Saturn Transit Square or Opposite Natal Saturn – 7 Years Till The Chickens Come Home

feeding time Julian Dupre chickensWhen Saturn transits natal Saturn, invariably a person feels pressured.  It’s a reality check. How are you doing in your life? More specifically, how are you maturing?

Some people are ultra careful and responsible. I wind up reassuring a person like his, that they’re on track. It’s a great relief to this type of personality.

Other people hit some kind of wall during this transit. If they deal with it, they’ll see results of the efforts they make in the current day in seven years.  This is the amount of time it takes for Saturn to come around to making it’s next hard aspect. You can set your clock by this transit!  Not only will you be able to look back and see the gains you made. You’re likely to shudder at the thought of how things would be had you not made an effort.

In contrast, people who resist the pressure, blow off their lessons and manage to avoid learning anything will also see results.  They’ll wake up to find themselves far behind the pack.

Understanding this, most people will go right to the task at hand because when you get right down to it, most want to achieve.  They want a good grade and enjoy the glory or good feelings of having accomplished something.

If you are having a Saturn transit to natal Saturn, keep this in mind. Every *right* thing you do will improve your circumstance in the moment but the real payday is seven years out, and fourteen years out, and twenty one years out and twenty eight years out.  Based on this, I’d put the money in the bank today.

If Saturn is transiting your natal Saturn ask yourself these things:

  • Am I on course?
  • Do I like where I’m headed.
  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What do I need?
  • What do I lack?
  • Am I appropriately mature for my age?

Reality check, see? It’s your chance to take stock of things and shore up whatever is sagging.

It’s not such a bad thing to realize the problems you have are yours to solve. At least you have control!  This is a lot better than having to rely on someone else to take care of things for you. You get to live on your own time schedule, not waiting for on another person’s clock!

Are you having Saturn transit your natal Saturn? What do you feel pressured to do?


Saturn Transit Square or Opposite Natal Saturn – 7 Years Till The Chickens Come Home — 14 Comments

  1. Tr Saturn was squaring my natal Saturn when my marriage ended. Additionally, Tr Saturn was conjunct my 7H Venus! Finished. Now, I am a very different person post my Second Saturn Return because I now live life on my terms.

    Yes, Saturn is your “hated, disciplined algebra teacher” who gives homework every night in high school but, upon reflection, proves to be your most respected teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Singer!! lol

  2. I have saturn on my asc plus opposing sun, delayed growth, extra hard work, self esteem always were very prominent themes in my life since like forever. To be very honest I actually didn’t feel the saturn return, squares much.

    I agree that saturn really does make with your nerves and make you work extra hard but at the same time it rewards you too (assuming you picked up the lesson). With age I feel I have matured up like an old wine ?

  3. It’s happening to me right now, rolling over back & forth my Taurus Saturn for the next six months or so.

    I’m both behind the pack and ready to be put back in the game Coach.

    Feels like a game of solitaire with a full deck of cards still fresh. Yeah! That’s a good comparison

  4. My natal Saturn is 22* Taurus and Tr Saturn will eventually square it, if I survive. The Tr Saturn will be in my first house squaring my 4th house Saturn. This will also tie into my natal Neptune and I am losing faith. Losing faith that things work out for the better, because things happen for a reason. Cold, hard Saturn is showing that life truly is bleak and harsh. It is a huge lesson to learn to deflate the Neptune balloon of delusions.

    • Right now, Tr Saturn is squaring my N Jupiter, bringing out my Saturnine nature more. Pessimism VS Optimism = Pessimism is winning.

  5. Saturn will be 1° away from opposition to my N Saturn (and Sun) next summer. Then exact opposition in early 2023. EGADS!
    I hope this gives me time to get my stuff together to avoid getting a big bad disappointment.
    I appreciate the 7 questions, very to-the-point. Perfect for keeping the important things in perspective.
    I’m currently trying to downsize. Very difficult for someone with Jupiter in Sadge in 2nd H. Holy cow. Ouch.

  6. Having my 2nd Saturn return and now it’s going retro. Oh boy! What orb do you use for this conjunction, Elsa? I’ve heard that it affects you as long as it is in that sign.

  7. With Saturn transit Saturn , if a new job offer open, with better pay check, can someone go for it. Hope that does not mean the person is avoiding Saturn effect.

      • Thanks Elsa for the reply, Saturn square my natal Saturn by next month and I feel comfortable where I am, but my mentor get me a new offer with good paycheck but felt reluctant to move because I don’t want to run for Saturn again ,I will be 37 by June. I want to grind out the best from it this time. So if Saturn approve it then I should go for it. Thanks greatly

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