Saturn Message For Libra – The Worst That Can Happen

I made this video when Saturn went into Libra. With Saturn direct, headed for the later degrees of the sign, I read a client today and am sure this should re-run so…

Saturn in your sign? No need to fear. This is as bad as it gets…



Saturn Message For Libra – The Worst That Can Happen — 74 Comments

  1. “The new camera is really hard..” Really? I would say it defines your face more, and you’re eyes really POP!!!! Cool…

  2. I love your smiling eyes and I felt like I was looking in the mirror as I’m wearing the very same color/style top today 🙂

  3. Ah, crap. When the lady’s right, she’s right. I disagreed with the ‘people don’t change’ bit, but I agree with this statement.

    Love is crucial to me – and so is the wish to be *in* love.

  4. I have ALWAYS felt more in Love than the other person – maybe that’s just my Moon expression. If this is the case, the Saturn transit won’t show anything new, just deeper and harder *sigh*

  5. OMG, Elsa, you cracka me up. I think it’s the visual delivery.

    Having many things in Libra, I have so been there. And it caused a reckoning. Like, I believe in and want this relationship so bad, why aren’t you on board, heart breaks….

    Well now, even if I make an ass out of myself, I just follow my instinct to be loving and kind to all, humans and critters. I just don’t give a shit anymore…

  6. “not opt to be in love cuz that such a pain in the ass.” ahah, true that!

    Once decades ago me and someone who had more Libra then me broke up. It was the sweetest break up ever, I’d start to cry, he’d start to cry, so on until we stopped crying from comforting each other. Oh and then later he gave me a wonderful break up present too. 🙂

  7. Elsa,

    1. You really do look beautiful in this video.

    2. This explains my lifelong angst (Venus in 7th, libra rising) for which I overcompensate by going all inscrutable and non-chalant (Scorpio moon). lol

    You really are awesome, thanks!

  8. HUGE epiphany for me on this Elsa. I have no Libra, and my husband has a Libra moon…that just explained so much. Long backstory, but your advice in a consultation led me to give counseling with him a try, but I have a whole new empathy for him at this moment. He can’t make me him, but I can’t make him me either. Thanks!(especially for toughing it out with the new camera)

  9. Libra Moon in 12th sez so true. I’m kinda glad I’m in relationship limbo now, because if I had been in the throes of it and had heard this, it would have huuuurrrt. On the other hand, would have saved me lots of time and pain. Hmm. This could be huge when I get over being a single captain crankypants. Assuming I’ll have the guts to actually try to be in a relationship it would be a different ballgame keeping this in mind. Think of all the cool things we could do with the leftover energy!

    Thanks, Elsa. All those years I got my undies in a bundle over that. I turned it into rejection when there wasn’t any. About a gazillion times.

  10. The high-def cam in the new room certainly showcases the definitely highly-shiny hair. 😀

    So what happens when one Libra stellium is in a relationship with another Libra stellium? The relationship matters to both in (possibly) different ways?

    And, of course, this is one of those questions that pretends to be all generalized, but is actually just a thinly-veiled reference to the questioner’s situation. 😉

  11. Thank you thank you thank you Elsa, this is exactly what I needed to hear right now.

    I think you are looking gorgeous and I really like that colour on you 🙂

  12. Rarrgh! I already knew this. But, it will never cease to bother me how psychologically sick the average American is.
    Frankly, for all the bullshit out there against healthy relationships, the actual science has found that your happiness, mental health, and physical health all require healthy relationships (and not just romantic relationships). So, any other view on relationships is scientifically proven to be not but bullshit. No exaggeration. No lie. No kidding. Full fact.
    If you want a longer, happier, healthier life, you want good friends, a good family life, and a good partnership. Anything else is self-sabotage.

  13. wow… I thought this might be a scary ride for me as I have Saturn, Pluto, Midheaven and a node in a house in Libra plus I am currently in my Saturn Return.

    But I now I understand, that I view relationships more important than others and a control freak too! So I need to let go. I guess that includes my ego..LOL

  14. I didn’t consider myself to have a lot of Libra, I only (only *snort*) have my Pluto in Libra, in my 2nd house.

    I decided to take a second look this morning.

    That Libra Pluto sure aspects some important parts of my chart:
    square my Sun (says the wide orbs at – orb of about 8 degrees)
    square my Mercury
    inconjunct my moon and Uranus
    sextile my Neptune

    This tells me a lot, because I can definitely relate to being more invested in a relationship than the other person. More study is needed. 🙂

  15. Great advice. I think I will place this note somewhere where I can look at it every week for the next two years;
    ‘It’s quite possible that you love them more than they love you and that’s OK. Accept it, own it, live it and find peace and contentment with that knowledge.’ or

    Find bliss in the ache of your love for others.

