Pluto In Aquarius – Down With People!

I try to get something out of every experience. This hacking episode is no exception. The last few weeks have been been interesting on a number of levels.

One thing I’ve been aware of is the whole situation is dehumanizing.  It’s machine against machine. Even if the attack is personal, it’s not personal. You’re attacked by a machine and you defend or fight back with a machine of your own. It’s not like there is any heart or soul involved. It’s all, this port, that port. This vulnerability, that solution. There are no feelings involved right up until someone tells you they have your nude photos and you’re to cough up some kind of payment.

We all know, Pluto is headed into Aquarius.  Personally,  I expect this transit to be ghastly. This may be due to my natal Venus in Leo.The bubble gum sentiment of UP WITH PEOPLE appeals to me.  I see Pluto in Aquarius to be a cold, dark figure.

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What do you think and feel about Pluto’s upcoming transit through Aquarius?


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