Natal Charts vs Progressed vs Solar Or Lunar Returns

moonIn practice, I favor the natal chart, though I use Progressed and return charts as well. I allow the situation to guide me around which chart might provide insight. I always start with the natal but if the answer is not there or if I want more detail or other information, I look for it in auxiliary charts.

As an example, recently I started cooking and baking like a bat out of hell. Now I like to bake and cook and I’m talking about cooking and baking most all day long, and further I was giving the food away.  At some point, this flurry of cooking and generosity expanded to such a degree, I thought I should figure it out.

It’s not like I was manic or something but I was really producing, day after day after day. I was also harvesting veggies from my garden and fruit from trees and delivering it to various people and families… this is nuts, right?  So I considered my transits and there was nothing to explain it. Does Pluto conjunct your ascendant do this? No!

I checked my current Lunar Return chart first and there is was. Jupiter in Aries in the 4th house. Mission to feed and nurture people. I certainly had the energy to do all this. I was driven!

I was relieved when I saw the chart because I knew it would go on for another week or so but there was an end in sight.

Then yesterday, a gal called me about an issue with her house. Moon, right? And it happened to be the day of her Lunar Return…

As always, I printed her natal chart but based on these other things, I suspected her Lunar Return chart(s) might be helpful. She was feeling (moon/lunar) something. This is what prompted her to contact me; could it be the energy of the new Lunar Return coming in?

As it turned out, the return charts were very helpful. Moon in Scorpio filled in to create a Fixed Grand Cross yesterday.  Angst from some quarter would be expected.

Because it was a house involved, I figured the upcoming Lunar Return might provide information. My hunch was right.

Think about it. Scorpio moon ’round 18-24 degrees.  Saturn and Uranus are going to mess with those degrees into November.  You can see this by the natal chart but the Lunar Return charts really flesh things out; it’s a great support to get through a trying time.

I’m posting this as an example of how I branch out, depending on what and who I am working with.

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Do you use auxiliary charts? Which charts do you prefer? Do you have a method in this regard?


Natal Charts vs Progressed vs Solar Or Lunar Returns — 4 Comments

  1. Elsa, thank you for sharing your insightful astrological wisdom. It always illuminates some bit of life I would otherwise miss seeing coming down the pike, even though and likely becoz unlike you I’m far from an adept astrologer. I’m sure you know you provide an important service on many levels to those of us open to receiving it. I wish you only the best as you define it. Again, thank you.

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