Will I Never Marry If There Are No Planets In My 7th House?

brideRule number one in astrology – never make a blanket statement about an aspect or an empty house or anything else you see in a chart. If you do, you’ll be made a fool, eventually.

The 7th house is concerned with partnership and marriage. But having no planets there does not mean you will not marry. You have to look at the chart as a whole.

An empty 7th house may reveal a person who is less interested in partnership than a person with a packed 7th house but this is not always the case. For example if the person has a lot of planets in Libra or Taurus (Venus-ruled signs), they are going to favor relationships no matter where the planets fall in the chart.

There are endless scenarios that see a person with no planets in their 7th house marrying, well and happily so the answer is, no. Having no planets in your 7th house does not mean you will not marry!



Will I Never Marry If There Are No Planets In My 7th House? — 64 Comments

  1. Hm….
    I have empty 7th House!
    Like many others I was in a hurry to make a blanket statement .

    It turns out that my chart have a T square 1st,4th,10th houses) . The 7th house is getting a lot of pressure!

    I have SN Libra/Scorpio Pluto in 8th!

    I put my self in the ”very very interested in partnership” group

  2. Elsa, I have no planets in Virgo, which is my 7th house. I can tell you, my interest in relationship and marriage is a lot less than those with 7th houses.

  3. That makes a lot of sense. I’ve an empty 7th (unless the vertex counts) and have always had zero interest in marriage. However I do love men and love and relating, which I guess is down to chart ruler being Venus, in Sag.

  4. My empty 7th house is more than compensated by Sun, Pluto, Mars and Juno in Libra. My ex, on the otherhand, is a rare (checked this from Astrotheme celebrity list, and there were about 1/4 of them compared to some more common combinations)Libra with Pisces rising. His 7th house is packed with a Libra Sun/Pluto conjunction, Mercury and possibly Scorpio Uranus (it’s on the 8th house cusp, and since the birthtime is approximative, could fall there). It actually took me years to realize that people could, indeed, be in love without going to the same extremes to demostrate it he went or, at least partly, demanded.

  5. I have no planets in the fourth, fifth or seventh houses. But I notice that if I look at what ruler that house is in and where it is stationed, and then look at planets aspecting it, it all makes sense, though I still have a lot to learn. But for instance my 7th house is ruled by Taurus/Venus and my 11th house is Venus ruled. I have met all the guys I have dated through friends and they have all been artistic or musical in someway. Also my Venus is in Capricorn and sits in my second house, but my first house is Saturn ruled so I have always been attracted to men who are rather serious and Saturian. Not that I don’t love a great sense of humor (Jupiter in Libra). So as I beginning astrologer this is my interpretation.

  6. Thank you – thank you! I am quite the novice in astrology and was examining some things about my chart last night and felt more than a little freaked out when I realized my 2nd house was empty. My immediate thought – OMG, I will NEVER have any money! Then again, I have a lot of 8th house action and 7th house, too, so I guess maybe the hint is I should marry for money, LOL? That’ll have to be the next time around, too, ’cause I sure as heck very obviously didn’t do THAT right this first time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Yes, jenfullmoon, i’ll take your 7th house planets. Want my Venus t-square? or ANYTHING that I’ve got on the eastern side of my chart (which is, well, almost everything)

  8. I have Venus conjunct moon in gemini in 7th house trining Jupiter and opposing Uranus. My 7th house is Taurus.
    With my tiny knowledge, I will marry someone who lovely and homely all of sudden.
    Also because venus and moon is in Gemini, he will be chatty man.
    I’m Scorpio rising with Saturn in 1st house. I’ll be the serious one and he will be airy fairie one. hehe.

  9. I have a 7th house Venus t-square already, moonpluto. Saturn/Venus/Moon T-square, and 7th house Sun/Chiron conjunction. THAT is why I’ll hand them over to other people… they’re all hammered. I am not going to have good (or any?) luck with relationships in this lifetime, apparently.

  10. I need help!
    I have an empty 7th house, with the ruler of the 7th house (which is moon in scorpio, cancer descedent) located in the 10th house opposition Saturn in the 4th…I am desperate and already 40 and I hate it so much cause it’s seems as if I am cursed or something plus being a woman. Have read that not only it brings bad luck in love (which is true so far) but it also prevents having babies…
    Plase help….

  11. menega, no egg on your face! egg on mine, if anything! I try to keep things going here, even when my energy is low or directed elsewhere. Always, always good so see you around. I remember your kindness from so many years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m beginning to think you’re psychic, Elsa P. I was just talking to a friend yesterday about her packed 7th house and my empty one.

