Pluto Transit The 12th House – Mine – Macabre

I have been chronicling Pluto’s transit through my 12th house since it’s inception. I can’t say there have been a lot a surprise. I expected to slowly fade into the woods, or sink into the abyss or whatever. This is certainly happening.

Pluto is direct now and I realize I am becoming am less and less accessible. It’s not by design. I go out of my way to be social but more and more, there is less and less a person can commune with when it comes to Elsa P, because there is so little left on the surface.

I am pretty sure at this point, I will disappear completely eventually….and then surface when Pluto crosses my ascendent in the 2020’s.  I will be an old troll by then and I think this is funny in a macabre sort of way.

For what it’s worth, I like this transit. It suits me a lot more than public life does.


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  1. Good that your surface is gone. I am sick of people just existing on the surface (says Cancer sun 8th house – with Scorpio Asc. I probably will see you even if you “disappear”..

  2. Elsa, I think your assessment is smashing. I do understand. For most of my adult life, I have had Pluto in my 11th, conjuncting my MC and natal Neptune; Pluto in my 12th (conjuncting my Natal Scorp SaturnR); then Pluto in my first in Sag (conjuncting my ASC/TN) and now in my 2nd, where it will Opp my Cancer stellum for many years. You may be a troll by the time your Pluto adventure is over, but chances are I will be fertilizer 🙂 🙂

    @ulrika: fellow Cancer sun 8th house here. Ditto what you said to Elsa… 🙂

  3. I like this assessment. It helps me understand my Pluto. I was born with Pluto in the 12th in Virgo which is my sun and my asc. Pluto was retrograde and direct all over my asc when I was a young child. It explains so much of what happened to me when I was a child and so much of why I am the person I am today. I’ve always been deep and heavy and most people don’t understand and aren’t comfortable with it. I totally get that. But it’s who I am. You can call me a lot of things, but you cannot call me fake.

  4. Thank you for your interpretation of your experience of Pluto in the 12th house. It seems less scary than other people claim.

    I also wonder if the end of Saturn in Libra makes it more difficult to communicate…

    I wonder how I’m going to deal with Pluto entering my 12th house once it hits Aquarius. Yes, the world will probably be in better shape by then, but I’m not sure how I’m going to personally deal with the life passage of Pluto Square Pluto while Pluto transits the 12th…

  5. Yes I like this assessment too. Ironically I have Pluto on my MC but Sun in the 12th. They square so I have to adjust all the time to being in the public eye. Luckily, my job allows me to surface and then go back into hiding several times a day. I need this to regenerate and have the energy to deal with front desk traffic.
    Elsa, I am glad your Pluto transit is suiting to you. Otherwise, it might be stressful?

  6. Thanks so much for posting about this transit. I’m going through it also, that photo from Apocalypse Now is utter perfection to describe the overall backround feeling of this transit. Transiting Pluto will be trining my Pluto over the next year or so but I’m not expecting frolicking times particularly because everything is just so so heavy.

  7. Hi Elsa,

    does this mean I’ll communicate with you more often through dreams, premonitions, and all the other ways I get to communicate with people I like?

  8. That picture is so scary!!! Maybe do some undercover work, inside jobs, private investigations, autonomous activities, mining, learn deep sea diving etc ????

    I have pluto in my 1st now, so that means I lived that swampy stuff already??? Thanks for this message. Great food for thought.

    It’s funny but I’ve been getting lots of advice from Sadge friends who went through it in the 1st before but never thought to reverse it for insight :°)

  9. Just caught up with the other comments. What I find, is that anyone who engages me finds out there is way more than they could have imagined. I’m a whale. Far more than a person can chew, for sure. But a phenomenal source. Endless, endless, endless.

  10. Thank you, Elsa. Just yesterday wondering when you would update the pluto/12 stuff. Feeling the same here, no interest in the public or promoting, feeling a hermit. Only problem is I do seminars and workshops for a living, so its greatly affecting income; who wants to listen to person dealing with deep issues? I think of Morrison and “Strange Days”. Friends have commented on my “withdrawal symptoms” and lack of spark. Have pretty much lost any common consumer desires, seem so trivial. Will come out pretty soon at 11 degrees Cap. Wondering how Sat hitting our midheaven will affect the overall picture of us cave dwellers.

    Btw, friend going through same. Amazing how her life is dissolving…

  11. I won’t live to see this transit, but when Pluto crossed my IC I got divorced and when he crossed my descendent I got divorced. I think I’m seeing a trend. In 2025, when I’m 77, he will cross my MC. Can’t wait to see what happens then.

