Sagittarians Telling the Truth – God Help Us!

sagittarius seasonI was dating this guy once, a Sadge rising. I’d met him in a restaurant for a big date. This was a really big date, he planned to propose to me after dinner. He had the ring in his pocket and here’s what happened instead…

We were sitting in a booth when he spied a gal he knew at a table behind me. The woman was a local celebrity. She was a household name in the area, at a level akin to a local news person.

He nodded in her direction. “Look. XXXXXX is over there. Do you know her? Do you know who she is?”

I glanced over my shoulder. “I’ve heard of her,” I said.

“We had sex once,” he said.


“We had sex once. I had sex with her.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked with my eyes wide for emphasis, in an attempt to stop him.

“It was at a party.”

“So? Why are you telling me this? I don’t want to hear about it,” I said, getting hot. I felt my cheeks heat up and just hoped he’d stop.

“It wasn’t that big a deal,” he said.

“I don’t want to hear about it,” I said. Shut the fuck up, I thought. I was getting visuals.

“Sheesh, Elsa. It was only one time. It was no big deal. She’s actually a lesbian, er… mostly.”

“I really don’t want to hear about this. I really don’t want to hear…”
leo vintage yellow cup“I can’t believe this bothers you,” he said interrupting me. “It’s no big deal. She was pretty drunk. I was drunk too.”


“Why not?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I asked, leaning in from across the booth to stare at him.

“Elsa. It was nothing. Really.”

Well, I could see he was not going to let it go. Fucker. I felt all hot and like I was going to cry so I decided to bolt. I grabbed my purse and coat, stood up, leaving him with the salad on the table. I headed to the door with my chin up in Leo Venus style. He followed.

Guess what he said on the way through the door, right as we passed the maitre d.

“IT WAS JUST A BLOW JOB!” he blurted out. And then again with the, “She’s a lesbian, Elsa! For chrissakes, come back here so we can talk about this!”

I left the restaurant and shut the heavy wooden door on him, leaning against it so he couldn’t come out while I pulled my keys from my purse.

Keys in my hand, I released the door so he could watch me walk across the street. I remembered my sister’s words. “Make sure they see your ass walking away. Let ’em try to shake that memory…”

I deftly unlocked the door to my car, got in and drove off leaving him standing in the street where my car window used to be.

Later, he explained himself.

“I love you. I want to get married and I want you to know everything about me.”

“Oh brother.”

See it didn’t matter if I wanted to know or not. The truth was being told, but not for my benefit. It was pretty much shoved down my throat. In hindsight, I still think this guy needs to learn to shut up.  In hindsight, he probably thinks I’m hopelessly hung up. You know. “If you can’t handle the truth…”

Having that wee bit of Libra in my chart, I can see both sides.



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  1. Oh, brother. Why do some people not get that we are not ALL on a need-to-know basis? (For the record I’m a Sagittarius ASC so can somewhat relate to foot-in-mouth disease).

    If someone tells me ‘I don’t want to know’ I feel sheepish but definitely am in the No Means No camp! People deserve to have their boundaries respected.

  2. I’m a Leo rising, Leo moon; I notice ppl get off on my reactions and want to keep pushing on with the same lil tid bits of unwanted info. They get off on expressions, mostly facial, whether its annoyance or being turned off; the point is they feed off it. So, do it back; tell em something stupid, like well did she teach you anything? Trust me it’ll teach em next time to think before opening their mouth, its all in good fun, so don’t let them have all the fun at ur own expense; play back.

  3. this reminds me of the lover that in the course of ONE conversation told me about nine women that were hot for him. I finally had enough and asked him to stop. he said, no way he had talked about nine women– he’d just talked about a couple of women, and he hadn’t said he was HOT for them… and…

    he had sadge AND gemini!

  4. As someone who deals with Sun in Leo, I have NO idea how your VENUS in Leo managed to restrain yourself from smacking him. You know how we like to think we are the only queen in the jungle….EVER!

