Saturn Transit Square or Opposite Natal Saturn – 7 Years Till The Chickens Come Home

feeding time Julian Dupre chickensWhen Saturn transits natal Saturn, invariably a person feels pressured.  It’s a reality check. How are you doing in your life? More specifically, how are you maturing?

Some people are ultra careful and responsible. I wind up reassuring a person like his, that they’re on track. It’s a great relief to this type of personality.

Other people hit some kind of wall during this transit. They can deal with it and if they do, they’ll see results of the efforts they make in the current day, in seven years.  This is the amount of time it takes for Saturn to come around to making it’s next hard aspect. You can set your clock by this transit!

As an example, right now Saturn is in Capricorn.  People feel pressure to take responsibility for their life. If they manage this, in seven years they’ll be able to look back and see the gains they made by making an effort at that time.  They may also shudder at the thought of how things would be had they not made an effort.

In contrast, people who resist the pressure, blow off their lessons and manage to avoid learning anything will also see results.  They’ll wake up to find themselves far behind the pack.

Understanding this, most people will go right to the task at hand because when you get right down to it, most want to achieve.  They want a good grade and the glory of having accomplished something.

If you are having a Saturn transit to natal Saturn, keep this in mind. Every *right* thing you do will improve your circumstance in the moment but the real payday is seven years out, and fourteen years out, and twenty one years out and twenty eight years out.  Based on this, I’d put the money in the bank today.

With Saturn in Capricorn, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are I on course?
  • Do I like where I’m headed.
  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What do I need?
  • What do I lack?
  • Am I appropriately mature for my age?

Reality check, see? It’s your chance to take stock of things. Get it together and you’ll see the results of your efforts.

It’s not such a bad thing when you realize that the problems you have are for you to solve. At least you have control!  This is a lot better than having to rely on someone else to take care of things for you. You get to live on your own time schedule, not waiting for on another person’s clock!

Are you having Saturn transit your natal Saturn? What do you feel pressured to do?




Saturn Transit Square or Opposite Natal Saturn – 7 Years Till The Chickens Come Home — 44 Comments

  1. I realize my dreams are too big for my briches, I realize if I want a partner I should go to skid row and the first bum that runs up to me I should grab him take him home clean him up and buy him new teeth and make him my husband/father of my children. In 7 years after he becomes sophisticated he will dump me for someone else. If I can keep my dreams more in keeping with the reality(saturn) of my chart I will have a more content life.

    • Lol.hahahaha…funny i tried just that,an old boyfriend from 35 yrs ago,no teeth now,broke,underweight,on welfare,brain damaged,horrid living conditions,qnd i thought well he cares about me,and i remember who he rely is.Whoa,3.5 yrs later,ended it,and he is an alcoholic clme to find out,and it tokk releated efforts to get him to stop calling.

  2. Right now I am in my Saturn return and if there is a lesson, it is to do things right. I do feel the pressure everyday, trying to set goals for my future. My relationships are a bit crazy but I am ending the toxic ones and allowing the healthy ones in. So far I have been working on personal issues as well as educational ones. This has been a hard road, but from your article it will be worth it. Thank god.

  3. Starting about two years ago, I repeatedly got the very clear picture that doing things the right way, for the right reasons, is profoundly annoying to others and in the end, it does not leave me in any better position than if I skate along the way many people around me seem to. It may even leave me worse off.

    Unfortunately, I’m a sort of “all or none” person, so while my faith in the correctness of making my best effort and doing things well is shattered, it has not been replaced by anything productive. And just skating along is not something I know how to do. I feel like a complete slouch if I do that, so…now what?

    Saturn transiting my Ascendant and opposite natal Saturn.

  4. I recently had my Saturn return, and rather than feeling pressured to do something, I just felt pressured. Maybe it was the 12th house position?

    I think I messed this one up.

