Poisoned Mind

poisonMost of us have encountered a mind that’s been poisoned somewhere along the way.  Yours, theirs, his and/or hers.

I’m talking about someone penetrating another person’s mind with negative thoughts about a person, place or thing, deliberately or otherwise.

I’ve said for years, Mercury is undervalued in astrology. Pluto is glorified when Mercury can easily thwart Pluto. It’s the combination you’ve got to watch.

I’ve had my mind poisoned, more than once. Saturn’s last transit through Virgo taught me to defend my intellect. This transit followed Saturn’s transit through my 6th house (also a saturn/intellect thing), That’s five years of schooling right there.  I know it could still happen, but it’d not be easy.

I’m aware of someone whose mind has been poisoned. It’s hard to say whether they’ve allowed their mind to be poisoned or not.  A person can be tricked but they can trick themselves as well.

What kills me is the person may never clear their head. In fact, this may be exactly what happens more often than not.

Has your mind been poisoned? Before you answer, read this: Overcoming A Traumatic Childhood.

If it’s not clear, ask yourself if someone have talked you out of liking someone or something you used to like. Has your mind been hijacked to support another person’s agenda?


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Poisoned Mind — 39 Comments

  1. I think that American media and the internet are poisoning my mind. Facebook is setting up some deliberate tools to do just that. I think it is acceptable to float along in this country without improving anything or sharpening your mind. It is why many people don’t reach their potential (like me.)

    • That’s really interesting about Facebook. I’ve often wondered and distanced myself from the direction it seems to be taking.

  2. Transiting Mercury is on my Neptune now in 10th house. Transiting Saturn and Sun are in my Tenth house opposing my natal Sun on IC. My workplace is dissolving, falling into pieces. People at work act like crazy and poisoned -also thanks to Saturn -Neptune square. My partner too. Oppresive time for mutables.
    What will happen when Saturn will conjunct my natal Neptune in Sag in 10th house? Final destruction?
    Hugs to All

  3. My step monster tried to poison my brothers’ and my minds. She didn’t succeed with me nor one of my brothers but she did with the other one. He has since figured her out and fled the country to be rid of her. She is the only person I have ever known that I ever felt was truly evil. I would not let anyone I cared for go within ten feet of her. She’s very charming…until she’s not. She deserves to have a millstone around her neck and to be dropped into the Gulf.

  4. I have Mercury in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo, natally. I had a traumatic childhood in many ways, but the worst of it was that my parents each wanted me to be on their “side”. They told me awful things about each other over the years to try to gain me as an ally and bolster their arguments against each other. I was just a kid. I went back and forth for years between the two of them and finally, at 17 years old I ran away from home. (that was my t. Pluto conjunct my Libra Asc.) It was the best thing I ever did because I lived in a poisoned environment.

    If anything good came out of my upbringing its that I don’t put up with anyone that has a negative agenda. The minute they start trashing someone else, I don’t endorse their opinion. They’re looking for an ally and I’m not it. Its like taking the air out of a balloon.

    You would think being that because I have Mercury square Pluto, I might be the poisoner, but in my case that aspect helped me survive.

  5. I had a father who was a gifted scientist but a horrible, drunken brute of a person during my childhood. He had Mars conjunct Pluto and beat my mom severely but was never arrested. He finally left us when I was 11 and he married a woman who had Sun conjunct Mars and he let her do the communicating. She would always insist my dad was perfect in every way and it was my mother and I who were in the wrong. I also noticed now that he is deceased, my cousins who I only met once pretended to have no idea my dad was such a maniac. I knew they are pretending because my mother and my dad’s own sister told me about how crazy and dangerous he lived his life before I was ever born.

  6. Mental illness can poison a mind. Mental illness is too obvious of an answer though.

    A better answer would probably be propaganda during a time of desperation, think famine and depression, and such!

  7. I have a very strong Scorpio Neptune in my chart. 4th house, it squares my Leo Sun and my Aquarius Saturn as a T Square apex.

    I do not drink alcohol and I do not take any sort of medication or drug. But with such a strong and murky Neptune, my life is permeated with such abuse. I live alone, and even when I reach out to neighbors who are handy around the house…..people just dissolve away in front of me.

    My mom was severely addicted to narcotics and alcohol before she passed away, my sister who lives in another state will sound okay one minute and will fade out all looney the next if I try to reach out and call sometimes. I raised my son alone but tried to remain on friendly terms with his dad. I visited my son away in college this weekend, he had a family tree project he had to interview us for. My heart sank, I hate these projects and wonder why teachers insist on giving them when there are kids out there with fractured non intact families or even adopted and foster care. Anyway, we called and left messages asking his father to respond for his interview and heard nothing. I apologized to my son and could tell how frustrating it was for him. I felt that old pain inside, how my own son was poisoned against me for raising him as a single mother in a very lonely upbringing.

