Obsessed and Paranoid – Sagittarius Man With Moon In Scorpio

I once dated a Sagittarius man with a Scorpio Moon. He was a good example of both Sadge and Scorpio. He was well traveled and he read everything, particularly psych and self help, up to and including Dr. Laura which pretty much floored me.

A Dr. Laura book in someone’s bedroom might normally indicate a conservative bent but in his case it was expansive. You don’t have to agree with someone. It can be interesting to read their views and that right there is textbook Jupiter. It is the job of all Sagittarius, that they stay out of a vacuum but this guy also had a Scorpio Moon, all twisted up and bent.

For the record, I was completely devoted to him. I’d never cheated on anyone in my life, this is still true today but one day he was in my bed and I went into the bathroom. I came out to find him sitting on the edge of the bed with my phone list in his hand. The list was kept in the drawer of my nightstand which meant he’d invaded my privacy but quickly got worse.

There were three pages of names and phone numbers and he started going down the list pointing to each one and asking, “Who is this?”

He ran through the entire list skipping the women and the people who had the same last name as mine.

“And this? Who is this, Elsa? And who is this? This one right here,” he asked pointing his finger accusingly. He was checking the names off with a pen.

Well, lemme tell you. Forget being outraged, I was scared. He was intense and accusatory and I moved to get him out of my house as quickly possible and I never saw him again.

Now chances are he didn’t go home and think, “I had no right to do that.” I bet he went home and in between the waves of agony thought “I bet she was screwing half the people on that list.” I bet he validated his paranoia and proved to himself that as he’d suspected, no one can be trusted.

I didn’t see him again but I did speak to him and he told me he was saving my hair. Yup. I have a lot of hair and it turns out this guy had gathered the strands of my hair that fallen here or there around his house. He told me he was keeping them in a special place and that, ladies and gentlemen, is obsession.

Has anyone (to your knowledge) ever held onto your energy like this? How did you feel about it?



Obsessed and Paranoid – Sagittarius Man With Moon In Scorpio — 69 Comments

  1. I laughed out loud… man, some people are creepy.

    Eliza (pseudonym) was on vacation, we had a fling… and she ended up sending me a $7000 camera by post… because I’d mentioned (in passing) that I was sort of into photography… along with letters saying things along the line of “I’m going to come to blah blah so that we can be together. I’ve been meaning to make a move…”

    Needless to say, I sent it back the same day I got it…

  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever been stalked or held onto like that.

    On the subject of Dr. Laura, I listened to her quite a bit before I left my first husband. I was MUCH more conservative then but still never agreed with her really. I listened to her because I knew she was adamantly against divorce and I thought I would see if I felt like her opinion had any merit before I went ahead and left. I decided that living in a house filled with anger was NOT better for my kids than leaving and making a new life. So I get that part.

    The hair thing is just creepy.

  3. someone broke into my house and stole all my underwear. I never did find out who. I was cocktail waitressing at the time so it could have been any number of people.

  4. satori??? omg my mouth is hanging open. who would do that? and what on earth did you do for underwear the next day? 😉

  5. I don’t remember what I did! funny. I was more concerned that they broke out a window to get in. they could have just climbed in the unlocked bathroom window like I always did when I was locked out. pish.

    I’ve had far worse stalkers. one cut my phone lines and left the knife stuck in the front door trim. I used to be a stalker magnet.

  6. wow, that sounds horrifying satori and elsa. i guess i’ve been relatively lucky to avoid the weirdos. except once a guy slipped me roofies at a party (nothing happened, besides me being REALLY sick all night long, because i had the good fortune to leave with friends. a psychic friend had actually warned me to ‘watch what you drink’ but so much time passed btwn the advice and the event that i forgot. besides who can be that vigilant in college?) god, the world seems like a scary place sometimes!

  7. I had a stalker/exboyfriend for years, I still don’t list my # because of him. He was harmless, really, but creepy, very creepy.

  8. well.. (ahem!) I have a Scorpio Moon in tropical Zodiac and I confess that I have a thing/mild obsession for beautiful hair on a woman..

    Mine is joined Neptune.. pretty closely..

    I never heard this Scorpio/Hair thing before..

  9. satori thats creepy. it reminded me of about 20 years ago I broke up with a guy and he demanded all my underwear. It’s not like he had bought any of it but he demanded it and he asked a lot and I always said no and it was awkward. He also collected swords and held a big curvy one up to his own wrist saying he would kill himself if I didnt give him my underwear. He had Moon in Aries in the 8th square Mars and Mars in Capricorn trine Pluto in his first house.

