Pluto In Aquarius: Killing The Individual

I remember conversing via email. I’m talking about personal conversation. These days, my email is made up of “notifications”.

There are constant emails from Facebook or Ebay or whoever.  These sites just beg you all day long, to click and sign in!  See the picture someone posted. Heed the warning! It’s all so worthless.

I don’t think it’s necessarily conscious, but most people know on some level, it’s best not to create an electronic record; sharing your personal thoughts or feelings about something. Everyone is on guard all the time.

I maintain the forum on this site. It’s a place where you can interact with people, anonymously. There is at least a chance that something non-boring can be posted.

I wonder if people realize their capable intellect will degrade if it’s not used or exercised.  When is the last time you created something as opposed to finding something someone else created and presenting it?

A client asked me about something stupid, yesterday. Something astrological. She likes to read a lot and of course there is a lot of crap astrology out there.  I told her to be careful. There are machines (AI) writing content of all kinds at this point and frankly, they don’t know shit about actually living well and being happy… nor do they care.

Can you add to this? What are your personal, creative ideas or feelings about this, which you can post here, anonymously.



Pluto In Aquarius: Killing The Individual — 41 Comments

  1. My previous workplace liked to screenshot things I did on facebook etc. and refer them to management. Bunch of fucking psychos, no doubt they want to use the information against me at some later date. I have put in a request under the data protection act to get all such information they are holding on me (some of which I have already seen, and others bits I have been informally hinted at is there) and they have ignored it and so soon- ish, I will be able to refer this onto a government agency who will follow up. I am still a member of the Union I was with while I was working there.

    Then, if they are ever made to give up the files, they have to justify the legal reason they are holding the information.

    I don’t know how it’s going to end but this is some of what is going on with Saturn retrograde over the south node for me.

  2. You are so right. I have had the idea many times that I would love to have a blog where I could really say what I think… but trying to figure out how to be truly anonymous is so hard. And the fear of being misunderstood – or worse, being understood and targeted has kept me silent. I hate that I am censoring myself instead of being courageous and bold, but that’s the way it is. There are some things worth dying for, but until I’ve got something to say at that level I’m staying quiet. And working on my writings for posthumous publication!

    • There is another challenge… people only go so deep. It’s gone from blogs to tweets to pics on Instagram. And the fact is, as more and more of the content on the Internet becomes useless, it becomes harder and harder to find an audience for actual human, attached to a soul, created content.

      It’s like we’re becoming cocaine-addicted clicking rats. You have to stop and think. Develop yourself; your mind and your beliefs.

      At this point, to do so would be radically counter-culture.

      I have always tried to maintain a NON echo-chamber on this site. I hope people will help me to do this. No shit-posting, eh? How about we *don’t* crap in the streets?

      • This.

        It’s time for a hippie revival and I’m not sure if its only me, my generation (gen X that grew up in the superficial and materialistic eighties but, and maybe it’s just me again, revered the values, art and culture of the flower children) or the culture as a whole, but is there anyone else that keeps having the Joni Mitchell lyric run through their heads as if on a loop “We have to get ourselves back to the garden”?

        Pluto in Aquarius might bring us there. Either the misuse of the technology, or perhaps its failure (“Machine Stops” anyone?) might trigger a luddite revolution. Or perhaps just “1984”

  3. I think it’s about the 80/20 rule.

    80% of the content online is crap/irrelevant/soulless. The other 20% is. But how to find it?
    It takes one to know one. So, if you are an evolved, well-developed soul with lots of heart, you can see through the crap (often at least). The difficulties appear when you look into things that you DON’T know a lot or anything about. How to separate the two?
    I think with Pluto in Aquarius we become even more evolved in the data sciences – or the ability to eat data for breakfast and find the most relevant, the most interesting piece of information.
    Finding the nut in the bunch will not be easy, but I think Pluto will aid us, for good or bad. A good wine can get bad with one rotten grape, eh?

    That is the tricky part, I think. How to separate the crap from the good. And how to judge what’s good or bad, when the bad grape has rottened the rest of the content.

  4. Pluto will kill off fake personification.

    Authenticity will reign.

    The pole dancer and the stripper will be shown for their true vulnerabilities…

    • Sarcasm?