  5. Seven years ago, I partially worked and partially skated. I’m seeing the results of having trusted the wrong person, and trying to get them to take responsibility was like pulling teeth (as they preach it to others). I’ve always known that, but – I’ve just read part of your newsletter, and I forgot about the ‘big mouth’ warning! That’s been me, from about 1am onwards (trying to get to sleep in between times). It was over the internet, and – ugh – not many people should have seen it, but I did have a lot to say to someone. Jupiter/Uranus in my 5th spat up someone I’ve been trying to move on from – acting as though they have all of the answers, on a social networking site. I handled myself well yesterday, but not lacking sleep…

    Anyway… I do wish that I hadn’t skated much at all, seven years ago, because I can see how it hurt me – funnily enough, in the Autumn of 2003, my mother gave me an early Xmas present: Eat That Frog. If I’d paid attention, I can’t guarantee that I would be feeling better about myself right now, but I probably would be (I’ve just experienced Saturn over my Pluto and square my Saturn, and it’s now moved into my 12th, opposing my Mercury at 19*Aries). I can see my lessons, but am apparently not learning them well enough, because I keep expecting someone to have a ‘Scrooge’ moment of enlightenment, when I’m the one who needs to see the light and scooch.

    (2003/2004 was my Saturn Return, and I loved it.)

  6. Whoa, sorry for the long comment. I meant to add that Saturn moving into Libra has been good for me in ways, but it left me extremely depressed; a part of that was suddenly having things all fall into place in my head, in August/September 2009 – things that people had tried to tell me when I was younger and/or fearful (extreme anxiety preventing me from doing certain things), suddenly all seemed to fall like dominoes in my brain, one after the other, setting off a chain reaction. That, with other current stresses/surprises piling on, had me curled up and barely moving. It’s been a fight just getting out of bed, most days, either worrying about now or the future, or thinking of parts of my past as a real waste. I hate being so negative.

  7. seven years ago i i stated doing really well in my new career. now i own my own business and though it’s hard, i am seeing the payoff of my hard work. seven years ago i was just into a new relationship. now it seems to be winding down. great guy, good friend, no sparks. maybe they can come back but i’m one of those people who believe’s when the thrill is gone it’s gone. lessons needed to be learned and i resisted. if i keep on doing things the way i’ve always done them, i’ll keep on getting the same result. need to listen to my gut, go for what i want, not just take the first person who appears to want me…even if it means being alone for while. i hate the idea of not getting the relationship aspect of life on course for another seven years. “ouch” I will be 55!

  8. “i hate the idea of not getting the relationship aspect of life on course for another seven years. “ouch” I will be 55!”

    I feel the same way – I’ll be 42 at that point (I’m just getting my head around my mid-thirties.) I’ve been single most of my life, because I haven’t met many guys I really hit it off with, and I knew what I wanted. I guess I didn’t put myself out there enough for ‘chance’ to come into play, or I was supposed to learn something from someone that wasn’t what I’d learned (negatively) as a little girl.

    When I was in my early twenties, I imagined myself opening up my own small combination health food store and bookstore, with a focus on pets/animals. I’d just learned about people feeding raw food to their pets, and was looking into it for my own – this was 1996/1997, so I was 21/22 – I pictured the building (two small ones, separated by glass doors), a neighbourhood place that helped in other ways. I didn’t know enough about it all, and was agoraphobic/social phobic at the time – I didn’t trust myself to run a successful business. After a few years, more and more people started to feed and sell raw pet foods/supplements, etc… if I’d been smart, I would have gone with it, asking for help, because I could have done it. (My Saturn Return ended up being about my really working to get over things that developed in my childhood, propelling me back into the world.)

    (Another long comment – sorry. My brain is in overdrive, and I’ve had very little sleep.)

  9. In 2000, Saturn squared my MC and I graduated from my 1st art Degree. In 2007 I finished my Masters in Fine Art as Saturn was conjunct my MC. 2014 should be me well settled into my art teaching career (its on a slow burn). Sun Uranus Mercury in 9th house.

