Scorpio Is A Compassionate Sign

scorpio picture with handWho feels compassion for the people no one feels compassion for? It’s Scorpio, hands down. When the chips are down, these are the people who help your service.

During the time I refer to in this video, Compassion And Sympathy: Who Garners Yours, Who Does Not And Why I was married to man with five planets in Scorpio. He had tremendous compassion for me.

My ex, The AMF? Scorpio sun, part of a stellium in the sign, also tremendously compassionate.

My friend, Ben? He’s a Scorpio Sun who sustained me single-handedly for two solid years.

My husband (Scorpio Moon) is also compassionate. Say what you will about Scorpio. When you live in the trenches the way I do you find out real fast who you can rely on.

It’s Scorpio that will go to the dirty, icky, gross places no one else will even acknowledge exists and they will stay with your for the duration. I’ve had Scorpio process so much pain for me, it’s not even funny.

What about you? Do you agree?

Who feels compassion for the people no one feels compassion for?


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  1. Maybe you’re right.
    I think I’m very compassionate (not modest, no, but compassionate yeah) and I have 3 planets in Scorpio.
    Nobody really knows how I feel inside, so how can I ever assume that I know anything about others? If they’re in a dark place, they probably have reason to be.

    Do tell, Elsa, if you can, the conclusions you reached with your sister and your charts.

  2. I’m the first to say I’m one of the least compassionate people I know (too much martian and saturnine energy). But I ALWAYS have compassion for outsiders. They bring out my protective instincts. I guess that’s my Scorpio rising asserting itself.

  3. well, if you live in the dark, you know how little there is to actually fear in there.
    so i guess you’re less likely to freak out and start projecting away your shadow. onto people. which is like anti-compassion. (when it’s negative shadow. there’s positive shadow too, where you give all your best elements to someone else. and shades of grey….)

    so it makes sense.
    my prototypical scorpio example is also 12th house stellium so i’d assumed the compassion was a 12th house thing rather than the scorpio. but perhaps there’s bits of both to it.

  4. I also feel very compassionate of the outsiders…I never make harsh remarks and I don’t like at all people making harsh remarks on people even if they are joking…I also feel that if someone is saying something about another (eg you are fat) I feel as if this comment is said for me and I can feel the hurt feelings of the other and this makes me sad, even upset…
    I’m a Leo with stellium in Virgo and Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the 8th

  5. I’ve always thought that pisces’s greatest gift is their compassion and empathy. too much empathy sometime without boundaries, but their compassion runs very very deep.

  6. I am very compassionate (Scorpio ASC, I think), yet at the same time I am a little hard on the people I love (especially). I feel like a lot of the time people get themselves in sticky situations and it’s then that I get a little judgemental about it (except for things that are waaay out of our control like death, illness, etc.). I’m extremely hard on myself too. I think this quality may be my Moon in Capricorn.
    Otherwise I am very compassionate. Probably to a fault. I usually cry about something or someone daily (yeah, that’s bad). Just the other night I had a dream that one of my friends was crying with her head in her hands. I called her later the next day and she had been in a car accident the night before (she’s okay though) and she was balling because her marriage wasn’t going so well.
    My husband jokes that my friends need to get their shit together because I get in these sad moods (even if I don’t know what’s going on yet) and take it out on him.

  7. With a strong Scorpio Rising, I feel compassion for those in genuine pain but am more inclined to want to give the hypochondriacs a swift kick in the backside. I also learned the hard way to avoid doing “rescue missions” (Moon conjunct Neptune).

  8. It’s true. Two of the only people I’ve felt were truly rooting for me — one is a Scorpio, and the other a Scorpio Moon. Very empathetic people.

  9. Well…there’s a difference between emoting and being compassionate. My Scorpio mother will yodel about ‘injustice’ done to others, and suffering of very mundane people (she holds it against you if you were ever successful / smart etc.) but then stay self-absorbed, there isn’t action-followthrough. And that was the reaction of a Scorpio “friend” when I was fired: initial yodeling followed by nothing, the call when I told him I’d been fired was the last we spoke. As far as I know he couldn’t care less what happened to me, and this was someone I spoke with regularly, sometimes for hours, known for about a year.

