Mars Pluto Rage: How Do You Feel After Unleashing Your Fury?

forest fire rageHave you ever burned someone down – torched them – berated them – tortured them… you know the drill. And done this when they’d done virtually nothing to deserve it?

Tell the truth now. What got into you?

Also, how did you handle the aftermath?

How old were you?

Have you been able to gain some control?

What’s the astrology?


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Mars Pluto Rage: How Do You Feel After Unleashing Your Fury? — 16 Comments

  1. I have done this, but only to someone who richly deserved it.

    This person had taken advantage of multiple people, lied, manipulated and spoiled lives for their own selfish ends, promising wonderful things which never materialized in order to exploit people. In truth I should have kicked them out of my life a LONG time before I did and so should the others who were affected.

    The thing that I did (revealing a piece of information about them and providing evidence/proof of what they had done) killed multiple opportunities for this person, burned bridges for them and wrecked their public standing. I have not regretted it for a moment. Prior to my doing this thing the person still weighed on my mind frequently even though it had been years since I spoke to them.

    Since doing it, I have barely thought of them.

    Don’t fuck with Cancerians. It may take a while but we will end you.

    Sorry if this is Off-Topic-ish, Elsa!

        • Sounds like someone I know and I did the same though not intentionally! I meant to just ease myself out of being involved emotionally-well amputate really, but it all turned out to do more so! Not only did they end up being “thrown under the bus”, they felt forced to amputate a close friend that had found out what they had done to me and maybe others. He told him to do the right thing, but he chose to get rid of that friend instead and keep on. Also their panic to get back their old flame, that they had gilted to “go out and play”- sort of backfired when after being played, I proceeded to tell them I would expose every nasty thing that they had said about them as they had a right to know! Well their “old flame” got that text two days before Valentine’s Day because she insisted on holding on to his phone, unknown by me, because she was jealous and wanted to keep him from texting or calling me I guess. He then text’d me back the next day, to inform me it was she who had replied (pissed off for sure!) as she had his phone! I told him he deserved it! I have let myself forgive him and myself just to move on…it’s been ages! I guess the astrology is Mars in Scorpio in the 12th-unconscious anger that comes out in mysterious ways. Or has mysterious effects. Also I can be unconscious of how mad I am and come across. I don’t like being angry. I repress it a lot. Fierce anger actually scares me!

    • I’ve done exactly the same as you. It’s fine by my moral compass. I’ve got moon in cancer and pluto conjunct Mars and Uranus in Virgo. Yep, in the end if you fuck with me (and especially if you make life miserable for others) I will end you. Ha ha ?

        • Good for you! Yep, I waited a long ass time to do this too and here’s the thing; people always say “Leave it to Karma!” But karma works through the actions of people. Who’s to say that your actions aren’t Karma doing its thing!

    • Thats some seriously bad karma on you – your post reminds me of a cancerian bitch i know with a hard pluto/mars square and moon in 12th. Her motivations are always rooted in extreme jealously and a toxic inferiority complex. You don’t elevate yourself by depressing others. Hope you feel great about yourself.
      I wonder what this individual did to warrant such a malevolent act on your part that was so “deserving”. LIke I said – your karma. Good luck. It may take a while, but it will end you.

      • Que sera sera, Hekate. I don’t sent out to hurt people unless and until I feel they richly deserve it and I think my actions and the consequences (karmic or otherwise) through before I take them. In this case, I’m satisfied that what I did was deserved and warranted but if Karma disagrees, so be it.

        But it sounds to me like you have a little projection goin’ on there and that you actually need that Cancerian bitch kicked out of YOUR life. I wish you success in being rid of them.

  2. If I go for the jugular it is usually deserved. I do regret though As a scorpio I will try to just disappear first. I avoid people who bring out the worst in me.

  3. My sibling does it often to people around him including me. Mars too far away from Pluto, but he Pluto Conjunct rising, I just can’t do that to anyone. But he can . His 3rd house is intercepted and in Scorpio so ruled by Pluto. It’s horrible , but afterwards sibling reacts like nothing ever happend. He says the most hurtful things. People don’t like him and don’t want to be around him. Sad actually for him. But also for the persons who did get burned down.

  4. Over the last few years my sister has attacked people close to her verbally out of the blue. It occurs when she has been drinking wine and alone, and she is often alone. This is not a life long trait and I never took the time to see her Mars is at 20 degrees Cancer in her 12th house, so has been in a square with Pluto and Saturn, and more recently Jupiter. She and I spoke about it yesterday, as she had attacked our brother the week before and he had blocked her number for a few days. She told me she doesn’t have any recollection of these events occurring, so I’m assuming they are in a “blackout” phase. I know when I’m on the receiving in there is nothing I can do to help her or protect myself and I too have taken time outs from her. I hope the slow movement of these planets will free her of these painful demons.

  5. I am normally on the receiving end of this – mind you one mans murder is anothers meat, in other words what one person sees as justifiable will vary from individual to individual.

    • Thank you fiasco. Its balancing to hear from both viewpoints.
      Being hurt is never pleasant. But hurting others may feel good at the time but is usually something you look back on and wince at. Maybe not immediately, but eventually. Knowing this I try to make sure Im not just focused on hurting back more than expressing firm boundaries after the hurt is done to me. I suppose its the Scorpio side of me maturing.

  6. I have had blind rages,plus,Mars Mercury in Aries , does give me an all out rage.
    I did do that,and guilty as charged.
    Not to hurt ,but out of sheer tiredness and exhaustion.
    However I regretted it terribly.
    I have never done it again,nor will ever do so again.whatever the provocation.
    I control myself,leave the area,wash my face to cool down.
    Awareness is crucial.
    And anger is usually counter productive.
    Having Taurus Sun, I give a very loooong rope ,and keep tolerating.
    However if someone keeps pushing.
    They will be decimated.

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