anyone. I’d rather switch off than waste my life playing games. Either way, still wouldn’t turn my back, but when scorpio does – finally – there is very little concern for the shock, pain and bereavement feeling they cause in those that were their closest companions. They talk good when in love at first, but when they get bored or too stressed it seems they have to find new sources of energy, having ‘ruined’ the one they just drained from the balls up. 🙂

    good day to you.

    • It seems you have your mind made up on all Scorpios in the world, huh? If they’re that bothersome then why spend so much of your energy and attention focusing on thinking about them? That’s one thing I love about them…it’s so hard to stop thinking about them. They just have that affect on people.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some ill experiences with other Scorp. influenced people, but nothing to extreme. I just know I’ve dished out some crappy cards to past lovers, but a lot of it has to do with Scorpios having a lot of trust issues because we’ve been so burned in the past.

      I know a lot about the Pisacan world as my ex was a MAJOR Pisces. Loved her to Pisces, and your right, they do have an unconditional heart and outpouring of love, but they can’t go around blaming everyone for their hurts because of stupidly wearing rose colored glasses all of the time. No one forces them to stay in an abusive relationship, that’s they’re choice…and that just goes for anybody. As much as I love Pisces, the one I dated was EXTREMELY manipulative and had excessive lying problems, but that won’t make me label every Pisces that way. That was her and her persona to have.

      As a Scorpio, I know we can be extremely defensive and on the edge a lot of the time and will get pissed when our partners cross the boundaries of what we think is okay and often times have a lot of power and control issues to work through, but when you look on the other side of the coin they can be the most loyal lover you’ll find when you find one that’s worked through their issues and is in a good place. Without sounding biased, a Scorpio knows it’s boundaries and a Pisces doesn’t a lot of the time. That’s not a Scorps fault that a Pisces hasn’t learned when to draw the line…

      Either way, they’re both water signs and do trine with one another. I think they can be a fabulous combo when in resonation and good standing. I personally do love Pisces. Having a lot of Virgo influence I seem to heavily attract them into my life to balance me out haha

  94. well I certainly don’t lie. Far from it. As for manipulative? we all are a bit but in many cases it’s to retain a peace not to gain an upper hand.

    One thing scorpio do do a lot and don’t seem aware of, they blame everyone and everything else for their problems and are extremely stubborn in seeing the big picture, or another’s point of view. Great for business, not so hot when dealing with personal relationships that are meant to be give and take. Generous yes, loving yes, romantic sure but very often all dictated on their own terms. In control and that’s that. If anyone stands up to that then you get conflict, drama, mood swings. Pisces is good at standing up to scorpio, one of few that can/do. We see through scorpios harsh exterior and can reflect back both the good and bad. If a scorpio dishes it out (flirtation, jealousy causing, moods, domination) then a pisces male worth his salt will stand his ground and reflect it, for his and their good. Scorpio claims to want this kind of man who can stand up to them but I think it’s an act, they want to get their own way ultimately in everything and like a pretence of ‘battle’ when really it’s gonna be their way or no way. And that is frankly what really fucks me off, because I can yield and compromise due to having a heart that puts others before myself (to a point) while many (maybe not all) scorpio females appear to have you like some kind of puppet.. devoted while it suits them, as long as their emotional support is coming, so long as they can prod, tease and cause insta-drama from literally NOTHING and you basically have to not insult or get ‘too angry’ with them (like children). If you do? you are toast! They find it hard to understand human nature in respect of transient dramas and fail to forgive far more than most signs. If that is the sense of power you spoke of, when you get a reaction when you suddenly switch the rules on someone who trusted you to be ‘the way you claimed to be’ then frankly it’s still cruel, it’s also cowardly because it gains power through acting and guarding your true selves.

    SO yes scorpios can be very sweet, beautiful people and are without doubt one of the better signs on this earth but I really think they should temper some of their less altruistic sides with a touch more humility and compassion. What they see as ‘power gain’ has possibly just left someone scarred for life for doing nothing more than entering into the spirit of a relationship that was said to be equal.

    Cutting off/amputation as scorpios do is just one step down the selfish ladder from suicide and leaving loved ones with many unanswered questions. WOrse in many ways when they pile loads of BLAME onto you while (pisces) only tries to remind/remember the good in the other person to part ways with.

    And you won’t ever be on the end of that as you are a different person to a pisces, you’ll genuinely pack your heart away and not give a fuck way before you even let the other person know – they will always be playing catch up having taken your deep words at face value, via trust – the same trust you rarely ever could keep more than a day or two in the other person.

    Anyway I don’t know you, nor all scorpios obviously but I learned a lot about them in my 5 years with one and the ones that remain in my life.

    They are still one of my favourite signs, and pisces is sadly compatible with few signs as it is but I guess scorpios (esp female) to male pisces have to trust more, treat them with more respect and watch their feelings more – do not treat pisces like you’d treat leo or something, test all the other men daily if you have to, disbelieve their romantic words, fight with them weekly to feel ‘renewed’, that’s fine with other signs but with pisces? it’s BS you had no need to be that way, you already had our loyalty and our bond. Problem is you very likely didn’t even want it, just some attention and power – so the cycle continues.

    BTW I’m aware I’m talking to a man here not a woman and can’t say I know much about male scorpio’s but I do know one who other than his week long moods with his wife is a very kind generous friendly guy to know. And I like scorpio girls as friends now only. I can’t trust them again. Luckily I don’t need to as I’m now in a long term beautiful relationship with a warm, kind pisces girl who never plays games and doesn’t need to ‘test’ me, hence rarely any undue drama and stress.

    life story over. Peace.