    I have no planets in the 7th house. I have a stellium in Libra. I’m married and have been for 6 years. I had no intention of getting married and it wasn’t something I felt I had to do but I really enjoy having a partner in life.

  13. I have no planets in my 7th house, but it is ruled by Libra, and when Saturn went in to Libra I began a very ‘serious’ relationship. I wondered if that was the influencing factor.

  14. I always thought having no planets in any certain house was a good thing.

    That ground was neutral, so to speak. A sparkly clean stage.

    I thought such a house is influenced by whatever is on either side, in either wing of the stage.

    I also thought that house is influenced by what is straight across the zodiac wheel from it, i.e the audience, or the receptor.

    That’s how I look at it, anyway.

  15. I have an empty 7th house but I have three planets in Libra. I have been in relationships (casual or committed) since I was 13. I am very independent at the same time, with 4 planets in Aries. In a way, having one major relationship makes it easier for me to have fewer close friends that I have to depend on to meet my needs. Maybe I will never marry but that’s because I don’t believe in it. I don’t think I’ll ever be alone for long. I’ve been with my man for five years.

  16. I like this post – I used to have a very similar feeling about my 5th house. Using placidus, it’s empty!

    I was freaking out thinking I would never have children, but I was confused because I adore children and knew I really wanted to have children.

    Turns out that equal houses has venus in the fifth… but even without that, it was Elsa who put me on the right track and told me not to panic!

  17. Good timing I was just googling empty houses til 2 am last night…..I feel like I am about to learn something..my 2nd, 4th, 10th, 11th houses are all empty.

    I dont even know where to begin-maybe I will post my chart and see if anyone will please help me decipher a tad of my chart.
    A closed mouth never gets fed—-so please anyone one who is able I would love and be grateful to no end if you could brief me.

  18. I have Scorpio on the cusp of the 7th, and there resides Uranus. “unusual relationships”…yes. Definitely. But that doesn’t quite play out the way some people might interpret it, thank goodness.

    Lots of Libra. Almost never single.

    Been in very LTRs but never married. (ahem, Uranus? mebbe?)

  19. My Saturn is in 7th in Scorpio and I have never had a romantic relationship, which is funny considering how much I admire those in happy marriages. Oh well, such is life.

  20. I should stereotypically be a Bridezilla with my chart..strong 7th house, PACKED 8th house, stuff in the 5th house, empty 1st…

    And oh yeah, my Libra stellium.

    But thankfully I have a packed 10th, stuff in the 11th, so it balances me out.

  21. I think the very fact that this person asked this question is proof that partnering and marriage is on their mind. I’m sure he/she has other empty houses but this is the one that holds a lot of importance for them because of what it represents.

  22. My 6,7,8 houses are all empty. But I have Libra rising & Neptune 1st house. Been married twice and also had two long live in relationships. Actually enjoying being single right now but would marry again if a man I can give my heart to.

  23. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/enlightened-living/200910/examining-our-sense-identity-and-who-we-are

    that’s so interesting, you were saying that you know your identity, well I had no clue what you were talking about. I had to research it on the internet to see an article that explains it. That’s truly amazing since I had no clue. I have my Asc in virgo I have there Jupiter (virgo) and Saturn (libra) both in the first house.
    So there, I have planets in my first house and no clue what self identity is and gotta work on it to define it. yeeey ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. I have no planets in 7th and 5th houses. But more than 4 planets in 2nd and 9th houses. I am not sure what this means for my love life. I have had many short term relationships, but never a serious one. Also my Venera is in 9th house.

  25. Houses that host planets in your chart are representative of areas of emphasis it is not to imply that if it is not emphasised it is non existant.

  26. Mercury in Pisces in the seventh and it’s on my grand mutable cross. Tightest aspect is its square to Saturn in Gemini. Married and divorced twice, lived with four different men. I still have stars in my eyes and hope to marry a third and final time. โ˜†โ™กโ˜†โ™กโ˜†โ™กโ˜†

  27. Many (many) years ago, my mom had my chart done. She explained to me that the astrologer who did the chart commented said I “had a loaded 7th house” and each planet represented something I needed to work through. In my case I have the sun, mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and south node all in Cancer). I think of a ‘vacant’ house as ones that the chart-holder doesn’t need to ‘work on’, therefore not showing a planet or whatever. I consider occupied houses as those we need to pay special attention to. Long story short – I dated a lot. Didn’t connect with my husband until 45. Going on 18 years and happy.

