Saturn & Pluto Transiting Conjunct Your Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are currently conjunct my ascendant in the sign. In my world, this means the planets impact all the Cardinal houses.  It’s quite intense.  I see that I am under construction, as I decay!

But so is my family (4th house), my partner(s) (7th house) and my career (10th house).  It’s like making manure.  You just keep turning the pile. Eventually it’s ready. I don’t enjoy this process but I’m familiar with it and it is interesting.

For one thing, my prodigal daughter returned.  She left with Jupiter in Sagittarius, literally told me that she was “traveling”. Twelve years later, she’s back. We talk several times a week. Some conversations are short and maybe even shallow, but this is because the day or the week before, we got into something intense.  The pile was stirred and it has to rest.

Anyway, it’s not painful on either side. But this is something we have to reckon with.

For the record, she has Pluto conjunct her ascendant in Scorpio so she’s right in there… even with me, I’d say.  My point is, it doesn’t hurt, but the loss is harsh on both sides. We can never get that time back. It used to me my loss but now it’s hers in many ways. This doesn’t help me. No one likes to see their child struggle.  Just, no.

My son is also having to reckon with a number of things… with more to come.  So I’m standing here at the parent; how did I do?  I have to judge this. No one else can.

Same with my marriage, to which I am so deeply committed.  And this blog! I have to reckon with it as well.

This is my personal, Cardinal Crush and I don’t know how I’m going to come through it. I expect I will, but I don’t know what’s going to be left of me.

I am isolated at this time, unsurprisingly. No one likes to rot in public!  I’m losing weight.

Do you have a mid to late degree Capricorn rising? How are you faring with this transit?



Saturn & Pluto Transiting Conjunct Your Capricorn Ascendant — 39 Comments

  1. Things usually make more sense when these 2 planets go into your 1st house as opposed to being conjunct from the shadows of the 12th but on the rising they will still be visible. This post was very libra-like though, taking in consideration all the cardinal angles and implications. I’d say to focus on 1st house first because you can’t solve stuff when you are not watching more over your body and health. Just remembering some other posts about your health in general. I read those with interest because I’m also a middle degree capricorn rising and dominant stellium there with derived health issues starting the transiting cardinal grand cross from a few years back. – body// and self under construction fits like a glove- Wishing you health and strenght ~

  2. Intense indeed! My ASC is 2 degrees Cap. When Pluto crossed the ASC, I had a major health crisis and nearly died. When Saturn stationed my ASC last year, the isolation and depression were horrible. Jupiter transit the 12th doesn’t really help matters, even though it’s in its home sign.

    A totally new life philosophy is in order, I think. It’s ok to be scared but we gotta turn around and actually look at what is chasing us. I recently saw an article in a home magazine recommending a cleaning practice where you compile of the junk in your house into one big pile and then sort it. If it’s in the way, out in the open, you gotta sort through it, you can’t ignore it. I laughed because Saturn/Pluto in the first feels a lot like this. It’s important to really go through the pile and, as you’ve said, purge beliefs or honor them by putting them on display in the proper Cardinal house.

    • Nicole – The Cap Pluto/Saturn conjunction is currently in my 12H. I recently purged my overflowing clothes closet. I knew I was simply procrastinating (Saturn) and didn’t want to admit (Pluto) that the clothes didn’t fit me anymore. This process was both shocking and cleansing. Now, I actually feel good walking into my closet after facing those 12H shadows.

      • That is such a fantastic analogy of cleaning out that 12th house! I feel (intuitive gifts coming out now) like you were not just holding onto garments, you were holding onto career and events/accolades/experiences surrounding your career growth and learning. We do need to face that the past is gone and it’s ok to let go, it’s ok to evolve and not need that “security” anymore. ❤

  3. Yes! I also have a child with Pluto conjunct ascendant.

    I’m pretty sure I’m in it but I’m not sure which way it’s going to go.

    “It’s like making manure. You just keep turning the pile. Eventually it’s ready.”

