What Is The Number One Thing People Have Wrong About You?

What is the number one mistake people make about you?

For me, it’s that they think I like my ass kissed. People think I like to be flattered when I am in fact sickened by it.

It literally makes me feel ill but I never say anything when someone does it for two reasons:

First I’m polite and second… I’m polite.

What is the number one thing people have wrong about you is? Where is Neptune in your chart?



What Is The Number One Thing People Have Wrong About You? — 93 Comments

  1. I don’t know, but I’m almost always surprise by it . . “Really you thought that? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?”

    Unless it’s that I’m meaner and scarier than I am. I’m blunt (blunter than I’d like) and people often think if thats what I’m saying I must have more underneath . . . but nah. Thats it. Xyz baby.

  2. ·1) the more fun: ” You are a lawyer ” I am not
    ·2) plague: “You are very passionate and sensitive in your deepness” I am a geek freek
    .3) The incomprehensible: harmless, helpless

    Neptune 12 – scorpio here squared mars, sextile pluto uranus trined saturn and kiron -pisces

  3. That I don’t have feelings. Or that I need to be knocked down verbally or emotionally. I don’t do that to others and have little understanding about why I’m so often a target.

    I’m really tired of it, particularly today. Shitty day all around today.

    Neptune in Scorpio.

  4. They think that I’m pregnant, divorced, engaged, having an affair, lesbian, bi, or straight having multiple affairs with only married people. Plus they argue with me that they are right!

    In reality where I live, I go to work, church and the grocery store. I don’t why I don’t want to go get myself a relationship! LOL

    Neptune in Scorpio

  5. Neptune in the 7th house in Libra opposite first house Venus in Aries, and Neptune rules the chart. There is no number one thing, rather, most people have just about everything wrong about me.

  6. Men constantly think I’m going some she-devil that will bone them at the first opportunity. They think they are “reading me” and I am in turn embarrassed how simple they come across.
    12th House Neptune trine Aries Venus/Mars conjunction

  7. Oh, and they seem to especially think this when I go out in the world without getting out of my pajamas or brushing my teeth or whatever. The more feral I am,the more they think I am hunting them.

    • Oh, this is me to a T! The thing that people most get wrong about me is when a guy thinks I fancy them, just because I’m polite. Errrr, no. It’s embarrassing, and then I have to be repulsive just to get them out of my hair.
      Venus-Mars conjunct Capricorn, quintile Neptune in Scorpio.

  8. Hmmmm, good question, Elsa. I have a 12th house Neptune also and I feel I get misunderstood a lot. Many people have told me that I’m intimidating when I’m not trying to be, but that’s probably just the Scorpio ascendant and moon right?

    Carrie ((((hugs))))

  9. That, no matter what I say, I’m down for casual sex. That one’s annoying. Or that I’m emotionally unstable- it’s called passion and a short attention span, people!

    Sorry Elsa, I shall endeavor to be more rude toward you. lol

  10. I’m a Leo sun and rising. People are surprised by my ability to ‘feel people’ out and my emotional depth. I feel the soul in people, places and things. I was raised by a Scorpio sun mom with neptune in the 9th – yes very psychic, clairvoyant, and excellent ‘people reader’ – so I kinda learned from her. People are also surprised by my interest in metaphysics.
    My neptune is in Sagittarius and in the 4th house.

  11. Upon first impressions, people think I’m high maitenance. I call myself “Frugal Fabulous” because I would rather get a root canal than to spend big bucks on myself. I’m very low-maintence really, I don’t care for well-known labels and the such. I like to look nice, but I despise that I appear “high maintence”. It’s against everything I stand for.
    Neptune in the 2nd!!

  12. Neptune in Sag in the 12th opp Gemini Sun-Saturn-Mercury in the 6th. People never seem to think I’m being serious about what I’m saying and thinking, however many times I repeat a point. Either they can’t grasp the nuances what I’m saying or they’re hearing something else altogether.

    My question is — what can I do about it? Am I doomed to be a Cassandra?!

    You understand what I’m saying, dontcha?!


