Fighting! Mars Around the Zodiac…

Personally, my Mars is broken in Libra. Mars shows how you get what you want. It shows how you hunt, how you get the man/woman and also how you take out an enemy. The problem with Mars in Libra is that Libra is nice. Libra is not actually any nicer than anyone else but they do have to act as if they are. This is their job on the planet.

This means I may want to hit you with a bat but the second I think it I realize that these are not “nice” things to do. Since I’m not allowed to disturb the peace, that plate does not crash down on top of your head – which I regret!

The result of all this? Well no one is that nice, so when Libra blows – look out.

Mars is well placed in Aries, the sign it rules and the sign opposite Libra. Aries Mars throws the first punch. Everyone knows that gives a clear advantage. Aries knows instinctively, “nice” is incongruous with war. Libra Mars wants to discuss the unpleasantness over dinner – Aries is going to have Libra for dinner.

Worse, if Libra does manage to strike it can only use the same amount of force that has been used against them…and probably just a slight bit less. The reason is that Libra must balance everything. You hit me with force of 10, and I hit back with force of 9.8.Because this way, I’m the nice one. See how ridiculous this is?

Mars is also very well placed in Scorpio. Where Aries is overt (that’s their fist smashing into your face), an enemy with a Scorpio Mars will subtly dismantle you from the inside out using elaborate covert techniques. Where Aries will kick your ass in two seconds, a Scorpio Mars is much more insidious.

Scorpio has the poker face in the zodiac. They will lie in wait or perhaps slowly undermine you in a myriad of ways. Many of these will be psychological, Scorpio’s natural playground. Undercover cop? That’s a Scorpio Mars technique. You don’t know what’s happening until you’re in the bag.

The exalted placement for Mars is Capricorn. This is because Capricorn is goal-oriented and tenacious as hell. It just doesn’t quit until its goal is achieved. It’s a cautious planner who acts with integrity and so is nearly unbeatable. Think “controlled force.” They plan and have covered both their ass and anything your ass can possibly think of before they launch an attack. Further, they will keep going bumped, bruised, bloody, or whatever until victory is achieved.

Rash-acting Aries Mars can get in trouble when they punch a black-belt in karate on impulse because they did not take the time to size up the foe. Scorpio Mars can get in trouble when the psych games turn on them, and the cat becomes the mouse. Capricorn Mars is the creme de la creme. If you want to come out on top, you might pretend you have one.

Where is your Mars?

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Fighting! Mars Around the Zodiac… — 210 Comments

  1. Mars in Cancer…way too sensitive sometimes and ultra moody. Dogged determination though, loves the underdog. Shannon you are so right! I like to fix the problem over food! That always makes it better.

  2. Mars in Aquarius. I’ve blown up three times in my life, and it was like a 10.0 earthquake. People were shocked, jaws dropped and eyeballs out, and I actually shocked myself, I didn’t think I was capable of blowing up like that. The rest of my life, I’m like a zen master. I’m neutral most of the time. I think I remain neutral so easily because instead of doing anything physically, I just rationalize it all in my head. “He did that because he was having a crappy day, and I won’t take it personally.” So I do nothing back. But yeah, the few times that I’m mad, I’m uncontrollable.

  3. Mars in Cancer here, as well. All of you who have posted your mars in this sign and the things you have said are spot on!!

    But… mine is RX. Opposite Sat/Moon. I can be moody. I believe it to be environmental or from physical exhaustion… or sexual frustration… or domestic unrest… or, shit… you get the pic.

    My Mars is in the eighth house, by the way. Scorpionic. Plutonion to say the least. I know when an “enemy” comes into the environment. Pallas conj. Moon trine the MH. Can you say “strategic”??

    But… you can’t kill everyone.

    I “smoulder”.