    And how many Mother Teresa (a Virgo) prototypes do we have who are Scorpio?

    I’d guess we have compassion for people in situations we can relate to possibly being in ourselves. So…the Scorpio likes / relates to suffering with dramatic overtones*, but can you imagine them having compassion for someone very different than themselves, like a very Aquarian Aquarian? And would their type of ‘compassion’ meet the need of the Aquarian’s definition of compassion, what they find to be a relief / help / not a burden?

    The Capricorn might express compassion via respecting the other person’s boundaries, the Aries might provide much needed inspiration, etc.

    * I personally feel if a person is hearty enough to complain that others should feel sympathy for them then they are probably ok. But then I realize this is my personal quirk and there were times I was “complaining” when I should’ve been listened to and the people around probably carried the same assumption I do.

  10. Scorpio moon and ascendant. People who know me well know that I am compassionate and loyal. I am very selective about who gets to know me well though. Co-workers tend to see me as the bad cop.

  11. I agree. I may attract Scorpios with my Taurus Moon… although two of my closest friends who are there for me unconditionally are both Scorpios. They are always there for me when I need emotional support.

  12. Scorpio sun, asc, mercury and neptune, with moon in virgo. I have always “known” medicine and people were my calling. I have always felt deep empathy for those outside the normal paradigm, those challenged by life, or handicapped by situation. On occasions, I have stood up and protected those in need, particularly when i was “just” a kid. These days i work on developing real compassion that is channeled appropriately and not abused by others. However, isn’t real compassion not subject to control and careful dispensation?

  13. Absolutely agree with you. I think those that know suffering tend to be able to identify with those that suffer the best(compassion – latin Co- Pati- : To suffer with) and what better sign that knows the depths of pain/the very bottom than Scorpios. Absolutely love love Scorpios, they travel to depths no other sign would dare travel into.

    /end of Scorpio fangirling 😉

  14. I once dated a Scorpio with Sun, venus and mars in Scorpio and he had extreme compassion for me. His affection/compassion helped me survive a very difficult year in my life. I had to break up with him because he was too young for me and our background/life goals were far too different to make a go of it. His stellium in mid-Scorpio was conjunct my Neptune in Scorpio and I felt a lot of compassion towards him too. I’m not a compassionate person compared to most people though.

  15. I love Scorpios now more than ever….I don’t lean on them at all but I like to walk beside them in feeling that sense of understanding and love they somehow radiate. it’s intense and tough..but it’s love.

  16. I completly agree with you Elsa, and your article just helped me realize WHY I am the only human I’ve ever known to truly hold SUCH compassion for anything and everyone regardless of faults, flaws, transgressions etc ..
    I now understand why. Scorpio moon and Jupiter in Scorpio sais it all

  17. It’s a mystery to me why I do not seem to attract Scorpio friends. I could use some of that compassion!
    Having a Sun, Merc, Venus, Saturn Scorpio and Uranus, Jupiter Cancer I am very compassionate.
    I can feel peoples moods.

  18. absolutely; i feed the homeless, i do animal rescue on facebook–most of the time people look at me like why the fuck do i care?? but i do…

  19. scorpio is compassionate because we know what pain looks like. we’ve felt that anguish and can spot it in a crowd.

    the best of scorps can and will absorb the pain from others and disperse it outward into the universe. Not completely unselfish, this also let’s them release some of their own pain too.

    When the going gets tough, and all the rest have left you in the muck.. it’ll be a scorp pulling you up the far shore. traumatized and gasping for air, the both of you; but you will be alive.

    I have MercRx/Sun and Uranus in Scorpio, 11th house. Chiron opposing all three.

