Pluto In Hard Aspect to Saturn In Synastry

Destructatron“They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.”
–Dorothy Parker

I was recently asked a question about Pluto aspecting Saturn in synastry, chart comparison. Since both are slower-moving outer planets I tend not to look to them as a primary focus. Their effects on each other are more generational. They move so slowly that a whole slew of people in that person’s age group would also share that aspect. What it does show would be the “generation gap.”

Saturn represents structure and one’s personal value structure is imprinted by the way one is brought up, where, when, and by whom. Pluto destroys what is no longer working and rebuilds. When one person’s structure is in hard aspect to another’s Destructatron (my own word; I just made that up) it may be that they attempt to destroy and remake your structure. This is particularly true when the two Saturns are in challenging aspect, or if there is a double whammy with Saturn and Pluto in interaspect; it’s mutual.

The reason behind this has to do with the generational divide. If you grew up in different cultures or decades you will have dissimilar structure. In easy aspect they may be compatible. In challenging aspect and when Pluto is involved this may trigger the sensors on the Pluto person’s Destructatron.

How strongly do you consider outer planet interaspects in synastry?

Check out the synastry between you and your partner.

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Pluto In Hard Aspect to Saturn In Synastry — 12 Comments

  1. This is interesting, as I have been really looking at synastry charts lately. One thing I find is the Pluto/Mars aspects. Seems to be such a strong attraction there!

  2. Not so sure about Pluto, but I think Saturn and Uranus have an influence, either by aspect to a personal planet or by transits either to them or by them especially over time.

  3. I guess I’m thinking of purely outer planet to outer planet, but the combination does impact the inner planets they aspect as well. so yeah… 🙂

  4. I don’t know ~ what about house placement? My Saturn in the 9th and your Saturn is in the 6th. Seriously dear, I was studying at the university, why do you think I should be here cleaning the kitchen?

  5. Funny that you should mention the generation gap. (Sorry, it’s not about outer planets in synastry.) I just finished Marianne Williamson’s “The Age of Miracles,” which is about facing midlife. While I appreciate her insights greatly, as always, the book is very Boomer-centric. And I’m thinking, really? She’s describing middle age as something Boomers are just now entering and experiencing, when they’ve BEEN THERE for quite a while. Very Pluto in Leo, denying and putting off the aging thing. (I apologize for offending any Boomer readers; this is just an observation about the book and about the general Pluto-in-Leo phenomenon at large.)

    I’m an X-er, facing and accepting the Pluto-in-Virgo reality at 44 of being solidly in the realm of middle age, which is why I bought the book in the first place. The self-congratulatory tone (generationally speaking) of the book kinda knocked her off the pedestal. She does not address us at ALL. We are again the forgotten generation.

    There may be an X-er midlife-commentary book in the future, and I may be pissed off enough to write it.

  6. I’m kinda lost when it comes to outer-planet to outer-planet contacts in synastry, to be honest. Of course I think they’re significant when an OP hits a PP (personal planet, I suddenly got sick of typing), but it’s such a wide range of people that can share an OP contact that it seems almost moot to me.

    Like you’ve mentioned already. *lol*
    Great job on summarizing the article, SaD. *facepalm* 😀

  7. my expartner and i are born within 3 months, and both have the big mid60’s uranus/pluto conjunction opp saturn. we met up i 2000 as saturn trined uranus/pluto, we married during the big pluto saturn opposition in 2001 and most appropriately, we split up as saturn transited pluto/saturn in 2009…

    i think that all lasting relationships must have some sort of saturn in synastri, in order to keep working on it..

  8. Is Saturn an outer planet? I think that ‘outer planet’ aspects in a synastry comparison, although ‘generational’, are just as important, if not more important, that other synastric aspects in the comparison. These two people came together for a reason, and a very important part of that reason is the Saturn-Pluto interchange.

  9. Hi, Elsa I think you are very rihgt. My daughters sun,moon and mercury conjuct my pluto and square her saturn. Her pluto conjuct my neptune and square my saturn. We have a very hard and strugling relationship. I think her venus conjuct my mars helps us though. What are your thoughts?

  10. I am not sure what that really means,
    My Saturn 13 Capricorn trine hir 12 Turaus Jupiter
    His Saturn 4 pisces sextile my 4 Cap Jupiter
    I was born nov 60 and got lucky maybe that I didn’t get that nsty
    64 oppositions and my Uranus is leo,
    My Saturn makes a nice trine to his Pluto in Virgo, next to my NN
    Very tight orbs, we been, lovers, friends teacher, parents, back lovers, best friends not sure where this will leads us, all I can tell is that there is a sense of bon
    ding there that won’t go away even we end up marry other people
    In our composite chat that Saturn makes no aspect with Jupiter and has quincux Pluto 0 degree, however a vey nice air trines to Venus, and Moon

  11. Sorry not sure how to edit fr the cell
    I meant there is bonding between us and the longer we are togetherthe more we discover that we are so much a like in many ways
    In my natal chart the only hard aspect I have with Saturn opposite my Mars but its tire with Mars in Compsite chart with him, I feel he encourage me to use my energy in a positive way as oppose to me alone

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