Saturn In Sagittarius – Work Horse

I’m sorry I’ve disappeared! Mars is in Gemini is opposing Saturn in Sagittarius. I am working (Saturn) on writing (Gemini) my class – higher education (Sagittarius).

Saturn is transiting my 12th house now. I’m hidden!

I promised twenty charts. I’m working on the eighth. I’m not sure how long it will take me. I plowin’ through. Saturn in Sagittarius is a workhorse!

I’ve wrapped up all my other (outside) obligations now. So I’ve just got to get this log up the hill. It’s going well.

This going to be a significant body of work, Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Using Astrology To Solve Problems…


Part One – Where Do I Begin?

  • Contradictions

Part Two – What’s Next?

  • The Hidden, Real Problem
  • Sad Story vs Strong Story
  • Dead End
  • Get Up From The Grave

Part Three – Going Deeper

  • The End of Everything

Part Four

  • You vs Them

Part Five

  • Life Falls Short No Matter What

You can still join the class and catch up, submit your chart and such. But either way, I’ll be back posting as soon within a day or two. The newsletter, too. I will get back on this stuff. It’s just sometimes I have to do paid work. It’s how I maintain this site!

I think of my son, plowing his way through college and my husband, plowing his way through work each day.

What are you plowing through?


Saturn In Sagittarius – Work Horse — 11 Comments

  1. Accepting that my youngest, prettiest years were wasted because even then, no one I wanted ever wanted me.

    • ScottishFoldSoul – I’d recommend you doing a synastry chart with your sister; learn where she pushes your buttons. It will give you peace of mind. I did just this with one of my sisters – oh brother, the aspects are all right there. Only now have I been able to move on. Do it on Good luck!

  2. Trying to get rid of stuff, before it gets rid of me!
    But, it’s only me & my stuff, so can’t complain, nothing should get in the way – except me!

    Hey Scottish, sounds like you’re really down n’ out! What’s the transit???
    (Have you checked out the workshop for built-in problems?) You’re too smart to be in a pit like you are!

    • Can relate to having trouble getting rid of stuff, Satsun. Even throwing out one little thing feels better sometimes. Saturn is in my first house, that’s all I know. Not enjoying it, but it was worse when it was transiting my 12th in Scorpio.

  3. I’m newish friends with a woman in her 70s. The other day she told me that she *used to be beautiful*. Yes, obviously, I said, because she is, now, beautiful. Objectively speaking, aesthetic perspective. Beauty in the second half of 8th decade is different from at 20-something… So?
    Yes, yes, yes, she’s beautiful on the inside too (imperfectly, as are we all).. that’s not what I’m talking about. She’s physically beautiful, 70-some version beautiful.

    Who cares, right? No one makes friends on the basis of looks – me neither. I’m just saying, because I’m getting to know someone who, despite her Scorpio Mercury, said a similar thing to what you said, ScottishFoldSoul. 🙂

  4. Hey, Strict Standards, youre hogging the thread. But seriously, Mars opp Saturn almost invariably mean arguements. So I dont blame you for ducking this – nice move.

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