Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds

Saturn ChironLately I’ve run into a number of people, both clients and people I know personally, who are having Saturn transit their natal Chiron. This is an incredibly painful transit, and there’s very little written about it. That’s too bad, because it has the potential to both harm and heal depending on how you respond to it.

Chiron represents our wound. It’s the place where we’re always hurting, always vulnerable. It’s also the place that teaches us to heal ourselves and others. Now mix that energy with Saturn, which points out our inadequacies and makes us feel small and lowly. That is a recipe for serious pain.

Inevitably, something comes along that triggers the original trauma and brings Chiron issues to the forefront. I have seen people having this transit withdraw, becoming lost in their internal world, ruminating on their own weakness or on the unfairness of it all. I have also seen people swing the other way, lashing out at perceived slights and being completely unable to hear what anyone else is saying.

This transit brings with it a tendency to search for something to blame for the pain. Saturn rules responsibility and karma, after all. But the problem is that Chiron rules old trauma, the kind that is with us no matter where we go or who we meet. So while there may be blame to spread around, it’s usually not helpful. Either the person has to go back to childhood and revisit those experiences, or they have to find a way to recreate the situation in their present life so they have someone to lash out against.

And all that is understandable! Bringing these two energies together can feel unbearable. But there is a better way.

The truth is, we are all responsible for our wounds. I don’t mean that we create them or that we aren’t sometimes victimized. We aren’t to blame for our wounds. But once they exist, we are the stewards of our own pain. We own it, and we get to decide how to handle it.

And that’s where Saturn comes in. Saturn urges us to take responsibility for the role our wounds play in our lives. He pushes us to decide how much power our pain should have over the way we structure our lives, and makes it very clear that the decision is ours alone.

Do you want to stay mired in pain? Do you want to be debilitated? Do you want to keep recreating those painful situations over and over hoping something will be different this time? Do you want to blame yourself and feel unworthy?

Or do you want to thrive? Do you want to get in touch with your wound to create real, lasting healing? Do you want to heal others through sharing your pain and making sure you never inflict the same pain on others? Do you want to be free?

Saturn teaches us that while our wounds are always with us, they don’t have to define us. They don’t have to have the final say in our lives. Instead we can own them, create good boundaries, and take responsibility for ourselves. And that is how we find our freedom.

Have you had Saturn transit your Chiron? What happened?

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Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds — 13 Comments

  1. I have Chiron in 5tau, also Mars/Venus 8Tau + and Saturn in 13Leo + Uranus in 8ºSco, Saturn/Jupiter and then Pluto in square and grand square? It will be too much, and I have already suffered a lot, I do not want to continue living.

    • My boyfriend has the same chart:
      Chiron @ 4 Tau
      Ven/Mars @ 11-14 Tau
      Saturn @ 14 Leo
      Uranus @ 7 Tau

      Can you elaborate on the issues you faced?

      • In short: a nightmare. I have lived situations that are emotionally extreme, and now the fatigue is a lot. I do not find any reason to continue living, my pessimism and frustration is wide and deep. Loneliness is killing me little by little. I find no comfort in anything.

  2. I think so. The thing is there’s something about your description of this that is me.. the awkwardness, the unsolvable tiny pain.. how it can’t be more than awkward and prickly. It’s how I feel. Uncomfortable in myself, spazzy, pathless, the energy leads nowhere. I have Sun Chiron and the energy leads nowhere. I’m always small and tinkering with how being me doesn’t work. I can’t explain it. In classes I show off like a child, at work I repeat patterns of being incapable (that have more to do with my mars.) Chiron is definitely a ‘Wise Up’ transit that makes you own your repeated mistakes. But then what? One day I own them, the next I purposely forget. I’m too immature and small to reflect properly.

  3. I just had this transit, Midara. My Chiron is 18 degrees Capricorn and the conjunction of Saturn occurred when my older sister died. She was the last older person at 74, aside from a distant cousin, in my family. She had a lot of health problems.

    I became the oldest person in my immediate family and it was traumatic to me that everyone that knew me when I grew up was gone. That was what hurt me the most. I also became the replacement matriarch, so to speak, to my younger brother and sister. I still do not know how to handle this new role.

    Just the loss of my sister was very devastating. We were very close. I’ve spent the last couple of years coming to terms with the loss in a sad place. Its painful to accept that those days are gone forever, but they are. As an aside, when my sister was alive I always had dreams that were set in our childhood home. Those dreams immediately stopped with her death. I haven’t had one since. I guess she was the last thread holding me to my childhood memories.

    I still have a ways to go until I move on. Now Saturn is conjunct my NN in Capricorn at 26 degrees. Its a time for me to decide whats next.

  4. Midara: this is superbly written and it is right! My natal Cheiron is 23 degrees Capricorn.
    I worked hard to solve my pain and my problems. I have sought and received help : – ). This was not easy but it was a “great journey”.
    Now I am 66 years old, I think I know myself good enough and I can put things in perspective! : – )

  5. I have quite a few uncomfortable transits coming up.
    After my 5 degrees Aquarian Saturn Return in my 5th, Pluto will enter Aquarius in 2024(a year after my Saturn Return ends) and hit my natal Aquarian Saturn in the 5th. Meanwhile transiting Pisces Saturn will already be in my 6th house hooking up with Jupiter at 5 degrees and then Chiron at 7 degrees
    Hows THAT for drama and trauma. Oh boy!

  6. When Chiron transited my Saturn, my granddad died. I was recently seeing my father’s natal chart and found that his Chiron is conjunct my Saturn. I have a great relationship with him and am scared how my Saturn return will play out for him. How do you think this aspect plays out in synastry?

  7. My 11H Sag Saturn sextiles my natal 1H Aquarius Chiron. The sextile aspect has encouraged me to successfully seek out counseling (Saturn) and utilize astrology (Aquarius) to deal with childhood (1H) pains (Chiron). In turn, I attempt to uplift others who have experienced similar situations to mine.

  8. I have Chiron conjunct Saturn and Venus natally in Pisces in the sixth house. Although they are not being adversely affected by Pluto and Saturn at the moment, I’m having some awkward and hard to fathom health issues at the moment – and seem to constantly get these strange and difficult ailments – which I’m finding difficult to deal with. I’m considering astro cartography to shift this miserable trio away from my 6th house, but I’m not sure the 5th or 7th house will be much better. Has anyone had any positive results with astrocartography?

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