  13. biggest: Elitist aka “to the manor born’

    Just always give the appearance that I’d only be satisfied with Dom when I’d probably be happier sitting round the campfire with the other hobo’s drinking something from a paper bag as long as there is good conversation and loyal friends.

  14. Me too Loons. Neptune in 6th conjunct DC, opposed Gemini rising. People have all kinds of ideas and opinions about me, and none of them are accurate. Depending on the time, place, scenario, anything and everything could be true. Lol, I say, who cares? It’s all confused 🙂

  15. Interesting, von, because when I offer a ‘FWB’ arrangement, people think it’s a ruse to trap them into a relationship…

  16. Neptune in sagittarius in the first house.
    People think i’m a goody goody, but i’m really rebellious and wild on the inside

  17. Neptune conjunct ASC in Scorpio. People read me in all kinds of crazy ways when they first meet me. But mostly, they just seem to assume they can’t really know me, like I’m a question mark, or a really suspicious type.

  18. my sister has that nept conj asc in Scorp and she comes off as an Uber Flake (e.g., she has been known to drive around for weeks with the same flyer that someone stuck under her windshield sill under the windshield) yet…at work…she is a super high level hospital administrator and runs a gigantic emergency room. Talk about an enigma!

  19. my sister has pluto conjunct her Libra ASC and people act terrified of her. she is insanely beautiful which has been a bit of a curse. as her sister i see her Venus clearly. perhaps the public only sees pluto.
    she was followed home from school constantly as a kid by a pack of boys who called her dog. my dad was enraged by it but she insisted on plodding along by herself.

  20. Neptune in Scorp 6th house squared Moon Aquarius 9th house. People have said I am a witch,bi,strong personality, and stand-offish,lol. I always think people think I am nice and can get one over on me,hmmmm.

  21. Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th. People underestimate me or overlook me all the time. Scorpio moon also in the 12th rather likes the ability to be invisible at will.

  22. Neptune conjunct Moon conjunct descendant. One of my best friends once asked me, “Do you ever cry?” Maybe people think I’m unemotional? Or perhaps my emotions are just obscured so they can’t tell what I’m feeling.

    I guess I must have noticed this subconsciously because I tend to get defensive when people claim to know what I’m feeling. I barely even know… how could someone else?

    Interesting… especially considering I have Cancer rising. (Ruled by the moon) I liked this question!

  23. Neptune on the Midheaven (too many aspects to list, notable is the opposition to Mars & Saturn) – while I’m not completely sure what the #1 thing is, a lot of people have mentioned that when they first meet me I seem extremely aloof to the point of being unfriendly. Until they get to know me…at which point, they are surprised at how warm I can be. Of course, for the people that never get to know me, I guess I shall always be a “cold-hearted bitch”. *shrug*

  24. People think I’m a snob. I’m not sure what the astrology of snobbery is, but with Sun/Uranus, I’ve pretty much always welcomed all comers.

  25. Interesting, Jessica, I have never perceived you that way. You have been wide open since the day you showed up here – just right here, right now, no harm, no foul, no intro, just your arrival (and I admire this).

  26. Well, thank you. 😮 I guess (among many other things) you are probably pretty receptive to Uranian energy. Isn’t it weird? I’m not joking, a striking number of people have made offhand comments like “well you don’t like people like that” or comments to the effect that I must have grown up really privileged (and prejudiced, I guess, by extension?) when the opposite is true. It’s about as off-base as the guy telling you you had kids at home you neglected.

  27. That I’m cold and oppressively negative. My mom (the triple Sadge) said to me, “You are SO NEGATIVE, how do you live?”.
    I have too much Pisces for that but people think it of me. Neptune in the 4th, well aspected. I don’t get it. But. People will think what they think, you can’t do much about it.

  28. That I am self confident. Hoo boy – not! lol The confidence I have is hard won, but there are still times the little voice inside tells me it’s bullshit; then I wrestle with it until I have at least some faith in my abilities again.

