Saturn In Scorpio Transit For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio necklaceI just wrote for a client with her Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn, in the late degrees of the Fixed signs.  She’s in for a grueling period, there is no way around it.

If you have planets in the late degrees of the Fixed signs – check this post for timing: Saturn’s Transit Through The Late Degrees Of Scorpio…Entering Sagittarius 2014-2015

I would also consider buying the transcript of my workshop – Saturn in Scorpio.

You are sure to relate to every word of it. I feel confident it will help you.

Do you have planets in the late degrees of Scorpio? How’s it going?



Saturn In Scorpio Transit For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — 30 Comments

  1. Good so far,
    Last degrees of Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Neptune, MC with lots of aspects I also have more in Scorpio
    Not expecting to take on any risks right now, but planning on working on home projects, and still looking for love
    I’m in a better place than I have been in since 2002 so hopefully I have made good decisions up to this point.

    • Have been thinking about your ‘better place’ comment all weekend. Gauging my progress is very helpful. So goes the slow climb of the goat up the mountain.

  2. Saturn still tr Neptune in Scorpio and making a bunch of aspects in the process. Really struggling with free-floating and constant anxiety at this time. It’s like having a low-grade flu all the time.

    • I can totally relate to deepseadiver…your comment about the free-floating anxiety all the time. Hard to put my best foot forward with promoting my business when I’m feeling this way!! Clients have been dropping off right and left and previously I’ve rarely lost even one client…it has been surreal. My fixed t-square is between 16 – 20 degrees so saturn will be retrograding across it and turning direct in July exactly on my t-square. The option of doing per diem crisis work has come up…how’s that for a shitty option when feeling so anxious? It is the only option that is hiring and offers enough flexibility/freedom to keep my business too. Also, it’s also a struggle to trust anyone lately…not even my therapist.

  3. Not really thrilled about this one. Saturn just finished squaring my Aqua Sun, Merc and Venus and will soon be stationing on my Mars while it squares my Jupiter. I’ve been feeling really pessimistic lately and stuck in a rut. Just taking it one day at a time. Realizing that some of my goals are fruitless and being mature about the best use of my time has been helping to clarify things, and I feel less depressed about it than I thought I would be. Thats Saturn for you.

  4. I do. I have 22degree Sun and ASC at 27 degrees Scorpio. I have other planets in Scorpio but much earlier degrees. How’s it going? Well I have no way-out other than the obvious. Which I don’t plan on. Saturn transiting my 12th is putting the squeeze on me in ways I never expected. And I don’t think there will be much resolve because as soon as it runs over my Sun and ASC, it will travel over my Mercury and then natal Saturn. It will at that point be squaring my natal Chiron. I have inklings of things I want to learn and do to change my life but right now circumstances are pretty bleak. I still feel blessed it’s not worse though!

  5. My Dad has a last degree scorpio sun. He’s been running himself ragged trying to raise my nephew & two nieces while my sister recovers and is in another city with the baby (my brother in law is trying to hold his job, run between to cities to be there for my sister and the baby and still help my Dad). Of course my baby sister(the pisces) has been there to help him out quite a bit as well. Still, I hope all this effort bodes well for him during his Saturn to sun transit.

    My Mom has a first degree sag moon and she’s been on the opposite end, in the other city trying to help my sister and the baby. It’s been beyond stressful for her, as my sister has been super depressed (post partum) and so she’s trying to be with her as well as at the hospital with the baby. Again, I hope all that effort pays for her during her Saturn to moon transit.

  6. I have to say I’ve never had trouble with Saturn before…. It sat on my Moon and my Sun. I’ve had the return. Not a big deal… But in the 12th on my Venus, on my Ascendent… Whatever the hell it is!!!! Please just go!!! It’s going back down retro again sometime soon and I just can’t take anymore. I’ve learned in classes that it doesn’t hit hard until the last direct hit. But…. I’ve had all I can take. So please just leave me alone this time. My thinking is it got me good the first time so that’s enough Karmic lesson for this old soul please! So Saturn enjoy Sag….. Maybe Jupiter will give him a battle! Frustrated and have had enough. It can’t come a moment too soon!

