Pluto Transits My 12th House, Conjuncts My Ascendant & Enters My 1st

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn entered my 12th house in 2007. There was very little written on the topic at the time. Every bit of info I could find was negative, at best. I decided I should chronicle this transit.

Thirteen years later, I’m still here and I’ve kept my commitment.  You can peruse my work here: tag – Pluto transit 12th.

With Pluto conjunct my ascendant, this transit it wrapping up. My experience has been classic.  Pain is a burden. I suffer in captivity… and in secret.

Keep in mind, when a planet transits the ascendant it impacts all the Cardinal houses. My reputation is decimated. One note on that – the same thing happened when Pluto entered my 10th.

I lost both parents during this transit.  They’re dead.
Again, this is similar to what happened when Pluto entered my 10th. My grandfather died and I became estranged from my family.

I got my daughter back and she’s given us a grandson. I note that all of our children are raised and on their own.

My appearance is transforming as is my “first handshake”. For one thing, I’ve quit coloring my hair.

As most know, Saturn is conjunct If you’re having this same transit (or if you’re Aquarius rising and you will be, my thinking on this might help you.

This idea was introduced to me because of the Covid shutdown.  But as I thought about. Saturn and Pluto crossing into my first seems a good time present myself as an older person. I’m a grandma, yes?  But the main thing that influenced me – I realized if I did not do this now, I would most likely continue to color my hair until transiting Saturn hit my 4th house.  That could be a depression. Once I realized this, my decision was made.

Of course, I have to have surgery on my spine.  I feel okay about it. I am right on the verge of the beginning of a new life.

On that note, I think it’s prudent to leave what happens in the 12th house, in the 12th house. I won’t be dragging my painful troubles into my future.  Goodbye to you!

Are you a late Capricorn rising? What’s happening in your world.



Pluto Transits My 12th House, Conjuncts My Ascendant & Enters My 1st — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, incredible Elsa.

    I remember back all those years ago, when you first
    wrote about it. I was just learning back then, and wondered
    what it all meant.

  2. Hm, when Pluto is done hovering opposite my moon, it will enter my 12th. I’ve been thinking about moving across the border for a while now. I hope that’s how it’ll work out.

    The good thing about the outer planets moving out of the 12th is that whatever was hidden will come to the light. I had that happening with neptune. I guess that’s why you’re finally able to have that spine surgery. If it goes well you’ll be free of the 12th house burden.

  3. Pluto crossed my Asc and is now retrogrades to conjunct my Asc again, and eventually (through September-ish)conjunct my Natal Cap Moon. In late September my son has a birthday and is nearly 50. In late November he has a son. In mid-November I have a birthday, and turn 73. In late November I am a grandmother. My career as a blogger is changing, I’m giving it up after twelve years. Saying good-bye hopefully leaving a legacy of content (hidden for the most part) to be found by the stealth and excavating wanderer. The retrograde is plowing up my purpose and my dreams have been busier than waking life. Uranus in Taurus squares all this Pluto, but also sextiles my Cap Moon to provide me graceful potential for changes. I’m counting on that sextile to apply some ‘glide’ to a lifetime of rough Saturn and Pluto.
    Your place, Elsa, is a safety net for me and many other hitch-hikers on this planet. I’m very grateful for the compass you offer and since I’ve never colored my hair the evidence I am an old woman is apparent. Being a grandmother is something I thought would never be. It’s happened, I pray that when Pluto moves set into my 1st House this Scorpio grandmother will help not hinder the raising of a Scorpio new to Earth.

  4. I am having this transit as well.
    Your tale is both inspiring as well as frightening to be honest!
    I became estranged from my mother when Saturn conducted my Scorpio Stellium.
    My mother’s Saturn is also conjunct my stellium.

    Astrology… You just can’t cook this sh*t up!

    I found this blog during 2013-2014 when Pluto started his transit in my 12th. I am sure I have learned tons by reading your posts and reading and commenting. I have no doubt that this was a classic example of “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” case.
    I just didn’t know how full of teaching it has been to read about transits, personal as otherwise general transits. I didn’t know it was in Cap 12th house I should learn valuable lessons from astrology.

    I have gained so much from this blog and try to support it by buying your in-depth reports. I wish I could afford more. Maybe some day.

    During Saturn’s transit to my Moon I finally lost contact with my mom and her side of the family (Libra Moon). I am Aquarius, so this makes sense.
    I have been thinking about changing my last name to start the new cycle in a new identity somehow. I hadn’t realised this was probably a kind of Saturn coming out of the 12th house thing. But in December he will conjunct my Ascendant. And then I am hopefully in a better …. Discipline. Taking responsibility for the collective would in my family and life: anxiety and trauma.

    By having a new last name I will have ended a lifetime with a name that was a burden and had Anxiety treatment also. New life, new times!

    • I have also been contemplating changing my last name – been experiencing 12H transits, and Saturn will cross my Aquarius ASC Jan. 2022. Similarly, I want to disconnect with all the past BS associated with the identity of my last name which I feel I am shedding. Hmmm – shedding…

  5. I think I have this placement natally? Not sure, I haven’t focused much on degrees, just signs/houses..

    Sun in Libra, 25 degrees, end of house 11
    Ascendant in Scorpio, 16 degrees, house 1
    Pluto in Scorpio, 6 degrees, house 12


  6. I was born with Pluto conjunct Saturn in the twelfth house so I understand the power of the unconscious. It can be the most powerful transformer but is hard to handle in youth. I found that before forty my searches lead to many painful dead ends. Since my conjunction is in Leo, it was at 40, only after I had come to feel self sustaining, my life changed radically for the better. Now at 73, I find that Saturn is my friend and teacher and Pluto my guide to the truth.

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