    Nep is in 3rd house, Scorpio, aspecting Merc, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

    I will also try to be meaner, Elsa. lol

  29. Neptune in Sag, 8th house, sextile sun and pluto, opposition moon

    People think I’m more serious than I really am. People think I am more confident than I really am. People also tend to think that I’m stuck up because I tend to be quiet in large groups, but in actuality it is that A: I feel uncomfortable in large groups B: I don’t find the need to fake being comfortable to keep people happy. (A is a larger part of it, though.)

    So, people who don’t really know me see me as being very introverted while the people who know me well see me as the complete opposite!

    I think it fits well with my Taurus rising… People’s expectations of me are always pretty high so I definitely can do the “serious, heavy, down to business” role to get things done (especially, at work). That is how I get by. But with the people who know me at a deep level, my Aqua sun really comes out, and also, I think I am doing a decent job at expressing the traits of my Leo North Node, too. Only the people who are very close to me get to actually see this other part of me, though.

  30. Neptune in Sag at end of first house. A few people have remarked recently about my ‘zen like calm’ and that I’m so ‘laid back’. A homeopath once said I was ‘like a pot about to boil over’ and I thought that was pretty apt.

  31. This is a really good subject for me lately. I cannot put my finger on what it is but people do not hear me or listen or something. I’m trying to understand it with my SO watching me closely with other people. I say things and for some reason it just as if I didn’t exist to other people.

    He gave me an analogy the other night. He said, and agrees with me, that I’m so far outside of the norm and it’s quite obvious that I don’t fit in but the why or how of it is what I struggle with.

    He said that it’s not just that I’m outside of the norm. It that people expect you to show up wearing clothes. If someone shows up wearing no pants that is outside of the norm but people know how to react to it. He said that I show up wearing an immaculate attire of a kimono (I live in the US). It’s not “socially inappropriate” on a level that would get me committed to a mental hospital or rejected but it’s also not the accepted norm and so people just don’t know how to react.

    Mind you, I’m not TRYING to be different. Actually have spent many hours and days of my life trying to figure out how to fit in and be heard and accepted. It doesn’t seem to work.

    He said something else that I’m still trying to understand. He said that my thinking/wording of things is strange. He said “cleaner” than most but not what people expect so they don’t understand unless i make a huge effort to walk them through my thought process.

    He said that others probably would get to the same conclusion but that it takes them a month to get where I jump in two minutes and I need to make more of an effort to walk them through so they get where I am at.

    The astrology: neptune opposite asc. Which as I just learned from Elsa’s (horrible, plain, stupid – trying to be mean here) explanation of chart rulers means that my chart is mercury ruled and mercury is in the 12th.

    So my communication is obscure and my asc. is trying to wander out of the fog.

    goody – did I mention that this is just part of my t-squares that I’m still trying to learn to love? Oh and neptune is retrograde in the 7th – don’t know what the retrograde does to the dynamic.

    Thanks for letting me unload. This is a huge issue I’m trying to learn to deal with this last year or so. My S.O. has been wonderful and he’s outside of the norm too so he has his own struggles that I help him with so it’s been wonderful in that sense that I have a partner in pain/struggle/learning.

  32. Mudlikesubstance – I can relate to what you said, especially:

    ‘… they don’t understand unless i make a huge effort to walk them through my thought process.

    He said that others probably would get to the same conclusion but that it takes them a month to get where I jump in two minutes and I need to make more of an effort to walk them through so they get where I am at.’

    I’ve had this said to me several times. I still haven’t been able to not feel frustrated when people don’t understand me, but I’ve come to realise that trying to ‘fit in’ with the rest of them by being over-conscious of what I say isn’t the solution.

    Just revel in your difference. As long as you don’t offend or hurt anyone, uniqueness can only be a good thing.

  33. Me too Mudlikesubstance. I also have the Neptune opp. ASC aspect (gemini), with 12th house largely in Gemini, and a Pisces Mercury. You sound very familiar 😉 People don’t really understand/hear me accurately either. I’ll say something, they’ll hear something else and jump to conclusions. I let them usually…because it gives me an unusual opportunity to learn about them. Like the ‘negative’ of a photograph 🙂

  34. Don’t know where to start,they think I’m scared!! They think I’m somebody else literally, an entire different person all because of some lies that a couple of people who would think were funny made up. It’s like if she walks slow (calm) she’s scared. If she walks too fast she’s scared. Damned if I do damned if I don’t. Whatever she says it pertains to this or that only. Anything that comes out of my mouth is pertaining to my supposed situation. They think they’re doing the worst things imaginable to me but that has already happened.