    • I’ve really enjoyed bantering back and forth on this actually, it’s always cool to get different perspectives on the signs and how a lot of factors come into play.

      Happy to hear you’ve found a compatible match who seems to be providing what you need and vice versa.

      Just always remember that generalizing a group of people based on their sun sign or any aspect of the chart isn’t cool.

      I would not be surprised if the Scorpio you were with for those 5 years had some of kind of conflicting and detriment type of aspects being made in her chart from other planets that may have contributed to that. As always, our astrological placements don’t keep us from free will and just personal experiences from life which contribute to our persona. A lot of the time, the astrology can just be a catalyst for some of our behavior.

      Peace be with you.

  95. Thanks for this post Elsa, as always you post provocative themes for conversation, and so with that said, here’s my 2-pence worth while sitting on my the couch in my living room in Nottingham, drinking strong black coffee (with a couple o’ brown sugar cubes), and listening to Radio Paradise (CA) :{D

    After reading a fair number of comments from fellow Scorpionic folk – I count myself in that transformative lot, with Pluto in the 8th House in Virgo, opposing the Sun in 2nd House Pisces, together with Pluto ruling both the 10th and 11th Houses, and top that off with Pluto ruling the decan where my Sun’s located. Old Dis Pater reaches out across my natal horoscope, so the theme is pretty much ‘evolve or die’. I guess that applies to us all in various ways, right?

    As a therapist, I take a look at myself, and consider the possibility that I ‘identify’ with those Scorpionic/Plutonian traits in natal chart. It’s a bit of a paradox, in that we’re required to live our Sun’s ideal (queue “The Hero’s Journey”) qualities, which requires us to at least, in part, identify with those qualities, e.g. “I am a 2nd House Sun Pisces and therefore I…”. I don’t think, nor intuit, this applies, much as Pluto’s power may be evident in a person’s chart. We are far more than the sum total of a set of aspects, and the Sun points the way towards that potential for transcendence.

    What helped me to make sense of my life-path, of the choices I’d made, of the what and how…and I live in hope to know the why too…was and is familiarising myself with the Draconic chart.

    Have an awesome day!

  96. Found this article browsing for some info on Scorpio men. Looks like it’s been inactive but hopefully I can get some help.

    I have Virgo sun and Scorpio Venus and am currently dating a Scorpio sun/Scorpio Venus. Is this a good match astrologically? I can’t figure out if he really likes me or not. He was 100% on in at first, then became distant for a week. We still talk but I am wondering if his interest has diminished. But I don’t know why it would. Out dates were progressing, until under last time when it became quite intense physically (no, we haven’t had sex yet), at which point he has withdrew. Any tips would be appreciated!

    • lol This thread always pops up. It won’t die and it’s a great source! A lot depends on the make up of your charts. He is doing the very Scorpio thing by going away for a while. He may be trying to porcess all his feelings. It’s not you. Just let him have his space. Don’t push. It won’t work. There is A LOT of Scorpio info on this blog.

      • Allie, thank you for your reply. But how would I know if it’s him really doing “need my space” thing or if he has just lost his interest? I can’t stand ambiguity, especially when it’s a new relationship. I don’t date multiple people so when I like someone, I drop everyone else and focus on that person. But if I just sit here and wait for him to come around, that’s pretty much a waste of time, especially if he is really not all that interested in pursuing a relationship with me.

        How can I let him know about my feelings and that it doesn’t feel OK to be left in the dark and him disappearing?

  97. Yes, I am. I clicked to Add Topic and was able to type topic’s name and there was Add description section, so I added my text in there but when I clicked “Post” at the bottom, I got a message that I didn’t enter anything. ???

    • The description is an optional field. You can write a subtitle there if your like. Your actual post should go in the box below. Sorry it’s confusing!

  98. Scorpios scare me, I feel they will dim my light as a Gemini, but I am a Gemini Sun with a Scorpio Rising and that scares me the most. My mine can go to deep dark places but I believe being a Gemini helps bring me back to the light.

  99. Being a Scorpio female, I have NEVER had someone understand me so easily. I try to be the most giving, faithful and caring individual I can be. Naturally. But if the person I am caring for or love hurts me in any way I will without thought burn them down with no remorse.
    I see right through people and will call them on their BS as well as acknowledge their strong traits. I prefer to be alone a lot of the time because I feel so strongly the pain of other sand if I’m unable to help them it drains me. Nearly to depression. So I go into my shell and regenerate (about1-2 days). When I’m ready to conquer the world again I come out guns blazing.
    I am very social and nonjudgmental. I’m popular but do not seek nor enjoy the limelight. All I need is a good novel and a decadent snack and I’m happy.
    I can’t say I’d kill for my friends and family, my spiritual and moral compass would not allow that, but I will tear you down. ex: my ex is currently rebuilding his life and ego after cheating, not physically, on me. He did it to himself.
    I’m often told there is an irresistible aura about me. So sometime I keep people at a distance just to avoid them becoming too attached. Outside of my inner circle that is.

    -just a little piece of me

    “I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???” so very true.

    thank you


    Wow….this is some kind of thread. HA! Y’all sure are passionate about the Scorpio’s you’ve known.

    It’s flattering. Love us or hate us you don’t forget us teehee…..

    5 planets in Scorpio with an old handle of ScorpioandProud (or S&P for short) but changed it as it seemed to bother some people…so now I am just a big ol’ bowl of Soup…and don’t mind being one a bit!

    I have never felt so hated and popular in my life hahahaha…. this thread is what??? 6 years old. I love love love it!!!!!!!!

    I will agree with the haters. If necessary you will be stung to death and die and wish you’d never met us. And thank you to the people who understand that we would walk through hell and high water to get to you if we love you!!