  10. I have a Scorpio Moon and so I am pondering my stalking abilities…well, let’s just say that it takes an age to get people out of my system and one way to do it is to totally piss them off. Then they leave me alone. Maybe that’s what stalkers are actually doing – pissing you off so you will leave them alone. Ah, anyone thought about that!!!

  11. I had a guy TRY to tear up my diary. then he tried to flush it. I still have it. it was one tough diary; I guess it was a refusetodiary. all these stalkers sound bad to me! but I’m used to mine so they seem funny to me while the others’ seem tragic. I guess I’m just goofy that way. 😛

  12. man, i guess i’ve lucked out in the stalking dept- i’ve never been. it sounds way creepy.

    lol @ satori’s “refusetodiary” – that took me a minute to figure out.

  13. I had a stalker too, many years ago. Guy was a Scorpio Sun, conjunct Neptune, and he was a psychotic alcoholic. Don’t know if he was on drugs, but it was entirely possible.

    He tried to break into my parents’ beach house, and he kept my whole family up all night. It was my birthday, to make the mess even worse than it already was.

    I dumped him the day after, and he called my house for months afterwards (never getting me–I was at college and he didn’t have that number), and bothering my dad.

    He finally gave up after a few months, and I didn’t see him again until 3 years later. I was on the beach, he passed by me, and I felt a cold chill go down my spine. I’d never felt that in my life, and haven’t since. I left the beach and didn’t go back for the rest of the day.

    I never saw him again after that, thank God.

    I’ve never had any issues with the other Scorpios in my life. They were all straight shooters, except for this one creep…I think the Neptune conjunction skewered the honesty and morality “my” other Scorps have.

  14. Nope, I don’t attract that type of attention. Thank cheeze!

    I have my moon in the 8th trine Pluto, but I also can’t say I engage in this behaviour. Once you’re gone, man, you’re gooooone. I ain’t gonna pine or cry, or waste energy stalking you when you obviously don’t want me. *shrug* The only thing close to this at all was my relationship with a friend of mine, it was really like an addiction on both our sides. That took a while to flush out but we’re still friends to this day (with healthy boundaries, I might add).

  15. I get the people who are drawn to me but I’m not the right type or I’m too (fill in the blank) so it’s not their fault – I’m too charismatic, bitch that I am, and I lured them in like some sort of siren. They didn’t hit on me, they were ensorceled.

    Yeah. I’m charming and shit but I ain’t all that!

  16. when I was 17 I was dating someone that I decided wanted more than I could muster and he didn’t take the hint of me saying I don’t want to see you anymore. He started showing up at my window at night. when I told him I would get in trouble and that he must go away. He started calling my house in the middle of the night, and told my dad, that he had gotten me pregnant and he needed to talk to me. When my father came into my room and asked me if I should share something with him, I was shocked, I was a virgin, and this was getting out of hand. My father gave me the phone and this person simply said that I would not return his calls and talk to him, so he waited until he knew that I would have to answer. I told this to my parent’s but they thought, after a good warning, that he would go away. 10 day’s later he showed up at my house drunk, and asking to see me or he would kill himself. My father stood at the door with his shotgun and asked me to tell him that if he didn’t stop we would have to call the police. This is my stalker story, it happened very early in my stage of dating so I think that after that I don’t let men down easy. I do it honestly and cleanly, and sometimes to not so nice.

  17. I have scorpion moon, I detest intrusion. I am normally a quiet person at heart, I dont like confrontation nor deviant behaviour. I had some creepy experiances – my saviour was to expose their behaviour – they soon went running and didnt come back. But saying that, even years later, I find I still have residue energy from the experiance to dissolve – then again, it serves as a reminder of lessons learned.

  18. Yes. My hair was collected from the vacuum cleaner bag, a big ball of it. Then it was enshrined with stolen pictures turned into a collage, put on private display as a tribute.

    I’d never dated him, never slept with him, etc. But we were family.

    And the discovery was awful.

  19. No stalkers – but I knew someone who had a shrine to me once — I had been in the newspaper, a picture, so that was the focus. He was too shy to talk to me. I didn’t mind it actually.

  20. I’ll admit that I’ve done the obsession thing, but I’ve never let the other person in on it, and I’ve just as quietly flushed those obsessions.

    As for energy…I shared another place here that my ex’s mistress cyber-stalked me for a brief period. The flavor of it felt very Single White Female. It scared the shit out of me, and not because I felt like I was in any physical danger from her. I had this belief, very deep and out of nowhere that she was an energy/karma landmine, and if I did anything but set up protections, it would bite my ass in a big way.

