Is Leo Predisposed To Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

sun shineDo you suffer from SAD? People with Seasonal Affective Disorder get the winter blues. I’ve recently become aware of how prevalent and serious this problem can be. Deprived of sunlight, people see their mood drop and it stays that way until May or so when the days get longer.  I am not prone to depression and I don’t have SAD but I do have Leo in my chart and people with Leo absolutely need to exposure to the sun.

I grew up in the desert so I never lacked sunshine but then I moved to Colorado. It’s colder here but very sunny so I didn’t notice anything until I spent a winter in a mountains living in a shack with northern exposure.  We shoveled the snow to keep the space in front of the shack clear and by February the snow around the shack was 12-15 feet high and I realized we were living in shade… constantly.

At the time, this was a novelty to me. But apparently it did register because ever since I have insisted every home I live in face south! I don’t mind the winter and I don’t mind the snow but come February, which pretty much marks the end of winter in the desert, I start to get a little antsy.

Several years ago, I bought one of those SAD lights for my home. I love that thing. I leave it on near my workspace all day long. There is no doubt it spares me the blues.

If you have Leo in your chart and you’re feeling low as fall approaches, try opening the shades to let the sun in. If it’s especially severe, you may want to think about getting one of these lights because Leo has just got live in the light to thrive.

When I think of living in a north facing house in frigid mountains these days, I just cringe. Something is very wrong with that picture.

Do you suffer from SAD? Do you have Leo in your chart?



Is Leo Predisposed To Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? — 102 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure I suffer from SAD. The worst time is the begining of the cold days, by end of summer. I get a shock from the change, the end of the days in the beach on the sun, and using more clothes and being at home in artificial light. Eventually i get used to it and slip into semi hibernation mode through winter, and then on spring I feel a burst of life coming back. It’s been getting more subtle in the past years. I try to get as much light as I can an be outside.

    I have jupiter in leo… the sun is in house one, and I think that might have more to do with it, not sure though. You’re leo theory caught me off guard:
    Me and my capricorn-cousin/ housemate, both have the sun in house 1 and we both get depressed in the winter. (though capricorns may tend to be depressed year long). She has nothing in leo.
    I wouldn’t have imagined that leo had something to do with it, depression happens due to lack of fire, so I’d guess fire signs would be the less depressive ones.
    All sources of light and heat are good anti-depressants. fireplaces.. candles. I don’t have a fireplace so i stare at a candle hehe. Colorful house is good, warm colours.
    I’ve heard of those lights, people use them in england, i’ve heard. Never saw them here.
    I’ve also heard a theory about myopia having a link with SAD. But I haven’t been able to find any info on that. Me and my cousin have myopia.

  2. I answered that I don’t notice a mood change, because it’s not the lack of light that gets to me. It’s when I’m in a place where the amount of light doesn’t change very much with the seasons. I’m from northern Canada, where the difference in light between summer & winter is very dramatic and intense in both extremes, and I really find I miss that when I’m living futher south.

  3. This doesn’t affect me because I work outside. Woot woot Northern Canada! Funny, Korellyn I was talking to another Northern friend last night as we went for a walk in the snow and we talked about how light the night is with the snow reflecting on the moon…

  4. Oh, and I don’t agree with the possiblities for Caps being depressed year long, though they are firmly rooted here on earth for the most part, and that can be depressing for anyone ;

  5. I am extremely prone to depression and am fighting it all the time, but it is not affected by the presence or absence of daylight.

    If anything, I can’t stand being in the sun for more than a very short while. I do best in the shade.

    My Desc is at 2 degrees Leo, and my Uranus at 19.

  6. Interesting… Viviana’s comment re: a link between depression and a lack of Fire… because my Uranus in Leo mentioned above ~is~ the only Fire in my chart.

    And interestingly, sitting by a fire DOES absolutely perk me up and the thing I miss most about this house is not having a fireplace or woodstove. Next house: must have!

    I also have strong Saturn and various saturnian aspects that I understand contribute to my struggle with the Black Dog…

  7. I don’t have SAD as much here in Texas, because the sun does make an appearance on a regular basis, but in Northern Indiana, where the sky was gray for months on end, I was absolutely miserable and could have really used a light. Mars in Leo here and I feel a lot more powerful after a good sun soaking!

  8. I get really depressed with a lack of beautiful things, and I think sunlight- all forms of fire and natural light, are beautiful…the most beautiful things ever.

    Excuse me, normally I write more, but I just saw a guy outside with gorgeous green eyes, and I have to wash my hair and go find him again once I look decent, if he is to be found.