  5. Sun/Moon/Mercury in Sagittarius here. I’m always saying all the wrong things, ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I find that things just slip my tongue and once I say it, I totally regret saying it. Most people say things that they don’t mean when they’re angry, I say things that I don’t mean to say all the time and it’s so annoying. And unfortunately, words have a big impact on people, if they didn’t, Sagittarius would be fine.

  6. Being a Sagittarius but with a bit of Libra myself I can see how selfish we can be with all this truth-telling. It’s simply to unload the bad energies, it’s so horrible. Fortunately (or not) I have a fair bit of Scorpio too so I’m learning to keep some secrets….

  7. Now, see, THAT guy is me. 🙂 One of the tests of any relationship to me is whether we can tell stories like that, because when I see someone I’ve slept with, it’s probably gonna come out of my mouth sooner or later.

    I don’t follow people around yelling the truth at them, but the moment someone’s not comfortable with hearing my TMI? Time to back off, they’re not going to like me at all.

    Which I usually tell them.

    I hate being called a liar worse than anything in the world. I obsess over being truthful. The thing is, it’s just like your post about being drunk… once it’s known that I’m a Gemini, at least around here, who’s going to believe me? The louder I say it, the less truthful I sound. The well is poisoned. Why do you do it? 🙁

  8. Just a thought, but I feel like Sagittarius and Gemini are the biggest opposites of the zodiac. They sit very far off at each end of the spectrum. Then sometimes, I can’t even tell the difference, everything I criticize about Geminis I eventually find myself doing.

    Even more annoying.

  9. I couldn’t stop blurting last night…oh it was bad! I have jupiter in sag, jupiter opposing moon/venus conjunction and a sag midheaven. I always put my foot in my mouth. I hate it sometimes. oy vay.

  10. Yes I wonder what´s really the difference btw sag and gemini when it comes to gossip and letting out unwanted info.God save Scorpions!Double sag,here sag mercury square pluto/uranus and saturn, and…jupiter in gemini.
    I had sthing like this once, but the unwanted info went via a “trusted” gemini friend and crashed into an oversensitive pisces.It still hurts, buth my mouth has shrunken since then.No more gemini confidants, anyhow!If I put my foot in it, at least it is my own.

  11. Oh man… With a sag rising of my own AND leo in venus… I was both cringing and laughing out loud the whole time I read this. Sheesh.

  12. Bluemarine. That has happened to me before, but I have this thing about the information I disclose where I always keep in mind that what I say could potentially be spread around. It doesn’t make me any more wary. I actually talk a whole lot of nothing with most people.

  13. I relate to the Leo moon thing, Lindly, but I am afraid I would not have been as civilized as Elsa was to the guy. That went beyond truth telling all the way down to simple boasting & I’d have called him on that & probably thrown out a few insults along the lines of correlations between small penis size and excessive pointless boasting in men. THEN I would have left.

    That behavior is abominable, Leo on no Leo. (or, more like it, I can’t step outside of the Leo viewpoint on this matter.)

  14. Oh lordy. Sagg! I still remember my 50th birthday dinner when my very Sagg grandmother unexpectedly declared, “Yep! Fifty years ago they pulled you from my body…” My Virgo rising mother, in mid-bite, gagged. “That was totally unneccessary, Mother.” “Well, it’s true,” said Grandma, and calmly went on with her meal.

    The story still makes me laugh.

  15. I do have a friend I refer to as a ‘vault’–He’s a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius ASC, with a Moon in Leo. Proof of what, I don’t know. Maybe Pluto moving through his 12th House almost the entire time we’ve known each other (as at has mine) has kept the communication between us sacred?

  16. Ugh. With a bunch of decorous Libra and a Gemilying moon, I really try to avoid any contact with those types of confessions. Sometimes they feel better after you rip off the Band-Aid and hear them, but sometimes you’d rather just cry and leave.

  17. Oh, I was rolling on the floor laughing–OK, not quite. I don’t know if I ever would have been so indiscreet about a liaison, but the refusal to drop the subject, ever, rang some bells for me. I always thought that stubborn part of my personality was more my Scorpio Sun and Mercury, but the not knowing when to SHUT UP! is definitely the Sag ascendant. You nailed this one, Elsa!

