Profections – Who Rules Your Year?


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When most of us use astrology to get an idea of our year ahead, we often look at transits and the solar return chart. These are fantastic tools that can provide a ton of good information. But let me add one more to your toolbox: profections.

Profections are an ancient technique based in the astrology of ancient Greece. The general idea is that each year of our life corresponds to a different house, which circles around the zodiac in procession. So from ages 0-1, you’re in a First House year, from 1-2, the Second House, 2-3 corresponds to the Third House, and so on. Anyone who has raised children will automatically see the connection here. The first year of life is entirely centered around getting basic needs met, which is perfect for the House of Self. The second year is when children enter the dreaded “mine” phase, connecting to the Second House of possessions. The third year is when they really start talking and just don’t stop, which is all 3rd house communication. And once we get to the 12th house, we start right back at the 1st house again.

Once we’ve figured out what house rules the year (take a look at the image for quick reference), we look to our own natal chart to see what sign is on that house cusp. The ruler of that sign is considered the ruler of the year, and will its influence will be felt broadly. So, for instance, say you are turning 27. From the chart, we can see that means that you are entering a 4th house year. And say, looking at your natal chart, that you have Sagittarius on the 4th house cusp. Then you are in luck! This would make Jupiter the ruler of year, which is as good as it gets. Given that the 4th house is involved, you can expect a happy home life, possibly trips abroad, and maybe even moving your home, likely to a far better location.

profection wheelI’ll give an example from my own life. In August, I entered a Saturn-ruled year.  Since then, I have been working like crazy. I wake up at 7am, start working, and don’t stop until around 1am, when I finally collapse in bed. I was talking to a friend about this, and told her that I really don’t know how I’m doing it. I feel like I’m being driven by something beyond me, because no matter how exhausted I am, I just keep going. Don’t get me wrong. It’s hard. Nothing Saturn-based is ever easy. But a few years ago, this would have been impossible. Somehow, though, this year I have the internal reserves to keep moving forward. It’s not easy, but it’s doable in a way that it never would have been before. That is thanks to Saturn.

So if you want to get a sense of the flavor of your upcoming year, I highly recommend giving profections a try. Take a look at the chart above and tell us: what kind of year are you in? Do you feel it?

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  1. I am in a 9th house year (using whole sign houses) I went to Portugal for a month – long journey! Last intl trip was 12 years ago. And since Mercury rules my 9th, I have been reading about 5 books at a time all year. Saturn is in my 9th natally and I stopped an esoteric study course I had been taking for a long time. Also, Mercury rules my 6th house too – I had two surprise surgeries.

  2. Thanks Midara! I’ve been curious about protections. This post is easy to understand and helpful. Sheds new light on my situation. 🙏

  3. I am in a 8th house (in Gemini) profected year so the year is ruled by Mercury which is well aspected and conjunct Venus in my fourth house, so the overall outcome before my next birthday will be a positive one, I hope.

    Transits to Mercury and from Mercury this year are quite significant with Mercury as my profected ruler. Currently Mercury retrogade in my first house is driving me nuts. I keep changing my mind and I revise my thoughts, how I talk, and how I present myself and I know I’ll change my mind again. People who meet me for the first time are getting a weirder ‘me’, and a ‘me’ in flux, I think. It’s frustrating and confusing to me (and others) yet unavoidable.

    Mercury retrogade will square my natal mercury in some weeks and that ought to be interesting.

    Mercury also rules my 11th house of friends and wishes, and some friendships are being transformed (8th house) and might die (8th house), and some wishes (11th house) are changing (8th house) or might need to die (8th house.)

    In my 8th house I have Moon and Mars so themes of motherhood (moon) and strong urges/drives/desires (mars) around this theme have been really strong this year, stronger than ever imagined, and very painful.

    My belief system is changing big time (9th house is ruled by the moon in the profected 8th house) and my attitude/personality (1st house ruled by mars in the 8th house) and health (6th house, also ruled by mars) are changing a lot, and parts of me are dying (8th house profected year.)

    I’ve also had serious yet non-life threatening health issues (6th house) being diagnosed this year which I receive treatment for now so it’s all changing.

    A few people related to my family-in-law have died (e.g. 2 in the last 4 weeks) and there have been many funerals around us lately.