    I don’t have leo in my chart.

  9. I have a Leo (Moon/Jupiter/Mars) stellium and I hate winter. It is the season of dead and the lack of sunlight is already effecting my mood. I enjoy lounging in sunlight like a lizard, it is enough to make my day. I do not like the cold, it makes me self-concious of my skin, it makes my nose run and my face freeze.

  10. I think I suffer from SAD. I have Leo Sun, Venus & Moon. Aargh.

    I live in Northern Scotland with the long dark winters. Sigh….. When I lived in London, it helped a lot because the weather is similar but London is a huge city with bright lights and it never sleeps. That helped so much.

    Now I live on a country road with no street lights. It’s the lack of light that gets me. I can handle any amount of cold and don’t really sunbathe but I need to see light.

    Roll on spring….!

  11. I really need sun. I definitely start to get a drop in mood around september and I don’t start feeling “right” until april. I like rain and cold, dark days, but I can only handle so much.

    No leo whatsoever.

  12. The shorter days of Winter didn’t really bug me much until I moved from the San Jose area up to Seattle. Yikes! The northern latitudes are bad enough, but the overcast is irksome. Last year’s 30 straight days of rain drove me up the wall.

    My reaction to sunlight is weird. I’m a creature of the night, and constantly wear sunglasses when out and about during the day, but stick me outside on a nice sunny spring day and I’m so happy!

    And yeah… Leo moon.

  13. I have Mercury in Leo and never suffer depression for any reason…. although i live in Australia and it is only very rarely that we will go for more then a couple of days of cloudy sky… It was extremely hot here today and the sunshine is so strong it almost blinds you….

  14. About capricorns and depression, saturn aspects maybe show to be alot more depressing than having planets in capricorn.. young capricorns may be depressed but get alot better with age. my cappy cousin is 23. If it weren’t for our sagitarius moons, we’d be poster childs for depression. hehehe
    I’m pisces by the way. leo in jupiter and the sag moon are the only fire in my chart. and the moon represents something we lack, right? This is what I learned. So fire moons would need fire. Earth moons would need earth.. etc. Sag moons need orientation, need to learn the meaning of things, etc.
    I’m elaborating on this because I don’t know if this is in astrology books, maybe my astrology teachers have thought this up. It didn’t make any sense to me at first, but now it does.
    so here are my 2 cents on this 🙂

    I’m off to get some sun, great day here today.

  15. I don’t have Leo and my favorite place to live is in a basement apartment, but I do suffer from seasonal depression. I grew up in the desert and live in Georgia now. The temperature range isn’t drastically different but the amount of light is.

  16. re: Viviana (18): “the moon represents something we lack”

    I have Cancer Moon. Water. I live in my bathtub. You can tell when I’m *really* fighting the Black Dog (depression) — I can have as many as three baths a day — as long as two hours each! Also: bliss for me is being in a canoe on a small meandering river overhung with shade trees.

    “the moon represents something we lack” (cont’d)

    Hmm… Cancer Moon… the mothering principle… being nurtured and nurturing others… I have definitely lacked adequate mothering and nurturing and am no doubt always seeking it, also to mother and nurture others… I’m a definite ‘den mother’ and ‘mother hen’!

  17. re: Viviana (18): “saturn aspects maybe show to be alot more depressing than having planets in capricorn..”

    I have Saturn at 0.51 degree Capricorn, squaring my ‘core self stellium’ in Libra (Sun, North Node, Mars, Merc).

    On good days that plays as being grown up and disciplined, businesslike and practical; other times fear and depression win over.

  18. I’m a Leo Sun and I think you’re unto something. When I first came here from South America, I didn’t understand what was UP with it getting dark at around 4pm in the winter. I was a kid and my country is near the equator so the days were about the same length year-round; dusk always came at around 6.30pm. So, yes, the lack of sun definitely affects me. February is hell for me and does not feel like the shortest month at all.

  19. Very interesting topic
    I’m a Cancer born in the northen hemisphere
    I also don’t like the short days at all… except around new year so i can go out
    I think may be Cancers & Virgo do suffer from it also…

  20. @ Viv (message 2)
    Yeah i also lack in fire and air…
    I’m a rather outgoing person, but when i’m alone i can be very depressed…
    Most friends i have are very firey of airy persons, may be i’m searching out for what i lack

  21. I don’t have anything in Leo (and only Neptune in Fire as the fire in my chart) and I suffer from SAD bigtime. But as soon as there is lots of light around me I certainly notice a big change in my energy levels.