    This is sort of reassuring, I guess. I am doing stuff it just seems quite slow

  4. Hi. My long term relationship partner has this transit with Pluto’s retrograde motion meaning the planet cuts over and back and over his Ascendant again. He’s going through a very deep and difficult transformation. It’s not easy to experience from outside.

  5. Hubby became a hermit his last 5 years. This was strange to me as he was such a social person..Now I get it. No one wants to rot in public. Thanks Elsa. I pray for your regeneration, to come out strong and healthy.

  6. I well remember when Saturn was conjunct my Ascendant in Leo, and I still wanted to hide (and lost about 30 pounds without trying). Take care of you. (((hugs)))

  7. Huge, huge, huge hugs.

    I know you offer people hope and clarity and honest opinions. But if you ever need to just talk and be really heard, a single email will do. I promise to virtually hold your hand across the puddle between our two continents and just listen. You have my details.

    (Cap Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Vertex and Moon in 4th/5th house here). Virgo ascendents are the best friends you never know you needed. 🙂

  8. Saturn shrinks what it touches… it did so to me when it transited my libra 6th. Now what you shared really got mw feeling bad for myself, but good for you. You are a fighter and that is no small deal. I agree with X-rayed. First look after number 1. Your kids are their own person with their own burdens to shoulder. They were born of you but they are souls with their own paths to take and experiences to learn from. It probably is counter-intuitive for a parent (im not one but ive gone through this with my mom) but most of the times with adult kids all you can possibly do and that is actually invaluable (for the time being and afterwards when the sun shines again) is to “hold space” for them when they need it. It seems thats what you are doing already. Do not give up on your loved ones but give THEM up to god. Blessings Elsa and thank you for sharing. I think i needed to feel humbled today.

    • Oh, I’m not giving up on anyone. It’s just that my kids are adults and Saturn in Capricorn is Saturn in Capricorn – school of hard knocks. And I can’t run in and save either one of them. Boundaries.

      They are both doing exceptionally well with their respective struggles. I just hate to have to stand there and watch this. But I have to, otherwise I will deprive them of these tests of their maturity. There is no easy way, to actually GROW UP.

  9. I’m catching the flip side, with my 20d Cancer ascendant. My family has been visiting for the past 10 days… which has been busy, but nice. I’m finishing my 3 month-long Master Gardener class tomorrow. Today I completed 6 weeks of physical therapy for low back pain. I have also been using a new adjustable height desk and a Swissball for working on my computer. Going to a college friend’s wedding this weekend, which will be interesting. I just can’t wait until next week when I should be able to focus on projects and get shit done.

  10. You got this sissy didn’t you ever hear your daughter your daughter your daughters for life your sons your son till he gets him a wife I wish I were strong right now I’ve been hitting homers but I’m weak,I think money but I have sons and grands and animals work customers clients; lonely? Shouldn’t be a by product but that’s what I feel I’m floating again inside and I want this to pass fast I don’t want to worry about but it is heavy inside my head and heart my whole body aches I feel so little; I am thinking to go to the pond tomorrow to dig clams
    Hoping it will swoosh stuff out of me, you got this girl

  11. As always you’re spot on for the “No one likes to rot in public”

    Ha, that was like coin smacking me right on the head and it dawned on me why everyone keep talking about why you will either feel secluded or take a seclusioinal period while the 12th house stuff is stirred and piled up/turned like manure. Makes so much sense now actually, even if Pluto has been transitting there for quite some time now. It feels like an eternity, but in reality it’s perhaps 5-7 years or so.

    When Pluto is finally getting out of this area, he will square my natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 8th. I am *NOT* looking forward to this. This will mean the end of all relationships without soul growth I guess. Not gonna lie, it scares the bejeezus out of me. Better work on dem soul connections, right?!