    He has no idea that nobody but I wanted him, that my own father and his father phoned me constantly during my pregnancy to urge me to either abort or give him up for adoption. At one point in my 8th month, I even considered taking my own life. I tried everything to have some sort of family for my son growing up, I took live in caregiving jobs so I could have him near me. Those elderly and handicapped people were mainly what my son knew as family.

    I feel my mind is poisoned by my murky Neptune trine my Pisces Moon. I absolutely hate the sensation of people literally melting away in front of me if I call upon them for anything. No matter how much I have done to prevent it from happening in the past.

  8. You are right about Mercury being able to thwart (and I’ll add be more empowering than) Pluto, Elsa. I know someone (born with challenging Pluto aspects and Mercury retrograde ) who constantly attempted to poison the mind of her Mercurial husband and daughter against anyone who didn’t like her without success. In fact, the husband was really good at pointing out to her that she often gave these people good reason to dislike her. And the daughter freely spoke her mind to her mother because she had her father’s support.

  9. A certain Scorpio(Pluto)declared war on me and has been ongoing for 15 years.And I don’t use the word “war” lightly. I certainly hope Mercury can thwart Pluto.

  10. Very, very interesting article! I’ve read the other article, too, and I also believe there’s a grand design – and yes – people will try to thwart you from awakening to your destiny. I’ve learned to protect my mind from poison; 8th house Mercury opposite Pluto, and that the mind itself has healing power.

  11. Well, this post is very interesting. And enlightening. I’ve said many times within the past 10 years that my mother is poisoning my sisters against my father. She has Pluto conjunct Mercury in Leo in the 10th, part of a tight T-square with Jupiter in her 7th in Taurus and Mars in her 1st in Scorpio.

    I think I do tend to overlook some of the bad things about my father (I have Neptune in the 4th). But I have friends standing outside the situation who will remark on how cruel she is to him sometimes, so I know I’m not imagining everything.

  12. I’m not very good at that. I do keep my ears and eyes open about comments concerning how people do business though. And then I consider the source.

    There are three of us who provide transport for each other when we need to take our vehicles to the mechanic. One of us is at the mechanics all the time. She says her vehicles are old. Mayhaps. But I took my vehicle there once for convenience and when I got it back it had other unrelated problems. I’m not gonna bad mouth the guy but I am not going to suggest him to anyone either. I definitely will suggest my mechanic. He stands behind his work.

  13. I was mind-poisoned from a very early age by people who believed that anyone who wasn’t slim and a high achiever was essentially worthless and, as one of them barked, “TOO STUPID TO LIVE.”

  14. The answer on the last sentence is “Yes” and it was horrible. I had to seek help. And I am so lucky I foud the best help. But it was the ghost of my life!! (and my life was not easy). HORRIBLE!! Besides this I am a happy person!! 🙂

  15. Thanks Elsa for sticking up for Mercury! I agree he is underrated as most people only think of the dreaded “Mercury Retrogrades”. I have Mercury in Virgo in the 6th along with my sun. My moon is in Gemini so Mercury along with Mars in my 1st are my two best men!! No one has ever highjacked my mind and my Mars fights off poison of all kinds. Consequently, I can count my true friends on the fingers of one hand, and the rest are just my Brethren for whom I pray.
    Aries Rising

  16. My mom has told me (still does) that I’m bad at communicating. She never taught me how, never gave me tips or helped me improved, she just gets frustrated with me and tells me I’m bad at it. I have a lot of anxiety about talking now. I second guess myself, even now that I’ve been aware it’s her not me for a while, and over explain and then feel stupid for not just shutting up and making my point succinctly. I feel comfortable writing, but not talking. I’m not sure if someone understood what I said or if they’re just nodding along because they want me to stop babbling.

    My best friend has all of his personal planets in Virgo and Gemini, he’s a wordsmith and bard in every sense of those words. I asked him to help me learn how to communicate and he’s blown my mind with the few pieces of advice he’s given me. I put those ideas into practice and am blown away again at how well it works. I am at the point where I need to figure out how to fill in the gaps when I don’t know what to say and that is a real challenge for me, but I have positive encouragement now so I know I’ll figure it out with a little time.

  17. Happens all the time with Scorpio type women. If there is a light hearted moment they will move in to somehow make it theirs, spoil the ease. At times it looks like they are adding an emotional depth but they are threatened somehow and want to be sure the pleasure is all theirs to give and take as they deem worthy. Its so obvious and yes poisonous. Too bad the insecure don’t learn to be silent when others speak. The type of person I am speaking of could never be silent.