    My husband who has nothing in Leo (but has a very fiery chart) doesn’t suffer from SAD, but boy does he ever perk up when he hits a spot of sunlight. It’s like he’s just one big solar panel and he lies down to bask in it and drink it in.

  22. I notice a bit of a mood change with the shortening days, but for me it’s more of an “oh goody! now I get to bundle up and cook and do crafty things and read!” sort of feeling. I’ve got nothing in Leo (which rules my 3rd house, btw).

    Also, I’m a Capricorn, and I’m not depressed, and I don’t buy for a minute that one’s sun sign alone would be an indicator of emotional distress.

  23. Stellium in leo and I left the darker Northeast for the warmth and sun of the southwest….ahhh…..I do like winter though. Just in small doses.

  24. Re: Strawberry Fields

    “I have Cancer Moon. Water. I live in my bathtub. You can tell when I’m *really* fighting the Black Dog (depression) – I can have as many as three baths a day – as long as two hours each! Also: bliss for me is being in a canoe on a small meandering river overhung with shade trees.”

    I totally understand this. I have a Pisces Moon and I love baths and showers, etc. I also will take many, many showers or baths to get out of a funk (if I can) having a baby around makes this more difficult to do (I miss being able to shower or bathe whenever I feel like it)…

  25. The thing that annoys me the most is that the MOST activity I do during the day is from 5 p.m. on, and I hate leaving work only for it to be full dark outside. I like afternoon light best of all to do things in, dangit. (Mars/Saturn in Leo, five fire planets in all)

  26. I see there are quite a few non-Leo people that suffer from SAD here, so the theory needs some more checking or elaboration 🙂

    However I have Leo Sun and Venus and my Leo Sun squares my Aries Saturn. I’m depressed and also have SAD – I call it hibernating because it’s pretty much the way it is for me… I also sleep with the lights on and I like them to be strong. I hate the winter, the dark and the cold – a textbook Leo tripled by Saturn prevention :-). I’m also very sensitive to the various degrees of sunlight, if it’s not strong enough it depresses me. I Sun bath whenever I can.

    Regarding the Moon (#18, 20, 29) – I have a Cancer Moon and I don’t particularly like baths or feel lacking in the “water” qualities departmet. Maybe it’s because I have some other planets in Cancer. However most people won’t guess I have any water in my chart, I don’t seem like a water person. I think the Moon is our private self and it goes double for a water Moon since water do like their privacy. We don’t go out advertising our feelings, so we may not live our Moon enough, particularly if both your Sun and ascendant are in different elements than your Moon. I have a Leo Sun and a Sagittarius asc and the ruling Jupiter in Virgo – people get the impression of a rational type of Sag and are oblivious to my other sides unless they get very close to me – and being as watery as I am I like it this way :-). But then if we don’t express our Moon enough in our lives and don’t take care of its needs we might feel we are lacking or missing the qualities its sign represents – if you have a Cancer Moon you have Cancerian emotional needs and if you don’t express your Cancer and don’t address its needs you’ll sure miss being enveloped by tender reassuring warmth like you were in your mother’s womb – and a warm bath is as close as it gets. I have a good friend that has a Pisces Moon and he thinks he lacks imagination… This guy certainly doesn’t lack imagination, he just doesn’t live it out as much as he needs to having a Pisces Moon so he feels he’s lacking or missing something.

  27. I’ve noticed the Leo/SAD connection as well, and nowhere stronger than in my own chart. I have my Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Leo, and I suffer tremendously from SAD. It doesn’t help that I live in Ohio, which is cloudy a good half of the year. I have one of the lights, and while it does help, it’s no substitute for real sun. I hope to move to the desert soon and see how I feel there.

  28. About the moon,
    This theory comes from the physical fact that the moon is a dead body, with no light of it’s own, it’s reflects the sun and gravitates around it.
    The sun being what we are, what we radiate generously (unless there’s some tense saturn aspects to out sun). So the theory goes, the sun is supposed to iluminate the moon (unconscient), and that is the process of illumination, or part of it at least.
    What we are “illuminated” at, which is where our sun sign is, is supposed to illuminate the sign where our moon is. PEople with sun conjunt moon have a hard time doing this, because they’e not aware of the difference between one and the other.