  12. That’s all making it’s way past my descendant into my 8th house, trying to launch my kids, while watching my dad die and knowing I should call my own mother who I haven’t talked to in 6 months, but that I really have nothing else to say since her husband told me my kids were not welcome in his house any longer since they don’t agree with his opinions anymore. But watching my children struggle is the absolute worse! Maybe that’s why birds and reptiles tend not to watch their children hatch – they can’t help and the struggle is real. Hugs to you Elsa!

  13. Geez. I hope you will make it through alright. I have a few friends w/ it in their 1st house, too, but well past their Rising degree. I have it in my 10th house. Saturn will be leaving the 10th in Jan., so will Pluto first time in years, since 09. I know changes are coming. I want to retire early and do something else for one thing. Lots of different scenarios in my head, whirling around. It’s a liminal space for many right now.

  14. Squaring my Sun/MC at 17 and 15. I dont know how Im doing, except that Im better than I was. I dont feel like I have a lot of choices, which is good and bad, right? The road narrows, and its easier to see where you need to go, but theres a grieving process every time one path is blocked.

    At this point, I dont give a shit where I rot, or who I offend, so thats kind of freeing. I hid for a long time, and Im not judging my past self or anyone else, for staying private. I just realized after years of this Pluto transit that I need help. I need friends. I might or might not get it if I expressed it, but Im guaranteed to not get it, if I don’t.

    • It’s squaring my progressed sun and Mc and in my progressed first house but it’s really happening in my whole sign third house. What you say, libra noir, resonates with me. I need friends too…desperately. I don’t have a single real friend. I read somewhere about the Saturn/pluto in cap going through the third as having something important to say…not sure about that right now because my words have recently(mercury conjunct north node transit a few days ago) got me in trouble. My husband likes the expression, “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed”. He reminds me I’ve closed myself off to people. I truly feel not good at connecting anymore. I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to rot in public either. For me, this Saturn pluto in cap has been building my anxiety about my public standing. Already a hermit but teetering on the verge of agoraphobia.

      • Yikes! That’s rough.

        I’m just hanging back with Jupiter and Saturn Rx. Gardening. But planning to leave veggies for people at their door, rather than visit. And I think I may need another hip replacement, if so I’ll do that in the fall and just sort of emerge next spring.

        I call people, though and they call me. And we do have people visit, pretty routinely. We don’t have dinner parties like we used to but we do have close friends or family stop by. And I go to lunch with friend as well. Once a month, more or less.

        • Oh wow, I just remembered you said something about not emerging until 2020 (maybe I’m wrong). When Pluto crossed my Ascendant for the last time it was like that scene in Twister. The one where a family opens the door to their storm cellar and cautiously makes their way out into the daylight sun after a huge tornado leaves the area.

        • Progressed ascendant conjunct neptune and south node is just awful right now. I want to evaporate. It’s bringing up powerful sad memories being triggered by current circumstances. Thank you, Elsa, for your blog. Your words make me feel comfortable and understood. I need that right now. Scorpio rising, saturn in Scorpio, sun in Pisces conjunct IC, and a moon in libra.
          Emerging next spring sounds great. I’m going to have to steal your idea. I could take some time and hibernate.

      • I was verging on agoraphobia too, until about 8 months ago. At some point I couldnt even stand being with myself. Scary. I was compelled to seek friendship. Even if they cant help, its been good for me to tell another human being what was going on inside of me.
        I was never one to lean on others for support, until the only other option was a dark dark place.

  15. I never realized Saturn shrinks what it touches. I was down to 110 pounds when Saturn was transiting my ascendant in Sag. Nonetheless I feel u are going to be ok. Just a month ago we were focusing on the miracle of having your daughter back in your life. Focus on that and not the void of missing space u both carry within for being apart those years. It is no longer that way. Thanks goodness she is back and a Phone call away. I bet she knew she needed her mom.

  16. I’m the opposite — it’s all happening nearly at my DSC/Saturn conjunction (15 and 13 Cap respectively). It’s a momentous time for me — am leaving job and city to move and start fresh elsewhere. Sick of the job, sick of this state with its politics I loathe, sick of living an incomplete life, sad about hard changes in some important relationships, very sad losing my mom, shaken by a serious cancer diagnosis though so far so good re remission.