  35. hitchhiker – the issue isn’t reveling in my difference. It’s a matter of it impacting work relations and some social areas of my life. Somewhere along the line I stopped trying to fit-in really hard and then everything began to disintegrate. I’m trying to find a method/balance/ability to carry on good relationships and communications through what feels like a barrier or disconnect. I could blame them but they don’t seem to care, and I do.

    ana – I agree. Seeing the “negative” of a picture is a wonderful visual of how it sometimes feels. It’s just a very different bunch of information that we work off of. Kind of like my dad teaching me that the sky was green and grass is blue. Which makes no sense until you go to japan and find that blue/green have overlapping meanings. 🙂

  36. You know what, I don’t think anyone gets anything wrong about me. Occasionally someone thinks I’m madder than I actually am, but that’s about it. WYSIWYG with me.

    (Neptune in 2nd.)

  37. A couple of women in my life have said that I think that I’m “soooo special”. They have also thought that I’ve kept my husband, then boyfriend, on a tight leash.

    Um, no and no. The ladies did not deserve an explanation from me at the time, so I did not offer one.

    My husband and I love doing things together, but we also have our independent time to work, tend to personal things, take care of ourselves, etc.

    Also, good God, I only wish I felt as special as they said I did at the time.

  38. Oops. I forgot to mention that some think I’m a dumb sucker, but that pretty much works out to my favor in the long-run, trust.

  39. People might think I’m away with the fairies or too dreamy to understand what’s going on, when i always know.
    Sun: Cancer, Opposition Saturn & Conjunct Jupiter
    Moon: Cancer, Opposition Neptune and Conjunct Venus
    Mercury: Leo, Square Pluto
    Venus: Cancer, Opposition Uranus

  40. That I’m a serious type (my Saturn in Capricorn in 1st house gives that impression). But just as well (he chuckled darkly) as it just helps to draw a veil over my secretive, mysterious side (Neptune in Scorpio in 10th house).

  41. People treat me like I have no feelings, don’t struggle with anything, don’t have to work for anything I have and won’t care if they run over me or try to take something from me. The reality is that while I am incredibly strong, it’s because I have had to work my a-double off to earn that strength and life has given me plenty of ‘opportunities’ to become stronger. My friends end up being the people who don’t make this mistake.

    Neptune in Sag in the first house (along with damn near everything else).

  42. others think that i am childish spoiled brat. that i dont know what im doing in my life. that i am passionate for nothing. its horrible!!!

  43. I’m rather reserved and quiet, especially in a work setting, so only people who get close to me know who I really am — and invariably they’re surprised. People have ascribed all kinds of actions and motives to me that I’d never even think of (for example, at one of the jobs I had someone stole money, and even though that is something I’d never do I’m pretty sure the boss thought I’d done it. They never said anything directly to me, though.) I get “you think you’re so good” a lot, which is others’ projections. Scorpio Sun, Leo rising, Moon in Gemini.

  44. There are two, actually

    1 – that I am some sort of sex fiend with no morals or standards and that I am after them/their partner and/or only interested in getting laid

    2 – that I’m some sort of super liberal government should be our mama type

    Neptune/moon in 7H Sag opposite Sun/Saturn/Ascendant in Gemini.

  45. oooh. ouch, Loonsounds. Same as your sis. Neptune conj. Ascendant in Scorpio. Boyfriend used to say I have a mind like a steel sieve. Still laugh when I say that. I think I’ve sort of lived up to people’s expectations and I undersell myself. Elsa, I wondered about that, because your patience with it looks like rock-star with groupies. You get both, though. Flattery and direct praise and gratitude.

