People Are Individuals!

This seems too simple but obviously it’s not…


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People Are Individuals! — 20 Comments

  1. The Sun is the person’s identity, their individual ego I would say. Uranus is an outer planet, something else all together but others may see this differently.

  2. chamirose, thanks. yes, I have taught a few classes and will probably do more but not until I get married. It would just be too much to take on near term.

  3. I tend to disagree. As a buddhist, I know that all people have the same “four sufferings.” As long as people have existed, they have all had primarily the same needs, food, shelter, love, relief from pain and sickness, etc. How they deal with those things may vary with each person, but down deep, I think people have more in common than they have different.

  4. What I hear you saying is it’s not going to work to assume that someone else can benefit like I have from certain advice, behaviours, attitudes just bvecasue they have worked for me. So is there a way to be able to see them clearly and give then guidance without projection? And to start with partly answering my own question I think it would be good to take a Gemini approach and ask them how it is for them rather then assume and a Scorpio approach investigate read them to find hidden motives they might even be hiding from themselves that are getting in the way of their happy life.
    The reason I put this out here is because Sagittarius just thinks it knows, assumes, generalizes when a little more Gemini (other ways to look at things) might lessen this certainty, and maybe a little more Libra the other side, do you think that would help lessen projection?

  5. Thanks for this reminder. I am constantly baffled by my SO’s mother in every way- how she perceives things, what she values, how she acts–everything is soooo different from me!! I’ve never experienced so many distinct differences from someone in my life. We definitely are all wired differently, and on our own paths in life-that’s for sure.

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