  10. I just realised that almost seven years ago I was laying the groundwork for what I’m doing now. I was worried that it happened so easily and so fast (now), but seven years ago I worked and worked and worked for no apparent result and got very disheartened. Just shows you, life is not always about instant results 🙂

  11. 7 Years ago Saturn was in my 7th House and I learned some excruciating but priceless lessons about being there for the people I love. Right now I’m having Saturn sextile Saturn (post-SR). Saturn is my friend.

    Jilly I wish you lived near me. I bet with your placements you’d look great in an androgynous tailored mens’ suit with ultra-femme accessories (please excuse me while I project on you;) )

  12. I’ve got transitting Saturn in the 4th 2 degrees away from direct square to natal Saturn in the 10th. A large part of 2010 was spent making things right in my marriage. Just as I get that on track, I am forced to focus on the relationship with my son which I had put on the back burner (which I really had to do). And the disconnect in the relationship with my son (which is more about him than me) had caused a crisis between me and my mother. SHIT this is a lot of work – and I am in a largely unwinnable situation, because, you see, it’s not just about how I act, but how the other players act as well!

    • This is so interesting.. I had my saturn return 7 years ago when I met my husband. Now I’m solidfying my relationship with my husband as I’m about to have my saturn sq in the 4th house- and it has also caused a disconnect with my mother – me defending him to her. Now she has nothing to do with me or her new grandson…

  13. Saturn is about to square natal saturn to match my pluto square pluto, joy. Do i pay attention to house and sign of transiting planet, or natal? If that makes not much sense, sorry, tired!

  14. I’ll have Saturn transit square natal Saturn, when Saturn transits into Scorpio. I’m thinking I’ll lay down the foundation and play my cards right and my marriage house ought to be good to go sometime around 2019 🙂

  15. Nice one Elsa, thanks. I looked it up and found squares are from pluto transiting 4th house and saturn transiting 7th house conjunct uranus. Natal pluto is h7 and saturn h5, so is the trick to imagine this as a big old complicated interaction?

  16. I’m at the brink of all my midlife crisis transits coming up over the next 10 years.
    Saturn square Saturn for the next 2 years.
    Pluto square Pluto for the next 3
    Uranus hitting MC and then opposite natal Uranus (although, this is the furthest off)

    I’m feeling the pressure. ?

  17. Where ( bank,insurence, credits, debits, friends,home, family, relationships, your job,investments)ever u put your earned income all will goes to others and not returned to you from saturn square to natal saturn before saturn conjunction natal any cost any time dont commit to saturn ( truth,time,justice,future) at saturn square natal is horrible time . Now I entered (saturn conjunction natal moon in capricorn saturn ruled) opposisition (moon ruled cancer natal saturn).

  18. The original date of this post, January 6, 2011, was the day I signed my final divorce papers. Tr Saturn was in Libra in my 8H (divorce) and it was sextiling my natal 11H Sagittarius Saturn (legal system). Tr Mercury in Sagittarius was squaring my natal 8H Libra Mercury. The process was contentious (Mercury square) but the settlement was equitable (Sagittarius).

    Fast forward seven years to 2018, I cut the final tie to my married life and I sold the family house (physical structure – Saturn). During this seven year period, I began my astrology studies, indulged in photography, learned a lot about myself, healthy boundaries, and functional relationships.

  19. 7 years ago my hubs and i were on the fast track to splitsville. In 2011 we both quit drinking, put more effort in with each other. Over the 7 years we moved a few times and ended up back in the house we were in in 2011. We’ve done our best to eliminate bs relationships w toxic people. We have better relationships with our kids and each other. I chose all of these shifts over work and family of origin.

    I have natal saturn in the 7th cancer. Saturn oppo now. this post helped me put it in perspective so thank you! Ive been struggling with back problems for the past few years– stored trauma n pushing myself too hard – finally had surgery and i can dance and drive again! I appreciate saturn helping me reboot what pluto deems necessary.

    • Well everything changed in the last 7 weeks- started right after i wrote that, actually. Could be all this action on my natal jupiter in pisces 15. Could be saturn n pluto n venus transiting my first reminding me to be me, not someone else’s best version of me which isnt truly indicative of what im here for.