    I also made something personally for her, long before she hooked up with my ex. Looking back, I’m very relieved that the item made its way back to me.

  21. Saving your hair?


    You know I have a Scorpio moon and I have never done anything like that. Well, once when I was sixteen I was crazy about this musician and me and my girlfriends would drive past his house and giggle. And my first marriage cut me right through and I cried and cried and kept having sex with him after we got divorced even though I knew I shouldn’t do that — but I was 21 years old.

    For the most part, the obsessional types come after me — that’s happened to me *alot*. Even the ones who seem normal in the beginning get nutty like that later. When I got involved with the musician even, he kept accusing me of cheating on him when that was like the last thing I was capable of doing.

    So what’s up with that? I’m the Scorpio but I get chased.

  22. I was living in Berkeley, and one day while working on the strip of land outside, along the sidewalk, I started a conversation with a man. He was attractive, intelligent, and I agreed to have coffee with him. That “date” went well, (I’ve always been a little scared of dating), so I agreed to have dinner with him. During that dinner, he told me “you could be the one”. Scared the bejeezus out of me. After that, I always “knew” when he was walking by my house. I would sneak up to the window, peek out the side of the curtain, and there he was, just standing, staring at my house.

  23. He was a Scorp; I’m a Libra with four planets (Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus in Scorp with his Moon conjunct my Venus) and, just to make things interesting, a mutual Pluto square Venus.

    Yeah, much mutual creepiness, it went on for years. Breaking into email, etc. I broke off with him years ago, but he still reads my blog — and doesn’t know that I can monitor him in my stats. Lately, he’s been reading it a lot. As in, the middle of the night when the new wife is asleep. If only he knew! lol

  24. Yeah, I’ve had a couple who creepily chased me, but that part tended to start AFTER the breakup. One of my big faults was that I was a fucking ruthless hunter. Once I had somebody in my sights, that was it. My seduction style? I’d talk their pants off them. (Mercury conj. Mars Conj. Jupiter in Sagittarius. Plus Venus Scorp. 1st house, and fear was my motivation to start with.)

    Eeewww! Then, once I’d caught them, I’d throw them back. That was a messy pattern, because it’s natural to get hooked once you get involved, and I would just jettison, so they would be upset and want to resolve things. I think it was lucky that I do have that generous streak, so unless they really had hurt me, and even if they had, I could cut them slack, and in times of danger defuse things by being reasonable and attentive. Like: You seem really distressed. Have a cup of tea and I’ll listen. Now, time to go, have a nice day. I think I first practiced that when I was 15 and tried to break up with my 1st. He was predatory, and in his 20’s, and held a gun to my head when I tried to call it quits. I was very reasonable under pressure, and credit my life to this. Amazing how sad and appealing these types can be.

    Many years of experience later I came out of denial, then I had less patience with either my own or their drama. Recently, my last BF left me an obsessive, not-over-it, left-handed “gift” on my doorstep, and I had the sense to put it straight into the dumpster and to avoid engaging. Woo hoo! Sagittarius learns freedom!!

  25. Wow, what a great Scorpio Moon story, to the extreme! I have Scorpio moon… I’m obsessive in my thoughts, but I’m not creepy obsessive like that story. And yes, it does take me a long time to trust.

  26. Scorp moon hand waving here. I saved a clip of my first boyfriend’s hair, but not to do anything but have it in my keepsake book. That said, I wish I could hold someone’s phone list and ask him who everyone is. I wish I could have someone calmly tell me without freaking out that I’m invading their space or their privacy. For me, it wouldn’t be a “I don’t trust you” scenario. It’s more a “I’m insecure because I’ve been hurt and blindsided and betrayed before” scenario. If a man I was dating was open enough to say “oh, that’s the lady who owns the donut shop” or “that’s the woman who cleans the apartment” without defensiveness or shaming, I would be ever so grateful. Unfortunately, the most common reaction would be horror from most people if they caught you looking at their list. By the way, the other day I was at a friend’s house, he is cheating on his wife and I know it. I picked up his phone, erased the phone log of the woman who he is having an affair with, pointedly looked at him and said “ooops, I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t mess up your phone, better check it out”, knowing he would see what I had done, and hopefully think about what he is doing to my friend behind her back. Maybe not, but a Scorp Moon girl’s gotta have her fun.

  27. Not that I know… but, you know, some of us have that thing… others are going to borrow, without asking.

    What matters more is to know that, since you know who you are, it isn’t going to deplete you. One can only hope that those people (borrowing without asking) will find a sense that they, too, are valid individuals.