  28. I have no planets in my 7th house. AND Venus in Capricorn (+ Sun and Mars). And waddyaknow? I just got married. I met my love when Saturn entered my 7th house (making me ‘serious’ about my relationship?). As a Capricorn I am Saturn ruled.

  29. Except for Chiron in the 6th, my houses are empty from the 5th to the 10th. This does not, however, keep me from living a full life – including a marriage now entering its 33rd year. A big help in this matter is probably my Moon in Cancer at 29 degrees (in the 11th) and my husband’s Cancer Ascendant right on the same degree. We are,in many respects, very different people – but it works.

  30. I do not have any planets in the 7th either, except for my South Node. Yippee. Most of my 7th house is Gemini but the house ruler is Taurus. My unaspected Venus (save a semisquare to Jupiter, more yippee) is in Taurus in the 6th. I am 40 and unmarried and want very much to be. True to my south node it is probably my #1 life issue. The last long relationship I had was when Saturn was in Gemini, my 7th. So now it’s opposite the 7th in Sag in my first around my N. Node. So I’m trying to work on my independence and identity but I’m like “damn when is this going to cut me a break, never?” I do often end up having brief things with men from work/daily life true to the 6th, however I now work from home which means I get out a lot less and have less interaction with people daily in general. I’m hoping some chart progression gives me a boost/break at some point. I also have Pluto in Libra which, I’ve read, makes the native have emotional security based in the need to be in a relationship.

  31. I always hoped an empty seventh wouldn’t matter. I made a friend whose stellium falls in my seventh and all is not perfect. In the past, many of my friends had moons that fell in my seventh.
    I’ve only had two actual boyfriends. Both a waste of space and time, but needed experience. I wish someone I’d like wanted to date me, I certainly am obsessed with the wrong side of this.

  32. I have Mars on DSC in Leo square Uranus ( chart ruler) in Scorpio. Never married. In my opinion serious malefics in 7th may create more serious obstacles in relationship and bring enermies than ” empty “7th house. ?

  33. Does natal Pluto on the 7th cusp almost exactly and North Node in the middle of the house count for anything? I have had several broken engagements all due to outside circumstances and not personal. I remain unattached at 57.

  34. The lord of the 7th house has to be seen. The Librans and the Taurians also get married.
    Jupiter placement is also considered for marriage as are Venus and Moon placements.

  35. Great information here. i didnt realize that venusians despite having no planets in 7th, means you want to pair up. that makes alot of sense, since taurus is supposedly one of my three dominant energies. Plus i read pisces is exalted in venus, so that also makes sense that pisceans/of that energy want to merge early. i married really young too.

  36. I have nothing in the 7th except Chiron, but Uranus rules it and is in my 1st — Uranus is opposite Chiron and squares my 4th house Sun/Mars/Juno conjunction. I also have Venus in Libra square Saturn. Still unmarried at 56 despite having been in several long-term relationships and desiring marriage.

  37. I have no planets in my 7th but my 4th house Libra is full with a Scorpio Stellium. I have only been in relationships and I am really bad at and never have really dated. I have been married though…too many times. ๐Ÿ™

  38. I’d say to check out the status of the 7th house ruler. Mine is conjunct Uranus so partnership has not been a focus. However, even with that situation,there have been partnerships and typically it has happened when Saturn crosses an angle by transit and there is a supportive progression happening.

  39. I have two planets there, one of which is Venus. In Pisces! But they’re squaring saturn / mars so…forever alone. My mission now is to accept it and move on. It’s hard when there is a wish in your heart but you lack the skills or wherewithal to attain it.

  40. Sun moon Venus in 7th mars and Lilith in taurus in 11th, married 35
    Years, very difficult, ended not a day too soon makes me think
    I stayed as 7th house had my
    Subconscious wired

  41. my mother: empty 7th house, married and divorced twice

    my sister: moon conj DSC (squared by 5 planet cap stellium), does not date. ever.

    my brother: also moon conj DSC (part of fire grand trine with pluto and saturn), has been trying to settle down since he was 15.

    me: cap mercury, mars, uranus in 7th, sag venus conj DSC, can always find someone who’s game to waste my time.

  42. I m almost 34 and have Saturn at the very end of 12th House (almost conjunct ASC) opposing sun at the very end of 6th house (almost conjunct DSC).

    Settling down is so freaking hard for me. I always end up falling for older men (blame my daddy issues) and the ones who don’t want long term commitment. Think I’ll stay forever single ๐Ÿ™

  43. My seventh house is empty and there are no supporting planet that is going to support my seventh house my marriage life is going to ruin now dnt know how could I handle

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