    For example, my whole closest familly has sun signs in all earth signs, except for Sag (sun and saturn) mom, and they all have water moons. I’m a water sign with fire moon and I felt like an alien growing up in this familly. And They all like water with their water moons, because they are not empathic or sensitive, or whatever qualities water suns have, they have a more vampiric need for water. It’s like they show the worst side of water.
    I can totally relate to what strawberry said about cancer moons, my dad, my older sister, and her daughter have cancer moons, and I can say neither of them had a real mother or familly basis.
    I didn’t either, thus moon conjunt neptune =Absent mother/parenting in general. But I guess my soul didn’t need familly in the same way as they do. I’ve been too independent in past lifes. (south node in house 1)
    Another example, is my sag moon, I love sag women (who don’t have saturn in sag like my mom) the iradiate things that i need. I show the worst side of sag, the lack of tact, the need for truth, I don’t like to teach- even though i do, etc.
    Debby, I really don’t know if the moon is that much of a gift like some of the other planets are. I used to think so too, because I love my moon, but this “version” makes sense to me too.

  29. Debby (32) and Viviana (34):

    Thank you for the further insights re: moon.

    I’m on my way to the tub and needed some distraction (or better, food for thought!) to fight the Black Dog that’s been nipping at my heels the past week… and you have provided! 🙂 Thank you! xo

  30. You’re welcome Strawberry Fields 🙂
    Here are some tips on fighting the black dog, besides what has been mentioned already:

    Be creative, paint, make a collage, play music, whatever comes easily or seems more interesting.

    Eat nutricious food.

    Do exercise. This is the hardest thing when we’re depressed I think. But even taking a walk in nature will help alot, it will make you breathe harder and get the blood flowing.

    Be warm at all times. 🙂

    I guess the point is to get as much on “fire” as you can.

  31. Thanks Viv! My Cancer-Moon self is getting all weepy at your caring/nurturing…! Seriously. I’m gonna put a smiley face here 🙂 at the irony of this (you, your words, just what I needed) but I ~am~ choking back the tears… (but tears are good, it’s ok…)(the only reason I’m holding them back is so I can type this reply!!)… 🙂

    “I guess the point is to get as much on “fire” as you can.”

    You’re right about this. I just need to figure out how to do that. Lately, I manage to flint up an occasional spark, but it dies out almost instantly.

    But I do have a Never Say Die streak in me, courtesy of other factors in my chart, so… the Fat Lady Hasn’t Sung Yet!!! 🙂

    Thanks for being there. I appreciate what you bring to me.

    P.S. — Fire… warmth… ~candles~ *have* been helping (for lack of a fireplace)… maybe I’m gonna go light up a WHOLE BUNCH… 🙂 Yes, that’s what I’m gonna do! 🙂

  32. Oh my gosh… (sorry Elsa, me again! :-P)

    I was just about to light up that WHOLE BUNCH OF CANDLES when it dawned on me… ruminating the various comments above, and other things you (Elsa) have said in the past about “Live your sun, satisfy your moon”… (and a book I was just now reading in the tub, about Moon signs)…

    I saw it: the *TRIGGER* (to my current bout of depression)… a decision I made about a week ago…

    I see it now: it was the decision to cut out ‘something’ from my life (temporarily).

    That decision was made by my Sun, to favor my Sun. But it TOTALLY NUKED my Moon!! It left my Moon TOTALLY deprived. No wonder I ‘blacked out’. Everything went black right then and there, with that decision. Wow.

    I need to put that ‘thing’ back in my life right this minute. Because that ‘thing’, it is THE most important ‘flame’ (fire) in my life — has ALWAYS been. (No wonder everything else just ‘petered out’.)

    This is not the first time I make this mistake. I won’t make it again now that I *see* it. Wow.

  33. i love long showers and baths, especially together with a girl friends
    When i see or feel water, it just calms me down, makes me more relax…
    (Cancer Sun, MArs & Mercury, Neptune opposition Sun, Pluto trine Sun, Pluto, Saturn & Sn in Water)…

  34. The only fire in my chart is Mercury in Aries, 10th house; only air is Gemini NN in the 12th.

    I’m with Ronda. I think I may have anti-SAD. This is my favorite time of the year, from the leaves turning and the darkness increasing and then creeping cold and snow… love it! I wish I lived where Sibs lives 😀

    I love the darkness. Maybe I’m a vampire?

    Too many days of rain, however, will get on my nerves – especially if other annoying things are going on as well.

    “saturn aspects maybe show to be alot more depressing than having planets in capricorn..”

    True and I have Saturn widely conjunct my Venus. But… I’m not depressed so much as melancholy or saturnine. And I can live with that.

    Candles… which I just realized I have burning all the time. I love the light of candles in the darkness and usually only have those for light at night. I wish I could read by candle light because electric light is so jarring to me.