    Ever wishing for more people knowing they’re alive,

  28. I’ve never been stalked but I’ve had men obsess over me – the most persistent was a Scorpio and pursued me for over 20 years, refusing to take no for an answer. He did tell friends that we’d been lovers even though we never were!

    I on the other hand have had to be very firm with my own obsessional feelings for a few men. I’ve come quite close to stalking, a few times – not to do them any harm but just to feel or be close to them.

    I was looking up my first serious lover online a few weeks ago and found that he’d been in court last year after breaking up with a woman for stealing her underwear from her washing line! – that creeped me out a bit… he hasn’t been well (minor strokes) and had previously lost his long time partner to cancer, so I guess he was a bit unbalanced at the time…lol! He’s a Leo, and probably the man I’ve come closest to stalking, but that was over 40 years ago.

  29. My almost 25 y/o son is very obsessive and paranoid. He’s got Sun, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio, three planets in Sag (including Mercury), and Mars in Libra. When he was 23 he fell in love with a young woman who was *hot*. She got a job at Hooters and that’s when I saw the extent of how far a Scorpio will go… He’s like a human lie detector as it is and when she started lying to him about working late and all that, well, he HAD to find out what she was doing. He did stake-outs. Used up tons of gas following her and some guy around. He had a similar experience with another girl and it ended the same way–he uncovered her cheating and she called him a psycho.

    Finally he met a faithful girl whose problem was she’d occasionally lie. He’d sense it and was bound and determined to find out what she was hiding, if she was cheating on him. He’d go through her phone. He put keystroke-tracking software on her computer. Then he’d call me and his sisters to re-read conversations she’d have with guys on Facebook, wanting to know if we thought it was flirting, inappropriate, etc. I told him honestly that it was hard to say, but would beg him, implore him, to stop spying on her like that. “Can’t you just find out if she’s cheating on you the natural way, like everyone else does?” Hell no, he said.

  30. I totally understand it actually – how someone can get fixated on the internet. That said, I’m sorry it’s happening to you. And that said, Happy New Year, Elsa. Best Wishes for a great year ahead.

  31. That’s creepy about saving your hair Elsa. My first thought was VooDoo!

    My last husband gave me a classic muscle car in mint condition for my birthday when we were married. He managed to retain possession when we divorced and agreed to sell it and give me the money. It’s still parked where I left it in my old garage 11 years ago. I know he’ll never sell that car.

  32. If you want to get a “read” on people, (esp. potential boy/girlfriends) before you become entrenched in a relationship- then here is one way of doing it: Become familiar with how your body reacts/acts/feels around certain people. By this I mean (i.e., do you feel nervous, relaxed, anxious, angry, etc.) Your body is a barometer for the energies of the other person. Your solar plexus (stomach area) is usually the first place that takes in/reflects another’s energies. Also, obsessiveness behavior usually comes with controlling traits. FYI: Psychopaths & sociopaths comes in all stripes and colors. They are not all seriously violent people, just really screwed up.
    And I can’t emphasize enough the power of your intuition. Listen to that still small voice inside your head/heart. Predatory behavior is an indicator of a person that cares nothing for you and it’s all about them.

  33. I once had a boyfriend, Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon that was intense but I had the wisdom at 25 to hold him at arms length. He wanted me to move in with him like 2 months after dating and I said no and kept my place and we just dated for like 1 year. I broke up with him out of the blue and it devastated him, He hated me after that- intensely. But what pearls of wisdom I’ve got to contribute here is this: You don’t need to kill or maim anyone to be a Psychopath/Sociopath. It’s pathology and obsessiveness & controlling behavior comes with it. Anyone that puts you on a short leash/is up your butt, has issues and you will bear the brunt of it. Listen to your intuition, sidestep all outward displays of success/appearances and listen to how your body FEELS when you are around people like this. Your solar plexus is the first sensitive entry point at getting a read on others energies. Some folks attract obsessive/unstable types and you should figure out why. THe nut factor has risen dramatically in the last 20 years.

    • mimi mottet:
      so here’s a question if you feel super nervous in front of a particular guy you kind of like could it be your own feelings of nervousness coming into play cause your attracted to him or is it your body picking up energy off of him?

  34. wow. Is that a Sagittarius thing? Three of four Sag males I know [ two of whom I dated ] have this really scary jealous/obsessive streak. I dated one of them back when I was 14, and he was the absolute worst. I remember getting into an argument with him outside school one day and since it is impossible to reason with a Sag when their mind is made up, I was about to walk away, super frustrated. This guy threw his arms around me, started crying and would not let me go. He pulled me down to the ground so that we were both in kind of a half squat and didn’t let me go for like ten minutes!