  20. I was in a little house. Saturn picked up that little house and shook me out with everything inside! He took me out in the street and he is kicking my ass infront of everyone! I don’t know if I want to laugh, cry, or moan. I do know that I am homeless now.

      • Thank you for all for the kind words everyone! I really appreciate it. I’ve realized that this is a learning experience. I am in a safe place and there are other women staying here. I have been listening to their stories and I am not in this alone! I actually feel grateful for this experience. I am only 27 and Saturn isn’t exactly conjunct my natal Saturn yet! I do however have Saturn rising in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto are transiting, in Capricorn together, in my chart, at the moment. It’s been a life changing experience, and I am going with it! I can’t fight it! I have no choice but to go with it. Chiron is also involved. Chiron is transiting my third house, conjunct my ascendant, and transit Uranus, in my fourth house! I’m working with the energy. It isn’t fun but it is necessary for my growth and for that I am very thankful! It’s happening and I can’t stop it. I feel like my hands are tied behind my back. I know that this is only temporary and I am working with the energy. I am letting it mold me. I am being molded into the person that I was meant to be. I was a late bloomer.

    • I sympathise .I was in that position …in …let me think back ..2010 .. and am trying to prevent it from happening again.Have I nor learned my lessons ???In fact I keep my much loved house closed and stay with friends.

    • Don’t fear dear.I am here, saying saturn.after sat oppo sat goes, you should be released from all pains definetely.

  21. My Saturn opposition is in 2022 (four years): Second House Aquarius. It’s been a long haul since my Saturn in 2007 when definitions and realities about my health, my home, and my definitions of family/community unhinged.

    This is a good post, and a good time to ask those questions you pose here. We’re about to move again and at this age we really need to be closer to a new and better roost where we can remain close to family/community that want us as we are. How have we done to become those people is the question?

    Thanks for this Elsa I’m mull the questions over as the year closes off.

  22. Sat sqare natal sat aspect occurs,u r intimated but unable to see what is goes long 7 plus consider savings for rainy days so much coming what u did not see.after that also u will be intimated by sat oppo natal this time u may be succeded/released or after one year extension.

  23. Buddha said(I think) 3 things matter at the end; how well did you love? How gentle you lived? How gracefully you let go, what was not meant for you.these things have a healing effect on me, may the new year have an intimate meaning to you being here.

  24. No square or opposition but am heading into a Saturn return. Seems like graduation instead of a trial. From the last return to now, everything has played out for the best, lumps and all. I am happy with the results. Where from here? For sure, each phase of the cycles was easy to identify.

  25. Saturn was in Libra when this originally was posted but is now in Sagittarius? And Saturn stays in a sign approximately two years? So it has been about 6.5 years and I have been maturing a LOT since then. I need to mature a LOT more though and at my age, I am way “behind” most. I have Saturn in the first. I know Capricorn’s can seem younger with age. I am not one but there are signatures that point to me being a youthfully mature adult. What I feel pressured to do is grow my maturity and take care of my temple.

  26. I have Saturn in Cap, Sun in Leo, and so I think I’m rather reluctantly mature/maturing. I’d rather play, but the rewards have been in balancing these and related energies (lots of Cap and Leo in my chart). I’ve certainly matured over last 7 years — I feel it as a coming to terms with stuff in a more grounded way. Financial, career, personal and life in general, who I am, etc. — all more solid now. Hopefully these give me the tools to navigate upcoming Saturn return (with late Jan eclipse exactly conjunct — yikes) to best out of it all.

  27. oooowow …you say we Saturn children ‘will see our results in 7 years.Question, how am I maturing ?..well I still don’t accept the grey.
    My date of birth 12-30-1944,4:20am,Det Mich. I am one of Saturns-
    boisterous children…..transit Saturn opposes my natal Saturn and natal moon in cancer, as well as my sun in Capricorn. So.. what do I do…there is absolutely no place to hide.

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