  20. I think I’m more in alignment with t-carat’s post. My experience with Scorpios has been 1/2 and 1/2. Yes, they can be extraordinarily compassionate and able to be with you all the way SO LONG as it’s about a pain they can relate to – for in my view they are probably one of the most subjective oriented signs in astrology — and as long as they regard your pain as “pain”. With some scorpios I’ve known, it seemed like the suffering or pain I was experiencing was just not dark enough or horrible enough to qualify or warrant much of their attention or the full extend of a their ability to be compassionate. Hence, I experienced judgement and even dismissal: like, “oh that? – Oh that’s nothin.” To me pain is pain – especially if it’s mine! Consequently, in that way I think Pisces has the ability to be far less judgmental and far more accepting unconditionally than Scorpios, but then they may not necessarily be there for the long haul or willing to plumb to such depths. Ultimately, I think any water sign and Neptune influence has an enhanced ability to feel with and for, and thus be more compassionate, but in different ways.

  21. This has not been my experience with Scorpios AT ALL, and to be quite frank, it is a painful spot for me. My experience with Scorpios has been that they respect my strength,however when I have expressed a vulnerability to them they have become very very cold. I have NEVER recieved compassion or empathy from a Scorpio. However I have seen them show that to others. That has been extremely hurtful to me as many of my best friends over the years have been Scorpios and I have a close relative that is a Scorpio. In addition,this type of response from them has always caught me by surprise, because I generally keep my pain and vulnerability to myself and I am extremely independent so the few times I did divulge painful emotional feelings or feelings of just too much on my shoulders and I was treated coldly, really threw me for a loop. It took me a looong time to realize that they don’t like what they perceive as “weakness” from me. It’s almost like I sense that they feel if they show me a little compassion or empathy then they are exposing their own weakness, and they wont allow that. I have received tangible practical support from them when they feel that I am working hard and they can visibly see that – but emotional support? Someone to talk to if my heart is hurting? Hells no, they aren’t the one. The ironic thing is, the emotional support and compassion so rarely asked for by me is what I needed from them and it just seemed like they resented me or were disappointed in my for asking for that.

  22. Thank you.
    At the Domestic Violence Shelter I work at, they call me Saint Judas. I get the lost causes, and I make as much case progress as anyone else. I have four planets tightly conjunct in Scorpio over my MC and I just cannot give up on anyone. If we have a case that no one wants to work – everyone is really against aiding this person – I’m happy to receive this case. I don’t think of it as compassion, it just eases my mind to know someoene is taking care of it.
    I’ve got some Aquarius and things unsettle my mind.

  23. I do.. I have had lots of people look at me like I was nuts fir standing by some people. But my moons in scorp and I feel them deeply. My mom always said the lost hurting puppies came to me. Maybe this is why 🙂

  24. Wow. This hit home. Yes I and too sometimes don’t know why I do it. But it just come naturally. (Scorpio Sun, ASC and Mars.). So does my mother, Scorpio Sun, ASC and Moon)

  25. I’m very Plutonian with a packed 8th house, including Pluto.

    My father’s Sun was in Scorpio. He was the most compassionate man I’ve ever known, a career soldier who was away at war when I was a baby and in my adolescence during the Vietnam era. His absence shows up in my chart hrough my natal placement of Saturn, which happens to be in Scorpio.

  26. I’ve known a couple of compassionate Scorpios but even they were only selfless in respect of their very closest intimates. Mostly I’ve seen the shadow side of Scorp, and I’ve seen it over and over (in both men and women). I find Scorps as self-centred as Leos, tbh

    The most unfailingly compassionate of my friends have been Sag, Cancer, Taurus and Aries – compassionate not just to me but fairly randomly, as a matter of course and to strangers as well as friends. This pans out both emotionally and with money, time etc: all these people have been unfailingly generous

  27. Teehee… some have nicknamed me Lady Godiva and others the Patron Saint of Helpless Cases. Sun/Venus/Neptune stellium in Scorpio, 1st house, Moon/Mars/Pluto/Uranus stellium in Virgo.

  28. And when the scorpio stellium gets squared by pluto in the 7th; then the scorpio becomes caretaker to the sick and/or mentally ill.