  4. Mars in Scorpio, 7th House. I see myself as easy-going, but when I get riled, I feel it. It stays with me for a long time, and I never forget a slight or a hurt. But rather than go for the person, I hold it in and wait, because when karma comes round I always hear about it. So ultimately I don’t have to get my hands dirty.
    Funny thing is, I keep getting told by people that there is something scary about me, I apparently have a ‘look’ that could freeze hell, and that they would never want to cross me.
    That scares me cos I’m unaware of it – if this is the dark, secret weapon of Mars in Scorpio then I’d really like to know how to use it properly……

  5. pisces mars. probably similarly goofy to libra. have to be the “spiritual” one above all that messy violence. but the rage can be frightening when it pops up.

  6. pluto in libra has similar issues. need to be nice, and fair, with pluto energy. probably a good ting in the long term, but makes for some weird hangups.

  7. Depends on what you did to deserve it… 😉

    Mars in Aries…
    Ascendant in Aries
    Venus in Aries
    Sun in Pisces
    Moon in Aquarius

  8. Cappy Mars here. Good to have a bit of exaltation and it helps offset some of m weaknesses. I recognise the determination though I’m not sure i succeed with the planning entirely.
    An odd thing is I am better at doing things for others eg family & friends and for myself i can be a bit lazy & careless.
    NN Capricorn too, so maybe thats a clue there.

  9. Mars in Leo stellium with Saturn and Pluto. I’m that she-lion that won’t attack, but defend with steath; plus I know your legacy(8th H) and all this Mars stuff opposes a Scorpio stellium (in mutual reception … so I have an army behind me)when I do attack.Dramatic, tactical hunter.

  10. Mars in Libra can be incredibly passive aggressive.

    I have Mars in Pisces in 8th too..but I’m also an Aries Sun. I can really stand up for myself when I need to, although I prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible.

  11. My brother the Army career man is a sun and Mars in Cap 🙂 I think that’s interesting how similarly it’s being described here in others!

    Mine is in Leo. I think I get what I want/need because I fundamentally believe I ought to have it lol So…you know…where is it, huh? I’m just gonna stick around and smile until it gets here lol I also have a much bigger growl than bite. I tend (with Aries sun too) to roar quite a bit and declare war on all obstacles. Leo can be a little lazy too though — I deserve doesn’t always translate into “and I will work hard for it.” Definitely a downfall when it rears its head…

    My sons are totally opposite: Taurus has a Pisces Mars and Gemini has an Aries Mars. Gemini was less than 4 lbs at birth full term and he has been a scrappy little sucker ever since lol He has a disproportionate temper for his petite size, will hit and punch WAY more than my peaceful Taurus, and asserts his will with incredible force. My Pisces Mars kiddo will sit and stew and grunt what he needs, expecting you to figure it out. He is not very physically aggressive and if he can’t be the best, he just pouts. He LOVES to swim and wants to be an art teacher — has shown almost zero interest in sports 🙂

  12. I love this post. How you take down your enemy… Never looked at it that way before, but sooooo true.

    I have Mars in Scorpio in the 6th house 29 degrees… so what’s the LESSON in it all is what I sit on. If someone hurts my feelings I find their weakness and hand it over on a plater.
    Sometimes it simply my happiness 🙂

  13. I have Mars in Sag, 4th house in natal. I’m Virgo with taurus rising.

    In natal,
    Mars is squaring my sun.
    Uranus, Pluto, North Node are squaring Mars.

    Mars staying in Virgo for long 8 months is very much painful for me since last 2 months. I’m waiting for Mars to leave Virgo. Though i don’t have any explanantion why its so much painful. Any help to make me understand??

  14. Mars in libra in the 8th, conjunct saturn and pluto. I am learning to deal with anger and express it in healthy ways, because I’m realizing that when I get past the “polite” crap, which is only skin deep, I have a strong ability to defend myself and others, and without mincing words, but there is that initial Libran restraint which is irritating! It usually doesn’t last very long 😉

  15. I have a lot of Mars umm pretty much everywhere.

    Mars in Aquarius in the 10th, conj. midhaven, square Mercury, square Venus, square asc, square Saturn, Square Jupiter, trine moon, trine pluto, trine, trine Uranus, sextile Neptune. Not sure what all of that mess means other than theres a lot of male energy in my chart lol

  16. Leo Mars and sun conj Mars here. It’s subtle until provoked. I can take a lot but that tipping edge will make me see red until you are ripped to pieces. Other than that, sometimes I get in trouble because I bring my pyrotechnic team along with me…and fireworks are not permitted in some states.