    You are actually all correct depending on the age of the Scorpio you are dealing with. Factor in the way they were raised and the other planets in their charts too…. but sure…I will sting you to death and bury you in the yard if you F with me. And sure I will love you forever and do what I can all of my life to lift you up if you are my friend or family. So.

    Fucked in the head? hahahaha naw, don’t let us off that easy, but I would look at us side-eyed too if you’re up to no good 🙂

    • Seriously?? I’m a scorpio aswell and you just sound demented. YOU need to chill! What’s wrong? Someone break your heart? like wtf….

      I would stay away from you at all cost.

      crazy ass lol lol *side eye*

  101. Well I am sorry you feel that way ~~ really??. I was just being silly as this thread has gone on for at least 6 years. Okay, I am demented. A real first class lunatic.

    Of course someone has broken my heart. Someone has broken everyone’s heart.

    HAHA crazy ass side eye….

    Did you say {‘like, wtf’} ??? lol….

    If you actually followed the boards you would know I was just being silly. Come on….lighten up.

    I don’t think we do this here at EP…if you would like to continue please inbox me, email me, facebook me, instagram me or ….call me. 🙂 I would love to talk to you 🙂

    For goodness sake don’t attack me from behind a computer screen. Please step forward and speak to me about how you feel directly. Not on an astrology board.

    • Ohhh k.

      I do not follow these boards. I came across this one while looking something up. Now, if I offended you I apologize. I dont know you BUT from your op I’d probably stay away from someone with those qualities.

      I prefer to socialize in person. Not online.

      Take care!

  102. I am no longer sure who I am replying to. I was responding to the person with the handle “really??” below my silly comment.

    Either way I was just being silly. There is even a comment above calling Scorpio criminal. We all know that you can’t lump everyone into a giant bucket because of their sun sign.

    I can tell you I run a compassion based business. I’ve raised two awesome young men. I am helping to raise three beautiful little girls and take care of an elderly mother. I have been married to a sweet and caring Pisces forever.

    We can all be a little crazy now and then. But I have no history of ever in my life hurting a fly. And I have no record ….not even a traffic ticket.

    It’s not fair that all Scorpio’s get thrown into a big lump and described as crazy and will hurt you. I think Elsa had it right above. Read it again. If you’ve come across a Scorpio sun that has hurt you please don’t decide that the whole world of them are hideous. I know one right now that is taking care of her whole family while her husband is barely hanging on with cancer.

    I have been burned by Aqua more than once. But I also know a few that have held my hand in crisis. So, I just cant lump them all into the evil pile. We are just different. And long term have a hard time as a couple for sure.

    I sure hope everyone has a chance to meet the kind of Scorpio Elsa is referring to. If you do, you will change your mind. I wish I could apologize for all the bad Scorpio encounters anyone has had. But, I cant. I didn’t do those things to anyone.

    I can tell you this….. a person with Scorpio Asc. and Scorpio Mars and any other sun or planets in their birth chart has been the hardest for me to deal with. No Scorpio sun….Scorpio mars or Asc. I’ll be they are not all that way but that has been my toughest personality to deal with to date.

  103. hey there :
    I have a problem, I wish you can help me understand what’s going on !
    I am a Leo, I got married to a Libra 9 years ago, unfortunately will lost passion & love 3 years back, but we got a baby boy “he’s 2 now”so we decided to stay together for the sake of the baby ” which is worth doing”cause we highly respect each other & it’s good for him I believe.

    the thing is which may sound weird to people , since 5 years , each year I meet a Scorpio female around april- may months, 100% not intentionally & without bringing up the leo-scorpio thing , we hock up for around 2-3 weeks “I know it’s wrong” then end up hating each other ,,, longest period was 2 months & it was serious … anyway, it happened again this year , I met someone last week, i found out that she’s a Scorpio just this morning, she’s different , I can’t explain what happening , what are the chances for this to happen every year … honestly I can’t understand it …can you help me out ?

  104. Natalie writes, “If somebody hurts you, this is a mirror for who you are! If we do not use this tool for growth, that is, reflecting on why we might attract certain types of problems into our lives, we are stuck, there is limited or no development or transcendence!”
    Wow. What a great observation. I can use that. Thanks!

  105. Like a scorpio this thread keeps getting resurrected. I appreciate your point of view on scorpio energy a lot elsa. It’s what brought me to your blog and it’s helped me immensely in my journey to self discovery and self acceptance.

    I’m not a scorpio but I’m sun conjunct pluto and scorpio stellium. I feel like the bad guy a lot. And I’m cool with that. I’ve accepted it. It’s kind of like my purpose or something. But it’s nice to be appreciated every once in a while. It’s a good reminder to me that i can be destructive but I can also be nurturing and healing. Sometimes it’s so hidden that I can’t even see it. Many times actually. Looking at it this way has helped me realize that I can direct my energy to help people and that I can actually be positive force in others lives ! What a revelation for me.

    So grateful.

  106. Nobody wants to be blamed but bad guy can be kind of a cool role if played right. It’s more like “bad-ass rakish guy” who everyone thinks is up to no good just because of who he is and how he affects others in their gut.

  107. Ahaha- I’m just recalling once-upon-a-time when I worked with two Scorpio males. One was just infatuated with me- you know what I mean: staring and calling and whispering sexy things and checking out my butt and whatnot. I didn’t really have any feelings for him at all, but I have to say, it made the work day a lot more interesting to anticipate what he was going to do each day. I was like a spy, watching a spy. Tehe. Anyway, guess who the only person in the entire office was who caught on to our secret flirting? Lol-the other Scorpio, of course. No one else caught on. Even our bosses were like, “somethings gotten into him.” “So n so seems in an unusually good mood today” Hahaha (I’m just laughing my ass off inside, cause I know why) The Scorpio who had caught on, would just walk by with this huge grin on his face. Lol. Scorpios LOVE being secretive. I love it too, (8H) nothing beats what’s forbidden.