  46. That my life pattern has been irresponsible.

    My Neptune is in Sag trining my Leo Asc. I have moved quite a lot in my 20’s, changed schools a few times, and tried many different jobs. It was always with an eye to spiritual growth and being realistic about my surroundings– sometimes about climbing the ladder. Some people have judged me for it, thinking that change equals instability, and instability = irresponsible.

    That’s all right. I’m doing the Cap Sun thing; it’s not my problem that the haters don’t see it. 🙂

  47. I’m not sure if this is obvious according to my Neptune placement/aspects, but people almost always underestimate me; wether it’s based on a first impression of my general appearance or even if they’ve gotten to know me a litter better. I usually surprise ’em;-) Usually a positive thing except if I’m trying to get a job or something similar and need to come off as capable and hard-working…. which I am, almost to a fault sometimes, but people usually don’t see it right off the bat.
    My 8th hse Neptune(Sag) is opposed my conjunct Gemini Sun & Jupiter in the 2nd.

  48. Neptune in scorpio in the 4th house (conj Venus)

    People often think I’m far more open than I really am. Men in particular often think I am this wild and crazy sexually uninhibited woman that screws around and has casual sex with lots of men – couldn’t be further from the truth!

    • Yeah Mahchi. I get that too. I’m playful and open about talking about sex or can engage in witty sexual banter. (Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd conjunct with Venus in Scorpio oppose Taurus Moon in 8th)
      But I am a traditionalist, monogamous and rather old fashioned. I’m only sexy adventurous and crazy with one guy. Don’t do harems or friends with bennies either.

  49. Neptune in 12th in Sag. In real life people sometimes think I’m much younger than I am and inexperienced/ innocent. But actually I think this is mostly younger people I’ve worked in assuming that. Maybe people think I fit in, when I never really seem to. I can be in a group of people with all one thing in common and nobody will guess that one thing is not something I share.

    Online I’ve had people call me mysterious.

    • Yep, same here! I was born with a baby face and people always thought I was 5-10 years younger than I am. Even now, I think people don’t believe I’m 40. Mom used to tell me I would appreciate this someday. Kind of hard to do so when you want to be treated as an intelligent individual who has earned respect, and others treat you like you need your hand held and can only understand small words! (I’m talking about at work–at least here people talk to me like an adult.)

  50. They have me all wrong, my image, my intentions, my words…

    My Neptune is conjunct my IC, inconjunt my 11th house Mercury, ruler of my AC.

  51. Lol, that makes me laugh Elsa. I think I may have flattered you! But what can one do when they feel a sense of admiration for you? Your posts have helped me through difficult, confusing and painful times. IMO it is human to express gratitude for such things. But! Apologies for any compliment induced sickness 😉

    As for me, people think I am stronger/more kickass than I am. I have Mars in the 10th, square the ASC and I look like I knock down buildings in my spare time. My hidden Neptune in the 4th fools them all 🙂

    • I don’t think a compliment is flattery. To me, flattery is when a person layers on praise to feed the other person’s ego. I make a video about this.
      Leo, Flattery and Fool’s Gold.

      Everyone enjoys a compliment or and authentic expression of appreciation of their work or some effort they’ve made. I am talking about heaping praise in order to manipulate.

      • It makes us all equally appalled when there is a kiss ass kissing your ass but we don’t say anything either. Remember the teachers pet in school who everyone just could not stand. Well Elsa, you are like the teacher, and kiss assers come with that.

      • @cuspy,

        It’s my Libra rising. Then they meet my Capricorn Moon and Mars aspects, and it gets ugly.

        Cancer Midheaven? You’re the mama with a knife protecting her kid!

  52. Neptune square Sun and opposite moon here. People always think that I am very mysterious in a glamorous and unavailable way, and this intrigued people…the neptunian way.

    They also used to think that I was having sex all day (scorpio rising, uranus rising, moon pluto trine, eighth house moon and mars) when it was not like that at all.

    Things have quieten more since my late thirties and early forties but that was a recurrent thing I heard for almost two decades. Ah!

