For The Full Moon In Leo: People Are Individuals!

I’m amazed at how people think others think what they do or feel what they do.  As a consequence of being raised by Aquarians, I don’t have these expectations.

Knowing people are distinctly different makes life more interesting. Sometimes I come across and instance where this is shown in a way that’s dramatic.

I have Venus square Neptune and a packed 8th house. I can’t help but feel the people around me.  My husband?  Well he’s not me.

I watched a program about snipers on the History Channel. My husband was a sniper in Special Forces. I regretted his not being home at the time, because I have a lot of questions and curiosities by my nature. He adds a lot to the viewing of something like this.

I began calling him during the commercials. I eventually gave up on show opting to talk to him, directly. He’s far more interesting than the History Channel.

The show profiled a 21 year old Marine sniper and I wonder, why him?  Why was he selected?  What characteristics are necessary to be well suited to this job?

“You have to be able to lie on your belly and sneak past someone maybe five feet behind them, my husband, explained. ” You have to be willing to lie completely still and move maybe four inches an hour and I mean, you have to lie there and you can’t  move a muscle.  If you can’t do this, you’re got going to make it through sniper school.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, there are times when it might take you three days to move 100 yards, just crawling along an inch at a time. You have to lie still when you’re not creeping, lie on your belly all day and all night for those three days and it’s not easy. You’ve got to stay complete focused on what you’re doing.”

“And someone is creeping with you?” I asked. Because snipers work in teams. “They have to be as good at this as you are or you both die?”

“Yeah.  Hell yeah.”

“Well if I crawled though the jungle with someone like that for three days, I would feel I was married to them.”

He laughed.

“I would. I’d be lying there thinking, oh my God, I’m pregnant.”

He snorted, but I wasn’t joking.

“I could not be in that kind of proximity to someone for that length of time and not feel I was having sex with them… and I’d want to talk about it of course.”



“Discharge,” he repeated.”STAMP!”

“You told me once I would never make it as a marine.”

“Well you wouldn’t. P,  I think you better stay out of the armed forces all together.”

How would you feel crawling through the jungle like that?  Where is your Venus?

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For The Full Moon In Leo: People Are Individuals! — 38 Comments

  1. I would love the adrenaline and intrigue of this for about an hour. Then, I would be distracted by everything else that was going on in the jungle. Ew..look at that bird, what kind of plant is that, that cloud looks like a tiger! And then, I’d probably become so comfortable and familiar with my surroundings..I’d likely take a nap and get eaten by something. If someone were with me..forget it. I’d be asking..did you see that? did you hear that? Are we there yet?

    I’d have a better chance of making it to my mark if I were alone. But the thing is, even though I’m an excellent shot, I can’t kill anything. Not even bugs that wander into my house. The occasional spider that surprises me..yes..squashed. But unless someone was pointing a gun directly at me and I knew that was my only alternative..I couldn’t shoot someone unaware to deliberately kill them, not even my worst enemy. Hurt them maybe..*thinks about some of my “enemies”*..yeah, I could hurt them. But kill them, no.
    My venus is in virgo in the 8th which is better with a partner in crime, but in this case..wouldn’t work.

  2. Well I could do it with Venus in Virgo in the eighth ( for real 🙂 ) and a scorpio moon, plus it’s conjunct neptune in the tenth so I can be invisible.

  3. My husband had days and nights in the Navy when he was sent out to fight “the war on drugs” where he would have to keep his gun on the same drug runner for all of this time. He was taught patience and I notice that his fuse is now long but when he is ready to go in for the kill it is certain and deadly. It takes a lot for him to take the shot but when he takes the shot it’s all over and this sort of fuse is not really great for the real world. It’s true that he does not go off on someone easily and right away but like he did in the Navy he plans his shot carefully and early and keeps his target in his sights day and night obsessing over the target and thinking about the person’s every move… The problem is that when he is ready to “take the shot” now that he is retired after a career of this he does the target in and the target is OVER and there is no room for gray. It’s great that he has had therapy after retiring because he is learning to see the gray but I noticed that after twenty years of weapons being his specialty he still has that “kill” sort of mind…
    I’ve worked around vets for a long time now and most of them that have seen battle have a black and white reality that is hard to shake. It meant their lives of course so we can understand their thought process but it does not suit them well in the non military world at times! Most military spouses or S.O.’s find this to be an issue for them as well when I talk to them.