  12. Note: After my second divorce (PL conj Desc) I went to college and became a CPA – so I guess the transit ultimately brought me good. But as he went through my 7th house I had a loooooooong break from relationships.

      • That’s a wonderful thing to do Elsa. It illustrates to me how this transit can be used positively. My 12th house cusp is 11 deg cap so I have it to come.

      • I had the same thought abt giving communion to people who can’t attend mass. I haven’t put it into action yet but I would want to do this. Pluto’s transiting my 12th house in Capricorn and I’ve noticed that I’m suddenly very scared of supernatural stuff when previously I was a horror movie buff. Now it all scares me. I even feel like I see things sometimes. Most of the time, it’s my overactive imagination. But once, I wasn’t sure and it scared me.

    • “Note: After my second divorce (PL conj Desc) I went to college and became a CPA – so I guess the transit ultimately brought me good. But as he went through my 7th house I had a loooooooong break from relationships.”

      kiriecat, your looooong break from relationships is not only because of Pluto transiting your 7th, but also because you were in college working on your CPA! I can definitely sympathize with that!

      I have Pluto transiting the beginning of my 12th now (and it just went direct), and I have two more years to go in completing my CPA. I’ve had to forget about having a social life because the coursework, along with my jobs, is so intense (plus a couple of other traumatic things that happened to me in the recent past that led to the loss of most of my friends and family).

      The future isolation of my life with Pluto in my 12th is scary to contemplate! I’m estranged from my parents and have very few friends now, so no one to count on but myself.

      BTW, good question for those of us with Pluto transiting the 12: what will happen when Saturn hits our MC? After I’m done my CPA, I’ll need to get out of my Pluto-in-the-12th cave, promote myself, and get a decent job. How does one do that with Pluto transiting the 12th? It’s a good thing accountants work behind the scenes, at least!

      • Thank you Elsa, and thanks for your awesome blog, and to everyone for their input. Elsa, I hope you’re doing ok with your Pluto in the 12th transit. At least we have people in cyberspace to relate with during our long cave-dwelling phase. I’m hoping that the traumatic challenges I experienced towards the end of Pluto transiting the 11th will make Pluto in the 12th not as bad, but there are some serious unresolved issues with my parents that will no doubt demand some attention over the next 12 years until Pluto crosses my ASC. Good to know I’m not the only one, thanks to astrology and blogs like yours, Elsa.

  13. “lol@emerging as an old troll

    I find that ironic, hilarious, and charming.”

    It doesn’t bother me, Burned. I have Capricorn and have never minded aging.

    I have helped many and burdened few so don’t mind dying either.

  14. I love what you share with us about this transit. I had Pluto transit my 12th from 18-32 years old and am just starting to decode it, especially as it was a transit that took up (so far) almost half of my life span.

  15. I was just wondering why you seem to post less and less on the blog, Elsa…

    I’m a big fan of the blog… It’s like a stars guide to life and I hope to keep reading you in the future, near and long term!

    Keep going, please! 🙂

    Mucho love!

  16. pepe, right now I have just been very busy. I have the workshop going and I am doing a lot of private consults.

    Also, the Uranus Pluto square is and has been hitting my family hard. This was expected but we still have to deal with it and I run out of hours at the end of the day.

    • My husband and I saw that movie on opening day. People were so pissed at the time. It had been a long time since Brando made a movie and they were not happy with his character at all.

  17. Elsa @ #18 “I have Capricorn and have never minded aging.”

    Old when they young and young when they’re old. I always find that to be true, especially in appearance.

  18. This is my experience of pluto through the 12th and then the first:
    12th: I forgot myself and instead opted for a corporate career, which was never a good fit for me, and was never going to be .
    1st house: various body issues related to decision taken during 12th house transit – excessive sweating due to stres; bad sex life; extreme awareness of my body’s limitations
    Pluto has just moved into my 2nd house, and the implications of the 12 and 1st house transits are becoming clear. I am no where near as rich and contented as I should be.. and I am speaking as a jupiter in cancer person.

  19. Sorry to sound so down about pluto transits. I just don’t see any of the ressurection side. Maybe I’m a coward with how I face the issues. I don”t think so though. I just think Pluto is tough, and takes what he wants.

  20. I hear you, Elsa. Pluto transits my 12th House as well crossing over my natal Moon. In every way the depths of being a woman at 60+ is mostly below the surface in real life. My writing is deep, and includes compassion for the climbs and the falls.