    It’s not a fun year, to be honest, with all the little deaths around and within me (8th house stuff isn’t described as fun) yet I know I’ll be okay in the end (mercury, profected ruler of this year, is strong in my chart.)

    One transit I’m curious about is my Mercury return shortly before my birthday…so I’ll be on the look out around that time.

    I’m very interested in hearing about other people’s experiences. Next year I have the 9th house profection so after reading aspire’s comment I am hoping to travel long-distance or simply travel as it’s been a while!

  4. Midara, does the new year referenced here begin at one’s birthday/solar return? This is a new technique to me and very interesting. Thanks!

      • I’ve just begun an 8th house year (Capricorn on my natal chart, so Saturn-ruled.) 2020 also brings a square from the January Saturn-Pluto conjunction (also in my 8th house, to my natal Sun-Saturn-Neptune stellium at 18-21 Libra as well as my NN). There is so much focus on 8th house matters in the year ahead I’m feeling cautious; concerned for my 87-year old parents’ health during these transits.

  5. Interesting. Here I’ve been doing astrology for 41 years, and this is the first time I’ve heard of Profections. I am 71, in 12th House, and it sure in hell has felt like a 12th House year. Since Liz died, I’m wanting to move, but not sure where, when or how. So, with 72 being a 1st House year … I’ll keep you informed.

    • Jean, the cool thing about profections is that you don’t have to have a planet there. Just take the sign that’s on the house cusp (this works best if you use equal or whole sign houses), and use that sign’s ruling planet. So for example, if you have Cancer on the house cusp, you’ll be in a Moon-ruled year. If Leo is on the cusp, you’re in a Sun-ruled year. Does that make sense?

    • It fits really well I’d say!
      The 12th house year? Brutal. It squares my natal 8th house moon…

      Now, I am in a Neptune year, or a Mars year, depending on which house system you use.

      But if Neptune is in it, it must be something about my dreams coming to reality – I hope! Also, guard against something looking too good to be true, it probably is…

      If Mars is in it, it must be something about health and energy levels. My natal Mars is in the 12th/on cusp of 12th (depending on house system), so could be something about a level up in energy levels…. along those lines.
      Or maybe something like the spiritual stuff.

      Dunno. But yeah, Def. Makes sense!

  6. I’m nearing the end of a 4th house year. virgo is my IC, so it’s a mercury-ruled year and I have to say, even though I’m a gemini rising, it seems like mercury retrograde has hit harder this year than usual.

    in january, i start a 5th house/venus-ruled year with that saturn/pluto conjunction, so it’s going to be really interesting to see how these two very different energy combinations play out

  7. In late September I entered a Uranus-ruled year, 1st house.

    Already, in October, I sustained a huge, sudden and life-changing loss. My entire sense of Self (1st house) needs to be revisited as a consequence.

    Given the rest of the lay of my chart and some major transits coming (like the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020), I expect more such sudden and Self-changing hits.

    But. This does not faze me. I am actually surprised and amazed at how I am handling myself post this recent loss.

    So, bring it on, Uranus! Whatever next “sudden lightning bolt” you’ve got, I’ll take it in stride.

    Already I am no longer the person I was prior to my recent loss.

    My sense of Self is at once solid and fluid. I needed to change. I am changing. And I know for a fact there are more changes coming to my Self.

    Thanks Midara for this new-to-me tool. It helps me understand “where I’m at at”. It is totally bang on.

  8. Uuuhhmmm… holy crapola! This year 4H Scorpio Pluto. We decided to move to another city, sell the home we raised our family in, and are building a detached townhome.

    Next year is 5H Pisces Neptune… gotta look into this!

    How cool is this – thanks Midara!

  9. I’m in 8th year profection in Venus libra (mars is in my 8th house libra). next year 2021 I will be 9th year scorpio (neptune) what does this all mean??? lindy

    • Welcome, lindy!

      This yeah you’ll be dealing with 8th house matters like psychology, inheritance, etc. Transits from Venus will be very powerful.

      Next year you’ll be in the role of a student, seeking, learning, and expanding your horizons. Mars will be powerful at that point, and you will want to pay attention to Mars as it transits the zodiac.

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