  4. I wouldnt want to do it but I think I have chart that could, Venus exactly conjunct pluto in the 8th sextile a Mars conjunct Neptune. I can be invisible but lethal. I looooove these posts Elsa, anything about tactics gets me!!! 🙂 Your man the solider is a great exchange of energy for this and I appreciate that knowlege and energy via you 🙂

  5. Given the life I’ve lived, I think I could do anything! I do have a Virgo stellium which has given me incredible ability to focus when I need to.
    Funny I just had this convo with some friends of mine last night and I said I thought I could do things like this but that I wouldn’t want to. I’m not interested in killing other people.

  6. Yeah…. I can totally relate. Venus is in Pisces, in eighth house. I would never make it in the marines either. First of all, if I didn’t like my co-sniper I wouldn’t work well with them. Second, if I did like my co-sniper, I might jeopardize the mission, at times, wanting to save them first. Third, if I did like the enemy, or didn’t even know the enemy, I could never shoot. If I did, it would cost a bundle to treat me for ptsd!

  7. I couldn’t do this in a million years and I have almost zero understanding of anyone who could, or who would even choose this as a career and lifestyle (in peacetime at least)

    I have huge admiration and respect however for this kind of person/self-discipline, and as I’m always attracted by the ‘other’ not the familiar my lack of comprehension is a trigger for attraction rather than repulsion (Moon in H9)

  8. Awesome story! I was laughing maniacally at the end. This hardened man with gooey insides and a love bug talking about snipers. Just great. The whole image was priceless.

    Venus in Aquarius, 11th house. I think I’d want to make bracelets out of the grass with my friend while talking about ways to start a love revolution.

  9. I’ve crawled through the woods a bit like that, although it was with binoculars, looking for wildlife, and didn’t take 3 days 🙂

    I tend to go into neptunian states when in the woods like this. When I was a ranger I got so attuned to the place I could sense another person in there long, long before they appeared.

    But that kind of intense focus would evade me. Definitely.

    Venus in Sagittarius.

  10. My Natal Venus is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio in the 9th house. All the houses in my chart share a sign Pieces is completely absorbed in my first house and Virgo is completely absorbed in my 7th house there are not any planets in either of the houses or signs. I have my Sun, Venus and Saturn all in Scorpio. My Sun is in the 8th house and Saturn and Venus are in the 9th house but also in Scorpio. To say my chart is a bit off Kelter and strange is putting it mildly but so am I so I have been told. I personally don’t think it is all that strange.

    I began my military career in June of 1974 did a 2 year enlistment extended 6 months to have my first born a son. My military job on Active duty is a Quartermaster Chef I cooked for Training command for 2.5 years at Ft. Polk, LA exited active duty 18 December 1976. Joined the Oklahoma National Guard in 1978 my parents had something come up couldn’t watch my son so I got out didn’t like the MPs anyway. Eleven years later I joined the Oklahoma National Guard again this time a Transportation unit OJTed as a Truck driver can drive most any thing with wheels on it. My Unit was deployed for Desert storm the 16th of December 1990 we flew out for Saudi Arabia 25th of December 1990. The military increased the size of our company and I returned to my duties as a chef from that point on. We returned back to the world in June of 1991 my then husband and I split in on the 16th of December of 1994. I exited the OK National Guard in November of 1996.

    I could not be a Sniper first I am ADD that right there precludes any option for that job. Patients is not my forte’ either. I hate dirt, bugs pretty much the outside world though I do enjoy looking at it. I am however an excellent cook. My X on the other hand would be an excellent Sniper.

  11. “I’m not kidding. I could not be in that kind of proximity to someone for that length of time and not feel I was having sex with them… and I’d want to talk about it of course.”

    OH MY GAD!! This is so me, thank you for writing it because I always thought I was a complete freak!! I once spent 24/7 with someone for weeks on end in a very extreme circumstance and the sexual tension was mind-bending.
    I don’t think I would’ve given this guy a second thought in any other circumstance.
    Years and years later I woke up from a dead sleep with his voice:

    “I have made a mistake.”
    LOL, it upended me for days.