  18. I have a friend we call Internet. He is a gemini with Sag rising and moon. That dude can gossip and tell a story like nobody. He will tell you the truth and the WHOLE truth. He is hysterical.

  19. Hi Elsa, from my experience of now more than 50 years with a Capricorn and Sag. rising father and a a sister. I see your interpretation a bit different. For these people lying is a matter of breathing. They do not differentiate between, truth, half lies full lies intentional malicious lies even within the same story. It is all about how important and superior they deem themselves to look to the outside. They have only contempt for people who do not come up to their imagined standards and start a negative campaigns against people who are of equal influence or knowledge or even better if they deem them not to be of use to themselves any more or at all. I would but this story into the category brag about their own self-importance and nothing but hot air after my experience with my family.

  20. Kashmiri, my experience with Scorpio gossips,is yes, they can be, but it´s mainly one-sided.The types who keep asking you questions so they can make up a file on you but they seldom disclose anything about themselves or third parties.I find the greatest “spreaders” are still sags or air signs, and mercury neptune aspects I suppose.

  21. I recieved a piece of junkmail on friday, one of those kinds with the wide piece you tear off to open the envelope. Now, I didn’t look at the mail itself but I took the tear off piece to show my friends ’cause it said

    “Since we’re friends, I think you’ll take this in the spirit it’s intended”

    Because, if you can’t, you’re probably going to hate my guts. I do my best to keep it under control, but sometimes . . ugh. Jupiter in the ninth, square mercury (cnj sun) I have a big, big, mouth.

  22. Yeah, please, no more Gemini confidants! I am damn curious, but it’s hard for me to keep the information.
    I had trouble with my academic adviser who’s a Sagittarius and once told me “You dish out a lot of crap” and kept on talking. She hurt my Cancer sensitivities and I tried to rewind it like “Wait, what? Why?”

  23. Yes, Dina, but with a rising sag I have all them gossipy gemini moons, suns and the lot right on my 7th house…I cannot live without them…Although now I moved my trust towards Capricorn and Virgo.

  24. charles, wow. I was blown away by your description, probably because I am Cap with Sag rising. I think your experience is proof that any chart pattern/placement has no moral superiority over another, but as agents of free-will we can play out the qualities of our charts for good or for harm. Self-awareness seems to be key, but even that doesn’t always help!

  25. Coming home I see a friend but I still can not recognize her, I start asking “Oh- How are You! What about…. -while seeking desperately in my mind who is this girl with the handkerchief in the head – then I remember she is dying of cancer and then trying desperately to pretend I have not noticed her bad health and bad face I shoot whit a lousy “What about your life!!!” YIKKKKK!!!! when my venus and sun in libra hear it (myself saying it) I feel my heart splits… mainly when I notice a shadow in her face…Oh God!
    That is to be a sadge. There is a point when others accept you and you accept how you are….

  26. Oh dear…that reminds me of my Sag coworker who, upon learning that our other work mate’s parents died (suddenly, 3 weeks apart) said brightly: ‘Oh well! At least you’ll save money on Christmas presents this year!’ OH MY GOD!!!!!

    At least the guy laughed!

  27. Speaking also as a Sag rising, I’m interested in how this observation drifted towards Gemini and Libra. I agree wholeheartedly “No more Gemini confidants,” but I do like them, think they’re fun. (I, Virgo). But you just can’t take them seriously, ever, can you? Maybe they lie, I don’t know. It depends if it’s a lie in their own minds? Maybe they’re just trying to stir the pot for everyone’s general amusement? But then again, I feel I just don’t ever understand any of their (Gemini’s) motivations. I have no planets in either Gemini or the 3rd house. And no siblings of that sign among the nine.

    But hey, Libra is my pet peeve. I’ve got lots of Libra, so I’ve got a handle on it. Libras often come in Virgo flavors or Scorpio flavors. My sister’s of the Scorpio type. She’s the biggest gossip ever, can talk on the telephone for two hours without taking a breath. I find her scheming and manipulative nature too much to bear most of the time. But strangely enough (to me it seems) she means well, and other people seem totally charmed by her.