  16. So what if you both have Libra?

    I have Uranus, Jupiter and Mars in Libra (between 4th and 5th houses – OY!).

    My husband has Uranus in Libra in his 2nd.

    At this point in time, I definitely love him more than he loves me. I’m clinging to the hope that as the Grand Cross eases and Saturn transits Libra, that balance will come back to our relationship.

    Should I accept that I have always loved him more than he loved me and that if we make it through this rough patch that will continue to be the case? I actually spent years thinking that his love for me was stronger than mine for him.

  17. “Find bliss in the ache of your love for others.”

    wow Orlando, that’s really poetic…

    no Libra, but both Saturn and Jupiter in the 7th house, retrograde. I’ve never known how to interpret this. Lucky? Doomed to dutiful, humorless partnerships?

  18. Thanks brizo! I was visiting with a friend yesterday who has Jupiter in the 7th. I would say magnanimity and good luck in relationships. And maybe the life lesson for Saturn in the 7th, is learning to develop healthy boundaries in relationships.

  19. You are a goldmine. Thanks for spelling all this out so clearly. I’m living this, with a loaded 7th and loaded Libra. Taking notes and preparing to grow up!

  20. re: eva, you just have to find someone with a packed 7th/8th and problem solved.

    I’m loaded with ‘Libra/Scorp’ so I’m gonna heed that advice too!

  21. thanks Elsa. I have moon conj neptune in Libra and a leo 7th house with sun, jopiter conj pluto, mercury, north node, chiron so I’m right there with you babe and appreciate finally hearing that relationship is more important to us/now I know I can live with it and love that I hold the container for the relationship.

  22. great video! and no matter what your husband says — one look at you in action — and I know how thrilled he is to be partnered with you! right?

  23. He does love the living shit out of me, kendall but this is it for him. I totally believe he would never date again if we cracked up whereas I would be out hunting – I just need “another” in my life.

    I mean, I have gone as long as a year but only due dire, dire reasons. Outside of that, I have been “partnered” since I was 8 years old.

  24. aaaahah! the main complaints previous partners have had is that i am tooooo loving so much so that it is controlling and smothering and they find they want to escape it yet fear losing such a powerful energy? I have libra moon, libra asc and venus in 7th, i have, all my life, felt all i need is to be loved to be happy and so the less loved i feel the more loving i am?(very emotional and teary right now) will my jam packed 10th house in leo help eventually to feel lovable? anyone????????? i hope so, coz my cancer sun also just needs a loving home, where the damn tissues!!!!!!!

  25. oh and now I will get this full moon right on my leo mc 10th and my aquarian jupiter 3rd, god Im a mess and i was looking forward to this saturn in libra, you delusionsl fool abluelily, what the!

  26. Thanks for reposting this, Elsa. It is a testimony to his love for you that he may not have chosen this if you weren’t so damned irresistible!

  27. What the hell happened to, Mariana? Boy do I miss her!

    And yeah, my husband is stuck with me and with, Dora and when he got rid of, Dora, I went right back out and got Lila, who is Dora and so he’s just screwed ya see. 🙂

  28. @SaDiablo: “So what happens when one Libra stellium is in a relationship with another Libra stellium? The relationship matters to both in (possibly) different ways?”

    In my experience, both sides get very confused and it’s a “you pick what to do” “No, YOU pick” situation.

  29. Nice! Although I didn’t see this before, following along with the Saturn in Libra articles has really helped me tread water near the surface during this transit. I’m about to have Saturn sit on my Moon/Mars this fall, and I’m glad I’ve done my prepwork. Thanks for lending me your notes, Elsa! 😉

  30. Thank you Elsa, this was really helpful! I’ve got Saturn and Uranus in the 7th plus a Libra moon. Arggg is right! This was just what I needed to hear though so thank you for sharing.

  31. Last time t. Saturn was on my Libra sun/mc, it was along with t. Pluto and I still think that was the worst transit I’ve ever had.

    So I’m kind of skittish about t Saturn coming up to my Sun again.

  32. Thanks for posting. Ironically, or perhaps not, I just watched this video the other day. 😉 Saturn is in my 7th house natally, and I have a Libra Sun stellium. I think for me Saturn in Libra is all about how I view myself, how I communicate, how I respond to certain fears and situations.

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