  29. Yes but it seems like other people I talk to do, too. I am not sure if I am just running into nicer people or this is a function of maturity. When I was a kid it seemed like everybody was out for themselves and no one felt sorry for anybody. Now…I dunno. Not so much charity, but definitely compassion seems to be something people express to me. Not just to me about my own situations as they happened, but generally.

  30. I can be very sympathetic and compassionate but I’m selective about it. I always feel and help the underdogs, those who are struggling with their life situation and genuinely trying to improve it and those who are trying to get through tragedies not of their doing.

    What I don’t have compassion for are those that are prone to the ‘shoot-yourself-in-the-foot’ syndrome where any advice I give doesn’t do any good at all. They just keep throwing themselves into the same drama or situations and expect sympathy. Also this goes for those that try to fish for sympathy or try to use my compassion to feed their own low self-esteem, self-image or bruised egos. These people I have no time for when there are people and friends that are going through REAL tragedies and difficulties.

  31. They’re what compassionate to what they can relate to. That’s what I see time and time again. And nothing more. My mom is a compassionate Scorpio. She’s compassionate to animals. When I told her I was severely addicted to pills when I was 24, she listened to me weep and sob and beg her for some support. She was kind and compassionate and understanding…for about the length of that phone call. It’s been 7 years. I got off the pills *alone*. She never checked on me. She never mentioned the call again.

    My sister has tons of Scorpio in her 4th house. When she needed money because she was in debt up to her ass, I gave her a thousand bucks. I was broke and jobless. She said she’s pay me back over 7 months (she makes about 70 grand a year). Her car was then repo’d. I gave her more money. I never saw a dime of it again. She got her car back. A month later she got a new car, took a vacation with her friends, another with her son. And when I couldn’t afford food and asked her for 20 bucks, she said she was “dead broke”.

    And most of the Scorpio men I know, have shown great depth and compassion when for me through some very difficult and dark times. Times when I was at my most confused and vulnerable. …then they would try to hook up with me. The one’s who were successful would convince me of how strong their feelings for me are. Once I reciprocated…they disappeared forever.

    I like Scorpios. I really do. But these are a very small sample of many, many similiar stories. The one’s who didn’t do anything vicious, like the above examples…they also come back around when I’m going through something horrible. They want to know all about it. …and once they have all the details, they’re gone again. They return from whence they came.

    I’m disillusioned as far as Scorpios go, now. They always seem to take whatever I have left, and leave me empty and dry. I recently noticed that several times I have said the following line, and each time it was after a Scorpio had entered my life: “I couldn’t cry if I wanted to. I just don’t have anything left.” …but for some reason, I keep trying with them. I know they have it in there…somewhere.

  32. No, for me it’s Virgo. When I was in need 4 Virgo’s rushed to my aid.

    My Scorpio gf told me I should mourn and that I should mourn deep, pound the floor if need be. So, I did and then she told me to quit mourning and hung up on me while crying.

    I feel Scorpio’s want you to suffer in silence like they do and then come back out when you feel strong again.

  33. I believe I am a very compassionate person, and since I have gotten into astrology, I have attributed it to my Venus in Virgo in the 8th square Neptune in Sag in the 12th.

    And with regards to what I wrote above in my previous post, I don’t contribute those same types of experiences with heavily plutonic or 8th house types. It seems to manifest very differently.

  34. I have four planets in scorpio and im definitly more compassionate than most. But then i dont tolerate wimpy types. If you are always the victim ill eventually tell you shut up and get over it!!! And yes you”ll be needing that. Thats another form of helping you as far as im concerned. As much as we love being there for people we are also aware of getting sucked up by other peolples pain. we are sensitive and if youre going through depression, we could end up “catching” it too.

    • @misty yeah i get you, if people are too much into the down in the dumps constantly, it will permeate, and water will get drenched into the sorrow too much. I do notice alot of water sun signs stay away from negativity. they will be there for you through the thick and thin, meaning, when hard times hit, (like when someone in the family went through cancer and everyone was supportive and there was alot of extra help at the funeral) but constant negativity is terrible on a weekly basis when there is nothing to fret about. i think there was another elsa blog post about burdening too much on scorpio. that’s not good to burden them too much.