    My friend at the time dated this same guy and when they got into an argument, he cried and threw all of his belongings to the floor; bus pass, wallet, keys, everything.. and started taking off his clothes. Luckily he kept his pants on, but I noticed that it took him a moment to realize what he was doing before ceasing stripping. At that point, he started screaming and crying some more.

    Just thinking about it really just pisses me the fuck off.

  35. Well, I’ve been actually recently been told I’m paranoid by a Sun Sadge / Scorp Moon. Guess you can’t beat a Sun/Pluto in paranoia. 😛 For the record, it was a conversation about current events (this is a guy who keeps track of the US Military Ops, among other things) and I took this as a compliment

  36. OMG, Elsa. That would scare me too! (And it also sounds a lot like a guy I briefly dated who had a Sag Sun and Scorpio Moon — really bad news and I couldn’t get away from him fast enough. This guy really hated women at heart, felt justified in making sexually harassing comments at work, etc.)

    As for being stalked, the only time that’s happened to me was after breaking up long-distance with a boyfriend who’d moved away. He was violent, and I didn’t feel safe breaking up with him in person. Well, he promptly moved back to my city, found out through mutual friends who I was seeing, and went to this new guy to make it clear he was getting me back and not to stand in his way. Understandably, the new guy backed off; we hadn’t known each other long. He accused me of going on birth control so I could “screw around” (I was a virgin and had not cheated on him, or any other of my boyfriends), when it was to regulate my cycle. He waited outside my house when I was out with my friends, forced his way into the house after me despite my telling him not to come in, and started pushing me around. I am not proud of this but I punched him in the face and broke his nose… it’s the only time I have ever hit anyone, in my life. Ultimately I had to tell him to stay away from me and my friends, went no-contact, and he finally gave up. Even then, he called me some four years later trying to re-involve himself in my life. He had a Virgo Sun and Capricorn Moon and has the distinction of being the only Virgo I’ve known who I would very happily never see again.

  37. these stories are surreal. no experiences (wheww). and the word “scorpio” came up ALOT (yikeS). definitely surprised at the comments about a sag (in *any* placement) being obsessive.

  38. (Waves hand) Pick me, pick me! I have a Sadge story! Libra here. Sadge Sun, I have no idea what his Moon or his planets are and don’t care. Here is the rundown:

    – Started stalking me
    – Called, emailed, texted me all the time
    – Would not stop touching and caressing me
    – Even when told directly to STOP
    – I told him I wasn’t interested
    – He called the cops on me, told them I was suicidal and trying to kill myself WHILE I WAS ASLEEP AND HE WAS A MILE AWAY
    – He locked himself in a room in my place and refused to leave even when I called the cops to remove him
    – I fled a hotel to escape him
    – He then sued me
    – Now he has sued my boyfriend
    – He’s demanding a jury trial

    And I and my boyfriend DID NOTHING TO HIM

    Lawsuit is pending. Sagittariuses are loons.

  39. Thanks for the eye opener, I’ll stay away lol. Was just thinking about a very obsessive sag scorpio moon, I’m a scorpio sag moon. But nah that’s too heavy. He’s got obsessive psycho written all over his face

  40. That is not only being paranoid and obsessed but also insecure. I am a Sagittarius man with also my moon in Scorpio but I’m not anything like the guy you just mentioned I’m actually very chill and carefree I guess it also has to do with other aspects in ur chart but not all Sagittarius’s are like this, although my brother-in-law is almost like the guy u just mentioned in a way he is paranoid, jealous, possessive and insecure. He is an Aries with a Taurus moon, but it doesn’t get to obsession though, because my sister is a very strong person and she always puts him in his place and he knows she will leave him if he gets out of hand.

  41. I married a Sag with a Scorpio moon. It didn’t work out for all the obvious reasons. At about the 8th month mark I knew I was in trouble. Looking back I cant understand why I married him. He was not going to ever come home… he had too much Sag. He decided to travel for his job 3 weeks a month …..pffftttt I did not sign up for that.

    I thought I had better radar. I couldn’t believe I married such a person. I was with him for over 6 years because it took that long to out ‘Scorpio’ him and leave in one piece. It took until the 8 year mark to finally be granted a divorce …. I thank god he lives 2500 miles away from me.

    Smoothest, slickest SOB I have ever known. After him I was celibate and alone for over 3 years. I wanted nothing to do with a relationship.