  108. Cancer female currently dating a scorpio man. We argue quite a bit since the third week into our relationship…but we are still together. I believe if there is a will there is way. Hes Very jealous vindictive etc kind of man. Well we have a baby boy and well in feb. 2015 we broke (i broke up with him). Then i wanted to make things work but he was having doubts… i broke up with him cuz he was always out every weekend going to bars with jis friends while i was at home with baby…long story short we got back together in may 2015. We are still working on things but it seems like since we broke up I have this insecurity of him still hiding old flames numbers. Mind you while broken up we still lived together he just slept in the living room. When we were broken up he contacted his old hook up on fb and when we got back together he removed her from fb cuz I asked him to. And on his contact. However just today I found out he had his exs number on his contacts. Mind you again. She did him wrong BIG TIME! She had a baby and claimed it was his & gave baby his name and all. Well I confronted him if he contacted her or her contacting him..he said no and the last time he was in contacted was when she was trying to change her baby’s name to the real baby daddy….well back to me catching him with her number…he said he has her number on there in case he needs to contact her in regards to the name changing of her baby. I said he doesn’t need to have any contact with her by having her number. She would need to be the one to change her baby’s name and if the judge needs u to be involved of his last name to be removed they will let u know. To me that bs.he was studering for a quick second… I know about how the system pretty much works. I’m dealing with a dead beat of my first child..well anyways, I asked him to remove her number…he said he will. His ex screwed him over. He always talked bad about her too, how dirty she was and how they always argued and they would always break up ALL THE TIME. He found out after they broke up and he took the over the counter DNA test. so my question is why did he add her number on his contact after she deceived him about the child not being his…? He said he just recently added her number….wut is going on in his mind and what does that tell me? I love him but if I find out he’s cheating on me I won’t get back with him..EVER! what can I say to him for him to honest with me?

  109. Scorpions are best if you dont ditch them

    They are best for those who love them and worst for those who uses them for their own good.

    So partially true..beware of Scorpions if you are not loyal to them

  110. This topic had catched my attention, cause i did broke up with three Scorpios friends last year. One girlfriend i knew for 17 years and other two guys which were actually friends of my partner also for about 20 years and were my friends as well for almost 10 years.
    Yes, they are strong people, yes,- they are capable of great sacrifies, yes,- they are loyal. Eventually the Saturn return came in their lives …
    They could not handle their own shadow. Manipulations, power games they did projected on everyone around, keeping all the greatness of friendship to themselves like : ” We were all that great, we are the leaders, always have been. You guys have not contributed anything, just bunch of fools if we were not around”. Those games went on and on…
    Again itś not just about all the Scorpios…Itś about shadow in all of us where Scorpio resides inthe chart.
    I do love PLuto energy, facinated with that girl called Muerte, i love darkness, but not the distortions of it.
    In Scorpio case biggest distortion i have seen not just in Scorpios Sun, but in Pluto in Scorpio – 8th house Pluto, Venus In Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio and the Ascendant( I must add that Jupiter,Saturn, Moon in Scorpio do not apply here in my observations) – is that exchange of energy is conditional. Nothing goes out without reassuarance, absolute certainty what is that that will go back to them, they will gain from, and in what amount of energy, what kind of form – material gain, status gain, attention, entertainment, physical pleasures,- your physical appeal included,- they can show off around with you…They do understand on a very instictiv level that everything in this world is the exchange of energy. You must give them credit for that.
    Watch out to receive from them especially if they already convinced they sacrificed for you because price will be high to pay in the most unexpectd moment and pay day will be unavoidable.
    I believe we all have the Power. The responsibility is how you deal with it. I have learned from Scorpios, watched my behavior carefully, became aware of my Power exchange, payed my “debds” to them,- which i did not have (they demanded it subliminally) and mooved on without them.
    I am sure there are fair Scorpios out there. Was not my lesson to experience. I must say it was one of the toughest painful decisions i and partner had to make – to break up the friendship. Our Scorpios did try to come back and reconcile, but their methods they were operating with were the proove to us tht we made the right decision at first place.

  111. I’m a Scorpio, DOB 10/31/64. I feel the same way. I see and feel the positive affects when my presence is established for a period of time. I don’t do anything on purpose to make change happen, it just does. People around me start to want better things for themselves and/or they intensify and maintain the good they are already doing. Like they feel challenged by my presence. I rarely am recognized in person and when the true hearts do give it, it’s cherished. My daughter once said its like I’m invisible. This invisible mark I leave sometimes intentional but mostly not can be hard to live with because it feels like a responsibility and sometimes it’s nice to have someone look out for and care for me. Although my fierce independence doesn’t allow it for long periods. Lol!

  112. I have met a Scorpio online 18 months ago. First he said he will buy me a ring and het marrued than he said he will come meet me, move to my country and get married. He kept giving empty promises. He controled my mind, where I was going, who I was meeting, what time I was leaving the house and coming home. He told me not to go too far from my house, he never ever met me, never sent anything…he just kept me hanging aroynd for almost 2 years. If i said one wrong word, he would curse me and block me. Than unblick me. He wanted regular cyber sex. He never told me who he was seeing. I know hes cheating on me. I cant ask any questions. I have to stay faithful tohim. Nit to even say hi to any guys. Nothing and nothing. He has done nothing for me!!! Scorpios hypnotize you, hook you up to them forever and self assure that you are not the only woman he has in his life. He has a harem of women around but you dare to leave home after 7pm or say hi to a guy, he will be furious and mad at you!!! My scorpio man have done nothing at all. He just lisyen to you, collect data and use them against you one day! They jusy keep yoy around and put you part of his haram!