  18. Hmmm. Yes. Usually I can tell if I’m buying bullshit by how I feel. If I feel disempowered, then whatever it is they’re telling me is not true for me. Luckily I think my tolerance for feeling bad is pretty low. Somewhere deep inside I know that life is not meant to be spent in misery.

    I also like what you have to say about latent potential in the blog post you linked. It’s a cool question to ask yourself “what am I in my most innocent and pure state and how do I express that?” That’s where life becomes art as opposed to a hamster wheel.

    Really good post.

  19. Thought provoking again. Excellent. So far, I think I have managed to completely escape from the closer poisoners in my life. Still a couple to go.
    Interested to know more about how Mercury can thwart Pluto.

  20. I think people can poison kids’ minds really easily without realising it.
    I wanted to be a VET when I was 3/4/5 but my mum used to say “But you have to be good at maths to be a VET”. After a few years she drummed into me (without her realising) that maths was hard, negative and insurmountable. I used to feel puzzled that maths was this evil thing – I wasn’t scared of maths – in fact I liked it. Then came school and scary maths teachers and I lost it. My maths today is so bad it’s unbelievable. I am sure this is because of my mum constantly going on about maths.

    No I never became a VET.

    Elsa – my mum had mars in Aquarius squaring all 7 planets in Taurus in her 1 and 2 houses! Does that sound like a tough planetary set up to you?

    On another level, my mum beat me up a lot when I was a toddler and until I was 8. Then she gave me away to a couple I didn’t know, because she couldn’t cope with being a single mum and there was no family to look after me. She felt incredibly guilty about this but she couldn’t speak to me about it – she couldn’t handle confrontation. Her parents were fucked up too. Her mum was depressed and committed suicide when my mum was 24. She didn’t get on with her dad or her step mum. They poisoned her – she poisoned me.

    People don’t realise how their actions can impact the future of people’s lives – for good or bad.

  21. A myth is something that simultaneously cannot be proved but cannot be disproved. This is the stuff that this type of person deals in. Once it happens there is no going back; no getting rid of it. You cant argue or reason it away with those you meet and know. My mother was one; and some of those she met just agreed with her. She labeled me as constantly naughty, or epileptic; and those in authority believed her; until they spent some time with her. Occasionally I meet people with a similar view to her. This one woman spread so much crap about me she poisoned everybody against me; yet it was her causing the trouble. The remarkably similar thing between this woman and my mother is that they both had Jupiter aspecting my Mercury Saturn conjunction. If anything is a thorn in my life its that Mercury Saturn conjunction.

  22. all the time.
    but i think most people are exposed to this from somewhere pretty regularly. it’s how propaganda works. and gossip. and many kinds of persuasion.
    and poison can be a matter of perspective. who judges what is accurate and what isn’t?

    why i think training in critical thinking methods is an essential skill.

  23. Hmmmmm, yes I was poisoned. My parents told me along the lines, that the world was a scary place. They’re right to a certain extent, but it made me timid and too careful. It wasn’t what they said, but the way they say it. The energy from them was poisonous, anxious, and scary.

  24. Wife is siding with her philandering brother. Telling demonstrable facts is like putting light on Dracula. Poisoned? He’s bad ju-ju.

  25. You cant change my mind about much. My chart is fixed! And, my Taurus moon wont budge. I either like a person, or I don’t. Also, I don’t mind being alone or the odd man out. I am not going to join the crowd. In fact, I’d rather not be in with the crowd at all.

    My sweet Scorpio moon (g-baby) is going through some little girl drama at school right now and it hurts her feelings deeply. I told her today…..SCREW EM….. they will like you today and hate you tomorrow and they always FORGET the last NICE THING you did for them.

    She asked….it happened to you? haha I said sure…and it still does….SCREW EM!!!!

    Someone told her today she wasn’t good enough for some reason….grrrrrrrrrrrr pisses me OFF! One little snot got together with the other little snot and she was left in the dust but they loved her yesterday. I said girl….you are not only good enough you are too good for that nonsense. Lets go eat ice cream! Then, tears turned to smiles. I told her she was going to have to ignore it or women will hurt her all her life.

    She told me she loved me, hugged me and skipped off. Over for now. Pisses me off …how people act. Then their rotten little off spring watch it and do the same thing. Gag!

  26. Elsa…the timing of this combined with the May 19th post of yours is beyond eery.

    Here’s what happened to me: https://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/venus-opposite-jupiter-may-19-2018-trouble-brewing/#comment-1435832

    So, I’m out of country and my gf goes to beach with female friend who convinces her to end our three year relationship. Breakup night I get back from trip and cold, cruel treatment ever since while telling me the decline of the relationship was my fault, there’s no future for us, and her friend is her true family.

    My gf made the decision, but boy was she poisoned.

    At some point, she’ll wake up, right?

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