Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Voice From The Grave

Pluto was  transiting in aspect to my natal Moon. The Moon rules women, and your past, etc. I’d gone home to visit my ex-perennial boyfriend of seventeen years, Scott..

You can imagine my surprise when he popped a cd in his laptop. His grandmother (who had been dead for years) started talking. Yep. He had recorded a conversation they had, twenty-five years prior. All of the sudden, the room was filled with her voice and his.

I listened to his voice.. he was about nineteen years old on the tape. That’s around when we met. Even even more incredible, they were talking about me!

Now just imagine this.  Twenty-five years prior, Scott called his grandmother with the intention of provoking her.  He had a habit of this – he’s a Cancer; search “piss off mommy” on this blog.

Anyway, she starts telling him to call me.  “Why don’t you call, Elsie? She’s a nice girl. You call, Elsie, right now!”

And he’s telling her no, of course. “No, I am not going to call, Elsie!  Elsie can go to hell! I’m not calling her. You like her that much, then you call, Elsie.”

“Don’t say that!  She’s a nice girl; she’s a beautiful girl and you should call her right now. What’s the matter with you? She’s a nice girl…”

I was stunned.  Just flabbergasted.  Then a couple months later…

Another woman surfaced from the same time frame, except this one is alive and she has pictures. She has pictures of me from when I was a teenager, tending bar underage.  This shocked me because I prior to this, I have had no photo evidence this ever happened.

It turns out she’s kept these photos in a box for almost 30 years, hiding the fact they exist from parties who might be interested and although she will say why, she won’t say where she got them and I am thrilled and impressed with her methods.

So the fallout of these pictures being released after all these years is deep and powerful and Pluto-unfathomable. It’s as healing as it is terrifying and at the same time it calms me to a degree that is supernatural, because of the connection. A connection that has been there for 3 decades, whether I was conscious of it or not.

Update – I wrote this in 2006. It’s now 2018. Since then, Scott and his entire family has moved to Mexico.  The woman who kept the pictures was my (now) husband’s mother. We met as teenagers. We should have married, obviously. And she knew it.

Have you ever had someone or something surface like this? Tell us.


Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Voice From The Grave — 17 Comments

  1. absolutely!
    I have a friend who pops up every 8~10 years just when I/we need it! He swoops rather dramatically in my life with stories and photos then swooshes back out. Its always powerful, for both of us, and leaves us feeling open, raw and wonderful.

  2. I can tell Elsa has some Earth in her chart, based on her picture. There’s an earthiness about her. Capricorn rising, definitely! I’m sure there’s more.

  3. Great backstory to this post which I remember. The woman saving pictures is your now mother in law. Got it!

    Something like this is happening with one of my cousins. She just turned 89, in late November. November 21st. I said, ‘Oh, you’re on the cusp!” (Between Scorp and Sag). She said, “Yes, I am definitely on the cusp.” Now this is a cousin who has known me and my family (I’m the only surviving member of my family of origin) all my life. She was an RN and worked ER and then the drug rehab centers that surfaced during the 60’s. She’s older than me to be part of another generation so we lived very separate lives over the past three decades.
    This Christmas she called me, soon after her 89th birthday. What she shared with me opened us to a phase of ‘truths’ that might never have happened until now. “My mind is sharp, sharper now. It’s my body that falling apart.” What she is sharing with me know is that we are closer in interests and insights at this point. It means so much to me to have that kinship, something I have sought all my life. Surfacing from the past, I see my future differently.

    • I’ve had a fairly recent experience like this, contacted a cousin of my mother who I’d seen only twice, the previuos time when I was maybe 15.
      She is really nice, has photos of family I never knew, and stories to go with them. I’m so glad that I contacted her!
      I am also the last from my corner of the family and I don’t know exactly why, but knowing her does me a lot of good.
      Boy, she is great! I am lucky to know her.

  4. I just went to check the transits. OMG. So, I had a bunch of photos taken in the maternity ward when I was born: me and another baby girl. When I was 18, I was told a girl was looking for me, Kristina. Hmmm, I didn’t know any Kristinas. Well she found me, she had the same bunch of photos, she was the other baby, turns out her father was my now estranged father’s friend back then. Pluto conjunct Sun square Moon.

  5. What transit did you went through?
    Was it an opposition?

    I’ve got pluto conjunct my ura/nep and opposite moon/merc.
    It’s not exact yet, but I haven’t had such experiences.

    Considering my past, I don’t really want to anyway…

  6. Wow- having just had pluto to my mooon and sun (still am) this speaks to me.

    deep and powerful and Pluto-unfathomable. It’s as healing as it is terrifying and at the same time it calms me to a degree that is supernatural, because of the connection. A connection that has been there for 3 decades, whether I was conscious of it or not.

  7. When Pluto squaree my moon I lived with my now ex BF and his mother deeply hatee me. She was jealous. She had some serious Pluto/triangle drama going on in her life, demonizing me because my ex (his father committed suicide when he was 16 and became the man of the household) – now he was cheating on her with me! Or so she felt…

    I guess it’s because she knew he had never loved another woman like this and that frightened the bejesus out of her. She was afraid of losing him so she left him, really abandoned him. Talk about cruelty here.

    I never got to meet her in our 3 year long relationship.

    She hated my guts in a true Plutoniang transit square my moon fashion.

  8. I’m scared…I have Moon at Cap 25d DSC, with ASC Cancer 25d. Madly feeling a Cancer sun 26d square Pluto Libra 21d. He has been pulling away, but somehow I’ve drawn him in with my 8th House Sun/Mer ways. His 22d Aqua moon conjuncts my Aqua sun at 23d. A lot more strong aspects…but nevertheless, I can’t even imagine how this is going to play out…unfathomable.

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