  113. so i am scorpio with pluto, venus , my sun all in the fourth and a taurus moon. I have never understood this love hate relationship that so many people have for us scorpios. i know people resent the attention that we receive from so many of those around us and i cant blame them either.i can tell you that it is not intentional i just happens whether we want it to or not our energy and optimism give people hope. also they know the discussion will be lively because we dig deep into EVERYTHING, and not the just the text and facts about it but down into the depths on a instinctual intuition.that will tell us everything we will need to know . and that includes people.i know that one valid reason is that our energy is so intense that it overwhelms even us sometimes so yeah i get it but have to admit that a scorpio can be a very valuable ally because we hold honesty and above all else loyalty to those we have let around us and those who we dont want around us a simply just cut out. believe me i say that is kindest thing we can do . we really dont want to hurt anybodys feelings. and wont unless forced into it. and yes we can be dark but this is not a bad for us because we use to walk into darkness and pull out those people trapped inside and and bring them back to their own path.

  114. Nope. The Scorpio in my life didn’t bring me much. Mostly he drug me into the depths of hell and 32 years later walked – abandoning me there. He did and does, however, very much against his will, support me through alimony. So, yeah, he does still bring me something.

  115. I know a friend who is a Scorpio. He is appears casual on the surface, but I am sure there is a lot churning going on inside him. Sometimes I get glimpses of his Self which are not palatable. He is still my friend because it is natural for friends to harbour grievances. I try to keep it as casual as possible. It is in my nature to be casual. I am natural in my approach towards others. Nothing out of the way.
    It is only in one place where I have been admonished for such behavior.

  116. I would say RUN from most scorpios. . . because most scorpios are completely unconscious. However, everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their chart. . . best to learn how to deal with it, consciously.

  117. Hands down, the best life advice I’ve ever gotten has been from Scorpio friends. They are gifted for talking this hotheaded Sag out of doing many unwise things she might otherwise have done in a fit of rage or passion :). I have a Scorpio moon myself and their counsel reaches me the way few others can. The only problem I have is with those Scorpios who feel people who allow themselves to be taken advantage of deserve what they get. The higher types don’t go predatory on people who have trouble saying no, they try to help them.

  118. I’m Scorpio, although depending on house system you choose to calculate charts in my 6* Sun ends up in either the 8th or 9th house that said my husband is an Aries with a very packed 8th house his Sun is in the 8th house no matter which house system you choose. His rising is Leo with Pluto in the 1st house and his Moon is in Sagittarius. I just can’t imagine another mate. I on the have an Aquarius rising and my Moon is in Taurus. I have had two others spouses and they just didn’t get me. I don’t like a lot of attention on me. I often tell people I will be the wind beneath your wings but please keep the limelight for yourself. My husband doesn’t mind the limelight and is a fine public speaker. We work very well together my only thing is wish I had met him before I met either of the other two.

  119. I love this article! That is so true!! Scorpios plunge into your darkest depths and for many this scares the hell out of them. And Scorpios can be brutal in every which sense of that word. BUT they can also be the first person there to help you when you need help. They will take care of you when you are sick and they will fight to the death on your behalf against anyone that bothers you. Their loyalty is fathomless and if they love you, they stand by you.

    The beast can be beautiful.

  120. Yes, its true, brought me back to life after they killed me. Being very mutable and always having to much to do so the best I can do is be friendly under trying circumstance and there is scorpio to tell how shabby I look, how shallow nice I am, how they don’t like my tone because their energy field keeps out all the distraction so they can always speak from a deep place so well thought out no one could measure up to such high standard.
    You will start out standing proud to steal her anything she see’s
    but you wind up peeking through a key whole down upon your knee’s.
    She never stumbles she got no place to fall
    She’s a hypnotist collector you are a walking antique…Bob Dylan
    It’s my experience only. And yes to light my fire on stagnation they could be said to be useful but my experience is they don’t know when to stop cutting and igniting. I still have scorpio friends but as of now I keep them at a distance. Too much emotional intelligence without what I see the necessary wisdom and compassion. I just have not found the stand by you. The opposite, bail when it gets too chaotic and they can’t control the flow so too speak.

  121. I’m thinking people don’t get astrology. I have met lethal Aries, Cancer, Libra’s etc. I’m scorpio sun with cancer moon, rising capricorn and venus in Sag.. I have to say that many scorpios scare me because I’m a nurturing one. Aries scare me too. BUT, some of the finest, most loving, charming, and yes even funny people I have met, are Scorpios. Most Scorpios will lay their life down for a child or a friend. Lets see other sun signs pull that off. They are deep, they are SPIRITUAL ! in the most intense loyal way. They care about humanity. They are the ones who give a listening ear to those that others would not listen to. I think its a wives tale that Scorpio’s are vicious. I’ve not met many like them and the ones that are have severe afflictions in their natal charts. AND most of all are raised badly, hence why I know lethal Aries, Cancer signs and Leo’s who are. Its NOT about Scorpio, its about everyone’s natal chart, the entire chart and MOST of all how they are raised!!! I would trust my life with most all the Scorpios I have met, I would be there for people when others would not ever be. I don’t know any Scorps I hang out with who would maliciously not be there for anyone. They, including myself hug strangers who are in pain all the time, I am working with the public. The Scorpions that I know would share a tear with and for others, many of which are people they don’t know. But in all fairness, I know plenty of other signs who are vicious, backbiting, backstabbing and who would run you over if they could. LOOK at the entire chart but most of all LOOK at their upbringing !!!!! Astrology doesn’t rule the person, it has an influence, that’s it ! This is a spiritual journey of the soul. Lets try to love one another through it.