      I do also wonder in this age where everything is recorded how easy it is for some recorded sex tape to go on the internet, also if these are acts of cheating. Also the whole Ashley Madison thing, and there are many more organisations that hold information such as that.

      It could always go the other way, i.e. the information could be released. I think technology can be an aid to truth as much as an ally to tyranny such as in the case of a paternity test.

    • I don’t understand this comment – is it a reference to something? Can’t strippers and poke dancers be authentic? I mean, we can heap moral judgement on what they do, but is it inauthentic?

        • Because you said:

          The pole dancer and the stripper will be shown for their true vulnerabilities…

          Which made me think it was negative – but I guess when you explain what you meant by your comment, I will understand what it meant.

          • Okay, okay.
            Pluto is a stripper.

            Dreadlock pubes and a afro crew.

            You think him authentic?Negative? Positive?

            I don’t. Got the rejected man trine my Venus.

            My Mars is in Cancer, retro. Love a woman and her ways.

  5. Well watched a great piece ,” wasted story” it was narrated by Anthony Boudrou? Food critic believe deceased,basically sharing how France and Italy
    Have made it illegal to waste food fascinating,beautiful
    My guilty pleasures weather channel and Elsaelsa
    No Facebook etc. etc. my favorite way to float is in the clouds and treetops,just popping around here

  6. I miss email conversations. I do have some friends that like to talk on the phone still, which is nice.

    I am disheartened by the contents of the Internet at this point. I can’t get into Instagram or Snapchat. Not crazy about Twitter either. I’m sorry, but I’m a person who likes words. I want to read people’s thoughts. I want to share thoughts. I really miss Livejournal in its heyday. The cool online thing used to be having a community centered around sharing what was going on in your life. Facebook gives one the option to post longer statements, but it’s not normal to do that now. Reposting memes is the norm. A friend recently had to take a break from Facebook because she was having trouble dealing with how emotionally complex, nuanced ideas were being boiled down to one or two sentences. Can’t blame her.

    But in the end, what is any of it except a box. The borg can influence reality but can’t erase it. I am determined to not fall into the void of shallow nothingness, to read more, to create more. More poetry and songs. More thoughts.

  7. Quick contribution while on my teacher / learner lunch break from school:
    The massive population of us on the planet combined with the celebrity making consuming culture – thinking some product to make us ok….
    balanced with more appreciation for making on a local, down-sized Uranus in Taurus earthy scale

    Pluto depth charges The Aquarian collective sensibility (my 7th house to get personal)

    • I live for Pluto depth … natal Venus and Mars in Scorpio (Saturn in Aquarius… Only now at 55 am I ‘getting’ the ringed one’s message )

  8. The dark side of the internet – dark side of tech – will be revealed: what will humanity do with their new fangled ‘knowledge’…??
    I was heartened to see that Alex Jones would be prosecuted & held accountable….his type of schlock is the dark side of the internet (not the only type by any means: but such a good example of something that could be liberating & unite humanity becoming utterly divisive & plain evil)
    Here is just ’bout the only place I post here & there: no facebook or snap-crap, etc.
    There ARE wonderful places on the wed to find deep, real content…not always on the first page of google though!!
    Whatever happens is whatever humanity desires: that’s what we get…..then we get what we want & bitch about it….(btw not saying anyone here is ‘bitching’ – just there is cause/effect in our universe….we will reap what we sow in this tech age run amok)
    And thank you Elsa for this place of dialogue & insights shared with open space – a ‘safe’ space but not moderated to all get-out so there’s no value left…a fine balance to maintain….

  9. I was going to reply to a few messages above, but thought I would write my own, instead. Social media seems like a “one-line form of entertainment!” Many people write one line, and apparently that is supposed to convey more than what I’m getting out of it. I find myself seeking others who really want to say something meaningful that is coming from the heart! I do have a few friends on FB that I can talk deeply with. I watched a video the other day saying the “average American male” has 1.3 friends. May sound funny, but it’s probably true! In short, FB and other social media appears to be for superficial chit-chat, and any deep emotional feelings get reserved for the few friends who do care.

    • I have always maintained real life friends. Flesh and blood, that you meet in person!

      Back in Colorado, I had a woman’s club I went to and I also met a smaller group for lunch.