    • @soup, that’s horrible that he didn’t tell you he’d be gone 3 weeks out of a month.
      at least when you marry someone who you know is, for example, an astronaut or a traveling salesman, (he is gone for years, and the latter for weeks on end) you know what you’re in for. the only couple I know successful (scorpio/sag) is Sagittarius sun /scorpio moon Steven Spielberg and his Scorpio wife(but she is stellium libra)

  42. He’s not a stalker, he’s sitting home an emotional mess waiting for you to call.

    It’s his mother, she probably pissed him off

  43. the guy mentioned in the OP sounds like he doesn’t trust anyone and invades people’s privacy. My gosh, if there’s no trust, there’s no love.

  44. My ex. I knew he was controlling but I didn’t realize how obsessed he was until I left him. Really he was obsessed with control of me. He did everything stalkerish you could imagine. Driving by my house several times a day. Calling a client of mine and asking her if I had a boyfriend. Hacking into my facebook. (One more reason I’m not on facebook). Had me followed. Vandalized my roommates car. (In his mind that was his way of protecting me from her ). Called my work and told them he was the police and needed to know where I was. Even when we were together I wasn’t allowed to have friends. He was working on isolating me from my family when I left. The last straw was when he tried to come in between me and my son. I wasn’t having that.

    His sister told me he was “infatuated” with me. I don’t think obsession is on the love scale like infatuation. It’s a violation. Anyway it took me a long time to realize that somebody being obsessed with me did not love me. It might be obvious to most but not to me. I have moon, mars and a couple other things in Scorpio. And I have sun conjunct Pluto.

    And now I don’t even attract these kinds of guys. Yay! I really did learn how to stand up for myself through that experience. Among other things.

  45. Oh his astrology: sun in libra conjunct Pluto and those conjunct my sun Pluto, even though we were three years apart in age. I think his Venus squared all that in cancer. He had mars in Virgo. When we were in court fighting over my son he would have stacks of paperwork. He was great at filling out forms. But my mars in Scorpio had a strategy. I had to be patient and let him hang himself. Hardest time of my life by far. It was my Saturn return.

  46. Disappointing Scorpio Moons ITT. I learned my lesson early on and established strict rules of boundaries. You have to use that Sagittarius Sun for Trust/Faith/Optimism, instead of Sleuthing Adventures.

  47. Hi there (& Elsa)

    I can write a trilogy about stalkers, of all kinds. X-boyfriends, x-friends, coworkers ect there isn’t enough space for their insanity.
    Astrological speaking I have noticed that sun/pluto and mars/pluto aspects in a natal chart are ALWAYS the two ends of the same spectrum: either other people get obsessed with you or you are the stalker. My Pluto trine my sun and opposite my mars (sun/mars sextile) is a powerful magnet to (or for) others. Saturn/Pluto midpoint in fire signs is representing past lifes (or the previous one) and if your midpoint is on a fire sign usually “opens” the Pandora’s box (in jealousy). If the midpoint is located in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house (of the natal chart) then this is more intense, even from a young age.
    Pluto at 1st house is bad news.
    People with this location are f…ed up. Sorry, but it’s true.
    The stalking is the less of their problem(s) because usually are psychopaths. (I KNOW that 12th house is for mental illness but this is the only exception-Pluto at 1st house- believe me). After all psychopaths are the only cluster (of the club) that they end up in prison and not to a clinic mental facility.
    The Scorpio/Sagittarius combination I thing is one of the worse and if you are seeing that…just run or don’t bother for second date. If you know what are the worst qualities of both planets/signs and you combined the insanity of the Scorpio/Pluto with the “big picture” and expand of Sagittarius/Jupiter in the mix then you are the writer of the next horror novel. Just do it in your own head and not to the other people lives. Especially with Pluto’s “touching” they know that with this behavior, at some point, it will be backfire to their faces…but they,just, can’t stop. And they keep pushing other people’s buttons.
    Even if you aren’t like this then it’s almost certain that you attract this kind of people in your life.
    My Scorpio rising have seen a lot. My Aquarius Moon is having patience and understanding, but my Aries Mars can’t be too tolerate and the my opposite Pluto can bring the “war” to your doorstep. And for predator you end up as the victim.
    AND you will cry….
    I have had lived all this drama. From suicides, heart attacks, car accidents, phone calls at 3 in morning for a pair of socks, stalking, controlling, fake diseases, smelling my underwear, depressions and a variety of threats what they will do without me or to me.

    You can’t believe it but nobody died. They are alive and well. All of them.
    So am I….