  7. Merc/ven/jup/sun in late Leo early Virgo; mercury is the first planet to be touched by this Saturn square and with mercury as my chart ruler, I’ve definitely been feeling it physically as well as mentally. Nervous, anxious, stressed out.

    Mercury is also my MC ruler so for me the stress has been about my career vs. my self image; I’ve been blessed with promotions and amazing possibilities, but the other side of the coin is added responsibilities and professional pressure. Actually just pressure, internal as well, since I really want to live up to my reputation. All of this is making me pessimistic, anxious and afraid: Saturn is making me doubt my own capabilities to be a competent, efficient and bright leader. Under this transit I’ve realized just how afraid I am to succeed but also how badly I want to – so I guess Saturn will shred me to pieces because I’m determined to see this through.

    It’s a very dark moment in my life but it’s also laced with the possibility of personal/professional growth. How very Saturnian!

  8. Yes, I do. All I can say is aquarius must have a sense of humor. I am cracking up at anomalies. Worlds colliding and the stories I am hearing about it. People in their own structured worlds and then these anomalies show up. And their thoughts about it and how they deal with the situation. I don’t know if that is more about mercury rx in pisces or a precursor to mercury rx in aquarius. My laughter is not about anyone suffering but the characters that are walking into people’s lives and the reactions to it. Or ending up in a place that is just plain not their normal. Or going to their normal place that just isn’t the same. Good stories.

  9. Oh, crap!

    I’ve had Saturn opposite my natal Sun (19 Taurus) and it’s going to roll back over me and then roll forward again this year, but I also have my natal Mercury, Mars and Saturn in late degrees of the fixed signs.

    My father is dying. He’s been dying for a while, and I fear it’s going to be one of those really long, slow declines. It already has been. I adore him and hate the idea of losing him, but it’s like I’ve been staring down this loss for so long, and I know it’s going to be awful, but part of me just wishes it was done. It’s tied me up in knots, and the family’s going to be a mess when it happens. My mother will fret and buy things (she shops when stressed) and have a big farm to get rid of and want to move (which she needs to do) and she and my father are housing two incredibly lazy grandchildren and a great grandchild now, but she doesn’t want to be. I hope she can set some limits once daddy’s gone and move them out soon. Let their mother take care of them or they can actually go to work and take care of themselves. I just see all these things up in the air that I want settled. Everything feels very unsettled, which I hate.

    • Thank you. He’s been a wonderful dad, but he’s really miserable now and needs to go. I get that. I don’t want him to be miserable. He can barely hear, barely see, barely walk, sleeps much of the time and there’s barely anything he’s allowed to eat. His big hope now is that he dies before he ever has to go into a nursing home, and I really hope he gets his wish.

  10. My natal Saturn is at 24 degrees Scorpio and my natal Moon is at 29 degrees – all in the fourth house. I started a new life in a new country about four years ago and as of late, I’ve been experiencing some pretty awesome breakthroughs in areas of my life that I’ve been working my a** off to transform. THANK YOU LIFE. I’m pretty sure this is my Saturn Return. However, when Saturn conjuncts my natal Moon at 29 degrees… I just have this feeling that there is going to some great big surge of emotion (bigger than normal) that I can either let explode and wreak havoc on life or… be wise. OR because Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio is my natal placement it’ll be just like any other day? ; ) I’ll just plan for copious amounts of meditation. Thanks for asking!

  11. I have Scorpio mars 17, 2nd-sun 22..oppossing…Taurus moon 21-8th, squaring natal Uranus 20 leo-11th and squaring Natal Chiron 22 Aquarius 5th……its activating that t-square now….I have learned to say No….I have learned to set boundaries…I’m working on getting rid of debt, I can “see” much more clearly…and I’m learning to control my emotions and respond instead of react. So now it goes RX until July and rolls back over my sun/mars and activates that t/grand square again…for testing? And then moves forward over it again…. transformation?