    As for my Sag rising, yes, I often blurt out the totally wrong thing to say. Mostly, at my advanced age (relatively), I have this phenomenon under control. Lot’s of stuff I don’t want to remember, though! And it’s quite true that I usually feel that the “intent” of my offending blurtation was unfortunately very misunderstood.

  28. Kashmiri, that was so funny! (cause I wasn’t there)

    With Scorpio Sun and Sag Mercury, after all this time, I think i usually have fairly good control over my mouth. I still adeptly manage to fit a foot or two in though, on occasion.

    I definitely agree with the whole “need to know” thing. But if you’re ever not sure about whether you should say something, just tell them, “well if i tell you that, i’ll have to kill you”. There. You’ve said something, but not the wrong thing.

  29. As a Sagittarius male — one who has experienced the opposite end of scenarios very much like the one you described — I’ve been thinking for a long time as to how I should respond to this blog entry.

    After long contemplation, the best I can STILL come up with is “Umm… sorry?”

    Sorry about that. Honestly.

  30. Ahhh… holy shit… I’ve been in this exact scenario with The Taurus on more than one occasion. After a great day of hiking, we were having pizza at a local log cabin type of restaurant when all of a sudden he decides to tell me about the “pregnancy scare” he had after “banging so-and-so on Ryan’s livingroom floor after the New Year’s Eve party last year.”

    My emotional reaction is exactly the same as what you just described. I love the “let them get a good look at your ass as you leave” line from Annalisa. Classic!

    The funny thing is… all I have to do is MENTION my old college BF (we have a lot of history, there are stories, what can I say?) and he gets all fidgety and uncomfortable.

  31. Well,,,,,,, So,,,,,,,,, Um,,,,,,,,,? Part of it is constitutional? (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, NN in Sadge…Jupiter aspecting(?) all of those from my fourth in Pisces….). Thank heavens for the Scorpio rising or I’d be beyond impossible.

    I really, really work not to “blurt” as Elsa P. put it. But, this sort of revelation doesn’t bother me when it’s directed towards me. In fact, I’m flattered by the trust underlying the revelation. Of course, I also have all that sadge ego and understand and expect my partner to be looking at other women.

    My Libra brother and virgo mom have a reeeeeeally reeeeeeally hard time with this. My brother and I actually had a debate about honesty in the context of my tactlessness. The crux of it was you’re not being honest you’re being inconsiderate and hurtful (Libra) vs. you’re not dealing with reality and just because you don’t want to face the truth, which was ugly, doesn’t meant it’s not true or shouldn’t be faced.

    I think we’re both right. And I know that not everyone can handle this kind of revelation. I also know that it’s “gonna come out sometime” as noted above so I try to keep a lid on it around most folks. Blessedly the Aqua man in my life now is unphased by this.

    Oh, and I can keep secrets, in fact it’s a professional requirement. Maybe it’s the Scorpio rising or the strong Saturn in my chart. Maybe it’s all that learning from past experience, sadge does love to learn after all. But I keep them.

  32. LMAO! sun, mercury, neptune, north node, and mars in Sagg. here. I have learned to keep this foot in mouth syndrome under wraps but it was after many an embarrsing episode. My Scorpio rising has helped tremendously in this area. Sometimes I feel the pendulum has swung the other way to extreme. Sometimes I am so careful of what i say that it borders on lying….lol.
    Where secrets are concerned i have started to apply the good old if one other person knows its not a secret…….again at the expense of many a hard learned lesson

  33. I was thinking about this story the other day, and here it is. My ex hubs did this to me the first day I saw him after I left. There was this horrific unburdening that … frankly I would have been happy to live my whole life without. I don’t know why he felt like he had to unburden himself AFTER I left, and tell me things so awful that even if we’d had a chance before that … there’s no way we would have after.

    And I have a Saggie moon with a Sun/Asc in Gemini – I’m not known for being quiet, here. *chuckle* But I have enough Libra to have a modicum of tact. (I hope.)