  17. Mars aqua 7th house square Pluto conj Merc in Scorpio 5th. Libra sun. Don’t handle anger very well, takes a lot to get there. Not a fan of harming/attacking others, especially personally as I grew up with it in multiple areas. Feel its a misuse of ‘power,’ more a sign of insecurity and self unawareness (in my experience and opinion). Was a pain playing sports though, allowing myself to separate being aggressive from being a ‘good’ person. When I have gotten personal, it has been damaging and altered interaction.
    In other ways, I’m extremely determined and focused when I decide to do something, regardless of the outcome. I identify more with the Plutonian archetype of transformation and depth. Im most interested in competing with myself and my ‘limits’ than with others

  18. I have Mars in Gemini in the 12th House. I’m a friggin’ ninja. Mars has Jupiter and Pluto contacts to help bring it out the backroom so to speak. I can be as slippery as they come when fighting. Imagine trying to attack someone covered in Crisco. I consider myself a defensive genius. Now if I could just get my offense going…….

  19. Virgo Mars in the 6th, which means I get into fussy little rages about work-related matters. My Mars is conjunct Uranus (so don’t anyone dare tell me what to do) and Pluto (so don’t expect to me to shut up about what I want until I get it). Oy vey!

  20. Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra. Not only trying to play nice, but usually confused about who deserves my “wrath”. I’ve been accused of being passive-aggressive but I think I’m mostly just cloudy. Also, in 7th so prone to feeling gaslighted. Not my favorite placement.

  21. I have Mars in Libra in the 9th. I can relate to what you’ve said. My Scorpio Sun tries to plot in my head but my Libra talks it out of it. I prefer to play nice with others.

  22. Capricorn. It’s a machine, it is utterly tenacious. Sq a Libra moon. Not terribly confrontational, I just withdraw and get on with my ascent. My friend with Mars in Pisces & Gem moon is much more confrontational than me, and coherent with it. Whereas I probably fear making a fool of myself or getting out of control. Libra leashes the gun. Also I’ve noticed that Mars in Pisces friend doesn’t ever want to do stuff alone. If company can’t be found, the class/movie/exercise won’t happen. Whereas I’ll do it by myself, drives me craazy not to just get on with it.

  23. I have Mars in Scorpio. My Sun and Mercury are in Libra so I have so much of that “nice” thing going on, yet My Scorpio Mars wants something entirely different. Almost 50 and still haven’t quite balanced ha! my Mars, Neptune and Venus in Scorpio with the Libra influences, as well as Virgo Moon. Any suggestions for letting my Mars take me where I need to go?

  24. My housemate / coworker has 4H Mars/Scorpio. He is a great strategist. He also has a 1H Virgo stellium so that Mars/Scorpio comes through as a devastating sense of humor with a potent verbal wallop.

  25. My mother had Mars/Libra. She disciplined w/velvet gloves. I remember we had a cute sculpture of 3monkeys displaying the 3evils. Mom heard & saw evil, but never spoke evil and people trusted her for that trait. She would have made the perfect politicians’ wife. She liked everybody and if she didn’t like you you never knew it-she never spoke ill of anybody. She was able to carry this persona in life, but it wasn’t phony — it was genuine. A Leo w/Gemini moon she was always glamorous in her appearance.