  122. Scorp, with Scorp rising, and Cancer moon in the 8th house. I love this post so much I could frame it. Much loved by my fellow Scorps too. Thank you Elsa! 🙂

  123. I’ve been fed at the root and brought back to life by many Scorpios. It’s their appeal. Admittedly, because their sign falls in my 4th, I become a bit emotionally dependent on them as friends or lovers. But it also always ends on a complicated note which is why, unless they’re family, I avoid them. It’s painful to let somebody in like that and then see them go. Uranus is in my 4th as well.


  124. The Scorpios in my life of both sexes have given me an invaluable amount of understanding, love and support. And were friends to me when I didn’t know how to be a friend to myself. Not to mention life-changingly wise advice and insights. Love them to my core.

  125. Scorpios are all mean and heartless. They will pretend to be kind just to prove you wrong because they know deep inside they are a black hole. My mom is one, my oldest uncle and my ex lover. All are cruel, heartless, insensitive human beings. Selfish as parents, terrible as family members and omg don’t ever give them any form of affection because it’s lost. I feel the expert on this sign as I’ve dealt with scorpios since childhood on all levels and they all do the same mind game bs. Who has time or even cares? Avoid them like a disease if you are smart.

  126. You sound when writing your post that you are those black hole, I’m very sorry your hurting… Ya they say that when people speak thoughts such as yours in a cruel way, that you are reflecting your own personality flaws or hurts, or both. We all have to love one another upon earth the best you can. Often when we are mean in writing about others, its our own pain, our own anger that speaks out and not the person you direct it at.You come across as having a very negative outlook on the world and you are reflecting it onto scorpios. Instead realize your speaking the way you feel inside about yourself, empty, lost and negatively in pain. Reflect more on your words and realize life isn’t a bowl of cherries but a huge dose of compassion towards others goes a long way to healing what troubles you inside. There is no such thing as you described about Scorpios AND this type of negative personality is found in all sun signs, ask Jeffrey Dammer, a May baby (Gemini), or John Wayne Gacy (killer clown) Pisces baby… Or Dr. H. H. Holmes (Taurus), Richard Ramirez ( Another Pisces), Ridgeway (Aquarius) , Ed Gein (Virgo), Dennis Rader (Yet another Pisces), Edmund Kemper (Sagittarius), Aileen Wuornos (Peaceful Libra Serial Killer), Son of Sam (Gemini), Leonard Lake (Scorpio) with Side Kick Charles NG (Sagittarius), Albert DeSalvo-Boston Strangler (Virgo), Albert Fish (Taurus), Richard Chase (Gemini), Ted Bundy (Scorpio), Ottis Toole (Yet another Pisces), there are lots more but THE point is it does NOT matter your sun sign, it is your upbringing that creates black holes, your upbringing creates a good human being or a negative one, DESPITE DNA or Sun Sign. I have no idea if you are talking about some alien from another world or you speak of yourself. My heart goes out to you though. Please go get help… Om Shanti, from my Scorpio Sun Sign to you, one who is prone to angelic experiences of the Light-Kind…..

  127. Kimberly, it sounds like you gravitated towards people that are ill, and so you were attracted to your ex-lover a Scorpio maybe because your trying to fix and issue with your Mom and her issues, her issues are your issues unfortunately that you inherited. This is very common to go out and look for the exact people that have already hurt you in the past. Its a mechanism inside ourselves to try to make sense of hellish things we go through in life with so called family that should have loved you but instead deserted you. Your Mom perhaps had family that did this to her. If she was born a Libra, she may have still done the same thing because its the pain that follows from generation to generation. There is something in the depths of Scorpio you sought after in your ex boyfriend.. your uncle maybe is like 2 peas in a pod with your mom but that does NOT mean every single scorpio has a black hole for a heart… Cheer up, go find people that can uplift you.. Just because someone is flesh and blood does not always mean that they love like they should. You can often find strangers that have more compassion then family members in that situation… Let go of it, you can rise above it. But clearly you did stereotype every single Scorp on the planet and its not very fair. I have seen vicious people in virtually every sun sign but I have also seen lovely people in all signs as well. Just depends who you are attracted to. People do not realize that they seek out those that hurt us ONLY because we are trying to make sense of the pain… ESCAPE away from it..

  128. Bang on. Double Scorp here with Mercury and Sun conjunct the Ascendant and Mars in the 8th (I use the traditional rulers and only interpret the outer planets when tightly conjunct an inner planet or angle). According to friends & family, “nothing like a Scorpio!” – except for those odd moments when I’m seriously peed off & give the Scorpio “don’t **** with me” look. I’m not intense, moody, jealous, controlling, manipulative, or any of the things Scorpio is supposed to be. I’m quite quiet, but pretty straightforward and blunt and what you see is what you get (Sun in the first, perhaps?). I’m the same with everyone, no “mask” or pretense. However, people sense a steely strength. My best and oldest friend recently described me as “hard as nails, one of the genuinely toughest people I know”. I do look very typically Scorpio, and some people are scared of me at first meeting (& beyond), which can be a Scorp thing. Scorpio is always portrayed as intense, but a better word is powerful; but that power is an energetic thing. A couple of times when I’ve had bodywork / energy work done, I’ve had the comment that I’m like a nuclear reactor.

    I have joked that I’m a one-woman emergency service, as I seem to be on-call for every crisis in other people’s lives. I tend to get tangled up with people who “need” me, for some reason or another. It’s not me, per se: it’s my energy, I think. I am almost always tired, and I’ve been told that it’s from the effort of containing all that energy. I’ve found martial arts training and yoga helpful.