  34. Hm, I dunno. I can agree with the logic of letting them know everything bad about you right off and then decide if they can deal, rather than hide things and then you find out later they have a fetish you don’t like or something.

    On the other hand, there is TMI.

    Oddly enough, the worst TMI-forced-upon-you person I know has very little Sag, and a Pisces moon. She flat out said to me that her need to tell me was greater than my need to not hear it, even as I was yelling no. Ugh.

  35. If a person said to me that it was important to them to unburden themselves and gave me time to prepare for it, I could maybe do it. But on the other hand, I would react exactly the way Elsa did if something like that was dumped on me, and the person had no regard for my feelings in the matter. Sag Mars, Libra Venus.

  36. Not all Geminis are talkers and liars. I’m a Gemini sun with moon, venus and mercury in Gem too and over the last 10 years I have become a vault. Possibly because my moon, venus and mercury squares Pluto in the 12th house? And Pluto was opposing or squaring everything in my chart for so many years? Not only do my secrets stay secret(I don’t trust anyone because I was burned too many times as a young adult) but everyone in my family and circle of friends know they can tell me anything without worry of the information being leaked. On the other hand, my Capricorn with Sag venus sister talks, lies, embellishes and manipulates to the extreme. And yet, everyone adores her. Me, I come across as being secretive and untrustworthy because I’m reserved. My Aquarius husband with Sag moon and Aries Asc/venus speaks bluntly and loves to listen/contribute (LOL) to family gossip but he has learned (the hard way!) to respect my privacy and the privacy we share as a couple.

    • I agree with you. I’m a Gemini sun with Mercury and Mars and Asc in Gem. Once I kept a secret for 12 years. People see my truth telling as confrontational. ME SQU PL. They would much prefer it if I would lie but I don’t.

  37. I think it’s the boundary respecting part that is hard for us Saggs to get. On a lot of things, our boundaries are way farther out than for other folks so we need to be taught to rein ourselves in.

    My pop’s a gemini a la Anna, the vault, (great phrase!) and is the super secret keeper of all time. In fact, he keeps one half of his personality completely secret from everyone he works with. LOL. As always, it depends on whether you’re willing to transcend the knots you were born with or not.

  38. ha ha ha nice story. i know a sag, shes a female. she always get into trouble bec she just cannot keep her mouth shut

  39. It’s no wonder Sags need Jupiter and luck, they need it more than anybody!

    I have a Sag sister so I know. Hey sis, shut up! I love her, but I don’t want her to get in trouble.

  40. feel the need to defend the Geminis a little bit here..(I have moon in Sag but my mercury in Aquarius keeps it under control…lol)
    I think that geminis are getting a bad rap…after all…they are messengers…they can’t keep any info for themselves…they have to pass it along…as for lying…I don’t think there is any malice in it…it is the truth as they see it at that moment…it can’t get frustrating sometimes…but I’ll take the lies of a gemini over the lies of a Libra anyday ( talking from experience LOL…

  41. When one of my teachers told me that relationship between man and woman is not about full disclosure, I was astonished…She told, that’s what friendship is about. How true…

  42. P.S: my Pisces Sun wants to apologizes if I offended any Libras on this site…the Libra I was refering to had mercury in libra, venus in libra, moon in scorpio and mars in gemini…nasty coctail when it comes down to deception!!!
    learned since then that it is all about the way people use their energy…ultimately, it is their choice…

    • “… it is all about the way people use their energy… ultimately, it is their choice…”
      Thank you, mermaid 49, for having written this. ?

  43. As a truth teller (sadge ASC and active JUP 9th house) I have a prhase for that people asking my opinion “want the truth o dou you like lies?, I give it you the best lies I am good for that” may be because a moon geminii trined libra sun. God bless my mercury 12th house almost scorpio,. (Yes I can keep my mouth shut sometimes…it is hard however) On the other hand for gemini nature there are not such a thing like “truth” or “lie” everything is relative to a situation.