    Teehee! I just realized my Cancer rising and Virgo stellium loves the frugality (really low electric bills) and my Pisces stellium loves the romance 😀

    HCSQ, take the baby into the shower or bath with you.

  35. I have Leo moon and enjoy an even (sub-tropical) climate in Australia – sunny days winter and summer. However I’m fair skinned, blue eyed and fair-haired so wear hat and sun-screen at all times outside. I enjoy the sun from my window and from the shade – to be in the actual sun is excruciating.

  36. I’m a 4:28 Leo. Heck yeah, five months out of the year are livable. In Feb I went to Death Valley for a few days (I’m from WI), and I felt alive again. Till…I got back.

  37. influential venus in leo here, and looove the sun — but always thought it had to do with my scorpio moon — reptiles are sun worshippers — just give me a hot rock to sleep on in the bright sun & i’m a very happy person.

  38. I definitely notice the difference between the way I feel on those Winter days when the sun shines and those times we get stuck in the fog for several days. An increasing sense of lethargy creeps over me the longer it’s grey. I spent one & only one winter in the Far North (same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska) . . . too damn dark in the winter and too damn light in the summer!) My Leo? Saturn/Pluto in the 9th.

  39. Definitely no SAD here…no Leo here either, unless you count that it’s on my DC…I’ve often thought I would be happiest living in Iceland or Norway… 🙂 (But here I am in TX! *rolls eyes*)

  40. Leo Jupiter 9th. I hate the Sun. I love rainy days and fall weather.
    I’ve always been a creature of the night. Scorpio Rising.
    But my favorite thing in the world is a nice big warm fire on a cold winter’s evening. Chalk that up to my Aries stellium.

  41. My chart is mostly fire, the rest water, a little earth and only Pluto in Libra for air (sag sun/moon/merc/mars/neptune, pisces rising, venus uranus in scorp, saturn in virgo).

    I do have Jupiter retrograde in Leo, in the 5th, squaring my venus and uranus, trining my sun and most of my sag planets. My moon is the only one in the tenth. I tend to be depressive in general, but more so in spring/summer than winter/fall. October through December is my favorite time of year, January and February are the months I wish I could totally eliminate. I grew up on the East Coast, which is pretty varied as far as weather goes, big difference between summer and winter, spring and fall are pretty short, but great, and now I’m in Seattle and it’s been some years, but it’s still a little weird. It’s been feeling fall-like just until the last week or so, and I don’t think it affects my mood so much. My moods are affected more by what’s internal than external, I’ve noticed.

    I do like the idea of buying one of those lights. Whatever helps is worth it, and that’s a small price to pay for feeling better. This is a great post, thanks for it!! I wish I had read it last year.

  42. I did forget to mention that water makes me extremely happy, mostly open bodies of water, the ocean, which I do not think I can live without. But I love lakes and rivers as well, the bathtub is nice, but restrictive and gets bo-ring, I can’t move!

  43. I’ve got 3 planets in Leo and just tonight I panicked when I went outside and it was dark already at 7:30. I really like having at least 4 hours of sunset every night.

  44. I’m desert-born, Michigan-raised, with Saturn in Leo and horrendous SAD. It doesn’t matter how happy I am with other aspects of my life, my mood plummets around November or December and stays that way until the sun comes out again. I’m seriously considering getting one of those lights this year, particularly since I’m going to be having a baby in October and might get hit with post-natal depression on top of the seasonal bit.

  45. Well, I don’t have SAD — in fact, I would say I have the exact opposite. I live in Texas and I want to hibernate through the summer. I’m very fair-skinned and don’t enjoy sunburns or heat strokes. I crave cool rainy days and love fall and winter.

    But then, I’m a Pisces with strong Scorpio, so I’m just looking for my watery world. (evil smiley emoticon here)

  46. Mars and mercury in Leo. I NEED SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!

    I think Cancer suns (which I am) need sunshine too! Or at least all the ones I have asked. I am otherwise not even the tiniest bit prone to depression, but I live in vermont where it can snow in april! Gad! I hate that. At a certain point after Feb. I actually feel that winter is trying to kill me. Can’t move for a number of reasons….. I may just buy one of those lights.

  47. I live in the sunniest area of Vancouver Island at the southern tip. Novemeber, December and January are the worst, it doesn’t snow all that much but it rains. We get about half of the annual rainfall of Seattle, so it’s not too bad. However we have weeks and weeks where it is cloudy and the air is cold and damp. If you don’t move around a lot the moss starts to grow on your north side. It does start to get to you after awhile that is for sure.

