Saturn Transit In Square or Opposite Natal Saturn – 7 Years Till The Chickens Come Home

feeding time Julian Dupre chickensWhen Saturn transits natal Saturn, invariably a person feels pressured.  It’s a reality check. How are you doing in your life? More specifically, how are you maturing?

Some people are ultra careful and responsible. I wind up reassuring them they’re on track. This is a great relief to that type personality.

Other people hit some kind of wall during this transit. I explain, they’ll see results of the efforts they make in the current day, in seven years.

This is the amount of time it takes for Saturn to come around to making it’s next hard aspect. You can set your clock by this transit!

As an example, right now Saturn is in Libra.  People feel a lot of pressure to act as an adult and do right in relationships. If they manage this, in 7 years they’ll be able to look back and see the gains they made by making and effort at that time.  They may also shudder at the thought of how things would be had they not made an effort.

In contrast, people who resist the pressure, blow off their lessons and manage to avoid learning anything will also see results.  They wake up to find themselves far behind the pack.

Understanding this, most people will go right to the task at hand because when you get right down to it, most want to achieve.  They want a good grade and the glory of having accomplished something.

If you are having a Saturn transit to natal Saturn, keep this in mind. Every *right* thing you do will improve your circumstance in the moment but the real payday is seven years out, and fourteen years out, and twenty one years out and twenty eight years out.  Based on this, I’d put the money in the bank today.

Update, December, 2019 with Saturn in Capricorn. I just had a client with Saturn squaring her natal Saturn.  She does not like her situation. I advised her to ask these questions:

  • Are you on course?
  • Do you like where you’re headed.
  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What do you need?
  • What do you lack?
  • Is your maturity where it should be at this age…

Reality check, see? This is her chance to take stock of things. Get it together so she likes where she’s at when she experiences her second Saturn return in seven year.

Are you having Saturn transit your natal Saturn? What do you feel pressured to do?

pictured – Dupre, Julien 1851 – 1910, Feeding Time