  44. I am a 12 house sag with neptune and a 9th house libra with pluto, sun, venus and mars along with 10th house libra mercury and uranus. What I’ve learned is that Sag says what they think needs to be heard…it might be blunt but for this 12 house sag I’d rather you know. My libra side doesn’t always tell you because I’d rather you figure it out for yourself with a little coaxing on my part. I’ve learned that Geminis really don’t want to know and the hardest thing for me was to realize that not everyone wants to know the secrets of their potential regardless of their sign.

  45. Gemini here with Sadge ASC, Jupiter, Uranus, & Neptune (all Rx) and communication has always been a struggle for me.. but now that I’m older, telling the truth has become important to me and just generally makes things a lot easier. Unfortunately though with Mercury in Taurus I think long and hard before I actually say anything, even after the moment is long gone!! I guess its b/c my mom always told me you can’t take back words that cut no matter how many times you say sorry!!!

  46. hehe, i always CTRL+F these older comments to see whether my past self responded and what i might have said. nada apparently. hey, what happened to loonsounds anyway?

    i do see geminis and sags as two sides of the same coin – they’re both hyperactive, talkative, energized. geminis i get more of the sketch factor from…though i think the truth often eventually comes out with them. i’ve got a sag moon (trine merc-jup in leo) and a tendency to speak my truth…but not as insensitively as this dude. tooooootally self-serving.

  47. Gawd Elsa, I have Sag rising with Venus conjuct Mars in Sag in the 1st House! I so get this guy unfortunately. I’ve had to apply discipline to even learn to reign the energy in and it has blown up in my face. I’ve had 2 Leo men walk away in the same dramatic way you did. But see it helps to lighten up all my packed Scorpio planets and ..I can never hold onto a grudge!

  48. most sags i know have some degree of foot in mouth disease… but also enough verve and bravado to play it off, most of the time.
    i think that’s one of the reasons they’re entertaining.

    and i’ve seen a gemini be far far more deadly with the truth than any lie could be. and they can play their cards close. for example, say, if they have a four planet eighth house stellium. but there is a certain reality distortion around them. although i think perhaps all the mutable signs are capable of that in different fashions.

  49. Sagittarius – with an blunt honesty problem…and in our (honest) defence…we say these things to others because we don’t believe that others might be hurt by what we say! We wouldn’t be hurt by them, so why would someone else?

    Also, we have no problem being brutally honest with ourselves about EVERYTHING.

    What is a matter with everyone else? (LOL)

  50. Wow. I never knew about the Sag thing. This makes a lot of sense. I severed a ten-year friendship with my Sag-Sun best friend, after she blurted a secret I had told her in the strictest confidence. This was not the first time she had blurted secrets, but it was the worst. Especially because I know it was just in the name of a good story, and good gossip. My Scorpio Moon just won’t have it. I don’t miss her.

  51. I always thought it was Pisceans who were the liars. Geminis strike me as more schizophrenic. I’ve been married to one for a while now and my mother was also Gemini. Neither of them exactly lie. But they will say the most outrageous, usually cruel or strange or manipulative things and then later blink at me and say that I’m making it up.

  52. Hi, Sagittarius here.
    I don’t have this problem, actually the opposite.
    In relationships and friends I am open and honest, but in social circles and in my job, I have difficulty telling the truth because I know it hurts.

    What about this? I’m Aquarius rising, maybe my Virgo Moon in eighth house.

  53. “See it didn’t matter if I wanted to know or not. The truth was being told, but not for my benefit. It was pretty much shoved down my throat. In hindsight, I still think this guy needs to learn to shut up. In hindsight, he probably thinks I’m hopelessly hung up. You know. “If you can’t handle the truth…”

    This.. happened to me recently with a Sadge… Much as I would have liked to go back to him.. he can never shut up long enough. I know Sadges are all about honesty, but where is the filter? There is none.. just becuz u can .. doesn’t mean you always should… like no one asked him all that… oh well

  54. Sounds like he reacted based on what he thought your reaction meant. I’m guessing he thought you were hurt, or jealous, and reacting because of that. Oblivious to the fact you might have just thought it was insane TMI and really… classless/rude a thing to not only bring up but go on and on about.

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