    I completely agree that people just don’t SEE 90% of what I do. I’m the person who gets s*** done at warp speed whilst everyone else is just talking about it, and the person who is just THERE to support everyone else…yet few people notice until I’m not there any more. On that note, perhaps I am more Scorpionic than I realise, as on a couple of occasions I have severed ties completely with people. Only when I feel that the person is deliberately using / manipulating me, however. I don’t retaliate. Ever. I just walk away. I have felt in these situations (thankfully it has only happened three times in 40+ years) that the person is kind-of feeding off my energy and draining me dry, & however much I gave it would never be enough. Generally I tend to stay friends with people, though – even my exes, having a “live-and-let-live, sometimes stuff just doesn’t work out,” attitude. Doesn’t sound very Scorpio, does it?!

  129. So true! I am a Scorpio. When I appear at a business, the business will thrive. When I walk away, it goes bankrupt. Seen it countless times. We give, give, and give some more. yet, it’s unappreciated. But when we step away, people suddenly realize what they had. (well, even then they don’t realize it was us, providing the fertilizer for them to flourish) so we crawl back into the shadows and chuckle when we see their downfall. We’re thinking: I told ya! hehe… Having a Scorpio means business. Honest business, unlike a Leo who only does it for the money and their own ego, Scorpio’s run a business to help others. In a way, Leo’s are the real danger and who you really should be worried about, their disregard is darker than ours. It’s funny how things are so reversed! yin/yang I suppose!

  130. And about Scorpio’s fury: We could tear someone apart is we wish to do so, and take ourselves with it. No problem. If you come for us, we will take you with us. We won’t go alone. But most often, we don’t feel it is necessary. We want peace. We value our life. So don’t mistake this as big talk. Don’t try us out. Don’t tempt us. Once we loose our cool, and that takes a lot, we will never return. There will be no way back. We’ll go right through you and think nothing of it. I know I am like that. I have that capacity. But, as said, we want peace. We want love, we want life. But corners us, and there will be Hell on earth.

  131. I totally disagree. I’ve never met an evolved Scorpio personally. And as an 8th house Sun and an empath, I attract Scorpios like moths to a flame. They love me and then hate me, mainly because I call them out on their bs and won’t stand for their mind games and their weird double standard merging creepiness. Ha. Funny thing is I’m the one who leaves them better off than I left them giving them new life, and I usually end up feeling drained as though I dealt with a narcissist.

  132. Interesting reading, that’s for sure! Well, I have a female relative with Scorpio Sun, Mars, Mercury, Uranus and North Node. Absolute Angel!!! A Rock for everyone…capable and efficient, excellent cook and homemaker, a gifted natural psychologist…and the most giving, wise and caring person you could find. I can’t heap enough praises upon her! Then another Scorpio in-law turned out-law, a male…the absolute opposite! Although divorced for ten years and remarried, he has threatened to “destroy” her, and says he “owns her”…and he has set out to destroy her in several ways. Lucky she is a strong woman. So, it’s just like others have said: You can get both types in each Sign. So, please people, don’t write off Scorpios…they can be the most amazing Angels…(and others can be absolute “devils”!) Just do your homework and find out which one you’ve got in front of you before getting in too deep!

  133. …stereotyping people can be odd. (I mean interesting to read those first two “sort of hate I guess” comments- one against Scorpios, the other against Libras). I think it’s kind of sad that astrology would be yet another pretext for us to project our sorrows, pains and frustrations on (without trying to de-legitimize pain as such).
    On topic, well- there are no Scorpios in my life, except a few I’ve met professionally lately. Some difficult stuff- one appeared to have power issues and major insecurities (I mean felt threatened by me- while being the boss, older in the company, older by age etc.), a couple (there were really many Scorpios in one place) were paranoid (not judging, I felt kind of empathetic toward it), one was the sort of a person I felt would have sold his mother for [insert something desired here…power it seemed]. So of the three, only the last was what they call a bastard, the other stuff is just human I think…
    Positive outcomes: I realized I’m kind of bad-ass at my job seeing how people feel threatened by me or resort to playing dirty to win against me, so I went on to do my thing and I feel much more mature and clearly positioned professionally after the experience.

  134. A Scorpio reflects back to you who you are. We give you back the energy you give us. So if you don’t like the side of Scorpio you are getting have a look in the mirror.

  135. Not my experience. Have no interest in being rescued or someone else holding my life force. I do appreciate their in depth view of life but everyone I gave gotten close to end up using that incisiveness against my better interest if too close. I keep professional distance which seems for the best all parties concerned. The simple spring of Taurus brings its own insight. But having said this I do try to repay and acknowledge what Scorpio brings into my life. For some reason they always end up manipulating me. Mars in Taurus.

  136. “I get so sick of hearing what the Scorpio did TO you. Ever think about what they did FOR you? Like maybe brought you back to life for example???”

    Wow did this ever get my attention…

    For years I have been stewing over all the ruthless, nasty, passive aggressive behavior my Scorpio mother-in-law had been spewing at me – sent me to therapy. BUT, yes-yes-yes this DID bring me back to life!

    Going to therapy initially because of her changed the course of my life. I learned to unapologetically be me again without fear of judgment from her and her equally ruthless daughters or any other a**hole.

    I realize now she is angry/hurt with me because I no longer let her manipulate me and had stopped the relationship as it was and I imagine this was rejection on some level to her. I changed the boundaries of relationship without telling her and she has not liked it one iota.

    I will quietly thank her in my prayers/meditation today for pushing me to the edge and bringing me back to life.

    Thank you Elsa for this change in perception!!