      In the South, people definitely get together. There are four women I go to lunch with, another I visit and several I speak with on the phone, frequently.

      You just can’t let this medium consume your life.

  10. I think giving kids a platform on social media is absolutely fucking nuts. And they are joining conversations and being exposed to stuff that is inappropriate. They have the ear of adults who give them power, whore them out on shows, and the news (reporters asking children about their experiences after a horrific incident), and they are not emotionally equipped for any of this. When social media can stress out adults, what do these people think it does to kids?

    It’s bullshit. Kids are a cash cow. It’s pathetic.

    • You wanna see something scary? Just watch Lil Tay on YouTube. She’s a kid and acts worse than Bhad Barbie (“cash me ousside!”).

  11. On YouTube I’m noticing a trend. When the beauty drama channels post some new “tea” (hot gossip)—it almost always comes through things people said to each other on TWITTER, or videos they made speaking their piece on SNAPCHAT. Since I don’t use either one, I have no idea this crazy drama is going on! That’s nuts. People cancelling each other or having fall-outs through SOCIAL MEDIA. No face to face convos? No phone calls? Not even FaceTime or text? (At least with FT or text you’re still engaging the person directly.) It’s like people are too cowardly to talk directly to each other anymore.
    Facebook, same thing. (I’m guilty of this too.) Instead of sharing your feelings and beliefs in your OWN words, you slap up a meme. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. And of course your friends will agree with and applaud your memes, since they likely think the same as you (otherwise why would you friend them on Facebook?)

      • Interesting because I think Uranus in Taurus is about getting “real.” Uranus in Aries was me, me, look at me, snaps Selfie. Person could make up their own identity/persona w/ technology. How will that change alongside Pluto in Aqu?

  12. Mailbox full of crap. Selling me SEO, trying to get me to sell something or trying to place links in articles on my site.

    Ten mails a day from Facebook – desperate?

    I really think these media companies have gone to far. Everything I click is stupid and/or fabricated/shaped for some purpose.

    “Why XYZ stock fell today,,,”

    Explanation, horseshit.

    I’ve got one foot in the land of “jaded” and I’m leaning to fall in that direction.

  13. In the pre-interent era whenever I lived in big cities there was always the danger of letting the city swallow us whole with over stimulation of seeming random yet infinite choice. It can and did bring many to a sort of paralysis. The ones that thrived in the city practiced two things: focusing, cultivating and participating in events and activities with groups of others with whom one felt an affinity with and through whom that focus was reinforced, sharing intelectual, cultural and physical events and activities shared by that commonaltiy of focus. Movie and film houses, places like CBGBs, and Andy Wahol’s factory are prime examples; these were not solitary activities, they were seed beds of creativity, nurtured by the exchange of ideas; The second things they practiced was to stay focused on their creative goals and to practice a certain sustained involvement with those others with whom one shared them, actively demostrating a regard for their wellbeing and an enthusiasm for the overall success of eachothers efforts.
    this was/ is paramount and still holds true in all fellowship.
    Todays exchanges of idea cannot thrive in the bulletin board world of online life. it is too random, no center to which to hold, not even concentric centers. Surfing is the same as aimlessly wandering around a city day after day receiving stimulation without the inspiration of real contact with which to actualize ones impirations.
    How I work it is by considering the internet as a metaphore for the over stimilation of city life, a choatic busy bulletin board with many paostings lain over each other. Finding others beyond the interent to connect with directly is paramount to happiness and thriving.The email and other things online can facilitate that as long as one remembers online life is simply just a bulletin board.

  14. so pluto in Aquarius will auger in new ways of connecting that foster the exchange and thriving of ideas! the sciences and the humanties in particular.

  15. Uranus in Taurus/pluto in aquarius is /will be is all about a new revolutioning breaking down or leveling in real goods, land use, real estate use; the return of squatters rights, returning the ownership of the means of production to the person using the tool in question, guilds, intentional communities, new economic models.. among other things. Also the solidification and finding of concrete demonstrable evidence for hitherto theoretical or abstract ideas and theories , especially in the sciences and humanities especially in looking for ways they can be applied in service if the commonweal. There will also be new theories in the abstract realms to mull over till the next cycle. We will go to the moon when Uranus goes into gemini and to mars when it hits cancer.

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