My Progressed Moon In Scorpio

Recently, I wrote about the stellium in Scorpio, forming in my progressed chart.  That’s a picture of it right there.

I didn’t mention that between now and then, my moon would progress into Scorpio.  This is happening now.

“Oh, me!”  That’s what my husband says, sometimes.   He’s got a Scorpio moon. I think it means, “what the hell?!”  You just can’t believe the depth of what’s happening.

I’ve got a couple years with Sun, Moon, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. My progressed moon will leave the sign as Venus and Mercury move in.

I’m pretty sure what I’m going to be doing, considering I’m already on the job.  Yeah, that’s the 6th house there.

I think it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on your progressed chart because things like this can happen to you, too! And if you don’t look, you won’t know.

And if you don’t know you may find yourself, up a creek, unnecessarily!

Progressed Chart Report

Have you ever something striking come up in progressed chart? What was it like?



My Progressed Moon In Scorpio — 20 Comments

  1. I have a mega stellium in scorpio too in my progressed chart around that time. Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Mars! All conjunct in the 3rd house. Progressed moon in Leo. What does all that Scorpio mean? Transformation?? Coming back from the dead an option?? I’ve had a hell of a decade healthwise, and I’m the middle of big changes. (Pluto transiting the descendant of my natal chart)

  2. I have a stellium in Scorpio as well, but it involves the 10th house (except Venus, which is 9th house).

    Uranus/Moon (exact conjunction!)

    Mercury just moved to Sagittarius this year.I see it as a bit of a blessing. People have seen me as being too “serious”—this adds a little levity.

    Wonder what a 10th house dirty grave situation involves. Oh wait, I’ve only spent the last 10-15 years being continually aware of the stain beneath the doily of the corporations I’ve worked for. “Yeah boss, I see you in the corner of my eye, trying to put the doily back on and act like there’s no problem! Nothing to see here, keep it moving, right?” 👀

  3. Another thing: When my progressed Venus moves to Scorpio this year, it went into mutual reception with my Pluto in Libra. Is this significant?

  4. When my Progressed Moon ingressed my Taurus-ruled 3H, I made the decision to downsize (Taurus Venus – money) move into a different home (Moon) in the same metro area (3H).

  5. My north node progressing into scorpio has been life altering. Old plan out, new plan in. I am much more grounded with scorpio energy. I am down with it.

    But that sag nn energy was cool too for the time. Running wild and adventurous, searching for truthiness. Took me many miles to many places and experiences. I mean imagine the fun with sextiling mercury rx. Really a blast. The heart of a gypsy is a wonderful thing to experience.
    But I don’t know that person anymore. I am more settled now.

    I don’t look at many charts, but I looked at this kid’s chart once and could not fathom all the oppositions. I know I have mentioned it before. He also has Neptune square Saturn. He’s tough. He has to be or he ain’t gonna make it. He knows too much for his young age. My heart bleeds for him sometimes.

  6. Omg I went through that right after a real hard break up with who I thought was the love of my life. As soon as we broke up my moon progressed into Scorpio literally like as soon as the break up happened. Anyway, I was stuck on him and his new girl for the entire duration of my Scorpio moon progression. 2 years I remember. Obsessed.couldnt move on. Really thought he was coming back to me after he left me for a girl. I was obsessed with them both and had very Scorpio thoughts and feelings. My mars is naturally in Scorpio and was still in Scorpio at the time. I cried all the time over him. Then bam one day I just decided to move on. I looked and my moon and mars both progressed into Sagittarius. No longer really stuck on him and kind of wonder what the heck was I thinking haha. My venus mercury sun are all progressed in Aquarius and my moon and mars are in sag…. sigh of relief. Haha that’s how i felt about that progressed moon in Scorpio.

    • Your love affair with him was actually a product of your rose colored glasses Progressed Moon in Libra, got it?

      I too am so looking forward for when my Progressed Sun moves on into Sagittarius 😹, still 1+ year to go – and that’s 2020 this dreadful upcoming year oh my 😳😳😳

  7. So far, my progressed moon in Scorpio has become a Master Class in death/rebirth and transformation. I’m also learning to work with other people’s money and resources that they left behind. I am knee-deep in lessons!

  8. I’ve got my Progressed Moon currently in Scorpio as well but hey, I was born with her (and 3 more) there.

    When my Ascendant progressed into Scorpio, after a few years of Progressed Sun in Scorpio, my life changed. I started wearing all black, dyed my hair black, thought it was be-you-tifullll! Ahahah fortunately that didn’t last long. But a deep change in my life happened yes. And I turned inwards and found spirituality and self-seeking, facing, fighting and defeating the worst inner monsters that existed within. It’s not sublimation, it’s transmutation.

    Now what has me popping my eyes out is next January’s 6 celestial bodies in Capricorn with both Solar System Giants the Titan Cronus/Saturn and Zeus/Jupiter in the sign of ☠️Death⚰️, especially because I got a couple of really important Progressed planets, my Sun and Ascendant ruler and my Progressed Ascendant ruler, in Capricorn! So they’re joining the party, adding to that hungry monster 😳😳😳

    Yet I am wearing a really thick armor of Confidence that comes with 10+ years of multidimensional karma Healing work. And you know who the lord of karma is. Had I not done that work of seeking, fighting and conquering my inner monsters, and others’, and from there evolving into a much greater fully connected and multidimensional individual then I’d really be bitting my nails! 😺

    I am curious about what’s going to happen!

    • I am so looking forward to when my Progressed Sun moves on, into Sagittarius 😹, still 1+ year to go – and that’s 2020 this dreadful upcoming year oh my 😳😳😳

      • And in ~August 2021 my Prog. Moon conjoins my Prog. Sun in Sagittarius, a Prog. New Moon in happy-go-lucky enthusiasm growth expansion Zeus (God) ruled sign, something will be born then, as it did 28 years before… that is if I survived the Progressed Moon in Scorpio with Mars and Venus in Capricorn conjoining the Transit super-stellium in Capricorn that starts this Christmas with apex in January’s Capricorn New Moon 😺😺😺

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