    • Hi again,
      I think there are 3 bad combinations for signs:
      1) Scorpio/Sagittarius
      2) Leo/Virgo &
      3) Pisces/Aries

      -At no2) is Leo’s egoism: “Me and I” they think it’s all about them. They are never wrong, they never apologize or ask for forgiveness. They think that, this is something like Royal right (for them) to do or act however they want BUT is your “slavery obligation” to agree with them, to support them and to get along. If you don’t then you (automatically) are their enemy (because simpy 1st your opinion doesn’t matter and 2nd you just don’t have the right to have an opinion).
      On the other part of Virgo:
      Is all about YOU and I (as a Virgo) criticized everything that YOU Do, or YOU say, or YOU feel, or even the way YOU think. Often they can be, not just bitter but, venomous (in the name of the honestly and the truth) but if you return the “favor/flavor” they don’t like it at all (neither you after that). For Virgo everything you do, think, say, is just wrong and you are to stupid to understand that. He/she is here to help you but mostly to correct YOU.
      And now think the combo in one line:
      “YOU are worthless without ME..”.

      -The 3rd Pisces/Aries is the lies and the twisted reality of Neptune with the “I am the first” drive of Mars.
      It is very possible that they will try to convince you that
      “They invented sex!!!”, among other things. Don’t forget that after the Scorpio/Pluto paranoid the Pisces/Neptune is the second best on the finish line. Water (the common element) is all about feeling but is about THEIR feeling (for you), so it doesn’t matter if you don’t like/want them or if you feel uncomfortable around them. You just don’t geddit…(you know their deep feeling). Also with this combo be prepared for a very passive/aggressive behavior on a daily basis. One other thing is the representation of this two areas/signs. They are the 12th and 1st houses. Endings and beggings over and over. In terms of a relationship means a lots of on(s)/off(s) stages. And of course tons of cheating.

      An other thing that you must forget with all of above combinations is the common sense. There isn’t any. I don’t really think that’s just random that all fire signs are included. And I’m not prejudiced about fire signs (I have 4 planets and 2 mathematical points in all 3 of them). And if I include my midpoints are over than 12 (or more). My N.N. is located in Sagittarius and I really think that is the worst of all of them. The Scorpio/Sagittarius combination are the most “stalking habit material” of all. And the more planets and points there are, the worst it’s gets. Manipulation (Pluto), a mask of “niceness”(Jupiter), and: “I-know-you-and-I-(think)-know-how-I’ll- get-it-from-you” is the moto of the Scorpio/Pluto who always thinks that they can read your mind. Is a genuine shock for them when they discover that, they didn’t play with your head/mind, and is even worse when (they) find out that they fell in their own trap.
      (Or when you don’t fell in).
      On the other side Sagittarius/Jupiter will try to convince you that, YOU don’t get the “bigger picture” (to be their prisoner) when at the same time they love their freedom more than air. They just don’t get why you don’t want to be their background or the frame to their lives, and YOU (some nerve you have) want other things or people to have around you and feel appreciated or even normal. (Yes, why?).
      They will try to isolate you, to insolent your intelligence and at the end to reduce your personality. If your morality and your resistance doesn’t fit with theirs then YOU are narrow head, and you aren’t able to understand the Grace (Jupiter) of the merge (Pluto). The worst qualities of Jupiter are very similar with qualities of Pluto. (And I’m really getting mad when astrologers never explain more than few words about the dark side of the super lucky Jupiter.
      Well folks when Jupiter is bad, is very, very bad. And I don’t mean with negative aspects I mean the other side of the same coin. All planets have it. Why not Jupiter?).
      Pluto is about, the brightest white or the darkest black. Super moral or the deepest opposite of that. There aren’t shades of grey in him. Even if isn’t the type of person who will seek for revenge if he/she does this, will be the total ruin and destroy the other (whatever this may be).
      In the Highest octaves of Pluto is the best healer (if someone can have huge insight and self-knowledge) and with tremendous amount of mental and soul power. But for someone who is very plutonian is extremely difficult to be the “good guy”. After all is the last planet is furthest from the Sun and the abyss is all around him.
      People with Scorpio/Sagittarius combination usually combine the worst of those two worlds. And it isn’t pretty. (This doesn’t apply for everyone with this combo but usually is the rule and not the exception). Unfortunately 8 out of 10 people, with this combination, have serious issues.
      You just can’t even imagine the variety of them. From a business woman to a neonazi guy. Believe it or not the business woman is far worse for two reasons a) she is hiding behind the mask of the “wealthy lady”, pillar of society and blah, blah. & b) she is above all suspicious (you will never think of it, about her). The guy isn’t a walking billboard but in a 5-10 minutes of conversation you can realize a lot. This is the definition of: never judge by the cover.