    I am surrounded with aging family and friends, but the wonderful thing is: we chose to be together. Aging together and making no excuses for the way we play-it-out.

  21. Elsa, you have really helped me through your blog.

    Having natal Pluto in the 12th conjunct Saturn (and after just having gone through my first Saturn return), I can totally relate to what you describe. It’s a dark place and no superficial relationships survive. But the few that do survive are worth gold.

    Wishing you only the best.

  22. I had Pluto in the 12th all through my early childhood: it’s 2˚ the H11 side of the line. It was brutal, and I was invisible, forced to hide as best I could. It wasn’t until I was 11/12 and got to a good school by my own efforts, that I emerged from those pits.

    But Elsa, Elsa! In 2020 you’ll still be younger than I am now, and by a few years I think. Less of the old troll, please hahaha

  23. Since 2006(until 2015), pluto is transiting my 12th. I think this is a hermitage transit. I was completely inaccessible, invisible, buried in my own private workings, living in absolute solitude and non-communication. And I loved it. I do not believe religions, but if I did, I could well join a monastery, to get buried in learning all the more about some spiritual/ esoteric/ philosophical teachings. I could well begin to live in a mountain top, if that was possible. I’ll have my first Saturn Return in January (in h10), and just recently I began to think that it would be better if I had a more social or public occupation, including communication with people. Loving to spend time on your own is fine, but with Pluto transiting h12, the desire to recluse & retreat is extreme, and this tendency does cause financial problem and trouble at work. It was almost a torture to have to communicate with people, simply because I had nothing to talk to anyone and my mental and psychological state was so irrelevant with things daily or usual.

    In my case, paradoxically, being very deep or non-superficial drew very dull and superficial people to me, in a way that they were obsessed with me, stalked me, obsessively in love with me, obsessively revengeful towards me (because I did not want to befriend them) -which was quite irritating. Also, this transit can be responsible for some psychic disturbances (If you already have psychic abilities)

  24. Thank you Elsa. That explanation of the transit clarifies a lot for me as Pluto has now passed my ascendant and is now going through my 1st house. This basically shows me why I feel I can’t hide as much as I’ve gotten used to and now have to relearn to put myself out there…! Darn it.

  25. Me too, acaseofsunburn and BP – Pluto in 12th throughout childhood (Sun in 12th too) and then conjuncting almost every planet (opp Moon at one point) over the years. About to cj Mars/NN and then Chiron in a few years’ time. I have been told I am ‘too intense’ all my life – and I am seldom ‘seen’ and certainly never as a whole person. Not something I’d wish on any child/young person.

  26. Sometimes the time to release being in the public eye just comes. Sounds like you may be there. I am enjoying a much more private life than ever, since my second saturn return when I realized i don’t really want to “help people” much anymore!!!

    I think the time is coming for another generation to hone their care-giving and counselor skills.. and we boomers are ready to relax, retreat,meditate,enjoy our families and our homes, our own adventures at this point..??

    As elders we are available, but it’s time for us to explore another path…

    one of my spiritual teachers, Ram Dass, says “we are in training to be nobody special!!”

    I could not get with that statement 10 or 20 years ago– NOW I get it !!

  27. Hi Elsa,
    I was thinking /now that Pluto is about to enter my 12th house/ it can´t be that bad. During my childhood I had Saturn, Uranus and Neptune transiting there and I had very difficult childhood. Used to long for reaching adulthood so that I can run away from my parents and live on my own. Those transits were all squaring my Mars/Pluto conjunction and Venus in Libra 8th. My parents used to quarrel day and night. When Saturn was transiting my 8th house I was once again put to the role of a peacemaker and a negotiator for a couple of friends that were divorcing at that time and I was their only employee. I can imagine the flavour of what´s ahead of me. Only hope for some psychic power to surface.

  28. Hi Elsa,

    Pluto is about to enter into my 12th house in Feb. I am an Occultist and Reiki Master. Hopefully I will be able to utilize the unseen forces for good while in solitude. I also have Pluto square Mars and Mercury in my natal chart. Natal Pluto trine my natal Sun. Keep us posted on your transition. It is insightful and helpful.