  48. Sun, Moon, Mars in Leo and, oddly enough, I prefer the shorter days. I also don’t like the heat up here (home), since it goes hand in hand with my arch-nemesis: Humidity. Grey and cloudy, please.

  49. saturn in leo (conjunct pallas, aspecting a gazillion things.)
    and i notice my mood improved dramatically when i started taking vitamin d. so maybe.
    i also find the sunlight a mood uplifter….

  50. The furthest north I lived got dark at 4:30. The sun didn’t officially rise until half past 8. I dealt with it, but when the sun came back, my mood definitely lifted. I moved a bit south after that winter! I’ve got nothing in Leo, but I’m a Cancer sun – omie, perhaps you’re onto something!

  51. Leo Sun and Mars, with a lot of Virgo and Libra. I actually DON’T like the summer months that much, because I hate humidity.

    My favorite time of the year is fall. It’s not too cold, not too hot, it’s dry and sunny most of the season where I live, and I go out a lot–pumpkin and apple picking, and looking at the fall foliage.

    I don’t like winter, but as long as the sun is shining, I feel fine.

  52. I definitely feel differently about this than I did a couple of years ago. So much so I visited a suntan booth last winter 3 times. It elevated my depression, that’s for sure.

    I also have decided, very seriously, to orient my life around the ultimate goal: moving somewhere warm and sunny from November-May. I’m hoping it can happen in the next 20 years (I’m 31).

    Saturn in Leo in aspect to nearly every planet in my chart except my Moon and Jupiter.

  53. My Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo aspects most of my personal planets and last year about this time I got a “Happy Light”. Made a real difference in stabilizing my moods, especially during the gray inversion days mid-Winter.

    I spent a winter at 60 degrees N (same as Anchorage, AK). Sun didn’t come up till 9-9:30AM, made a teeny arc scarcely clearing the horizon and it started getting dark around 3PM. HORRIBLE!!! This Libra decided she couldn’t live with extreme light & extreme dark cycles.

  54. I like the sun so much that I used to just stare at it. I’ve since stopped because I think I was ruining my eyes, lmao. Looking at it always makes me smile and I like to call it Rama. Leo rising. However, I like cold weather (get to wear sweaters and stomp around in boots, which I do year ’round but still), rain puts me in a great mood, fall is my favorite weather, and this moon-pluto says that it enhances my “brood” factor, haha. That being said, I could have SAD because I usually suffer my worse bouts of depression during the winter.

  55. I have way too much fire in my chart that I guess it does affect me when there is so much gloomy weather going on.

    Especially my Moon in Leo.

  56. I suffer from severe depression, I have all my life. It gets worse in the winter when there is less sunlight. I have one of those special lamps at home with a bulb that gives off sunlight-type light, which helps a little.

    Going by my tropical natal chart there is no Leo in my chart, other than it being the sign on my 12th house cusp – although I do have 3 planets in Virgo that fall in that 12th house. If I use the sidereal zodiac, all those Virgo planets and my Virgo Ascendant move back into Leo.

    Interesting thoughts though. I think that in general people need a certain amount of sunlight and many people suffer at least a bit in the winter, when the days are colder and darker. Most people I know experience some degree of lower mood and energy at that time, with or without Leo in their charts. But I could definitely see where Leonine people could be more sensitive.

  57. I suffer from SAD. I also have a Sun tatoo (on my foot). No planets in Leo, just MC. Sun in 4th in Pisces.
    It’s still sunny where I live, but days are shorter and soon rain will come, and snow too. 🙁
    I don’t suffer from depression, I’m generally optimistic, but I need sun to feel alive, to be energetic and bright. During fall and winter I’m in kind of hibernation. auto pilot. There are times when there’s no sun for a month. Then I have a really hard time.
    And artificial light doesn’t help.

  58. Sun in Leo at nadir 10th house–I need Sun like the air I breathe. What light is this and where can I get one? Thank you. The thought in winter depresses me and I am even now getting depressed in advance!

  59. Moni, just get a light specific for SAD. It is a high octane bulb… these lights are not cheap but I have had mine for 3 years (this will be the 4th) and have had no problem with it.

    I also leave it on for hours per day and have not had to replace the bulb yet. I did hear the bulbs are cheap though ($10??) so the lamp is the expense.

    So they are not cheap but also no expensive, less than a dinner our with drinks and will do you a lot more good.