    I’m super sensitive to other people’s energy and being at close range for a prolonged period of time is a physical and mental challenge.

  12. “I’m super sensitive to other people’s energy and being at close range for a prolonged period of time is a physical and mental challenge”

    Me too, I could only spend all that time 24/7 with my husband as we did, because he had the knack of self-containment – he could both zone out, and contain his own energy [Aqua Sun – and he’d spent over 20 years at sea, inc 14 years in the Navy].

  13. I couldn’t do it. Not only am I the type to turn the washing machine off, so that I could save a fly (sometime last Summer) – I just have no interest in killing – I talk too much, am too restless and jumpy, and I’d get everyone else killed.

    I’d love to be disciplined and tough enough for that – at least parts of a job like that – but I’m not.

    Venus in Gemini conjunct Moon, and the 8th house cusp.

  14. Yes, I’d do it but I’d rather be alone.
    Moon 8 Taurus trine Mars Cap 4 trine Saturn 2.
    They could use this stuff to weed out recruits.

  15. I have Venus in Scorpio in the 7th house.

    It is Conjunct Pluto and Saturn. It is Opposite my Ascendant in Aries, but I display many Taurus Rising Sign characteristics! Sextile my Mercury and Midheaven in Capricorn! Phew! 😀

    Generally it is good to me, and works in my favour. It seems to have a protective influence over me, and situations in my life. And sometimes there are a few catharthic learning experiences involved too! I generally view it as a blessing.

  16. I could not do this in a million years & I truly admire those few who are up for the task.

    I’ve got venus in leo in 4th with saturn.
    & it’s true, I’d likely not make it out of the house. However, I could not even succeed as a sniper in my own home due to
    a sextile to mars/moon in GEMINI.
    Stay on task? quietly?
    forget about it.

  17. What it takes to do that is not common. Courage, patience, raging determination and nerves of steel. I wonder what drives a person to do this by choice.
    With Venus in Cancer in 9th, I’m a million miles away from snipering in the jungle. I’d be studying botany, artefacts, people and wanting to understand.

    • That’s an interesting question, Satsun. I think certain people are called to certain things.

      It’s like being an astrologer (in public). It’s very hard on the personal life. No one wants their son to marry an ASTROLOGER. I know I am supposed to do this, but subject to constant ridicule and attacks off all kinds, because I do.

      In whatever case, my husband has the aptitude, the willingness to train, and the stomach for it, obviously.

  18. Venus conj Mars in Gemini in 6th. If i channeled my Taurus sun and Cap Asc I could, but it would need to be an emergency to keep me focused for that length of time. Not sure if I would get bored first, or have to talk first. I would definitely be distracted, not least of all by the person beside me, but by all the bugs and dirt!

  19. Really interesting story and point of view! But, to answer the question – HEEELLLL no. Venus in Virgo in the 12th, Libra rising, I’m a pleasure seeker, and way too soft…. not a fan of long periods of discomfort or jungles or danger.

    I cant imagine what the stakes would have to be for me to put myself through something like that, or even in proximity of something like that. :O It amazes me to realize some people have [willingly?] put themselves through this. It really takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

  20. Nope I couldn’t do it. I’m too fidgety even though I don’t always show my nervous energy now that I’m older. Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius ascendant. Although, if I were in that situation I’d probably mother my partner to death. Taurus moon in 5th house. However, I have four personal planets in the 12th and the “idea” of sneaking up on someone appeals to me. I laughed about your venus comment Elsa. I have venus conjunct mars and if I were younger and in this situation the thoughts of sex would have been long consummated before the end of those three days lol.

  21. I doubt I could do it, really doubt it. Maybe a one off emergency powered by the adrenaline rush? But three days of adrenaline would wipe me out and I would want to be alone. That much time with someone and my mind just GOES there without my permission, I would probably plan our MARRIAGE (not wedding) too!

    I appreciate the INTENSITY and the what it takes to do it *wipes brow*
    Venus in Libra 8H

  22. What an interesting post. I have stick-to-itiveness, but not that kind. Venus in Leo, and she does hang on to get a painting done well. In sniper school, she would be awfully unhappy. An hour of that and she would be dreaming of getting to the Paris Ritz to recover.

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