  29. Hi.. so many compatriots… I have been dealing with Pluto over every planet and MC and/or ruling the leftover two all my life. natally it sits with mars and moon in 7th so even when the enemies were a surprise [non ending shock] they were at least in the open. Have always relied on my body when all else was wiped out. With it transiting my 12th at this point in life, I dread two things.. that those open enemies will become hidden, and the afflictions possible to my structure, ie bones. Have always been a loner much to the scorn and misinterpretation of my child who now is attacking me and trying to cut me off from a grandson I raised while she indulged in drugs etc.. Have lost ALL.. friends, mates [? abusive] jobs, income… so many times and of course was always blamed for it. My strength and ability to unveil hidden truths have always terrified those who wanted to hide and manipulate.. to the point of attack. Am so sick of trivialities, being a slave to a job I deplore, never have been a good slave or victim of bullies… and I find myself now looking at life and with all torn away I am searching for a reason to stay here. Its like no matter what I give, or forgive, or do it is either dismissed or maligned by those in power. I can’t stand the cultural obsessions in blind unconsciousness, refuse to participate in the rape of everyone by posers that be, and find my high principles the fodder for banishment and attack by those very vanpires in power. Feel less and less rather than more connected to humanity spiritually as time goes by cuz of shock at their mutual abuse and extortion and lack of spiritual awareness. What the hell is going on? Someone, anyone that has been through this tell me it is not a bottomless pit with no escape but my mortal end. I DREAD old age.. absolutely dread it, capricorn rising or not. How do you survive old age when you have nothing to assist you, when it has all been ripped away methodically all your life? When you have given it in honor and principal only to be stabbed in the back and left on the side of the road by all others too afraid to get in the fray? someone out there.. an encouraging word?

  30. Hi Lana,

    Wow 12 house transit w/ Pluto sounds heavy. I have found myself feeling similar regarding blind consciousness. Especially upset recently after learning synastry, very depressing to see the way past relationships have played out. Does anyone else find that it all seems so unfair? All love and hate is a play. I am intent on making an effor to be balanced but it makes me angry to see it and know it. In a way I feel I have been betrayed by my own ignorance.

    Just thoughts,


  31. Pluto has been transiting my 12th house for what seems like forever. It finally leaves in Feb 2014 next year. I can already feel it lifting. During that time I have been unstable in almost every way, have had numerous bad relationships and moved county a billion times. But I have come through unscathed and with a far deeper understanding of almost everything. Not to mention a far better person. The thing I noticed most, aside from social anxiety, was my sudden unwillingness to dance. Sounds like an odd thing to say, but it’s true. I always danced and now that it’s lifting I do again. There was some sort of lack of joy and a grey cloud over everything. But like I said, I genuinely think the tunnel was worth it. I’m just glad I didn’t know the transit existed when I first went into it. The prospect of 14 years of that might have been enough to send anyone loopy.

  32. I basically think that pluto transit in the 12th is scary because in the society we live in we need to be on the surface, comply, manipulate to conform (sometimes, although not necessarily required. The others will do it to us, the ones with the transit), and with pluto in the 12th all of this is draining and scary. If I was living in some far away place where all my needs were guaranteed I wouldn’t have a problem sinking into the abyss and see what happens. But sinking means leaving the vigilance and attention we all have learned to maintain outwards, and it is impossible to do that in the everyday life. I have been planning to move out to a farm, where I can actually forget about the exterior and become immersed within myself. For the first time in more than 20 years, when I wake up in the morning I feel I was more peaceful in my sleep and wish that the day didn’t come yet. :O

    • Paraelwares, during my 12th house Pluto transit, I much preferred to stay behind the scenes. Being in the public eye actually hurt me jobwise, and I performed much better outside of it. In fast food I was happiest working at the fry station (no one could see me). At college I was hidden in a rural academic bubble. At my current job my short time on day shift didn’t work out–working nights actually worked out better, although my social life slowly died as the transit wore on. In about 2006 and 2007 Pluto crossed my ASC and I was forced out into the world to learn social skills again. It was HARD. I really wanted to reconnect with the world but it was like ripping sunglasses off under the noontime sun. Ouch!
      Pluto in the 1st is great, but if you relish solitude and reflection, the 12th house transit is the time to do it. Do it now. 🙂

  33. ST is scheduled to go through Pluto in the 12th starting next year. He’s already cut off from much of the world due to his disabilities. (Pluto’s in his 11th at the moment and it occurred to me that none of his friends visits him. He has 500+ friends on Facebook and where are they??)
    Pluto is transiting my 1st and I’m a little afraid of what this will do to our relationship. Will I have to continue to do things alone? Will he become a complete hermit? Drop off the social media planet? He has Gemini and this will be tough for him. He lovvvvvves to talk to everybody.

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