      A third case was a friend of mine who was trying to convince me for 20 years to have sex with her (she’s gay, I’m not).
      Her best argument to convince me was that: I must have sex with her in the name of our friendship! (Solid one- don’t you think?). When I asked her, how many friends she is having (besides me) straight or gay who actually have had sex with her and there are still friends(?)… the answer was (of course) none. (What a surprise). She also said that happened twice or three times in the last 27 years but “the friendships” never recover (the shock) after that. One of them was straight too (but drunk?).
      Nevertheless I was her ONLY friend, and I was trying not to slap her in the most cases when she was too pushing or aggressive, or when she was too offensive with her remarks about my narrow mind, my fake morality and that I wasn’t value enough our “friendship”. She was living more than 200 miles away from me (she is was leaving in an island) and she was trying daily to control my life. When I had boyfriends all of them was worthless, never enough for me,and she was demanding for me to stop having any contract with them.
      At some point when I stopped to return her calls and I wasn’t called her back she told me that she will not allowed this kind of behavior from me and “best friends don’t act like this”. Three years later the 2nd time I told her that, I need some space, and I will call her when I was feeling better. She turned green. I didn’t call or text her for five months and she was boiling…
      One day she texts me that she was very sick and that she will need surgery and after that she will need (obviously) somewhere to stay and someone to take care of her (like exclusive nurse) for 10 weeks. For the surgery she have had to come back in the main land (and closer to me). The next thing of course, was to ask me if I can start immediately my nursery duty, in my home or if I need some days to prepare the room for her? (So thoughtful. Don’t you think?). She was so certain that I was gonna do that and the ONLY problem was the day (day one or day 3 ?). When I told her neither and that her brother’s apartment was just 5 miles away from the hospital (& not 25 like mine), she said that she didn’t want to be a burden on her brother and that she trust me more for that. Besides the surgery, she had a “bad” mammogram and a suspicious PAP test, and all of them was at the exact same period but the surgery was the no1 priority.
      –Do you believe all this drama? I didn’t.–
      In short when she saw that she was losing the game of “guilt” and “in the name of our friendship” and I wasn’t willing to be her nurse for 10 weeks she started bargaining that instead of 10, let’s do it for 8 weeks or 6 weeks (worst case scenario) but no less than that. Exactly like married couples do. I said no.
      What happened?
      Nothing happened. There wasn’t any surgery, mammogram or PAP test. Everything was lies. The only thing that was near to truth was that if she didn’t lose weight (4’11” or 145cm and 93 kilograms or 210 pounds) the doctor had said to her that she will be need surgery for her hip, in the years to come. And that her liver gonna leaver her too if she didn’t stopped drinking. Big, fat (& sort) liar, literally.
      That was, what she was thinking to do the past five months. An unnecessary hip surgery. Brainiac.
      And if you wonder why am I so bitchy? Well I’m not because she wasn’t all alone. She had a girlfriend and they were living together for 17 years, and of course she could take care of her(for the unnecessary surgery or anything else), besides her brother.
      Scorpio/Sagittarius combination in all of his glory. The whole 9 yards.
      As a guest every single time when she stayed at my place (before never/happened/surgery) she was looking and she was searching my stuff. Once I discovered my underwear drawer upside down and one of my panties under her pillow.
      And i had gay friends from high school and all my adult life, but she was…Jack pot.
      As you can see there isn’t any common sense or any logic behind this besides the obvious.
      Manipulation and mind games (for breakfast). Even if you catch them lying the first thing you gonna listen from them is: NO. They know that you know but they will never admit it. They do understand that they are losing points but is exactly the story of the frog and the Scorpio: this is their nature. And no, isn’t O.K.

      She thought that after 20 years of friendship that she knew me and…water under the bridge. You know, everything is fine.
      The part I had describe it was just a very small percentage (the last week). You can’t even imagine what happened the last year or 5 years. And NO they don’t respect anything or no-one. They don’t have something “holly” friends, partners, love, values in general.

      More info for her: Sun/Neptune conjunction (Sagittarius).
      Stellium at 12th house conjunction with the asc.
      Venus 10sco34
      Mars 11sco26
      Moon 11sco35
      & mercury rx 26sco50 at 1st H.
      And is unaspected.
      I told you so. More planets more damage. Besides the above Jupiter sextiles the stellium from Capricorn (11:17′). Saturn (which is very handy for cases like this- so to work like a brake-) but doesn’t do any major aspect to Stellium or Jupiter. Is also rx in Gemini.
      In a lot of cases of Scorpio/Sagittarius people’s charts, I have noticed that Saturn was retrograde in the most of the cases and in 8th house or in Scorpio.
      I honestly believe that Scorpio/Sagittarius combinations are study cases.

      Thanks again.

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