  53. Because I look sweet (and, let’s be honest, am sweet) people think they manipulate me, can boss me around and make decisions over my head. And then they meet Mars in Gemini on the Ascendant and all of a sudden it’s my fault. I’m saying mean things. But weren’t they the one who attempted to manipulate me, boss me around and make decisions for me? That’s ri-ight.
    My Mars is conjunct Sun and Mercury in the 12th and causes me many enemies, no doubt, who sabotage in me ways I probably don’t even know. Once I get started people tend to never forget. I am like ‘BOOM The Empire Strikes Back!’ Sun 12 rules Leo 3rd.

  54. I have no idea what people think of me, so I don’t know where they would be wrong!
    My Neptune is in 12th, and is ruler of empty 5th House.

  55. I have neptune in 12 too, sextile sun. I just think people see what they need to see in me. I think this is actually widely true for most people. I really think our perception of “others” is only a reflection of our own inner world.

  56. Not entirely sure, maybe don’t really care. My step-father & mother called me “ice queen”, even in high school. I like people, it’s just takes such a commitment to do relationship right.

    Neptune in the fifth Libra (as is Saturn),
    square Moon, Uranus, Eris

  57. Probably it’s that they think I have my shit together. To be honest, I kind of foster that; like my dad always said, Always act like you know what you’re doing.

    My friends also tend to mistakenly believe that I like all the same things they like, and are shocked when I tell them I don’t want to go to a sushi restaurant. But I don’t know if that says more about me or them.

  58. With Pisces Asc, Gemini Sun and Sag Moon people think I’m quiet and laid back, just taking in my surroundings. When anger rises or I stand up for someone else people are shocked! I also notice details in my view that other people seem to miss when something bad happens and I’m compelled to report to someone! A blessing and a curse.

  59. I am often perplexed when I hear people say to me, “I know you” or “I know what you’re like” when they are talking about something that is clearly not me, about me or even liked by me!
    What I have learnt from that is their perceptions are way off base and it is more about them. Now, I actually stand up and say so. Quite often they do not like their projection put back where it really belongs. Leaves me with a ‘meh’ feeling.

  60. That I am an airy-fairy romantic (I have Pisces rising). Nope. I have a stellium in Capricorn and Aquarius. I’m grounded and mental. 😀

  61. i have neptune in the 10th house. People rarely see me for who I am and their assumptions run the gamut. I think most of all some are surprised when I say something off color or make a wise crack about something. But for the most part people have a much more positive opinion about me than is the reality of who I really am. I am only human and I have more than my fair share of faults.

    • Can relate. Especially as I am in a Management position per my Job. Have Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th House, 1st degree squaring Uranus in Leo/8th House with Pluto in Leo also 8th House. Assumptions run the gamut. Folks at work call me ‘The King’ and/or ‘The Sphinx’. Cute, eh? Have an Aries Sun, Sagg Rising and weirdly, a Pisces Moon. Have all slow moving planets from Jup thru Pluto (five planets in retrograde!) in the top of my chart!

  62. Neptune conjunct moon in 4th scorpio square my sun/asc in Leo. Ppl think im high maintenance, princess and dont get my hands dirty. But I garden, cut grass, spread mulch and do all of the house chores/bills etc. idk maybe because i dont have a job outside of the home? My husband works construction 12hr days…I always had to do everything else..

  63. 12th. Conj Asc. In Sage.
    A lot of people seem to feel I’m fake when I’m earnest. I’ve also been told I was lying about my origins. Had people who knew me years say several years after the fact: “Wow. You were really who you said all along!” It’s weird.

  64. I have had a lot of experiences recently and I will be 44 this week… I didn’t get this until the last few years- I will be with someone in my life either through work or a neighbor or a friend of a friend.. and out of the blue I hear”You are really not that abnormal. I totally am sorry for thinking you might have a criminal record or hate authority and want to overthrow everything… I totally thought you were one of those girls who is into the whole witchcraft Polyamorous thing and I didn’t know you had a house and you had been married and you do accounting! I was totally wrong about you and I feel so bad.”

    No one realizes how much they are doing to make me an actual asshole. 😉

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