  35. Thank you Elsa!

    @Rant- I love this:

    “the best of scorps can and will absorb the pain from others and disperse it outward into the universe. Not completely unselfish, this also let’s them release some of their own pain too.”

    Realizing this exchange/release of pain/energy is what has helped me to remain balanced and not drained while supporting others. It’s been key!

  36. Both Me a Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon and my Father a Scorpio Sun/Virgo Moon are great durring crisises.

    We also recover quickly

  37. With Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, I’m a magnet and resource for people in need. Compassion comes so naturally to me it became my profession.

  38. Scorpio, Pluto, 8th and 12th houses are emphasized in my chart.

    I can attest to being very compassionate for people in general, but also easily irritated with people who have low tolerance for pain. I broke my toe and didn’t realize it until I went to the doctor a month later. Thought it was a minor stubbing. So imagine how I can’t relate to someone moaning over a broken toe nail. Scorpio is a sign of extremism and crisis. Are you about to slit your wrists? Call us. Cut onions? Call a Cancer, Pisces or Virgo.

    • Era writes: Scorpio is a sign of extremism and crisis. Are you about to slit your wrists? Call us. Cut onions? Call a Cancer, Pisces or Virgo.
      So true. No time for whiners.

  39. Emmanuelle there may be something in your chart that points out why its hard for you and other scorpio energy to have empathy for you when you are vulnerable. I know I have a hard time with Cancers and Leos at times. I have some squares and oppositions with those signs. I won’t generalize and say all Scorpios are compassionate but as a Scorpio rising I know I can feel others pain. I never expose people’s vulnerabilities and never judge them as a weakness. Its takes a strong person to admit vulnerabilities.

  40. Scorpio rising with a strong 8th house. I think Scorpios do know who really “deserves” or needs compassion..They know who´s really in pain – some people “acts” and feeds on “good” peoples compassion.

  41. Scorpio Moon, Virgo Sun, I spent a lot of time as a social worker and would agree with many of the posters here that I am most compassionate to those to whom I can relate. I’ve pulled myself up off many a dark shore so I can help you with that emotionally, my Virgo Sun can also bring some practical help and if you’re serious, I’ll walk with you through a boatload of pain get the grimy horrible stuff stuck to my shoes, too. But if you just want to cry and whine ad nauseum for weeks, or if your big concern is how you are perceived by others and not your own growth, or if you are so stuck you can’t see your own role in the situation, and are upset because you feel the world owes you a break – well – I have not time for that, go find a Pisces. I’m gonna tell you to suck it up and get off your butt and find a way to take a step forward.

  42. Through the years some of my closest friends have had Scorpio Sun, Moon or Ascendants. However, my perception of them has always been jaded by my maternal grandmother’s treatment of me and my mother.

    Having survived abuse as a child definitely left it’s mark on her. Now that I’m an adult studying to be a Social Worker I can see how it totally destroyed her ability to give and receive love. BUT it’s also no fun living or interacting with someone (Scorpios in particular) who only seem to exude the negative side of their sign. Whether it’s withholding important information (like whether the house has been put up for sale and we need to find a new home) or constantly stinging people with their words and actions, some Scorpios pollute the environment instead of making it more enjoyable.

  43. Depends on the Scorpio stellium in question – some continually dump their dirty and nasty bits on you without permission or warning and feed on my compassion, and then see me as the shadow so they can feel better for a little while. They power trip on me, so I don’t think that’s compassion. They like my dark bits, but I think it’s so they can feed and manipulate, not relate.

    I don’t know if it’s my Pisces or Scorpio involved, but the Scorpio stelliums I know only have compassion for what they can understand in their experience – and that runs the gamut from deep to abuser. And if they don’t understand, they will drag it out of you just to feed or make you fit their version of the world in black and white. If it doesn’t fit, and I don’t, they can’t deal with it and try to control me. I don’t like being held down in the trenches, so it’s not for me.

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