    The link above will take you to a search on Amazon. What I do is order the search by ‘most popular” because usually what sells good, is good. 🙂

  60. I’m living in the one of the Northernmost countries of the World, and foreigners living here constantly tell how the whole population seems to change the mood according to the Season. Yet, talking to the people I feel I’m particularly affected by them. I pull through December – I’m blessed to have a family I love to spend the Christmas with – but January has been a terrible month for me. So, when I read about SAD the first time I immediately realized I’m affected.

    Interestingly, I only have Saturn in Leo. And interestingly, people I know with a lot of Fire at their chart here aren’t that affected by the darkness. They may need more sleep, but don’t get moodier. Maybe it’s because they manage to “recharge” during the Summer months.

  61. Elsa, thanks for all the good info. Will definitely get one of those SAAD lights, and tell all my friends. Why be SAAD when you can be GLAD! 🙂

  62. I voted : I noticed but its tolerable.

    I live in Cyprus and it is sunny all year long. Even if it’s raining, the sun will appear regulary.

    I noticed a bit of a mood change, when I lived abroad for a couple of years. I used to look forward for the sun to come out, so I would run to the nearest park and just sit there.

    I have Leo in my chart

  63. Interesting topic. I’m a Leo asc. with a good Leo/Sun influence in my chart, but also a Cap Sun with a significant Saturn influence. I love the winter. I love winter clothes, sleeping under heavy blankets, warm drinks, soup, etc. 🙂

    However, I do live in central California, and the winters are pretty mild here. It hardly gets lower than 50 degrees (F) on the coldest days. It snows once a decade. And I can tell you most definitely I do not like the snow.

    I want to move away from here in a couple of years, and I do not want to move somewhere the winters are harder. I just don’t want to live anymore where the summer days get up to 100+ degrees. That’s too much sun.

  64. I don’t think I suffer from SAD but I can definitely tell when the sun starts to get lower in the sky, as it does this time of year. It DOES affect my mood, used to more than in recent years but it still does. Makes me feel a bit down and I don’t like the feeling at all.

  65. I live in the SAD capital of North America! I live in Vancouver, Canada and its very, very noticable in the dull, grey winter months. I live in North Vancouver, which is right up against the mountain so we get the worst of it. I remember January of 2007….it rained for 30 days straight! Seriously. Costco was sold out of their SAD lamps. That’s why we drink so much coffee here….we seriously need the stimulation. Well, that’s my theory, but I think its a good one. We definitely need sumthin’. I’m a double fire, and whilst I adore the fall, and the change of the seasons, and even winter for a little while, after a month or two of dull grey I’m about ready to kill myself. I’m very affected, but I’ve been lucky enough to find ways to increase my serotonin levels naturally, so that makes a big difference. Still, nothing compares to good ‘ol sunshine! I’m an Aries Sun and Mercury with a Leo rising, and come alive in the summer. The fall is my true favourite time of year really though.

  66. I have some SAD. I never really notice it until the sun comes back. I don’t get depressed, but I am not my sunny happy self. I only realized it after I moved to the PNW and became sun deprived. Without even realizing it I always walk on the sunny side of the street too.

    Elsa where did you get your light, can you get one on amazon?????

  67. I have SAD, my only Leo planet is Mercury in Leo opposite Saturn. I suppose my depression isn’t helped by my Moon in Capricorn in the 8th, either. I’ve been wanting to get a light, although I may have to put it off another year.

  68. Wow, theres a lot of people dealing with this. I had no idea, I thought I was just being an oddball again! I don’t have any leo at all but I do have my [naturally somber cap] sun on the ascendant, thats really interesting! I’ve been living in Florida for the past few years, after living my whole life in northern Jersey. I didnt’t realize just how much happier I was living there, just because of that fact.

    I’m spending a few months with my family now, boy did I pick the wrong time of year! Im getting serious anxiety about this with each day growing colder, shorter, and darker. So thank you sincerely, so much for this post. Not only do I not feel like such depressed weirdo anymore, but I’m totally getting one of those lamps! =) Thank you thank you Elsa!

  69. i’ve got a leo moon but i think for me it is the exact opposite.

    i get depressed in the summer when the sun is bearing down and oppressive.

    got red hair and freckles—i’ve the fire bit covered—don’t need anymore!

    grew up in florida and was MISERABLE, settled in minnesota to escape for awhile.

  70. I definitely get SAD in the winter, but over the past few years I’ve gotten pretty good at managing it by making it a point to see the sun every day. I never thought it could be tied to my Leo sun. Makes sense.