    I’ve been living a tamped-down life, holding still to try to weather it all. Pluto and then Saturn went over natal 3 Cap moon in there, didn’t help. I’ve changed; or it’s more than mostly survived with the hard inner core of me.

    I’m really feeling positive though about getting unstuck, moving the plot along. In stark contrast to your current experience, maybe the difference between it happening on my DSC versus yours at ASC?.

    I wish you luck through it all.

  17. My nSun 22:45 Cap.

    A few circumstances in your post are tracking the same for me. Most majorly my son who was given for adoption at his birth in 1970, decided to move 15 minutes away, with his mom (mom is his adopted mom) when Sun entered Cap. That is just one of a number of extreme issues this aspect is supporting. Notable is his nMars oppose my nSun 30 min and my nMars exact conj his Aqu Asc.

    Interesting event, a few weeks ago Pluto rx conj nSun, Saturn rx sq my nNeptune. These transits happened within 1 minute. I fractured a tooth which was the last support tooth for my partial. I expect an upper denture is likely before the completion of transit Pluto conj nSun. Many years ago an older Astrologer mentioned to me Pluto to Saturn as related to major loss of teeth.

    Along the way to the final conjunction, tSaturn will conj tPluto at 22:47 Cap about 18 hours b4 my 2020 solar return, with Ceres at 22:34. My nCeres is 25 Cap. tMerc will be 24:32 at the return.

    Quite a lineup. Would love to discuss and share our perceptions and perspectives, if you are interested. I am not wanting advice or a reading, my interests are in the synchronicity I am seeing revealed in your post, and anything else we may discover in this most transformative type of configuration that we are both experiencing. As an Astrologer, I have never been more interested in a conversation with another Astrologer sharing similar potency.

    How close to my Sun is your Asc?

  18. My current theme in this endless sea of unknown time and place as I starve and shed is “detached emotion”. Even though I know not where I am or where I am going I feel focused, have goals and romantic interests are of the I don’t really care kind (thank Gawd I am single right now going through this!!). I have lost weight, I am quitting tobacco, eating healthier than ever before, addicted to working out and all of my past obsessions/jealousy/anger/want/need with the opposite sex has faded away gence the “detached emotion”.

  19. omg i thought she had died… or something… from how suddenly i stopped hearing about her.
    i’m glad to hear otherwise. she really shone in your writing about her, back when.

  20. I have been going through a Pluto transit For five years now. I have Sun at 12° Capricorn and ascendant at 17° Capricorn. I am also an astrologer but even having knowledge of the effects of this transit it has been difficult. One of the most challenging periods of my life. When transiting Pluto hit my sun I was going through a breakup after a two year marriage to a verbally abusive man. This was my fourth divorce. I moved in with my father temporarily he was 92 years old at the time. We had always had a love hate relationship because of his anger and controlling issues. This was a hard move for me but turned into a life-changing experience. He became ill shortly after I moved in and I ended up living there for three years. Pluto had left my sun but was starting to transit my ascendant. As Pluto was retrograding I moved him into an assisted living home and begin to renovate his house to sell by myself. Meanwhile transiting Saturn was opposing my moon at 2° cancer. I spent a lot of time trying to control my emotions which were off the chart. I then moved back into a house I owned and begin to renovate that for a year. When Saturn made its last pass opposing my moon my father passed away. The positive part is that we bonded after a lifetime of strife. When Saturn began to transit my ascendant I put my house up for sale and decided to move from the south to the north to be near my daughter and grandchildren after living in the same state for over 40 years. Talk about transformation. I now live an hour from my daughter but I know no one in the area I’m living in. I find that I am having to push myself to be more aggressive, which is not my nature. The Pluto transit was definitely the destruction of everything I’ve known for quite a while and now I’m going through the rebirth. Quite an interesting journey at 69 years old.

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