  137. I love the Scorpio’s in my life.
    Even the guy I’m seeing just for fun (that’s how we decided to do it and it will remain so until it’s done), he makes me feel regenerated after our time together.
    I’ve read somewhere that Scorpios have a healing energy in them and it really feels like that sometimes.

  138. I’m an 8th house type with Jupiter in Scorpio…I’m married to a Scorpio, only a few minutes into Scorpio….What I find is that Scorpios love you one minute, and sting you the next. It’s like whiplash at times.

    • Not really Gemini7, they just appear to not, only due to their intense deep states of mind they go into, like worries about the world, poverty, helping others that are in need. They are deeply complex, they may appear only to be that way when other things are pressing. They do not know how to love half-way, they either do not or do! And when they do its total and absolute. My thinking is that Jupiter is Scorp isn’t really much of Scorp in you to understand this. But they are passionate about every facet of life and death, and most of all spirituality. My advise is to look deep within you to ask if its something you are doing, or interpreting wrong. No person is perfect, not you or anyone but Scorps do not love half way ever. Its all or nothing, and still when they leave, they still love more deeply then most signs.

  139. Scorpios seem to love you in one instant and sting you in the next because most of them have complexes which cause them to disassociate into their mind to try and “solve ” the problem. They have an intuitive knowing about what the complex wants them to do, and if it doesn’t align with their values it results in an “inner fight” between aspects of self that makes them seem almost narcissistic. The best of them are hard at work for a solution because they do not want to hurt the ones they love. That us why they distance themselves bevause they have a deep, serious knowing of their tendency to self-protect and also to attack when backed into a corner out of sheer reflex.

  140. I had ME and met a Scorpio man. He became my boyfriend and I feel he saved my life. I’ll always be in karmic debt to him – we split up a long time ago.

  141. “Are you energized? Are you blooming? Chances are a Scorpio / 8th house type is involved.” Shit yes! My husband has Jupiter in Scorpio, in trine and sextile aspect to everything in the solar system, including his Virgo sun. Thing is, when my mother was in her last years, he did more for her in the short time he knew her than most of the members of my family did in all the time they knew her. Quality energy? It’s like magic.
    The most gifted artists and psychics I’ve known are either Scorpio or are loaded with planets in Scorpio.

    • My beloved brother was a Cancer, I a Scorpio. I will say that as much as Scorpios are awesome, to make sure that you learn from the other water signs as well. My brother took his own life a month and 2 days ago. He was 24 years old, and terrified of facing life with the confusion going on in his mind. We believe some type of undiagnosed mental illness. Cancer is a crab, also having a shell like the scorpion. But also having a homey quality to them that is gentle, loving, and nurturing. As a Scorpio I am learning there are new meanings to be found in life, and in death. The antidote is in the poison, and yes, this energy is blossoming new beginnings. ❤️

  142. There have been LOTS of Scorpios in my life.
    They make the:
    Best, most loyal friends.
    Worst, most implacable enemies.
    Most exciting lovers.
    Most spiteful exes.

  143. I’ve had my chart constructed a couple ways.
    One way has my Sun placement in 7th house.
    Another has it in 8.
    For the longest time I thought the former was irrefutably ‘it’ yet it never ‘felt’ right.
    But the latter seems to be far more identifiable and fitting to me and my experience.

    Having said that not only has my life had numerous Scorpionic turns I find I’m hella attracted to them n likewise in return.
    My mom n eldest brother were both Scorps.
    My best lovers, most memorable relationships, deepest n lasting friendships and most loyal companions have all been Scorps.

    I’ve read all these Scorp related articles yet they all seem to kinda miss the mark.
    Even my Scorp exes are cool.
    We’ve made such heavy impact mutually in our lives that we love each other to the death.
    I’ve come to realize when I meet someone I can almost wordlessly tell when they’re Scorps.
    In fact they’ve become such a ‘comfort zone’ to me I now realize how seeking n depending on them can be detrimental to my own personal growth n development.
    The world ain’t Scorpio n neither are all the ppl in it.
    Hence maybe as sad, frustrating and unfulfilling it may seem sometimes it’s more important to deny comfort for growth.
    Not that I wouldn’t grow with them but I know I should broaden my base because it will bring me a higher point of freedom n light

    • I feel the same way Larry.

      My mom and grandmother were Scorpios. My two closest friends now are Scorpios.
      Im a double Virgo with a 12th house stellium in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio and a Taurus moon which is in the 8th house.
      So the transiting Taurus Uranus is in my 8th house right now.
      So the friendships just might be a short lived teaching healing thing on both sides😔

      Because Im thinking maybe it also might be a matter of me in their lives at this moment to help them heal somehow of whatever their pain is to some extent that keeps them from the outside world.
      Both of them seemed to be drawn to me as an emotional safe haven and rely on me right now.
      And thats ok. I already see them getting better in some ways.
      When you said that purposely seeking Scorpios out and depending on them can be detrimental to your personal growth, I can certainly see that. I appreciate sharing your insight and will use it..
      Although I wouldnt part with my scorpio friends..having only scorpios as your friends does hold you with both hands to the ground at times. Being with them is both painful and all growth is.
      Ive become strong because of them. And I am grateful.
      And I hope that they also will be stronger and feel more grounded because of me.

      But I know I need more friends to balance me out. Sometimes the fallout of Scorpio intensity can be spiritually exhausting and I need someone to lighten the room for me…allow the curtains to be pulled back in my life so I dont lose track of the world going on outside.
      Thanks for the input.

      • Thank you as well.
        It’s so amazing there’s always someone else who relates.
        Yeah they’re exhaustive.
        Comparatively speakin I’d rather they be the ones wearing me out tho.
        It’s usually worth it

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