  12. @TeresainSC: I feel for you. I am facing the same with my dad now too. I lost mom in October in a slow decline that quickly spiraled in the end. It’s been very sad for my father and I miss her a ton, but also felt she could not go on the way she was. Blessings to you and your dad and family.

    • Dawn,
      So sorry for you, too. My mom is in great shape and I expect to have her for a long time, but I’m really not sure how she’ll do without my dad. She might go out and travel and have fun and do all sorts of things that she hasn’t in years, because she’s been taking care of him. I hope so. Or she could freak out and not do anything. I guess we’ll see.
      How is your dad coping? I feel like men are so much more lost without women, because women seem to expect to lose their husbands first and have to live on without them.

  13. In December just gone, when Saturn was Quincunxing the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Aries and was just about 1 degree from being exact the police paid me a visit. There were three of them and two of them were armed. What had happened is that I had for some months been in a constant argument with my bank. Of course after that length of time and getting no where with the complaints I was making I was a little sullen when contacting them. During the course of yet another fruitless conversation I was asked what I would like to do. I replied flippantly and off the cuff maybe come round to your office with a shotgun or an oozi and blow you all away. You notice here I was given a choice. Further on in the conversation I also mentioned taking them to court. I do not think the oozi comment without the court word would have made a difference. But mentioning taking them to court led to them having to preemptively blacken my reputation by calling the police for the benefit of a future court case. There are two more points about this. First there was no intention and second what I said about the oozi was deliberately taken out of context – isolated from the flow of the conversation. Needless to say I no longer bank with them. But as far as the astrology goes Saturn does not mix with Jupiter – it is an ending of an situation with no going back.

    Thirty years ago with the aforementioned transit I got fired from a live-in job. No going back there either.

    Now there is transiting Saturn Square natal Saturn/Mercury(27 degrees Aquarius) which I need to keep my head down from.

    Again looking at 1985 the Saturn to Saturn/Mercury was a particularly bad period of my life and has affected everything till this day.

    But I do know about astrology now. So I will not initiate anything or get involved with anything new until the danger has passed.

  14. Everything seems to happen to me in 11 year cycles. Born 1944, 1966 first son born, 1977 second son born, 1988 met somebody born in 1933 and bought a house together, got married to him in 1999. Since he was older than me, he is in a nursing home and I have just been introduced to somebody born in 1955. Of course, that was my missing year. This person born in 1955 has his Pluto/Jupiter conjunction directly on my Leo moon and my sun is directly aspecting his North Node. Sounds like some kind of karmic connection to me.

  15. Hi Elsa, thank you so much for the write up! This makes more sense as to why I had costly home damage issues in 3rd quarter 2013 and that I was working 60hr work weeks high strung co workers and impossible deadlines with no praise – for all of 2013. January 2014, very unexpectedly and to many people’s surprise, I lost my job (laid off). Now I’m wondering if Saturn will send me another comparable job this year, and that I don’t have to wait until mid 2015, when Jupiter moves into my sign. I can’t even imagine having to wait – how can one survive with no income? I thank you so much for any insight. – Virgo, Sept, 2, 1978.

  16. Hi,
    Aries ascendant at 10’09”, sun in aqua at 17’09”, venus in aqua 21’22”, mercury in aqua at 21’02”, jupiter in aqua at 26’32”, moon in capricorn 10’49”, saturn in sag 8’18”;

    Transiting saturn in 8th squaring my natal sun in the 11th, transiting pluto conjuncting my natal moon;

    the past 5 months have been just horrible, a relationship which I thought was just superb got squashed, my emotional life is a mess, and at extremes; career is sluggish. No idea what’s going on :'(

    • Thanks Elsa, loved your video on the aquarian full moon on 10th August.

      It seems as if inevitable events just happen. I actually exploded emotionally on the 10th.

      Hopefully things should go well soon, with transiting Jupiter in my 5th house now. Meeting ‘the one’ would be so much more welcome.

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