  71. I’ve got Pluto in Leo like all my age group, but other than that I have no fire in my chart whatever. I’ve got Saturn in the first house opposing my sun in Capricorn – my chart is about 60% earth. I’m depressive in general and I suffer badly with SAD so it’s a pain being English!

    All my best winters have been spent down in the Mediterranean – in Israel, Spain, S of France or Italy. Down there, though nights are cold and you get the odd storm, you never get more than a few grey days running, and there’s lots of sunshine over a short winter. I never get badly down when I’m in sunshine.

    My suicide attempt was in February – go figure. By February, usually after a bad Xmas (I live alone and *hate* it) and an often ‘neglected’ birthday shortly after, I’m always at rock bottom. When the sun shines I love to be out there, soaking it up – I love high summer with endless days of sun, light clothes and easy living. the only good things about the cold season are winter food (Taurus Moon, ?Cancer Asc) and an open fire, which I love.

    My bf who is Leo Sun with a Leo stellium is like a sunsoak – he’s fair with grey eyes, but only has to sit in the sun for half an hour to get a deep mature tan, and his hair has developed gold highlights! – it’s amazing to see. He loves the summer sun but doesn’t suffer from any kind of depression.

  72. I don’t have anything actually in Leo, but my Sun has a lot of trines to it, is at the end of the 5th house, and my 5th has Leo on the cusp, so it’s like a Virgo Sun with Leo sprinkles.

    I’ve been diagnosed with some pretty nasty SAD…it rolls around about mid-November and doesn’t leave till about April, and Christmas-time through February is the worst. I’m not a huge fan of the sun/summer though, I will hike in the shade all summer. I’ve been trying to spend more time outdoors during the winter, and it makes quite the difference, but it looks like I’m still going to need a lamp.

    I also suffer from co-existent Bipolar Disorder II, and apparently bipolar disorder and SAD tend to go hand-in-hand. I have placements with aspects that seem more related to the potential for bipolar disorder, so I wonder how much those factor into the SAD…

  73. Yeah, I really noticed the change in sunshine between Texas and Virginia. There’s a lot more overcast days here, which means a lot less sunshine. So I finally got one of the lights and it certainly seems to help a lot.

    [‘I really need a south-facing house though.’]

  74. Leo Ascendant/Moon here – definitely need the sun. I try to get out and walk, bundled up, in the winter to get some light. I live in New England and we get a good amount of sunlight in the winter. My dad lives in Michigan and it is deadly gray out there when I’ve visited in winter months. I couldn’t stand living in the Pacific Northwest where it rains so much.

  75. In tropical Koch/Equal I have saturn in leo and a scorpio stellium in my 5th house with a strong mars and according to DC tests a strong sun too.
    In Sidereal- either method -astrology I have a leo moon.

    I love being in the warmth and sunlight.I can’t stand the cold. My husband calls me solar powered. 🙂
    During the winter or even if I’m just inside too much I tend to get edgy and depressed.

  76. I forgot to mention my husband has a leo rising and leo moon with an Aries sun and his chart is dominated by Cardinal Fire with 4 retrograde planets. He gets S.A.D too.
    He hates the cold and the snow,but he also tends to get too warm easily.

  77. Re-SAD, Seasonal Affective Disroder,it is real, specially under Moon/Saturn or Moo/Pluto-Neptune, or Mercury/Saturn etc. in the winter months.


  78. Im in the southern hemisphere & im not totally sure i get S.A.D. officially. I have pondered it fir a few years, BUT i am brutally affected by my house not absorbing the rays/energy flowing in. I am extremely affected by heat yet i need the North facing energy or light of the sun [re australia 😉 ] flowing into my house. Im a leo moon 2H. I get extremely effected by rental houses & the common theme these days to keep some heat out, so they build a brick wall shuts out the whole sun- particularly without a door, they put the door on the side so cant even flow the natural energy in through it.
    I am a feng shui sensor even if my beain doesnt understand it. Im a radar. Also known to regularly move my furniture around, again likely a seasonal thing.

  79. I feel like i should expose i have a libra sun & ic 4H stellium. Soo technically mine could be related to that. Because i actually despise the heat love cold weather, but must have the energy of the sun into my home.

  80. WoW elsa. I just noticed ive just commented 10 years after the original post & comments. I hope those people are getting on okay now. Would be interesting to see if they have discovered new info by now. I wish you all weLLness {~*~}

  81. I have Leo Jupiter, and I get so down as soon as October arrives. Really don’t like the cold and dark. My partner, Leo rising and sun, gets on great with winter – in typical Leo style, he puts on a flashy coat and gets on with it.

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