  26. My Mars sounds a lot more like Scorpio Mars than Libra. I’m sure it’s because it’s in the 8th and conjunct Pluto.
    I do resonate with what you said about balancing tho. For example, first *real* fist fight I got into was over someone calling me a name. I thought, ok, you call me that–I hit you in the face–the end–fair. Er..not so much. It turned out it turned into an big ol family affair for her and I found out really quickly that there was nothing fair coming out of it (especially seeing as she called her whole famdamily to kick my butt and I am an only
    But, that’s ok. I knew I’d eventually even the score (there’s Libra again) so I waited several months. Caught her car parked while she was gone to a music concert and removed all the lug nuts from her tires. They didn’t make it far going home that night. And..I wasn’t done. I knew they would be drinking and driving. So, I estimated the time that it would take to get back from the concert and in the car and called the police and reported a suspected DUI. Cops showed up right after their tires flew off and guess who went to jail and had a messed up car?
    um, yep. There’s the Scorpio part.

  27. Elsa: “Aries is going to have Libra for dinner.”
    🙂 🙂 Ha ha Nicely put.
    I have Mars in Aries squaring Sun Cancer, conj chiron in Aries, oppos Uranus in Libra so … “Rash-acting Aries Mars can get in trouble when they punch a black-belt in karate on impulse because they did not take the time to size up the foe” seems to be me … 🙂 Thank God I have Saturn and Lilith angular.

  28. Oh! I SO needed to read this one tonight. 25Cap Mars in 3rd. Tenacious mountain climber, with integrity. I think that sums it up brilliantly!

    Though, I admit, I’m concerned about the far-coming tSaturn, t.Pluto hit (sq my nodes and on my p.Sun/Merc in 2nd). Perhaps, I may climb a —-REAL—mountain?!

    i know a person with Libra Mars — oh, boy— talk about no backbone, passive-aggressive, people pleaser. Ugh!

  29. Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Venus / Scorpio Mercury / Scorpio Jupiter / Scorpio Neptune
    – – – Libra Mars (and Moon). UGH i hate it. BUT! considering all my life has been interacting with / in relationship with some really “bad” people, that i “hit back at 9.8” pretty much spares me from being homicidal. So, though i struggle with it, i think there is a silver lining. x

  30. Mars in libra, conjunct Neptune. I’m very non-confrontational. Most conflicts aren’t worth having.

    I vote with my feet.

  31. Aries Sun and Mars in Capricorn 6th house. I work like a horse, never give up and am willing to wait for results.
    Just as you say: “Further, they will keep going bumped, bruised, bloody, or whatever until victory is achieved”.
    Every day I am grateful for my uncharastically patient Mars.

  32. hi there, my Mars is in Pieces conjuct with Neptune, all this in my forth house and after all this im a Scorpio…what a mess?please somebody tell me, how will i act?

  33. Mars in Virgo conjunct Sun and Mercury, 5th house. If I don’t express or release my anger creatively I will get sick, I’ve learned I can’t repress it. Physical activity helps me out a lot here, so does creative writing. I tend not to fight back against someone unless injustice occurs(Mars sq Saturn). If that happens…

    I’ve got a pretty smart mouth/sharp tongue that will cut you in two and that has gotten me into some real trouble. But like aerial, I have the moon in Scorp sextile Mars thank gawd. So I can bust heads and take names if I’m really pushed. I don’t lose in a fist fight, which surprises many (that I would fight in the first place, and that I would win!)

  34. Mars in Libra, and I don’t agree.

    True, I try to be just and fair in my dealings during times of peace. Do think through my actions, but certainly not as passive as shown in earlier posts in times of conflict. May be over-aggressive when I feel hard-done by someone…..Sort of a tunnel vision that ends right on my opponent’s face, till death we wont part!

  35. My husband has Mas in Capricorn. It’s o.k but one thing I dislike about it is that he can be very business and calculating on his moves. He can lie to get the work done and then take an upper hand. He can manipulate others with lies. My Pisces Mars cannot tolerate it.

  36. 1st House Taurus Mars, conjunct Taurus Ascendant, sextile Leo Sun, opposite Scorpio Pluto.
    Lol :Don’t fu$^ with me or I’ll mess you up.”

    I only care to hold it in for so long before I do a Mount St. Helen’s on your ass. By that point, I’ve made sure to give you adament “please stop’s”, “enough’s” and stares of Death. You can’t poke a hibernating Grizzly Bear and then get offended when it proceeds to tear you up.

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